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54.92% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 39: Mr. V

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Chapter 39: Mr. V

***Before you read this chapter, I have no clue how the Korean mailing system works in Korea and everything mentioned is based on my own knowledge of how our mailing system works where I'm from.***

A week had passed since Jisoo had found out about her winning. She went and cashed her check right away and gave it all to her parents to pay bills. Today was Friday so meaning that she would get another check in the mail when she gets home later today. She was so happy to have won the survey and with this money, she would be able to help the family out a lot. She would be able to go back to culinary school too.

She happily skipped along the hallways of the hospital with the lunch that she had bought in her hand before entering Jin's room.

"I'm back Jin."

"What took you so long Minji? I missed you..."

This had been going on all week. Every time Jisoo leaves Jin alone, he would cuddle their blanket and think only of when she would return. He knew that she had her own life too but couldn't help but be so clingy and possessive of Minji, something that he's never really done before. He was afraid. Afraid that since he couldn't see, Minji would soon think of him as a burden not want him anymore.

He's been on his best behavior whenever he got his checkup from his doctors. He took all his medicine on time, but it was because he had Minji by his side the entire time to hold his hand. She was his source of comfort and every time he heard the devastating news that his eyes and vision showed no signs of returning yet, her arms would always find their way around him to hold him. So with Minji being away from him for even a second, he gets antsy and can't sit still until she returns. 

"I was only gone for 30 minutes Jin."

Jisoo set the lunch down on the table and sat next to Jin on the bed. His hands roamed the air to look for his MInji and she grabs his hand to show that she was close by. He pulls her in and holds her close. He finally felt her touch and he instantly melts into her arms. His stiffen body that was filled with worries that Minji would leave him relaxes the moment his head found the crook of her neck and his arms wrapped around her tiny waist.

"Even a second away from you is too long..."

Jisoo's heart increased with every breath that he breaths out from his mouth near her neck. She loved it when he gave her neck kisses. It was her turn on and he knew it too. Just a few simple kisses on her neck and it leaves her feeling wet and ready for him. But today, he didn't want to sleep with her. He was genuinely scared. He only wanted her arms to be wrapped around him to let him know that she wasn't going anywhere, that she was here to stay with him even if his vision doesn't return.

"I love you Minji. I love you so much and I'm scared..."

Jisoo instantly sat up straighter and held the shaking boy more firmly in her arms. Her right hand found his locks and she ran her fingers through his locks trying her hardest to comfort the boy.

"Why Jin? There's nothing to be scared of because I love you too," she whispered back to the now quiet boy. He was only quite for a while before he spoke his heart out to her.

"Because... I'm blind Minji. I can't see and I can't do anything for you. Do you know how much I want to be able to see right now?"

He pulls away from her as they both faced one another. His hand found her cheeks as he gently stroke them. He has always had these thoughts in his head and never voiced them out loud for her to hear.

"I want to see you Minji. Your chubby cheeks.." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His fingers trailed up to her eyes, eyebrows, and long lashes.

"How lovely your eyes would look..."

His fingers moved down to her nose as he pinches it playfully before landing a small peck on the tip of her nose.

"How cute your nose would look..."

And finally, his fingers trailed down to her lips. Jisoo's breath hitched with every touch.

"... And how your lips would look like when they are this close to mine."

And he connects their lips together as both their hearts beat simultaneously. His hands cupped her face as he kisses her hungrily. He's got to taste her lips every day now, yet he still wants more. He gently broke the kiss between them, both panting for oxygen to fill their lungs.

"I'm scared of losing you Minji. So scared that you will stop loving me if my vision doesn't return. I don't think I can survive without you anymore."

Jisoo wraps her arms around Jin's neck and pulls him in for a quick peck on his lips.

"Silly, why would you lose me? I told you before that I want to be your eyes for you. I promised you didn't I?"

