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73.23% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 52: One Last Time

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Chapter 52: One Last Time

Jisoo woke up extra early to head back over to Jin the next morning. Jin only allowed her to leave for the night if she promised to be at his home before he woke up.

On her way to Jin's apartment, she stopped by the convenient store to pick up some light breakfast for the three of them. She picked up a bag of bagels and some cream cheese before paying for the food and walking the rest of the way to Jin's apartment.

Jin awoke to hear his little brother snoring away and cuddling as close as he could to him. They were up until late and Jin wasn't exactly sure when they had fallen asleep. All he knew was that Taehyung was the one who fell asleep on him first. He pries himself free of Taehyung's hold and got up and made his way towards the bathroom to do his morning routine. Once he was showered and brushed his teeth, he carefully made his way out into the living room to wait for his Minji.

"Oh, you're up already?" Jisoo calls out to Jin as he opens his bedroom door. Jin stops in his track when he heard her voice. A huge grin falls upon his face.

"I got up early to wait for you."

"I told you I'd be here before you wake up. I did well, didn't I?" Jisoo returns the smile warmly to Jin before she walked over to help escort him to the dining table. She made him sit and brought him a cup of coffee that she had made with some toasted bagels covered in cream cheese.

He took a big bite and then took a sip of his coffee.

"Ah, nothing beats my Minji's food that she makes for me."

Jisoo let out a tiny giggle at Jin.

"I only toasted the bagel and spread cream cheese on it. You're giving me too much credit."

"But it was made by you. Everything that your hands have touched makes it two times yummier," Jin spoke with a mouth full of bagel. He swallows the food before continuing.

"And my Minji has always kept her promises to me so I have no worries. I knew you would be here and I know you won't ever leave me."

Jin reaches out for Jisoo and she grabs his hand in hers as her smile falters.

"You promised to be my eyes and have kept that promise to this day. You have been there for me since I first met you and I can't thank you and love you enough. When I can finally see again, I will love you even more than I already do. I will make sure to give you the love that you deserve and love you ten times more than you have loved me when I was sightless."

She knew he meant every word he said, but Jisoo couldn't help but feel extreme guilt towards Jin.

I'm sorry Jin.

She repeats those words over and over again inside her head as she grips his hands tightly. She finally let go of his hand and tells him to finish his breakfast. She got up from her seat and wiped the running droplet that had fallen before toasting a new bagel for Taehyung.

"Is Taehyung not up yet?" Jisoo asks to change the subject.

"Nope. That little brat is still sleeping. He was the one who wanted to stay up all night, yet the first to fall asleep."

"Hyung..." Taehyung calls out with much sleepiness as he made his way over to the two.

"When did you get up? I was so cold this morning without you that I woke up."

"I just got up not too long ago."

"But, I'm still tired," Taehyung says as he takes the chair next to Jin and lays his head on his older brother's shoulder. He whined to get Jin back into bed with him but Jin refused.

"Then, let me borrow your girlfriend for a minute. I need to hold someone to fall asleep and it's too cold right now."

"Yah!! Minji is mine!" Jin was quick to claim her by pushing Taehyung's head away from his shoulder with his pointer finger.

Taehyung let out a deep chuckle at how protective and jealous Jin became of Jisoo. He turns to see Jisoo smiling while setting a plate down in front of him with a bagel.

"Good morning Taehyung Oppa."

"Good morning Jis- uhh.. Minji."

Jisoo's eyes widen at the almost slip of Taehyung's tongue. He gave himself a little slap on his mouth for almost exposing Jisoo. He mouths a 'sorry' towards Jisoo and she nods to let him know it was okay.

"Oppa? When did Taehyung become your Oppa? You never called me Oppa before," Jin frowned with pouty lips feeling envious of Taehyung.

"If you're a good boy and finish your breakfast, then I'll think about it," Jisoo teases Jin.

Jin let out a tiny scoffed laugh at his girlfriend. She didn't even offer to call him 'Oppa' at all. Instead, she was just going to think about it which made him insanely childish and jealous.

And then he remembered that he still got one wish from Minji.

Jin smirked as he let it gradually spread across his face shifting into a wide grin, which caught Jisoo off guard.

"You do know that I still have one wish left right?"

