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100% Blood Bound: The Hawthorne's Fall (Book 1) / Chapter 2: The Beginning

The Beginning - Blood Bound: The Hawthorne's Fall (Book 1) - Chapter 2 by Alyrie_ism full book limited free

Chapter 2: The Beginning

(Past events)

Merely, hundreds of years ago before the present days. Dracula's time.

In the far, far away land there's powerful Kingdom, the kingdom of what we call Vampires. Lead by the ruthless leader.

The great Dracula, the most powerful and undefeated vampire, the King of Hawthorne in the town of Sighisoara.

He has children named Ambrogio V, Bonvich, and the youngest Vesper. Two males and a girl.

They are the most powerful and feared by everyone by hearing their names and the place they're in.

For hundreds of years, the kingdom remained undefeated. The crown have been passed and passed to the heir. Though, many hope that when the time comes that the crown will pass to the next heir, it should be the King who'll bend the curve line to straight.

But they fail. Failed many times. Actually, a hundred times. That is why most people are so happy that someone announced a prophecy that should have happened long ago. They can't hide their happiness.

Until that news reach the ear of the great Dracula, that should not have happened. Must not.

"Bring me the Lilitu", Dracula shouted loudly as if it were a thunder that surprised everyone there.

For years, they have seen Dracula mad and its anger almost burned the whole place down. But today, his anger is unmeasurable. Even the heaven reacts. The loud thunder is heard and a flashed of lightning is seen.

(Lilitu: They are the eldest vampires. Lilitu is called if it's a male, Lilith if it's a female. Lilitu's/ Lilith's are one of the powerful vampire trusted by the King. They can see the future or read someone just by touching them. All the decisions of the King must go through them before it is implemented)

"Yes, Your Majesty", said a follower of the king.

The follower or the so-called royal servant is called Chupacabra.

Dracula became impatient because of the duration of his order. He can't wait to hear the answer of his questions. He can't wait to know about the news that spreads like wildfire in the town of Sighisoara. He wonder why all the vampires that's lowly in rank rejoice its news.

When Lilitu arrived inside the palace office, its true expression could not be known. Dracula looked scared and excited so he frowned. The Lilitu then fall in his knees in front of the great Dracula.

"What can I do for you, Dracula?", said Lilitu who was there.

Dracula get up from his seat to face the Lilitu closer.

Everyone there trembled with fear. They know what will happen next if the Dracula won't like the answer he hears.

"I heard some prophecy", Dracula began. He can't continue because he doesn't know what will happen next. He doesn't know what that prophecy means.

"Yes, Your majesty. One dhamphir will be sent that will cause Hawthrone to fall", Lilitu said. "The child will be born during the blood moon surfaces the death sky".

By hearing it, Dracula's eyes grow red. Fierce and dangerous.

Lilitu remained bent over, ready to accept what the Dracula had to punish him.

"No one can cause my fall, Lilitu!", His voice boomed in all four corners.

"NO ONE!".

The thunder and lightning resurface again in the dark cloudy sky. Dracula felt very angry.

"Death dealers!", He shouted and went out to where the five death dealers were and immediately approached a poor Lilitu.

"Kill him", he ordered but before that could happen something prevented his near death.

"Dracula, stop it. Let the Lilitu live!", One of the Royal Elders said. That was the former King. The father of Dracula, Ambrogio IV. He looked at Lilitu'ng who was almost trembling with fear. "Escort the Lilitu back to his place".

Because of that, Dracula was even more worried about what might happen. Not just him, but all the vampires in Sighisoara is scared for the fall of their Kingdom. But the other vampires living outside the palace had a strong desire for it to fall.

But each day they waited, each day they lost hope. Due to the long period of time they expected the blood moon to appear again to anticipate the birth of a unique one but they did not witness anything. Until most people have forgotten about it. But the believers did not forget. Even is they already died, they passed and passed this to their children and so on.

Hundred years later there was still no blood moon so Dracula felt very happy. Until the day he passed his crown to it's first born, Ambrogio V.

