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29.57% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 21: Tell Me Pt. 1

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Chapter 21: Tell Me Pt. 1

*Jisoo's POV*

"Hyungsu-nim. Nal mideo... Jebal," his voice was soft. Too soft that I thought I heard him incorrectly.

"H-hyungsu-nim?" I questioned him back.

He didn't answer me but instead, his hand that was still on the elevator door slowly moved closer to my face. He lightly brushed against my left cheek before Sunni called out to him causing him to freeze in place.

"Taehyungie? What are you doing out here?"

He seemed irritated. I couldn't tell what he was trying to do or what he wanted to say to me. His hands fell to his side and he closed his eyes tightly shut and let out a deep breath before answering Sunni.

"Nothing important baby."

He slowly opened his eyes and gazed deeply into mine before a smirk landed on his lips.

"I wanted to let my future Hyungsu-nim know that I'm now the CEO and Hyung's no longer needed in the company."

I immediately felt heat rising in my neck up to my face. It had only been about a week and they already gave the company to Taehyung? What more did Jin and I miss out on?

I pushed Taehyung angrily away from me when the elevator door open and stepped into the elevator. I turned around and pressed the first-floor button. With my arms crossed in front of my chest, I looked anywhere but at Taehyung while waiting for the door to close shut. I didn't want to see his face anymore. He just stood there silently watching me. As the door slowly closed I thought I heard him silently say something.

"I'm sorry... Hyungsu-nim.."

I met eyes with him quick before the door finally shut and his eyes were moist. He had tears and was on the verge of crying.

What was Taehyung trying to do to me? How much more was he going to confuse me? I felt all sorts of mixed emotions inside of me that I couldn't pinpoint it exactly. One second he's a jerk and the next, he's like a lost broken child, who's crying desperately for help. I bit down hard on my bottom lip and held back the urge to run back to him and ask what his deal was.

I made my way back home to change and make some food for Jin first before going back to the hospital. Ani, I just wanted to avoid Jin. I didn't know what to tell him. I couldn't come up with anything in all the time that I had found out about Taehyung and Sunni. It was already starting to get dark and I still couldn't come up with anything while cooking dinner.

"Yah! I can smell the burnt food in my room! Are you trying to set this place on fire?!" Yoongi Oppa said as soon as he walked into the kitchen. His face was scrunched up and he pinched his nose while coming towards me to flick my forehead.

I immediately took the pan full of black charcoaled beef bulgogi and toss it into the sink. I turned on the cold faucet and watched as the steam of black smoke covered the entire room.

"What's wrong with you Minji? You've never had any problem with cooking before?"

"Sorry, Oppa. I was just thinking and got lost in thoughts."

I started cleaning up the mess that I had made and cracked open a window to let some of the smoke out. I turned towards the fridge to grab more of the marinated beef that I put away to start cooking again, but Yoongi Oppa asked me a question that made me stop dead in my track.

"Minji, d-do you still talk to Sunni? I-I've been uhh.. wanting to um.. meet her for a while now. I just wasn't sure how to approach you about her." 

He was a stuttering fool and rubbed the back of his neck as he shyly questioned me.

Oppa knew nothing of Sunni's evil deeds. I told him that the company was slowing down so Sunni had laid me off. I didn't want to worry my parents or Oppa. He was disappointed that I no longer worked for Sunni and he had been acting weird around me ever since. He would call my name and ponder for a few seconds before saying 'nevermind' or 'forget it.'

I glared back at my brother. I did not need my only brother to ask me about the one woman that I disliked so much. With so much anger and frustration built up in me, I finally burst and screamed at Oppa.

"Why the hell are you suddenly asking about Sunni? I have enough to deal with already and I don't need you to fall into her trap either Oppa!"

His face now full of confusion and his hand landed on his side.

"Wait, her trap? What are you talking about Minji? I only asked if you still talk to her? Why are you going berserk on me?"

"Don't you even dare think about her or try to find her! I will seriously cut ties with you if you do!"

"Minji! Calm down! What is wrong with you?"

I was going insane. I couldn't see how Jin, Taehyung, and Yoongi Oppa all found Sunni to be so beautiful? Do they not see her heart? Or was her beauty enough that they didn't care what kind of person she was?

"Oppa, just.... just leave me alone. Please..."

I was a shaking and crying mess again. I haven't even fully recovered from my encounter with Taehyung and Sunni and now my only brother was going down the same path as Jin. Sunni had too many victims and she will not turn my brother into one.

"Why are you crying so much Minji? Is there something I need to know?" His voice was firm and no longer stuttering or flustered. He was in big brother mode right now and I really didn't want to tell him anything. I kept my mouth shut and turned away from him. I opened up the fridge to grab the beef but he harshly pushes the door close and turned me around. He pinned me against the fridge and his brotherly gaze had turned dark. His eyes were filled with rage.

"Who is making you cry so much Minji?! TELL ME!" He shouted at me and caused me to jump at his sudden change.


"Don't you dare lie to me Minji. You know I can tell when you are lying to me."


"Yoongi, Jisoo, we're home!" My mother called out as she opened the front door.

Yoongi let go of me and I wiped away my tears before my parents could see them.

"Oh my goodness! Why is there so much smoke?!" My mother ran towards us.

"Are you two okay? What happened? No one got hurt did they?" My mother worriedly pat me and my brother down to see if we were okay.

"We're fine mom. Don't think that our talk is over Jisoo," Yoongi Oppa said sternly before turning around and heading back towards his room. He rarely calls me by my name and when he does, it means that he was serious. Dead serious.

"Is something wrong sweetie?" My mom gently asks me. I shake my head no and forced the biggest and brightest smile on my face.

"Everything is good, mom. I was just stressing a bit over my two jobs and burn the food. You know how much Yoongi Oppa loves my cooking. He's upset at me because he has to wait longer to eat," I let out a small chuckle and my mom laughed along with me.

"Your brother can be a handful sometimes. I'll help you how about that?"

"Yes, mom.... but I'm going to pack a lunchbox for umm.... my friend. I took on another late night shift. I'll be staying overnight at my friend's house again."

"You've been sleeping over at her house a lot. Are you sure you aren't bugging her?"

"S-she lives alone in an apartment. She said I could sleep over whenever I want. She's actually lonely and wants me there."

"Oh, I see sweetheart. Make sure you bring her over sometime. We would love to meet her."

I nod to answer mom and soon we both resumed cooking.


*Yoongi's POV*

She's hiding something from me. She won't tell, but I know. I was shocked the first time she broke down in front of me. She refused to tell me anything then and used my music as an excuse, but I knew something was off. This was the second time she broke down crying in front of me.

Kim Seokjin.

Why was that name the first to pop in my head when I saw Minji crying earlier? The same name of the person who called her the first time she cried heavily. Was it him who is causing her to cry? Then why did she go crazy on me a while ago when I mentioned Sunni? Sunni wouldn't have done anything. My Sunni was the sweetest and most beautiful.

I still remember the way she smiled brightly at me back in High School. The way she made my heart skip a beat. The way she fit perfectly in my arms. Her hugs and kisses, I've missed them so much..... but it's all only memories now.

To Be Continued...

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