He nods lightly to answer her before the door opened and his doctor walked in for his daily morning checkup. Jisoo got up quick and held Jin's hand while the doctor checks his blood pressure and his heart before moving onto his eyes.

The doctor shined a bright light into Jin's eyes to see if there were any reactions from his pupil. There was some good news this time. His pupil was slightly responding to the bright light. Jin couldn't see the bright light, but hearing that his pupil responded for a second gave him enough hope that maybe he'll be able to see again. He'll be able to see Minji.

Jin had been in the hospital for over 2 months now and another good news followed right after. They were going to allow him to be discharged and he can go home. He would only need to come back for weekly visits instead of daily checkups in the hospital now.

Jisoo couldn't be happier. First her weekly checks, Jin's eyes responding, and now Jin was going to be discharged and allowed to go home. Today had been filled with nothing but good news for Jisoo and Jin. She helped him with his discharged papers and soon, they both left the Hospital hand in hand.


*Yoongi's POV*

A week had flown by too damn slow. I tried to do as much research as I could about this Mr. V but I couldn't find anything. I have no information besides his name. I had to wait another week for the mailperson who delivers to our mailbox. I woke up early to watch from my window for that person. He was my only next clue to find out if they knew anything about this Mr. V.

I was slowly falling in and out of sleep just sitting by the window, watching and waiting. Soon, I saw him walking towards our mailbox and I ran as fast as I could out of my room and out the door to catch him before he leaves. I caught him as he moved onto the next house.

"Excuse me, please wait!"

The mailman turns around and I quickly grab the letters and rush towards the mailman. I skimmed through the mail for the letter from Mr. V, but I couldn't find it. I thought she was supposed to get a check weekly? She got her first check last Friday so she should have gotten another check today.

"Are you sure this is all the mail for us?" I asked totally confused about why the check didn't arrive today.

"Yes, young man. This is all your mail for today."

I nod and thanked him before he resumed his job. I was still standing in my spot browsing through the letters once again. I turned around to go back inside when I saw a car screeching to a stop outside our house. I watch on as I didn't recognize this car.

Soon a young male emerges from the driver side of the door. It was a bit far to see his face clearly, but he looked so familiar to me. Who was he?

I watched as he walked up to our mailbox with a letter in his hand.

Mr. V...

I ran fast and soon was behind him. I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around quickly only to be shocked at who it was.

"Y-Yoongi.." he called out to me. He was clearly shocked to see me and was hoping to not get caught. I took the letter that he was about to drop into our mailbox and sure enough it was addressed to Jisoo.

"You're Mr. V?" I asked him, curiosity eating me up alive. He doesn't respond, head hung low as he couldn't meet my eyes.

"Why are you doing this Taehyung? Why are you giving Jisoo money?!"

I scanned the area to see if anyone else was around. I didn't want to cause a big commotion right outside our home so I dragged Taehyung by his arm inside and brought him up to my room. I was home alone today since mom and dad were at work already and Jisoo was still in the hospital with Jin.

I sat in my music writing chair and made Taehyung sit on my bed. I glared at the young boy in front of me. I needed answers but he wasn't saying anything.

"Taehyung, answer me. What are you doing here and why did you create this whole lie to give money to Jisoo? What are you trying to do?"

"I'm paying Jisoo for taking care of Jin Hyung for me..." his voice was small and barely hearable, but I heard him. I watched as his glistening eyes finally locked with mine.

"Yoongi, please let me do this for Jisoo," he bit his trembling lips as tears flowed down his handsome face.

"I hurt her in so many ways a-and I couldn't just give her money upfront for caring for Jin Hyung all this time. So I created this fake survey so I can make it seem like she randomly won this by luck. Please, don't tell her and..."

His eyes held so many emotions and tears. He finally finished his sentence with a broken voice.

"...let me at least make her happy this way."

To Be Continued...

Shookieillegirl Shookieillegirl

I know you all knew who Mr. V was already right? It was so obvious. Lol... ^_^

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