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Chapter 85: Spell test

The first to move was the old butler that instantly appeared in front of Karl, next came the surprised and fearful screams from the maids as they scrambled to get away from Serina, Mary and Henry both let out fearful screams as they backed away rather fast, at this point Mike realized that his joke might have been taken too far as his teasing smile froze. As the situation seemed to calm down a little Mike swallowed his pride and apologized

"Sorry, looks like I took my joke too far"

As Mike lowered his head Serina did too which looked kind of cute, eventually, the people inside the room began to calm down, the first to speak was James after he gave a long sigh

"...You know Mike, you really have a bad sense of humor"

Mike raised his head with a regretful expression as he spoke

"I know… I have realized that I have gone too far, I'll take my leave"

"You don't have to leave Mike… She doesn't bite does she?"

Mike looked blankly at James for a moment before he lied


James gave a nod and walked over confidently, however, when Serina suddenly looked at him he froze op slightly but after he swallowed his saliva he inched forwards again before he reached out his hand nervously and placed it onto Serina's head and began petting her head as he spoke out nervously

"S-See students? Nothing to be a-afraid of"

Mike showed a smile and made eye contact with Serina reminding her not to bite with a stern gaze, like this Mike managed to smooth over the situation thanks to James as the people calmed down, still it was a little awkward so Mike left soon after along with his servants, after escorting Snow to her room and telling her not to open op for any strangers Mike quickly changed into a set of leather armor and left the academy grounds riding on Serina along with the two servants, soon they left the city and Mike felt like he could breathe for the first time in a few days, it was not that he disliked people it was more that he wasn't used to them (And he definitely didn't trust them) Outside the city Mike ordered Serina to find some monsters or bandits which she quickly did thanks to her awesome sense of smell and after subduing the group of bandits which they had found mostly without casualties on the bandit's side by completely overpowering them and shattering their will to resistance by having 3 level 5's attack them from 3 sides Mike looked at the lined up bandits and counted them

"12 in total… should be good"

Mike then showed a smile which chilled the bandits to their core as he spoke again

"Now you have killed, raped, and tortured I don't know how many so you won't have any complaints if I use you guys as guinea pigs will you?"

Mike ignored the yells and cries of despair, rather his smile seemed to unknowingly get wider by as their desperation grew, meanwhile, a red light flashed through his eyes as he quickly went over his notes while mumbling

"So I have 4 points which means a total of 16 different paths can be formed… That said going over the basics of path forming it seems that only a half is actually usable by this island's knowledge, or rather from what I have learned from the academy so far, plus there's the spell I already know how to use and used at the entrance exam… So more like 3 paths that I can see working in theory so---"

Another strong red light passed through Mike's eyes

"---Let's get this started, bring the first one"

Elina dragged over a bandit kicking and screaming

"Now then hold her still while I channel my mana Elina, you don't mind dying once right Elina?"

"No not at all master!"

Mike channelling his mana and formed a spell, soon a red orb flew out from his outstretched hand, it flew with the speed of an amateur baseball pitch so not too slow, but not very fast either, then it hit the bandit that was desperately trying to get away and then… Nothing happened, at least for a few moments, then it happened, the bandit's eyes suddenly became entirely red before she seemed to struggle even harder while trying to attack Elina with a crazed look on her face while she screamed

"Blood, I must have blood!"

Mike looked on and gave a nod before he called out to Rebecca that had the rest of the bandits under control with her shadow bindings

"Toss another one over here"

"Yes master"

Rebecca tossed another bandit over, then Mike signaled Elina to let go of the crazed bandit that then jumped on the other bandit and after an intense struggle the crazed bandit managed to tear a artery with her teeth, splattering blood all over as she clawed out the eyes of the other bandit that yelled and screamed in despair, then the crazed bandit began eating the face of the still breathing bandit, no she literally ate the face off of the other bandit this ain't some fancy metaphor, from there she began eating the neck of the now very dead bandit until the red light suddenly disappeared from her eyes and she seemed to realize what she was doing and stopped before she hurriedly backed off the horrific sight of her own making and puked before she curled up and began trembling, Mike gave a nod and muttered

"Hmm… So the effect was only temporary… Nice, I'll call this one 'Blood craze'... Elina fetch her again, I still have more spells to test"

"Yes master"

One of the bandits that watched muttered

"You demon…"

Mike stopped before he eerily turned to the bandit that had muttered and spoke with a red light shining in his eyes Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"...That one has good eyes… Wait---"

Mike shook his head, making the red light dim somewhat before he fell into thought, soon he gave a nod

"---Looks like I need to research what an actual demon is"

Elina tilted her head and asked

"Why is that master?"

Mike gave a wide smile as a red light once shone in his eyes

"Because that's what I am… and I mean an actual biblical fucking demon… But enough about that… Onto the next spell, hold her still"

"Yes master"

Mike calmed himself and put his newfound self discovery in the back of his mind as he concentrated on challenging his next spell, soon he fired another red orb at his the not so willing test subject that then for a moment stiffened before blood began flowing out of her eyes, ears, nose and probably also her other orifices as she spasmed and soon fell limp in Elina's arms, Elina herself was not at all disturbed by the sight and muttered

"Looks tasty…"

Mike quickly stopped her however

"Don't eat that one just yet, I need to dissect it and check for the cause of death"

Elina gave a nod looking somewhat disappointed, Mike quickly cut up the corpse and found that virtually every artery or blood vessel had turned into paste and literally dissolved

" may eat it now Elina"

While Elina removed her helmet and began eating, or rather sucking the blood from the corpse Mike was suddenly delighted and yelled out as he took a strange pose


Mike held the pose for a few awkward seconds before he suddenly became serious again and muttered

"Well then onto spell number 3… Elina you can eat later, bring the next one"

"Yes master"

Mike waited for the 2nd bandit to come over, this one seemed a lot more relaxed most likely the display of Mike's 2 spells hand broken his will, not that Mike cared a whole lot about that

"Well then…"

Mike channelled his mana and quickly fired another red orb from his outstretched arm and hit the bandit right in the chest, then the bandit began screaming as his skin became red as a lobster, Mike quickly realized what was going on and kicked off the ground and ducked behind a tree before the bandit suddenly exploded sending blood and gore flying all over, Mike peeked out from behind the tree and saw that Serina had reacted like him and ducked behind cover, Rebecca had been plastered in blood and small pieces of gore and was now breathing heavily as she was slowly succumbing to a blood frenzy… And then there was Elina, Mike walked over and kneeled down and inspected the damage, her chest was compressed from the explosion and was slowly regenerating as she gasped for air, Mike looked her in the eyes and asked the obvious

"Does it hurt Elina?"

"Y-Yes Mas...te...r"

Mike showed a thin smile and put his hand on her forehead and stroked her head as he asked

"You can endure it right Elina?"


Mike gave a nod and went back to mumbling about something more important than to worry about an immortal servant

"Good girl… Now it's a shame that I already have used the name blood explosion… Oh well, this one will be named blood boiler"

zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

I know, not a new chapter to you early birds, if you didn't see I fucked the order on the chapters so the pervoius chapter is new(ish)... Sorry for the mess up

Next chapter Wednesday hope to see you all then

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