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57.71% Blood demon leveling / Chapter 86: Knowing is half the battle

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Chapter 86: Knowing is half the battle

Mike dropped a ripped piece of ignitor paper on the pile of drained corpses, he had finished testing his spells and thus was ready to return to the academy

'It's a shame that I can only use four spells for now…' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Blood freeze, Blood frenzy, Blood explosion, and Blood boil was the four spells he could use, now he had more points and he could make more spell points than that

'....The problem is that while this is a magic academy it mostly specialises in teaching level 3 and 4 mages and not level 5's like myself, not to mention that I use a type of magic that the academy has never seen before…'

The issue with making spell paths at random was that it was very dangerous and could result in instant death thus Mike only used the four spells he was sure would work and not kill himself instantly, he simply needed more knowledge about how paths and points worked before he felt comfortable in experimenting any more

"Well then… Let's find a place to camp for the night before we head back to the academy"

""Yes master""

"Master… Master, it's time…"

Mike slowly opened his eyes

"Master, are you awake?"

"Yeah, I'm up Elina… What's the time?"

"It's an hour before sunrise"

"I see… I'll be up in a moment, begin packing the camp"

"Yes master"

Mike sat himself up inside the tent and stretched his upper body before he crawled out of the bedroll and put on some clothes and picked up the knife that lay beside his pillow, after he spend a few moments caressing it he sheathed it and secured the sheath to his belt and got out of the tent, he looked up at the gradually brightening sky and let out a yawn, when he turned around the tent was already gone and packed into Serina's saddlebags courtesy of Rebecca that sensed Mike's eyes on her and turned around and gave a deep bow

"Good morning master"

Mike gave a nod

"Yeah, morning Rebecca… you too Serina"

Serina gave a happy bark as she wagged her tail and walked over to Mike and began licking him in the face, Mike was used to this by now so he simply closed his mouth and eyes and let her get it over with, soon she was done greeting him wolf style and lowered her head slightly so Mike could pet it easier which he did, once Mike was done petting her their morning ritual was over and Serina walked over and began eating out of the pile of monsters and wild animals that had tried to attack during the night or simply got too close to the camp, Mike left her to her feast as he knew that disturbing her during her meal was a bad idea even though he had full control over her, Mike sat down on the spot and closed his eyes and meditated for a while, what he did while meditating was a special mana circulation method which long term effect was speeding up his mana circulation, this meant that he would, over time be able to cast spells faster and have a higher safe circulation speed, right now the max safe circulation speed was about 120 circulations per minute which was considered around average

'If only I could find some sort of ancient manual in some ruin that would allow me to speed up my mana circulation even more… Nah, that probably won't happen… Or maybe it will, who knows?'

Mike mediated some more until Elina called out to him

"Master we should head back to the academy now"

"Okay… Let's go then"

Mike and the two servants got onto Serina's back and headed back towards the academy city, they passed through the inspection around sunrise and were soon back at the academy to change into their school uniforms, Mike even had time for a quick shower before he put on his uniform, quickly drying his hair with a magic item Mike wore the uniform and just managed to look himself over in the mirror as he secured the knife on his belt as there were a knock on the door and Rebecca's voice sounded out from the hallway

"Master it's time for class"

"Yeah, on my way"

Mike walked out of the door and the three servants formed up behind him matching their speed with his, soon Mike walked among the other students from the dormitories to the class buildings, Mike sensed someone looking at him and gave a sidelong glance and ended up discovering Karl was making his way over

"Good morning Mike"

"Morning Karl"

Karl looked Mike over and gave a friendly smile as he asked

"So how did it go?"

"It went okay, I managed to get some practice in"

Karl gave a nod

"That's great then, still… You look rather well for someone that has spent the night in the woods"

"Yeah, perks of being an adventure you know"

"Ah… I see, then I bet you're completely fine with the field trip in half a year?"

Mike gave a nod, he had heard about the field trip from some of the professors as well as from some idle chat he overheard, then he got an idea

"He Karl, do you know if the academy hires adventures for security during the field trip?"

"Sure they do, actually they should be starting to hire soon"

"I see… Elina find out the exact date and offers all level 5's under the condition that I get command… And do it cheaply"

"Yes master"

Elina then disappeared from view as soon as she accepted the order, Karl tilted his head and asked

"Why did you order that?"

Mike gave a thin smile

"A gut feeling… Once I didn't trust my gut feeling and suffered for it for 3 years"

Karl gave a nod

"My dad says that's most important for adventurers is their ability to trust in their own decisions"

"...Sounds like a wise man"

"He sure is"

Mike and Karl took their seats in the classroom and chatted some more before the lecture started, after sitting thought the whole class the two of them went to the cafeteria and ordered some food before they sat down and began eating, soon a professor approached them and asked

"Which one of you is Mike?"

Mike chewed his food before he answered

"Me... what can I help you with, professor?"

The professor looked over Mike for a moment before he gave a nod, seemingly trying to burn Mike into his memory, then he asked

"Is it true that you have a giant wolf type magic beast as a mount?"


The professor seemed to light up with joy as he then quickly asked

"Then would you be interested in lending it to us, the magic beast and monster research club?"

Mike looked over at Karl, seemingly asking him for some information with his eyes, Karl seemed to pick up on this and spoke

"The magic beast and monster research club has a admirable reputation"

Mike gave a nod and turned his eyes back to the professor before he spoke

"Sure, I have a couple conditions though"

"Please speak them"

"First thing first, no intruding experiments, second, I want to be there when you examine and experiment with any and all materials, this of course includes anything from touching her to measuring her weight, also if you somehow injure her I will be compensated, also speaking of compensation I want to have a look at a bestiary/catalog over magic beast and monsters, no need for financial payments… Do you have any problems with this?"

The professor closed his eyes for a moment and thought it over before he asked

"Why do you want to have a look at our catalogs?"

Mike gave a faint smile

"I am an adventure and some smart person once said that knowing is half the battle"

The professor gave a nod

"That's an admirable reason… Alright I agree to your conditions"

The professor reached his hand out and spoke once more

"I am professor Frank, I look forward to our cooperation"


Mike shook his hand then Frank spoke again

"Well, then I won't disturb your meals more than this… I'll come to fetch you partway through club hours Mike, be sure to have your mount ready by then"

"Okay, see you then"

Mike watched the professor walk away before he went back to eating, around the end of the lunch hour Elina suddenly appeared behind Mike once again and leaned forwards slightly before she spoke respectfully

"Master the academy has agreed to our proposal and I have sent a letter back home with the information of the request"

"Well done Elina… Now let's head to the club, I'll see you later Karl"

"Sure see you later"

Mike walked towards the club room and soon arrived and found James waiting for him when he arrived

"It's good that you're here Mike, I need to talk with you about yesterday"

Mike gave a nod and sat down before he spoke in a serious tone

"I understand that what I did was reckless and I won't do it again"

James looked at Mike with a serious face for a few moments before he gave a sigh and showed a smile

"Then let's leave it at that, Now let's start talking about something more interesting, like the wonders of magic items!"

Mike showed a smile when he saw James' enthusiasm


zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

Next chapter Sunday hope to see you all then

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