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50.7% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 36: Second Chance

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Chapter 36: Second Chance

Yoongi followed Sunni up to her apartment and once he stepped inside her home, he was hit in the face with memories of Sunni crying her heart out and screaming at him. He winced in pain at the memory and set her plastic bag on her kitchen counter. Her cries that day had hunted his thoughts and dreams every night for the past month and he wouldn't be able to endure it if he saw it again so he wanted to get out of there as soon as he could.

"I-I'll get going now. B-bye..."

Yoongi moves toward the front door but before he could exit, Sunni had grabbed his arm to stop him. He froze as he felt her touch on him. He wanted so much to turn around and pull her into a hug, to hold her once more. He had to fight off every last ounce of temptation that had crawled throughout his body. He tightly shut his eyes not wanting to stay in the same room as her anymore. He was afraid, afraid that he wouldn't be able to control himself and do something he might regret if he stays any longer.

"Yoongi Oppa, please stay. I needed an excuse to get you to come up here so I could talk to you. I think a talk between us is long overdue. I heard from Taehyung Oppa that you still love me. Is that true?"

That tearful day when Yoongi had suddenly shown back up in front of her had crushed her. She hated him, hated everything about him. His voice, his small and gentle eyes, how he was still so handsome, and how he still made her heart flutter a tad bit. She hated how he called her name. She hated his hurt appearance when she told him that she hated him. She couldn't understand then why he looked so miserable and hurt. Why was Yoongi was playing innocent when he used her and then dumped her? Her life changed after Yoongi broke up with her, so she blamed everything on Yoongi and despised him.

But, on that same day after Yoongi had left, Taehyung had also told her that Yoongi was still in love her which she found it hard to believe at first.

['Sunni, have you ever tried to tell Yoongi what happened to you after you two broke up?'

She shook her head 'no' before more tears streamed down her face. Taehyung gently wiped her tears away before telling her the one thing that he hoped would help the two mend their relationship. He felt it was right for her to know and he knows now that Yoongi belongs with her. He was willing to let Sunni go. He was willing to let go of his hatred and revenge.

'I think you should know that Yoongi is still in love with you. He asked to see you today because he wanted you back in his life...'

Sunni felt her heart flutter when she heard what Taehyung had just said. She hated that Yoongi still had that kind of effect on her. Why would he still be in love with her? It makes no sense to her.

"Oppa, I just told you. He didn't love me. He used me for my body and once he got what he wanted, he broke up with me."

"You just said so yourself that you didn't tell anyone about what happened to you, meaning that Yoongi had no clue either. Have you ever thought of what would have happened to you two if you told him?']

Taehyung's words that day had caused her to second think her action and if Yoongi really deserved the slap from her. It's true that he did take her virginity, but it was also true that she never told another soul anything until now. She had never told Yoongi why she wouldn't sleep with him. She never told Yoongi about her mother's hatred towards men. She was the one who asked Yoongi to keep their relationship secret when he wanted to let the whole world know about their love.

The pain that Yoongi caused when he broke up with her was so deep, so painful, that her mother's warnings of boys rushed back into her head and consumed her. She never even bothered to look for Yoongi to let him know of anything that had happened to her. Even with Jisoo going to school with her every day, she could have easily got back in contact with Yoongi, but she chooses not to, yet she blamed everything on Yoongi when he had no knowledge.

Sunni remembered how Taehyung was so calm about her breakdown in front of him for another man. How he was still comforting her and accepted her as the broken girl that she was. When she confessed to Taehyung, she meant every word that had left her lips. She loves Taehyung and knew that she wanted him and only him.

She was ready to talk. She wanted Yoongi to know how much he hurt her. She also wanted closure from Yoongi to move on and start new with Taehyung. So when she saw Yoongi outside her apartment complex, she took the chance.

Yoongi stiffens when he heard what Sunni had just asked him. He wanted to scream it, shout it out loud for the whole world to hear that he still loves her. He still wants her and needs her, but no words would come out of his mouth.

Sunni gently pulled Yoongi back towards her couch and sat him down. She sat next to him and waited for his answer, but he was mute. He sat silently with teary eyes looking down onto the floor. He was trying his hardest to not let his tears fall.

"Yoongi Oppa, I'm sorry for the way I acted and for slapping you the other day. It didn't cross my mind that you didn't know of my story after we broke up. I was just so hurt by you and what happened after that I blamed everything on you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yoongi found the courage to finally lock his eyes on hers. They were glistening with tears as she continued to tell Yoongi about her past. She didn't know that he had already heard everything that day. He couldn't watch another tear leave her eyes, so he moved in closer to her and caressed her face in his hand and wipes her tears away. His action caused Sunni to abruptly stop talking, her breath hitched as she realizes they were only a few inches apart from each other.

"I heard everything the other day when you were telling Taehyung so if it hurts to talk about your past, then stop. I deserved that slap, Sunni. I never meant to hurt you. I really did think it would be best for us if we broke up then. You were only a Freshman and I would be busy in college. If I knew you were suffering so much, I would have never let you go..."

His tears finally danced its way down his cheeks, but he ignored his tears and gently wiped her away.

"I love you Sunni. I always have and never stopped loving you. I wanted you to concentrate in school. I didn't want to distract you from your studies since you were still so young. College would take up most of my time and a break for us would be best until you finish High School, but you transferred before I could confess and get you back in my life..."

Her heart fluttered as she heard his confession.

"I'm still in love with you Sunni..."

Her chest swelled as she let out tiny pants. She was melting with every breath that she took. He was making her heart pound like crazy once again. Yoongi swiped his thumb across her bottom lip as the temptation took over him. He wanted to feel her lips on his. He couldn't control himself anymore so he moves in for a kiss, but as his lips gently brushed hers, she turned her head and pulled away from his warm touch.

Sunni almost gave in and let Yoongi kiss her. She had told herself she wasn't going to cheat anymore, but Yoongi was making it extremely difficult for her. He was making her heart beat wildly and she didn't like it. She wants Taehyung. He was the one for her, not Yoongi. She only wanted closure with Yoongi. She didn't think that bringing Yoongi up to her apartment would lead to her heart being shaken again.

"Yoongi Oppa, I love Taehyung now. I asked you here so we could get the closure that we both need..."

But Taehyung doesn't love you...

His heart shattered a little knowing that Taehyung didn't love her and was only going to hurt her. How he wanted to tell her so severely, but knowing how damaged she turned out when he left her, she would only break more if she found out about Taehyung.

"Sunni, give me a second chance. Let me show you just how much I love you... Please?"

"A s-second chance?"

His eyes begged the girl desperately. He wants to love her fully now and take all her pain and suffering away. He wasn't going to give up on his first love. She almost caved once again, but she was scared. Scared to believe his words and get hurt again. Scared to love him again.

"O-Oppa, I-I don't love you and I want to be with T-Taehyung...."

She cursed at herself in her head for stuttering and letting the man in front of her shake her so greatly. Yoongi lets a tiny smile sneak upon his lips when he heard the girl stuttered. He knew then that he still has a small chance. He was going to fight for his place in her heart. He was going to make sure to consume her beating muscle so there will be no room for another man but him. Yoongi was going to make Sunni fall in love with him again.

To Be Continued...

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