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53.52% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 38: Lucky Winner

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Chapter 38: Lucky Winner

*Jisoo's POV*

When I got home, I checked the mail before heading inside. I saw that I had gotten a letter and it surprised me because I usually don't get any. I set the pile of bills onto the counter and opened up my letter. Turns out it was a survey that they wanted me to fill out for a chance to enter a drawing to win $5,000 every week for the next 5 years.

I skimmed through the letter and survey for any signs of fraud, but it looks legit. Besides, the survey wasn't asking for any personal information besides my name so I quickly filled out the survey and put it in the return envelope that was sent with the survey. Since I have been taking care of Jin, I had resort to only working at night in the bar and we were living paycheck to paycheck. If there were any chance I could get free money, I'll take it.

I went to my room and took a shower before changing into some more comfy clothes to cook breakfast. I packed some extra clothes in a tiny bag and blushed to myself as I thought back to Jin's words.

'Oh and Minji, make sure you bring extra clothes to change tomorrow morning.'

"How can he so easily make me feel so hot and bothered, even when he's not here?"

I blew out a few puffs of heavy breaths and fanned myself to cool down my racing heart and red face.

A light knock was heard on my door and I called out to them to come in. The doorknob turns and soon my door swung open revealing Yoongi Oppa.

"Oh, Mingi Oppa, good morning."

"Morning Minji. Where were you last night?"

"Uhhhh... I umm... I-I was with my friend. I-I went o-over to see her a-and fell asleep at h-her house. S-sorry for worrying you Oppa..."

"Okay. Be sure to text or call me next time to let me know. Why are you packing a bag? Where are you going?" He questions me once more.

"I-I told my friend that I umm.. I-I would be staying with h-her for the night. She lives much closer to work and she's been scared to stay by h-herself."

"Have you told mom and dad yet?"

"N-no, I'll call or text them l-later to let them k-know."

Oh god, just kill me right now.

With that much stuttering, he's going to know that I was lying. Yoongi Oppa wasn't stupid. I braced myself for an earful from the protective older brother of mine.

"Okay Minji, tell your friend to come over again sometime," and he smiles brightly to me before ruffling my hair and then exits my room.

Was that really my brother?

I tilted my head in confusion at his weird behavior before continuing to pack my little bag of personal necessities for my stay tonight with Jin. I finished cooking and packed some for Jin and I before getting Yoongi Oppa to come eat breakfast.

"Mingi Oppa, breakfast is ready. I'm going to head out now."

"Aren't you going to eat with me?"

"I packed some for my friend. I'll eat with her."

He smiles sweetly at me before allowing me to leave. My brother was being extremely weird, but I needed to get back to Jin so I'll deal with him later.


*Yoongi's POV *

Minji really sucks at lying. I saw the huge hickey on her neck and I knew. I just knew that my baby sister was no longer a baby. She had turned into a beautiful woman who has fallen in love. As much as I wanted to rip Jin's head for giving her that huge lovebite on her neck, I also felt bad for him. Poor guy turned blind and must have hurt a lot by Taehyung and Sunni. So what else could I do? They were both in love with each other and who was I to stop their growing love for one another.

I couldn't intervene between them. I had my own things to do. My own person who I'm trying to get back in my life. I know too that Minji would not allow Sunni and I to be together if she ever found out, but I'll worry about that later. Right now I need to focus on Sunni.

After eating, I decided to try and write music one more time. I could really learn from Jisoo. She didn't give up and did everything for Jin. I couldn't lose hope. If my baby sis could get Jin to fall in love with her, I could get my second chance with Sunni.

I walked past Minji's room to see that her door was still open. I walked into her room and glanced around before closing the door, but I noticed a letter sitting on her desk. I read through the letter that claimed Minji could win $5000 every week if she filled out the survey. I saw the return envelope on the corner of her desk. I figured she must have fallen for the scam so I took the return envelope that she had filled out with me into my room and teared it up. I tossed the shredded letter away in my trashcan and went to work on my music.


A week has passed and it was Friday morning. Jisoo was returning home from her stay at the hospital with Jin and she checked the mailbox for mail again before heading inside. She saw that she got another letter addressed to her. She took her letter into her room and opened it up.

Her eyes widen in pure shock at what she had received.

'Congratulations Min Jisoo,

You are our lucky winner who will receive the benefit of $5000 every week for the next 5 years. We are delighted for your win and thank you for participating in our survey.


Mr. V'

Jisoo screamed out in shock and happiness. She heard footsteps running towards her room and soon her door opened and Yoongi, who looked like he was still sleeping with his messy bed hair, rushed to her side and asked her what happened.

"I won Mingi Oppa! They drew my name because I filled out a survey last week. I won $5000 every week for the next 5 years!"

Yoongi's watched Jisoo as though she grew two heads. He remembered that he clearly tore up her reply and threw it away. Now he was even more skeptical about the whole thing.

"Are you sure Minji?"

"Yes, I'm sure Oppa. See, look it's a real check!"

Yoongi took the check and letter from Jisoo and scammed through it. It was indeed a legit check. Yoongi couldn't process it. How was this possible when she never even sent the letter and it's been ripped to bits in a land of waste somewhere.

"I'd still double check with the bank first before you cash it. It seems fishy especially whe-"

"What's going on? I heard screaming," the sibling's mother enters the room and was soon followed by their father.

"Mom! Dad! I won a survey drawing and will be getting a check of $5000 mailed weekly to me! Look! It's real!"

Mrs. Min took the check and looked thoroughly through and her eyes widen and she starts shrieking in happiness. She grabs Jisoo and the two jumps hand in hand with happiness while Mr. Min smiles as he was thankful for this small good luck.

Yoongi, being the only one who truly knows that Jisoo never sent a reply couldn't break the happiness of his entire family. So he bit his bottom lip to keep from spoiling anything while watching his family jump with glee as he wonders who this 'Mr. V' was.

Yoongi was going to find this Mr. V and see what his intention was with sending this check to Jisoo.

To Be Continued...

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