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64.78% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 46: Love Myself

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Chapter 46: Love Myself

***Warning! There will be an 18+ mature content at the beginning of the chapter.***

With the weekly checks that Jisoo had been receiving, she had more than enough money to help the Min family. She soon quit bartending and enrolled back into culinary school.

Jisoo had also moved out to stay in a dormitory that was close by the school, although she's rarely ever there. She was able to spend as much time as she wants with Jin now and not have to worry about lying to her parent's or Yoongi.

While she kept the truth of her identity and family away from Jin, Jisoo has been honest about everything else in her life to Jin. She told him about her dream of becoming a chef. She told him which school she went to and she even let him know of her school schedule. He knew her birthday, her favorite color, her favorite food, every little detail about her.

Their weekly visit to the hospital was only getting better too. Jin was showing good progress and his results all came back good. Too good that it kept eating Jisoo alive every night with worries that he will suddenly wake up one day and be able to see.

She needed to come clean to Jin. If she wanted to be a part of Jin's life, then she needed to tell Jin the truth. She wanted to be the one who tells him before someone else does. So she gathered up every last ounce of courage that she had and decided that today was the day. The day she was going to admit that she was Jisoo. 

She found herself standing nervously outside Jin's apartment door after her last class. She punched in the code that Jin had given her and the door unlocks. Sweating profusely and her heart beating wildly in her chest, she enters the one bedroom apartment studio. Jisoo is instantly greeted with a smiling Jin, who was sitting down on the couch while listening to the news on the TV. He gets up and moves slowly towards Jisoo.

"Minji, you're here. I've been waiting for you," he calls out to her and caused her heart to jump and do flips as the man moves closer towards her. This was a sight she saw every day, yet it still made her heart beat a little faster every time. She smiles as he finally found his way to her and hugs her close. He gave her tiny kisses to welcome her and she smiles into the kisses as she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in to deepen the kiss.

Once she realizes how easily swayed she was from her real purpose, she pulls away from the kiss. It wasn't time for kisses. It was time to sit Jin down and have the talk with him.

"Jin, I have something to tell you," Jisoo quietly whispered towards Jin. He ignores her as he continues their kissing.

"Hmm, not now. Say it later. I haven't had enough of your lips yet," he answers while biting her bottom lip playfully.

Jisoo melts into the kiss as he roughly pushes her up against the door. She lets out a tiny giggle as he playfully nibbles on her jawline and then moved towards her neck. She let out a soft moan before all thoughts of confessing flew out the window.

She tugs on his loose fitted shirt and guided them both onto the couch. Jisoo gently pushed Jin onto the couch and climb into his lap and straddled him. Jin automatically wraps his arms around her tiny waist and pulls her close. Jin gave her some more open mouth kisses on her shoulder and moved towards her collarbone before finally finding his way to her sensitive spot on her neck. Jisoo was a moaning mess now. Neck kisses, it was her weakness. She slowly started grinding her hips into Jin's.

"Minji, don't tease me..." Jin groans as she slowly rode him.

"You're the one doing the teasing Mister. You know how much I love neck kisses.." Jisoo moans out to answer him.

Both Jin and Jisoo had lost all control and had turned into two hormonal beasts. They start clawing at each other's clothes and soon they were both naked. With Jisoo sitting on top of Jin and riding him, he couldn't hold back.

This wasn't the first time that Minji was on top and took control, but every time she does, it just turns Jin on even more. He found it to be the hardest to control himself when she was on top or riding him.

"Minji, are you going to cum yet? I think I'm going to cum..."

"Jin, you can't cum. Not inside of me.."

"Oh god, this feels too good. I can't hold it."

He grips tightly onto the small girl's waist pulling her down as deeply as he could. His breath heightening as his high grew close.

"Not yet Jin, I'm close..."

Holding back all self-control of releasing into Minji, Jin bites her shoulder playfully and lowly growls into her flesh. He was losing his mind trying not to cum before Minji.

"I'm going to cum Jin. Oh god, I'm cumming!"

Jisoo spazzes as she rode out her high on top of Jin and as if on cue, Jin releases his load inside of Jisoo. He grunts and he let every last drop of semen leave his body. Jisoo falls forwards leaning her forehead against Jin's. Heavy pants of trying to catch their breaths mingled with the smell of sex.