(Present events. The crowning of the new King)

Dracula throws a huge party for the passing of the crown to the next heir and to marry off the eldest to also have his own heir.

"Now, I want you all to witness the crowning of the new King. My eldest, Ambrogio V", Dracula said in a loud voice to those present.

All royal vampires, death dealers and Elites are there. The pure and the rest of low ranks are just outside the castle. Making a party on their own to acknowledge the new king. Which they thought it would save them.

Ambrogio V exited the large side door. He's wearing a royal robe. Next up is Vesper who looks like a goddess in her attire, only that she has a dark aura. The latter is Bonvich. He's also wearing a royal robe but not as classy as Ambrogio V.

He was the second born child of Dracula. So it is only right that Ambrogio V will inherit the throne.

When Ambrogio V was crowned, Vesper was introduced as his wife.

The bunch of vampires community cheered for the happiness of the two.

But Vesper refuses to acknowledge the joy she sees from others. Her eyes were sad. She doesn't want to marry Ambrogio V because he is her brother. They are connected with flesh and blood. And one more thing, she loves someone else.

"And for my son, Bonvich. I would like to give him his freedom to choose who he wants to marry", Dracula announced in the public.

Bonvich's life is what Vesper desire. She is Dracula's only daughter. She is bound to marry the first born and be his wife to continue the tradition and staying pure as the Royal one.

The party continued. The events spread to the every corner of Sighisoara.

After the introduction. Ambrogio V sat on his throne next to his father.

"Your majesty, I would like to go and rest", Vesper told Ambrogio V.

"Go on my wife", he gestured his hands to dismiss Vesper.

Many elites and other Royal vampires from other families are there to greet Ambrogio V and to join the party. The Balkans, the rootline of Ambrogio I's blood, are already there. The great, great grandfather of all. The origin of the vampires. Vesper didn't go to her room. Instead, she joins the crowd and looks for someone. In the middle of it, she saw Ambraham. She smiled.

"Hey", she greeted him with a smile. It didn't wash away her natural dark aura but she's kind and cheerful. Not the likes of his brother and father.

"Hey", Abraham greeted back at her. Abraham's interlocutor left to give privacy of the two.

"You're here. It's been a long time since we saw each other", Vesper began. Abraham laugh.

Her face heated a little bit. This is the man she truly loved. She's really into Abraham since then. Ever since he became aware of such things Abraham has truly been his true specialty. She's in love with him. But sadly, he's too far away. And she's bound to marry her brother.

"Yeah, it's been a long time. You look good and fine. I see, you'll be the next queen", he said while pointing slightly to the front. In the direction of the throne.

Vesper's face wrinkled. She smiled sadly and nodded to Abraham.

"I'm not happy with it, though", he said. Tears pooled her eyes. "I don't love Ambrogio, Brams", she said while looking at Abrahams eyes. "It's you", her voice broke.

In shock Abraham could not speak. In its mind it is not beautiful. If Vesper is in love with him, he'll be killed and punished by the King for blaspheming his future wife.

"I'm sorry, Vesper. You can't", he said.

Vesper nodded. She knows. It is really forbidden.

"I know, Brams. I'm just telling you the truth. I also know you're in love with a human. I really envy your life. You're not forced to marry someone you dont even loved. You're so lucky ", Vesper's tears kept falling but she wiped it immediately. It is forbidden to show the public crying because it shows weakness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-fall-(book-1)_18877205805409405/the-beginning_51173156748066019">;s-fall-(book-1)_18877205805409405/the-beginning_51173156748066019</a> for visiting.

"I'm sorry, Vesper", Abraham tried to comfort Vesper with a touch, but before he could lay his hands on Vesper's shoulder. Ambrogio V appeared in front of him with red eyes. The dark viens showed.

"Don't you dare touch my wife", he said and quickly left with Vesper.

Abraham sigh as he drunk the last drop of his drinks before exiting the palace without anyone beside him.

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