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71.42% BLOCKED LOVE / Chapter 10: PAY WITH MY BODY

PAY WITH MY BODY - BLOCKED LOVE - Chapter 10 by knisa full book limited free

Chapter 10: PAY WITH MY BODY

"Okay if you keep insisting. Just give me the money and our meeting ends right now, how about it?" Alice said as she turned her gaze to Sean.

However, what happened? Sean's face turned even stiffer. The look of displeasure he gave off was clear from the way he looked at Alice.

"Excuse me, Miss. Isn't asking for money like this the same thing as humiliating yourself?" Troy tries to negotiate.

"It doesn't matter if the insult is for me. And most importantly our business is over and you guys get out of my sight!"

'Oh my God, what else should I say? Why do rich people always make trouble?' Alice cursed in her mind. Alice seemed to want to cry against these two people.

"I will pay you with my body, be my wife!"

Sean's words just now seemed to stop Alice's heartbeat for a moment, causing Alice to choke on her own saliva.

"Cough cough cough! What do you mean?"

Coughing, Alice turned to Troy.

"Little master, please translate the language that person speaks for me!" Alice asked as if Troy was Sean's body-signaling machine.

Troy, who became Alice's hope to explain the meaning of this strange person in front of his, was confused.

"Hey, Bro, please speak in human language! What did you mean? Just now never mind this Miss, I'm just confused by what you said this time!" Troy had lost his mind to face his brother.

"Sorry for my impudence. I didn't understand from the start, what made it difficult for me. I help your son sincerely and you doubt it. And when I asked you to just give me the money and our business was done, you refused!"

"And now, because I helped your son, then you want to make me your wife? Are you out of your mind, huh?"

Alice couldn't contain her irritation this time.

However, the troublemaker Sean instead replied to Alice's tirade casually, "Yeah, you can think of me that way,"

If you know the expression of a cartoon character who is dumbfounded and drops his jaw down. That's how Alice and Troy felt when they faced Sean.

A super-rich man whose life is rarely exposed to the media. And is known for his cold demeanor, which can frighten anyone who encounters him. Now it's easy to say something very serious about someone's life.

Instantly Alice's head spun. She didn't know what to do with a man who might have come from another planet and was now in front of her.

"Mr. Troy, please call a doctor! I think yesterday's pile of chairs made my brain shift!" Alice said to Troy.

"Even my brain shifted without hitting anything, Miss!" Troy responded to Alice's chatter.

Sean who noticed the two idiots in front of him parted his lips. That smile added to Sean's handsomeness on his perfectly engraved face.

For some reason, Sean who initially didn't like Alice's pretending to be naive became interested. Seeing Alice's unrepentant anger while defending her pride in front of Sean, made Sean think that Alice was an attractive woman he had never met before.

'Haish! What am I going through, Lord? I can be chased by hundreds of wild bullets in the forest, instead of having to listen to the ridiculous words of a Sean Garendra!'

'If only those words came from someone else's mouth, it might not have the slightest effect on me. I'd even take it as a cheap joke. But here it is! His words that just wanted to make me his wife sounded terrible!'

'Sean Garendra, the richest man in the country with the illegitimate child scandal-, oops! Illegitimate child? That's right! Doesn't he have children without a wife? Nobody knows who Shine's mother is, right?'

Alice's thoughts that had been floating all over the place, then made her have an idea to reply to this crazy man's nonsense.

Alice got back up and sat on her bed, folding her legs.

"Sorry, Mr. Sean. Why do you want me to be your wife? Aren't you a Gay?" said Alice carelessly.

"Buahahaha!" Troy laughed so hard that his body bent down to endure the pain in his stomach.

Sean's facial expression immediately turned fierce and made the whole room gloomy.

Troy who accidentally turned to face his brother immediately pulled the brake aground to stop his laughter.

"Ahem Ahem. Miss, really. You just brought down my brother's pride. How can Garendra's descendant be Gay? And how can you conclude that my brother is gay?"

Troy had a hard time holding back his laughter as he defended Sean's pride. He seemed to want to laugh all the time.

"If my brother is gay, why would he want to make you his wife?" Troy asked again.

"Is it possible to cover up his deviant sexual orientation? Like same-sex lovers' novels that cover their strange relationship with marriage. And the woman is just an excuse to cover up their insanity," Alice said innocently.

"I'm sorry, Bro. This time I can't help you!" Troy laughed again until he choked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A moment later Troy choked on his own saliva when he saw Sean stand up and walk over to Alice.

"Troy, move Shine to another room!" Sean ordered in an even tone as he stepped up to Alice with his piercing gaze.

"Bro, what are you going to do? Don't be rash!" Troy asked anxiously when he saw Sean's expression that looked like he was about to eat Alice.

Sean unbuttoned the shirt on his wrist while grinning right in Alice's face, "I want to prove my sexual orientation to this brave Miss!"

Alice rolled her eyes for a moment. Her mind immediately turned to avoid Sean. Alice deftly stepped back and jumped over her patient bed, heading behind Troy for cover.

"Sorry, Mr. Sean. I didn't mean to say that. I'm just saying what I think with what I hear. Isn't it rumored that you have children but no wife because you are gay?"

"I understand that you want to repay my kindness. But please, withdraw all those wishes. I will not demand anything in the future from the Garendra family!"

"Again, if you want me to mention a request, fine. My request is that I just want you not to ask me to mention any requests. That's all!"

Alice quickly said what was on her mind at the time. Wouldn't that be tantamount to refusing Sean's offer?

Alice slowly reached for her small bag on the nearby table.

"Sorry, today I have an audition at Wing Entertainment, so I have to go right now. See you next time. I hope Shine will be healthy and cheerful again!" said Alice as she walked very quickly towards the exit.

"Do I let you go?"

Sean's voice snapped so loud that Troy and Alice were shocked, even the little Shine also moved because it was disturbed and soon went back to sleep peacefully.

"Master Troy, help me!" whispered Alice behind Troy.

"You're done, Miss. You've made my brother angry! I can't help you," Troy turned around to whisper to Alice.

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