"You just came inside of me..." Jisoo whispered to Jin.

"Don't worry Minji. I will take responsibility for the both of you. I love you..." and he gently pecks her lips.

Tears of both joy and nervousness welled up in Jisoo's eyes. She wasn't even afraid of becoming pregnant. She loved Jin and if she was gifted a small child with Jin she would be more than happy to carry his child. But Jisoo was scared. Scared that his words would change when he found out the truth about her.

She had come here to tell Jin the truth and yet things turned out completely opposite of what she had intended on doing. They were supposed to be having a serious talk, but all thoughts had turned into mush the moment Jin's kisses were felt on Jisoo's lips.

She finally gets off of Jin and grabs both their clothes. She handed Jin's clothes to him and asked to use his shower. He wanted to shower together but Jisoo wanted to be alone. She needed to be away from Jin for a bit. She needed to build up her courage to tell him the truth again.

With a lot of convincing from Jisoo, Jin allowed her to shower first. He sat in the very spot that they had just had sex and waited for her.

As he waited for his Minji, he heard his front door unlock and soon the door swung open.

"Who's there?!" Jin calls out to the person who was closing the front door now and taking light footsteps towards him. The footsteps stop right in front of him.

"Oppa, It's me."

"Sunni! You scared me. I thought I was going to get robbed for a second."

"Oppa, if I was a thief, I would have just broken in. Why would I bother to enter your code?" Sunni chuckles as she sat down next to Jin.

"Did Taehyung come together with you?" Jin asked feeling hopeful that maybe his little brother had tagged along with Sunni to visit. He wanted to show off Minji to the both of them.

Sunni sadly smiles to Jin before answering him.

"No Oppa. I came here alone. I wanted to see you one last time."

"One last time? What are you talking about Sunni?"

"Oppa, you gave me your blessings to let me love Taehyung even after all the things I've done to you. I had to see you before I left Korea."

"Why are you suddenly leaving? What happened to you and Taehyung?"

"He doesn't love me Oppa. He's in love with someone else..."

And when those words left her lips, so did the tears that she was holding back.

"I was careless and opened my heart back up to another man who doesn't even love me. I was foolish and desperate to have someone to lean on, but I finally realized that in order to love anyone, I should learn to love myself."

After Taehyung and Jisoo's little encounter, Sunni had gone back home and did some deep and careful thinking. How could she love another when she doesn't even appreciate or love herself?

She let men used her body in return for money. She always put out a strong front, but behind closed doors, she was crying for help. She was not fine. She needed to be saved. But no one can save her but herself.

She needed to change and the first thing she did after making up her mind to let everything go was to see Jin. Kim Seokjin, who was the man whom she knew loved her. He loved her and cared for her even though she didn't return his feelings. He was the only one who she could face. She apologized to him and he sincerely forgave her. He wouldn't be able to smile so brightly at her if he really didn't move on from her.

She couldn't see Taehyung, for the fear of growing greedy. Afraid that selfishness and possessiveness will consume her and turn her into a person who she really didn't want to become. She loved him, loved him so much that she decided to let him go. His heart wasn't with her and trying to make it belong to her will be a long and tiring heartbreak. She knows from the way he held and cried to Jisoo. The distant look in his eyes every time he was with her. He was thinking about someone else, Jisoo.

Yoongi? She was long over Yoongi. Ever since she opened her heart up to Taehyung, she shut the door close on Yoongi. She had forgiven him, but that won't change the fact that he did break her heart. She realized that she doesn't love Yoongi anymore and she couldn't give him another chance. Those lingering feelings that she had for Yoongi, is now all gone and if she gave Yoongi a second chance, she would be doing the same thing that she did to Jin. She wouldn't love Yoongi because her heart would be with Taehyung.

So, she chose to travel. It had always been something she always wanted to do. She had hoped to find her prince who would sweep her off her feet and the both of them would travel around the world together. From New York to Cali, London to Paris. Fly in an airplane from Tokyo to Italy, Hong Kong to Brazil.

But there were no rules that she needed to have a prince. She could travel alone. She only wished she had realized this sooner.

To Be Continued...

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