"So your wish is for me to call you Oppa? Okay, that's not hard at all. Seokjin Oppa. Jin Oppa. There, now I owe you no more wishes!" Jisoo smiled victoriously thinking that she no longer owes Jin anything.

Jin's grin turned even wider than it already was before his cute laugh could be heard throughout the room.

"I never said that was my wish. I just simply said that you still owe me one more wish."

Jisoo's smile falls upon hearing Jin had just said.

"Nah uh! You used your wish already!"

"No, I didn't. And since I already heard you calling me Oppa twice, I'm good for now," he continues to laugh at the Jisoo before shoving the rest of the bagel into his mouth.

Taehyung ate his bagel silently while watching the two bicker next to him. His eyes lingered a little longer on Jisoo's lower lip that was cutely pouting at Jin.

But his heart didn't race. Instead, it was filled with the same warmth and happiness that he had felt the night before with Jin. He smiled softly to himself before cutting the two off from any more bickering.

"I'm going to go shower and get ready then let's take Hyung to get checked back into the hospital. Thanks for breakfast Hyungsu-nim."

Taehyung gave Jisoo a cute little wink before getting up from his seat and headed towards Jin's room.

"H-Hyungsu-nim? Yah! Taehyung Oppa! I told you to stop calling me that!" Jisoo called out after to Taehyung.

"But he's not wrong though..." Jin shyly mumbles and Jisoo instantly shut her mouth. Jisoo had heard what Jin said, but nothing else came out of her mouth except a soft 'huh?'

"I said Taetae is not wrong. You would become his Hyungsu-nim once we umm.. once we get married," and he let out a tiny shy chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Jin knew his face had turned red. He cleared his throat and tried to laugh his way out of the situation.

"Not that it's going to happen anytime soon. I'll uhh... I'll be patient and wait until you are ready Minji," Jin finished as he bashfully finishes the rest of his coffee and plays with the now empty mug in his hand. Though he was blind, he felt piercing gaze on him and he lowers his head in pure embarrassment. He couldn't believe he had just let Minji know that he wanted to marry her.

Of course, he didn't mean now when he was sightless and helpless. He was going to wait until he could see and again and then he will ask her properly to become his wife, to become his life. To grow old with him every day until they both had grey hair.

Even though he's touched every inch of her and grown to love her scent, it still wasn't enough for him. He wanted her as his and only his forever. He knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he blushes immensely as his ears turned red at the thought of her as his wife.

Jisoo was silent. She didn't know how to respond to Jin. She bit her bottom lip hard until she tasted blood. She let out a tiny shaky breath as she tried to calm down her heavily beating heart. As much as it made her beating muscle beat uncontrollably, it also pained her. She knew she had to leave him now more than ever if he was considering marriage already.

Taehyung finished his shower and got dressed in some of Jin's clothes before grabbing both their jackets and moving out to meet up with the two in the dining room. He noticed the blushing red cheeks on his Hyung and the sad gaze at his Hyung from Jisoo's watery eyes. He let out a small cough and it broke the trance of the two. Jisoo turned around and wiped her tears before turning back around to face Taehyung with a forced smile on her face.

"Everything okay?" Taehyung asked worriedly but Jin got up quick and interrupted him.

"Great, you're done! Let's get going. Taetae, help me to the car."

Jin wanted to get out of there and out of the situation for now, but he made a mental note not to leave this alone for too long. The moment he can see and finally get himself back up from hitting rock bottom, he was going to propose to Minji. His grin widening as Taehyung help escorts him down to his car.

Jisoo cleans up after Jin and places the dirty dishes in the sink first before grabbing her stuff and running out of Jin's apartment after the two brothers. As much as she wanted to leave him this very second, she had promised to be his eyes so she wasn't going to break her promise to Jin. At least not now when he still needed her.

Arriving at the hospital, Jin was instantly checked back in after a thorough check-up. His eyes were responding to the bright light. The same pain that he felt the day before had suddenly returned once the light was shined in his eyes by his doctor. After being blind for over 3 months now, his eyes needed to slowly adjust back to normal lighting so he had to wear a blindfold. The doctor gave him a week before he would be fully recovered. The doctor also told him to take his blindfold off for 30 minutes a day just to take in the lighting around him.

