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Drastic Change - Blood Assimilation - Chapter 25 by BadMindDarkRaven full book limited free

Chapter 25: Drastic Change

⟪[Attention, if the host refuses, this unknown power might forcefully synchronize with the system]⟫

'What the hell are you saying! What really is going on? You mean to tell me that some 'unknown power' is trying to synchronize with my personalize system and you cannot even resist against this unknown power and if I happen to disregard its 'kind' intrusion, it might forcefully synchronize itself with the system in response. So right now, I have no choice but to permit it instead to avoid any damage?' Randy reiterated the meaning behind the system's prompt.

⟪[Affirmative]⟫ The system only gave him a curt reply in confirmation to his question.

"Fuck! Just my luck, why is this even happening, is this even possible in the first place?" Randy cussed out loud upon seeing the system confirm his doubts.

He only came here to rob people and now something is trying to encroach on his personal system instead. Usually things like this does not occur as everyone had their own systems upon awakening and it cannot be invaded by any means yet somehow something managed to affect my system.

'Was it because I awakened unusually? Leading to some sort of bug in my system?' Randy thought with a frown on his face.

However, a new notification appeared on his screen again arousing his attention.

⟪[Would you like to permit this change?]⟫

"Haah" Randy sighed, and then turned to the void before muttering in a dejected tone, "Now that this had happened, I need to see what this thing really is, that managed to intrude on my personal system."

'I permit it' Randy used his thoughts to reply to the system's prompt.

The moment he replied, the system started undergoing a drastic change, the light-red panel turned into a yellow-golden color instead with white texts displaying on the screen.

⟪[Undergoing Synchronization with the unknown power: In progress]⟫

⟪[ Please wait!]⟫

With these texts, there were no more notification. Randy had no choice but to wait till it was done.

It was only after a minute or so that the synchronization was completed along a new notification.

[{[Synchronization Completed]}]

[{[The system had now undergone a drastic evolution, thus obtaining new functions]}]

[{[Please check these functions on your own]}]

[{[Currently Re-Adjusting some features of the newly improved System]}] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The system's notifications disappeared followed by a new notification and appearance shortly after.

⟪[[Re-Analyzing the currently held Artifact]]⟫

⟪[[Reflecting Mirror of Double Return(Artifact)]]⟫

⟪[[Rank: Legendary]]⟫

⟪[[Weapon Property: Double Reflection(S)]]⟫

⟪[[Derived Hidden Skill: Palm of Double Return(unknown)]]⟫

⟪[[Description: This is a powerful artifact from a magic-type world with the ability to absorb and reflect double the attacks receive by an opponent. It requires the mana to operate but it does not necessarily require the user's mana, magic crystals could be used as a substitute for its operation]]⟫

⟪[[Discovered a derived hidden skill, would you like to record it for comprehension?]]⟫

"Yes." He instantly replied with a blank expression.

Randy had no idea what was going on since a while ago but from what he had seen so far, this so called synchronization did not simply change the way his screen looked but there were also extra sections added after the synchronization. Just what was the source of this unknown power?

Randy pondered about it for a bit and could not draw any conclusion as this was a very unprecedented phenomenon and thus, he turned his attention to the screen again.

A Hidden Skill!

A Derived Hidden Skill!

Randy had never heard of such a thing before but judging from what it said, he can record this 'derived hidden skill' and comprehend it later. But how? He had no idea but even so, act now and think later is his thought process at this moment.

Immediately after his response, new lines of texts quickly appeared on the screen.

⟪[[Recording the Derived Hidden Skill, 'Palm of Double Return']]⟫

⟪[[The recording process would be done in 30 seconds]]⟫










⟪[[The derived hidden skill, 'Palm of Double Return' has been successfully recorded]]⟫

⟪[[Please check the 'Recorded Section' of the System for more information]]⟫

Randy was watching the screen the whole time with bated breath and finally, the unusually long 30 seconds had passed.

"Phew… Now what? How do I comprehend this skill" Randy breathed out and muttered in question.

⟪[[To comprehend this skill, 'Palm of Double Return,' you need to acquire knowledge points through the system or convert your current energy in knowledge points to comprehend the skill]]⟫ The system replied to him.

"Knowledge Points? What is that?" Randy confusedly asked in return.

⟪[[Knowledge Points are the energies that are derived from the thoughts or consciousness of living beings. You obtain these knowledge points by killing living beings with intelligence or high mental energy. It can be used for various things including but not limited to comprehending techniques or skills]]⟫ The system gave him an explanation.

