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76.05% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 54: Siblings

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Chapter 54: Siblings

Taehyung turned the corner and when he was sure that he was out of Yoongi's sight, he parked his car on the side of the street. He had another small breakdown while weeping into his hand. He couldn't believe what just happened. Yoongi really didn't stop him. He just let him leave and really didn't care one bit for Taehyung.

He wiped his droplets away before turning to see the sheets of music that were in the passenger seat. He had finished the last of the notes plus the lyrics and was preparing to give it to Yoongi to review sometime today. But with how things turned out, he had totally forgotten about it until now.

Another tear emits down his face as he neatly assembles the sheets in order. He hums the tune as he read over the lyrics and cries silently to himself. Thinking that he should return it and let all ties between them be cut, Taehyung lay the music sheets next to him before turning his car back around toward Yoongi's house.

He pulls up to the house but he notices that there were two people at the front door. His eyes had to carefully study the two before realizing that Yoongi had lied to him. Jisoo was home all along and she was the second person who was hugging Yoongi from behind... and they were crying?

And so, he sped down the road and parked his car further away from their house. He runs fast, faster than he has ever run before towards the front of the house, but he stays out of sight. Taehyung watches the siblings embrace each other. Both with tears streaming down their faces and neither one of them saying a word.

Why did Yoongi lie that Jisoo wasn't home when she obviously was? What he really didn't understand was why the tears? They were the ones who didn't want Taehyung and Jin in their lives anymore.

Taehyung waits to see if the two would say anything. Any words just to validate his emotions right now before he takes any action.

Soon, Yoongi pulls away from Jisoo and turns around to face her before he ruffles her hair. He spoke softly to her but still loud enough for Taehyung to hear everything.

"Minji-ah, are you sure this is what you truly want? You love Jin though."

"Oppa, I heard Jin say it himself. He said he never liked me as Jisoo. He loves me only as Minji and I-" Jisoo choked back on her tears. Her voice trembling as fear crept throughout her entire body.

"...I'm so scared Oppa."

Jisoo cries into her palms for a few seconds before lifting her head back up to meet Yoongi's eyes.

"I'm terrified to let Jin see me for who I really am Oppa. Scared that he will be disappointed when he learns that it had been me all along. Scared to face the reality that I was never the one Jin loved. Oppa, Jin's going to hate me, so before he could find out who I really was, I left him. "

Jisoo sniffles and wipes the falling tears before continuing.

"I-I won't regret this Oppa. Taehyung, h-he'll protect Jin a-and keep him away from me. A-and I know that he won't tell Jin that I'm Jisoo...." She pauses as more tears brimmed in her eyes threatening to fall any second.

"How are you so sure that he won't say anything to Jin??"

"Because with Jin not knowing who I am, he wouldn't be able to look for me. Taehyung would never give Jin a reason to look for me anymore. You heard him earlier Oppa. He will never forgive me.... and I hope he never does."

Yoongi pulls his now sobbing sister into his arms and held her tight. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Then why are you crying so much Minji? I can see how sad you are and how much you miss Jin right now."

Jisoo shakes her head into Yoongi's chest.

"Just for today. I will only cry and miss Jin for today. I won't-" Jisoo's words got caught in her throat. She knows she can't love him anymore. She knows she needs to stop, but the pain was literally eating her up alive. She felt like there was a hole in her heart. A hole that could never be filled up anymore now that she decided to leave Jin.

"... I won't l-love Jin anymore after today. I will focus only on school and study hard to forget about Jin."

Yoongi pulls his sister into another hug. He hugs her close trying his best to comfort her. His sister was being extremely stupid at the moment, but he was reminded of himself when he broke things off with Sunni back in High School.

"Pabo, don't you know you're making the same mistake that I made. I guess we really are siblings after all huh?" He quietly chuckles as Jisoo's sobs inaudibly die down in his chest.

"Oppa..." Jisoo asks softly before lifting her head up to meet Yoongi's gaze.


"What is the relationship between you and Sunni? I heard what you said to Taehyung earlier. Why did you tell Taehyung that he caused you to lose Sunni?"

Yoongi let a tiny smile spread on his face as he stared down to his sister.

"Sunni was someone who I loved very much. She was my first love...."

"You're first love?" Jisoo asks softly as she looks up to her brother who had obvious tears in his orbs.

"I'm sorry I never told you, Minji. It's a long story but I'll tell you some other time. Okay?"

Jisoo nods to agree with him seeing that he obviously doesn't want to talk about it right now. But she still didn't understand why Yoongi was sad along with her. It was really just her problem with Jin and Taehyung.

When she decided to leave Jin she had asked Yoongi to cut off all relationship with Taehyung too. She figured he wouldn't be too affected by it since Taehyung and Yoongi had just recently started hanging out.

But she seemed to have been wrong because earlier when Taehyung left, Yoongi looked like he was about to collapse if Jisoo hadn't held him from behind. She couldn't help but ask him.

"Was Taehyung someone important to you too Mingi Oppa?"

Yoongi smiles lightly before a quiet chuckle could be heard from his mouth. He nods to answer Jisoo and she felt her heart ripped apart. She had just broken up her brother's friendship.

"Oppa, I'm so sorry. I didn't think you and Taehyung Oppa were that close. I thought that since you two just recently met, you would be okay with not seeing or hanging out with Taehyung anymore..."

"I guess we just weren't meant to stay friends Minji.."

"How did you and Taehyung even meet?" Jisoo asked, curious about his friendship with Taehyung.

"It's funny actually. Taehyung and I met because of Sunni..." Yoongi pauses as memories filled his head with the first time he met Taehyung. How the younger boy made his blood boiled and how he wanted to land his fist across Taehyung's face so severely. He let out a tiny chuckle at the memory before he suddenly remembered what he had said to Taehyung just minutes before. His smiles falter and he wipes away a tear that fell silently down his cheek.

"Come on. I'll tell you more about Sunni and Taehyung inside. It's starting to get a little chilly."

Jisoo nods lightly before turning around to head inside first followed by Yoongi.

Once the door shut closed, Taehyung finally stood tall as he took in everything that he just heard from the Min siblings.

Isn't it ironic that Taehyung was now the one being lied to? Jisoo was the one who told him not to lie to her anymore and Yoongi was so keen on having Taehyung tell Jisoo and Jin everything.

The min siblings hurt Taehyung intentionally so that he would never look for them again. And it wasn't only Taehyung that they were hurting. They were going to crush Jin too with their lies, the same way that Taehyung had done to him. He knew Jisoo was right about him. Had Taehyung never heard the Min sibling's conversation, he would have never told Jin who Minji was.

And the worse thing of all with these lies was that the siblings were also in pain. Taehyung knew. He knew how it felt to keep all those lies hidden deep down inside. He knew how much he suffered back then because of those lies that ate him up daily.

So no matter how much he wanted to break the front door down and taking all his anger out on the two siblings for hurting him, for lying to him this time, he just simply turned back around and walks back to his car. He opened up the door and sat down before closing the door shut.

I'll be sure to make you two pay for what you just made me go through...

He lets a tiny grin play upon his lips and knew what he needed to do.

To Be Continued...

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