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60.56% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 43: One Minute

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Chapter 43: One Minute

I must really be going crazy. I'm hallucinating that it's you who's here with me. I miss you, Min Jisoo...

Energy completely drained from Taehyung's body as his thoughts were filled with nothing but Jisoo. A small smile falls upon his face as he imagines that Jisoo was the one who was next to him wiping the sweats off his head. Her touches were light and gentle as if afraid she was going to hurt him.

Jisoo notices his half-opened eyelids for a second, before he falls back onto the couch, seemingly exhausted from his fever. She instantly leans down lower towards his face and reaches out to wipe some more sweat off his forehead. She gently felt his forehead to see if his fever had gone down.

"Taehyung, are you feeling better?" She softly speaks as she moves her hand down to his cheek.

"Are you hungry? I can make you some rice porridge if you like."

He hears her, thinking he's gone mad. He's even hearing her voice too now. With his eyes still shut and thinking that it was Sunni, he gently grabs her hand that was caressing his cheek. It was warm and soft. It didn't feel like Sunni's clammy and cold hand. He slowly opens his eyes once again and this times he opened them up fully and saw that it was indeed Jisoo who was leaning in close to him with a towel in her hand. His eyes moved to his hand that was holding hers. He's shocked to see that it was really Jisoo. He blinks but no matter how many times he opens his eyes back up, it was Jisoo.

He immediately lets go of her hand and she leaned back to let him sit up.

"Jisoo, what are you doing here?"

Jisoo had forgotten why she came in the first place the moment she saw a sick Taehyung. With his question just now, she recalls but didn't think it was the right time to ask Taehyung anything since he was sick.

"I had something I wanted to know from you, but seeing that you are not well, I can wait until later."

Taehyung nods lightly and exhaustedly as he listens to her. He really wanted to know what she came for and how she knew where he lived, but he was too tired right now. He was hungry and his stomach was crying to be fed. Jisoo giggles as she hears the rumbling of his stomach, thinking to herself that Jin and Taehyung are so alike.

"Let me go make you something to eat so you'll have some energy. Rest for now, okay? I'll wake you up once the food is ready."

She gets up from the couch and heads towards the kitchen on a mission to make Taehyung some food. Taehyung doesn't rest instead, he watches as she cutely makes her way around the foreign kitchen trying to find all the stuff she needed. She was making so many adorable puzzled faces that Taehyung couldn't help but smile to himself as he admired her.

Jisoo eventually found all the ingredients she needed for making her rice porridge. While the porridge was boiling in the stove, she turned to look at Taehyung to see if he was resting, only to catch him staring at her. His eyes widen when he saw her looking at him. His cheeks turned red, not from the fever but from getting caught looking at her. He let his gaze wandered off to anything but her. He took a tiny glance back at Jisoo's face to see her glaring at him and he avoids eye contact with her again.

"Kim Taehyung, I told you to rest," she replies sternly as if she was scolding a child who refuses to listen.

He finally locks his gaze with hers.

"Sorry Jisoo, I'm just a little too hungry to fall back asleep."

Jisoo decides to let it go since his stomach was crying pretty loudly earlier and it was getting pretty late in the afternoon.

"It's almost ready. Just be a little more patient arassoyo?"

"Ne, Hyungsu-nim.."

"Y-yah! Stop calling me that. I-I'm not your Hyungsu-nim..."

A small grin appears on his face as he saw Jisoo flustered.

"Oh? Hyungsu-nim, why are you suddenly shy?"

Jisoo bit her lip as she thought back to all the intimate times she shared with Jin. She loves Jin. She really does, but she wasn't sure about his feelings for her yet. She knows he loves her, but he loves her as Minji, not Min Jisoo.

"I-I'm not s-shy. I'm not your Hyungsu-nim. S-so don't call me that anymore..."

Taehyung was completely aware of her situation. He knew why she was uncomfortable with him calling her Hyungsu-nim. She wasn't 100% honest with Jin so he knew she was scared. Scared that all this happiness that she was receiving right now with Jin would soon disappear.

Jisoo quickly changes the subject by asking Taehyung where they kept their medicines. He told her where the medicine cabinet was and she grabs some medicine along with a cup of water and a bowl of the rice porridge. She set the tray onto the living room table and gave him the medicine to eat first. He quickly took the medicine and ate it while gulping down the cold water to wash the medicine down.

Jisoo grabs the bowl of porridge and stirs it while blowing on it to cool it down for Taehyung. He watches her next to him as he set the half-empty glass of water on the table. He sees her kissable lips blowing on the food and his eyes flutter.

"Y-yah, Hajima..."

Jisoo's eyebrows furrowed with confusion as her lips puckered while blowing the hot porridge. She didn't understand what she was doing wrong that he was asking her to stop.

Taehyung's couldn't take his eyes off her puckered lips. His heart beating at a mile per second. He gulped the lump in the back of his throat pleading in his mind for her to stop before he loses control. Her lips were so tempting, so inviting. He finally looked away from those alluring lips.

"Hajima... I might do something that I'll really regret if you don't..."

She stops blowing on the food and hands it to Taehyung.

"I don't know what you are asking me to stop doing, but the food is ready. It should be cool enough to eat now."

He quickly took it from Jisoo and thanked her.

"Thank you for cooking for me Jisoo. I'll be fine now so you can leave. I'll just sleep some more after I finish eating."

"Ani, I'm not going to leave until I see you finish the food first."

Taehyung hurriedly gulps down the rice porridge as Jisoo watched with widening eyes.

"Slow down Taehyung! You might choke!"

Taehyung doesn't slow but only quickens his eating pace. He wanted her out of his house before he really can't control himself anymore. As he scarfed down the porridge, he chokes at the amount of food that was going down his throat and coughed some of the porridge out.

"Yah! I told you to eat slowly!"

Jisoo hurried grabs the half-empty glass of water for Taehyung and he gulps down the remaining of the water. He let out a sigh of relief as Jisoo rubs his back in an attempt to calm the boy down. What she didn't know was that she was only making it worse for Taehyung. Her soft touch rubbing his back made him gulped down air.

Taehyung, don't. She is your Hyungsu-nim...

"Did you want me to leave that badly?" Jisoo quietly asks Taehyung. He doesn't answer her instead, his breathing had increased and eyes brimmed with tears.

Ani, I want you to stay...

No, she belongs to Jin Hyung...

"Since you finished eating already, I'll leave now. Take care of yourself and your body Taehyung."

His breath hitched as Jisoo stood up from next to him. Taehyung's hands moved faster than his brain could process and he grabs Jisoo by her wrist. His breathing heightening with every breath that he let out.

"One minute..." Taehyung's deep voice croaked out to Jisoo. He pulls her back down onto the couch and into a tight hug. He finally lets the tears fall endlessly down his face as his grips tighten around Jisoo's waist.


Taehyung cries silently into her shoulder. His voice breaking as he whispered gently to Jisoo.

"Just one minute. Just let me hold you for a minute and I'll let you go. Neomu apa..."

To Be Continued...

Shookieillegirl Shookieillegirl

Neomu apa translates to 'I'm really hurt' or 'I'm in a lot of pain.' Hajima translates to 'Stop it' or 'Don't do it.' I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. ^_^

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