"So that is how it is" Randy pondered the words mentioned by the system.

'It turns out I need this 'knowledge points' if I want to comprehend this skill. But where did this knowledge point thing come from? I have never heard of this before? Was this part of the system's upgrade after the synchronization with that unknown power? Haah, whatever, I will think about this later, what matters now should be…'

Randy sighed after thinking deeply about the sudden change in his system, however, he quickly drew his attention towards something else. It was not that he did not care about this matter but that it was better to accept things as is since this unknown power did not affect him personally.

In reality, it seemed to have increased the functions of his system to the point, enough to make others jealous if they knew about this. With all that, who would complain at this point? Thus, Randy decided not to think too much about this and see how things goes. With that thought, he proceeded to looked into the void.

⟪[[Reflecting Mirror of Double Return(Artifact)]]⟫

⟪[[Weapon Property: Double Reflection(S)]]⟫

⟪[[Derived Hidden Skill: Palm of Double Return(unknown)]]⟫

"Reflecting Mirror of Double Return and Palm of Double Return, these two seems to be related to each other. According to the description of this artifact, it has the ability to reflect double the attack received thus double return and this 'Palm of Double Return' seemed to be derived from this ability to double return any attacks." Randy muttered after analyzing the connection between the new derived skill and the mirror's weapon property.

Suddenly a realization dawned on him as a thought came to him.

'If that is the case, then doesn't that mean, as long I get my hands on some artifacts, there was a possibility of being able record their weapon property in a form of skills or abilities that can be used by me?'

The moment this thought came to him, Randy could not help but grinned from ear to ear. He wanted to burst into laughter, but he decided to hold it back. This discovery was just that terrifying and exhilaration. Who would have thought that an unknown power invading his system could result in such a massive difference and change. Randy could not help getting curious about the origin of this unknown power.

However, with this conclusion, although it was only a guess at the moment without further testings and thus, not definite without proof, it was still worth looking forward to; after all there was no proof besides this occurrence with this artifact, nevertheless, Randy was still filled anticipation for the future.

With that thought in mind, Randy picked up all the other items and sure enough, he was able to utilize the new function of the system to record the techniques from the technique manuals.

⟪[[Would you like to record the technique, 'Void Rippling Punch' for comprehension?]]⟫

"Yes." Randy replied without hesitation.

⟪[[Recording this technique will only take 5 Seconds]]⟫






⟪[[The technique, 'Void Rippling Punch' has been successfully recorded]]

⟪[[Please check the 'Recorded Section' of the System for more information]]⟫


⟪[[Would you like to record the technique, 'Unseen Sword Art' for comprehension?]]⟫

Just like before, Randy replied with a curt 'Yes' and then followed by new lines of texts.

⟪[[Recording this technique will only take 20 Seconds]]⟫

⟪[[The technique, 'Unseen Sword Art' has been successfully recorded]]⟫

⟪[[Please check the 'Recorded Section' of the System for more information]]⟫


⟪[[Would you like to record the technique, 'Mountain Cleaving Strike' for comprehension?]]⟫

"Yes." Randy replied after hesitating for a bit.

⟪[[Recording this technique will only take 5 Seconds]]⟫

⟪[[The technique, 'Mountain Cleaving Strike' has been successfully recorded]]⟫

⟪[[Please check the 'Recorded Section' of the System for more information]]⟫


⟪[[Would you like to record the technique, 'Traceless Form' for comprehension?]]⟫

"Yes." Randy replied, intrigued by this technique.

⟪[[Recording this technique will only take 10 Seconds]]⟫

⟪[[The technique, 'Traceless Form' has been successfully recorded]]⟫

⟪[[Please check the Recorded Section of the System for more information]]⟫

After the series of recordings of skills and techniques, Randy's expression was that of delight. Right now, with this ability of the system, he does not necessarily have to purchase a book to fully comprehend the contents, he only needs to touch for a brief moment to record the entire contents and learn it later using this 'Knowledge Points' mentioned by the system.

Soon, he finished recording all the techniques and then, he drew his attention to the remaining item on the ground, it was a spear. The appearance of this spear was terrifying due to its blood red metallic luster, which made it seem as if it was soaked in blood or coated with ink of blood.

In any case, since this spear was something that was stolen by the burglar, surely it was something valuable, perhaps even priceless. With no hesitation, Randy reached out and grabbed the bloody spear.

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