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19.71% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 14: Trust

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Chapter 14: Trust

*Jin's POV*

I awoke to a splitting headache. My head was pounding and the room was dark. I couldn't see anything. I heard someone run into a chair close by. They must not have been able to see it in this darkness either. I slowly sat up and grabbed my head hoping that it would reduce some pain. I wondered if it was Sunni who was here with me.

"Who's there? Sunni?"

"No, I'm-"

It was clearly not Sunni, but yet I felt like I've heard her voice before. But what got to me was why did she turn off the lights?

"Where am I? What am I doing here?"

She didn't answer me. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. Well, if she wasn't going to answer me the least she could do is turn on the lights so I can see.

"Can you turn on the light?" I asked her.

There was another long silence before I heard a door open.

Who are these people and what were they planning on doing to me?

"Who are you?! What do you want from me! Turn on the lights so I can see!" I demanded out loudly. I couldn't see who these people were and it honestly scared me a bit.


It was Taehyung's voice. I sighed in relief and relaxed. At least it was someone who I could trust.

"Oh, Taehyungie. Could you turn on the lights? Hyung can't see anything in this dark."

"H-Hyung...." Taehyung's voice was unstable. It sounded like he had been crying. I felt his presence next to me.

"Wae? What's wrong?"

"H-Hyung, can't you see me?" I felt his hands on my cheeks. He pulled my face forward and soon he started full out wailing while he clung to me.

"W-why? Why can't you see me?! Where's the doctor! Why can't he see me right now?!"

As I listen to Taehyung's cry, I finally start to realize what was happening. Everything had turned dark for me because I've lost my vision. I've turned blind. And though I couldn't see anything now, I felt the hot tears leaving my eyes as they traveled down my cheeks. Taehyung hugged me as he cried loudly into my shoulder.

I remembered the car accident and realized that I must be in the hospital right now. I start to worry as I remember that my parents and Sunni were in the car with me. My hands found his shirt and I grabbed it and pulled away from his embrace.

"Taehyung, where's mom and dad? Are they okay? What about Sunni? Where is everyone? Tell me they are okay," I calmly asked Taehyung.

He didn't answer me. He just continued to cry and it was frustrating me. I was trying really hard not to break down. One of us needed to be strong for the other right now although I can't see and should be the one freaking out.

"Taehyung, tell me."

"Hyung..." He murmured silently to me. I waited for him to finish his sentence. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Father left us. The doctors couldn't help him. He's gone..."

My hands slowly released the tight grip that I had on Taehyung's shirt.

"I killed father...."

"No, Hyung. It was an accident."

I tried my hardest not to break down in front of Taehyung, but I failed. I couldn't hold back the panic in me. Not only did I just lose my vision, I killed my father. I start kicking and screaming in distress at the pain that was killing me slowly right now.


I heard a door open and more people rushed into the room.

"Hyung, Please don't.." Taehyung begged me.

"I'm a murder Taehyung! I killed him!! I kill-"

I felt a prick in my arm and soon found myself slowly growing sleepy. My body started to feel weak and limp. I soon fell back onto the bed and fell asleep.


*Jisoo's POV*

I watched on as the doctor injected some sedative into Jin's arm. He soon stopped moving and fell asleep. Taehyung quickly adjusted him to his bed and cried a bit more before finally facing the doctor.

"What's wrong with my Hyung? Why can't he see now?"

"His head injury is the cause of his blindness. Loss of vision can occur when there's a shock to the brain or eye. The only thing we can do now is to wait and see if his vision will come back on its own. If it doesn't return after 3 months, then we'll have to pronounce him as a blind man going forward."

"Would he be able to see if he got surgery? I don't care how much it will cost! Just help him so he can see again. Please, help him doctor."

"I'm sorry. This is all I can do for him. He'll have to stay in the hospital to be monitored. We need to know when his vision returns."

And the doctor left us alone in the room with a peaceful sleeping Jin. Taehyung broke down once again as he back into the wall and slid down onto the floor. He sobbed quietly into his hands. I tearfully went to comfort the poor boy. I hunch down next to him and he pulls on me and held me in his arms. He was shaking so much as he wept. I cried along with him and silently patted the boy on his back hoping to take some of his pain away from him.

"Jisoo, what do I do? I just lost my father and now Hyung's blind."

The door opens and Taehyung's mother walks into the room. I quickly got up from Taehyung and bowed to her. She didn't spare one glace at me but walked towards Jin. There was no worried look on her face but hatred. She finally turns to Taehyung and worried moved to his side.

"Taehyung, what's wrong? Why are you crying over this person? He killed your father and yet you are still crying over him?"

"Mom please stop it! Hyung didn't kill father. It was an accident! Stop blaming Jin Hyung."

His mother calmed down and a small smile made its way onto her lips.

"Sweetie, this is your chance. You can take the company away from that brat. The company will be passed on to him since he was indeed the heir, but who will want a blind CEO? It will soon be passed on to you. You'll be the CEO soon and take all his money."

The rumors were true. The step-mother only married Jin's dad for his money. She was a gold digger, just like someone else who was not even here anymore. The mother was just crying so sadly earlier, but it must have just been for show. How could someone mentioned inheritance when her husband just passed away. But Taehyung would never do that to his Hyung. Not with how much he cried earlier when he found out that Jin had lost his vision. He loved his brother. He wouldn't take the company away from Jin. Would he?

I meet eyes with Taehyung. His worried and tearful expression suddenly turned darker as he stares intensely at me. I couldn't figure out what he was thinking at that moment.

"Yes, mom."

His gaze never leaves mine as I stare back in disbelief at what I had just heard. Had he been acting all along too? Wow, daebak. This messed up family is full of great actors and actresses. I scoffed and felt my blood boiling at the younger brother. I couldn't believe I actually thought of him as a friend. He was no different from Sunni and his mother.

He finally gets up and fixed himself before moving towards me. I didn't want him near me. I was angry at him and at myself for falling completely into his trap. I backed away from him.

"Stay the hell away from me!" I shouted at him.

He halted and I saw that he looked hurt for a split second before that blank face was back on his face. He continues to move closer to me and soon I backed into the wall. I glared at the boy, heaving heavily because I wanted to slap him across the face.

"I begged you to help me many times Jisoo. Now I've got the upper hand and don't need your help anymore. I'll take Sunni and the company both away from Hyung. He's going to be a blind and broke man soon."

I slapped him hard across the face. His head tilted towards the direction that I had slapped him. He held his red cheek and he was smiling. He was happily smiling that warm smile that I see on him when he was with Jin. He slowly turns back to me and leaned in closer to me.

"I always knew you liked my Hyung, yet you denied it everytime I asked you. You slapping me now just proves how much you love him. Well now, he's all yours."

And he left the room with his mother following behind him. Once the door shut close I turned to Jin and slowly inched towards him.

What am I going to do to help you Jin? You're lover, family, and most trusted brother had just backstabbed you when you needed them most.

To Be Continued...

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