Taehyung had gone back to work to get everything ready for Jin once he was able to see again. He was ready to return the company and CEO title back to Jin. His mother refused to return the title back, but Taehyung didn't care what she had to say. He worked behind her back and with talking to all the board of directors, they all agreed to let Jin return back once his eyesight returned.

As the week passed by, Jin would caress Jisoo's face every day as he traces every part of her. Her perfume always lingered in his nose too and he couldn't wait until tomorrow when he could finally take the blindfold off for good and finally be able to see his Minji.

Jin sat in bed as he happily and excitedly took off his blindfold for the last night. His eyes had adjusted back to the lighting with the daily exercise for his eyes, but he still couldn't see clearly. He opens his eyes and he could see a faint figure of the female next to him. He blinks and rubs his eyes before seeing the figure move in close to him.

"Jin, are you okay? Does it hurt?" Jisoo asks worriedly. She grabs the blindfold and tries to put it back on him but he stops her by gently grabbing a hold of her hand in his. He traces tiny circles on the back of her hand before reaching for her face once again as he's done for the past week.

"Can't you spend the night with me Minji? I want your face to be the first thing I see when I open my eyes tomorrow morning."

"You know I can't Jin. I have an exam tomorrow morning and I need to go home tonight to study for it. You don't want me to fail my exam do you?"

Jin pouted sadly before he pulls her face in for a quick kiss and then pulled away.

"I'll wait for you. I won't open my eyes until you arrive."

"No, don't do that Jin. I don't know how long I will take and I might not even be able to make it tomorrow. Don't look for me or wait for me. Open your eyes and see the world, okay?"

"Promise you'll come straight here when you finish your exam?"

Jisoo eyes brimmed with large tears. She sniffles and tries to calm down her shaky voice from breaking apart. She nods to answer him. Jin seeing the movement of her head nodding and he instantly pulls her in for a hug.

"I love you Minji. I love you so much," Jin whispers into her ear.

"I love you too," Jisoo answers back as she hugged him back tightly.

Jin pulls away from the hug and smiles brightly to the girl that he loves the most.

"I'm going to go to bed now so that time will pass by faster."

He was excited. He probably will toss and turn for a while before finally falling asleep, but it was better than staying up and having the time pass by slowly. Jisoo helped tucked him into bed before getting her things and walking towards the door.

Little did Jin know, Jisoo doesn't even have an exam the next day. It was just an excuse to not show up tomorrow because tonight was the last night she was ever going to see him.

She turns around to see Jin in bed and closing his eyes as he tries to fall asleep. Her heart was breaking at him smiling so beautifully. She runs up to his bed and drops her belongings before she leans in to kiss him roughly. Soon, Jin was kissing her back. His hands move to capture Jisoo's face as he deepens the kiss between them and the rough kiss soon turns into a slow and passionate kiss with their hearts both beating as one and lips moving in sync. Jisoo fought back her tears as she grips his shirt while kissing him.

Once the kiss between them was broken, Jin pulls away and whispers silently to her as he touches her cheeks.

"What was that for? You've never kissed me so roughly like this before."

Jisoo let a small smile linger on her lips before she spoke softly so Jin wouldn't suspect anything.

"Just to let you know how much I'll miss you..."

She leans towards his lips to peck it.

"...I love you Kim Seokjin Oppa."

Jin grins wide as he heard her call him Oppa.

"What is this? My Minji is suddenly calling me Oppa? Something is fishy."

Jin pulls on the girl and hugs her close to him.

"Are you planning to bail on me or something Minji?" He teases the girl playfully.

She shakes her head as she hugs back tightly. Tears leaving her face endlessly as she tries hard not to let Jin know that she was crying.

"Why do you sound so sad?" He asks worriedly. He could hear the tiny sniffles from his Minji.

"I'm okay Jin. Don't worry about me and make sure to rest well. Okay?"

Jin nodded to answer her and Jisoo finally pulls away from the hug. She tucks Jin back into bed before gathering her stuff once again. She walks up to the door and turns to look at him one last time.

"Good night Jin Oppa," she calls out to him. He smiles brightly upon hearing her call him Oppa again.

"Good night my Minji. I'll see you tomorrow."

Jisoo reaches out for the light switch that was next to the door. She shut off the light and walked out of Jin's room, walked right out of his life. And this time, she plans to never see him ever again.

To Be Continue...

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