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50% blood dragon emperor (DxD fanfic) / Chapter 1: chapter 1

Read blood dragon emperor (DxD fanfic) - Chapter 1 online

blood dragon emperor (DxD fanfic) original

blood dragon emperor (DxD fanfic)

Author: womb_raider

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Chapter 1: chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Blood, a substance that flows within all living things, it is associated with life and virility. Blood has also been used as a currency, blood oaths, blood debts and blood payments. It has also been used for atonement people pay or spill blood to atone for their debts or sins. Yet how much blood must be spilt or paid to atone for ones sin…

That was a question Issei always wondered when he wakes up a couple hours before dawn. He didn't like sleep it was the only place where he couldn't escape from his memories. Because of that he became an insomniac. He finally moved back to Kuoh three years after the incident the mere thought of it made him shake with a desire for revenge but also a small amount of fear. He had two scars trailing across his right eye as a permanent reminder and more all over the rest of his body.

He decided to do something he had time before he had to go to Kuoh academy the place where the first step off his plan was to start. He headed down to his basement switching on the lights to be greeted by the sight of multitudes of guns and swords. At the center was a massive double edge Warhammer painted a mixture of silver and black. To the normal eye it would appear as a normal Warhammer but to those in the supernatural world it would emit raw and fearsome power. Issei had taken to calling it, God Breaker.

He lifted the massive Warhammer with ease and brought it to his work bench and began meticulously cleaning it. The story behind the hammer came back to him it was rather weird, Ophis the infinite dragon god gave it to him stating she "Would need him in time when he was strong enough". That was the only thing in the supernatural world he wouldn't kill without a second thought he owed it some amount of debt. The weapon was indeed useful and would be paramount to his plan.

After cleaning the Warhammer he took a weapon at random. He grabbed a black desert eagle with a gold trim he disassembled it and began cleaning it with precision and ease. He had amassed this collection with the money he earned from ransoming nobles in the supernatural realm. He enjoyed weapons they were silent and gave him peace of mind.

[I see you're up early] Ddraig greeted him to which Issei nodded

[So today is the day… Partner you know once you take the first step there is no going back] Ddraig asks him for assurance the plan Issei concocted has him worried but he would back his partner up.

"I am sure Ddraig" Issei replied as he began finished reassembling the desert eagle and grabbing another weapon, repeating the process.

Soon it was time for him to go to school. He took a shower going over the plan mentally with Ddraig before going downstairs and grabbing a slice of bread, he never had much of an appetite either. He hated it going to school or it was more like he hated people they were unreliable and greedy. He only was going there to carry out his plan and thought of it reminded him how close he was to his goal.

As he began walking to school he got to see the town he used to live in. It hadn't changed much in three years he still had his old neighbors who were shocked that he was back. Although two people he didn't want to meet were his perverted friends before he use to get along with them but now he didn't want anything to do with people in general. He was half tempted to break their manhood so they would never peep anymore and leave him alone giving him peace of mind.

[Partner isn't that a bit excessive?] Ddraig asks to which he acted as if he didn't hear it

He knew he was getting to school because the stench of devils was getting more potent. Of everything and anything supernatural devils were what he loathed the most. They were greedy, reckless and selfish the mere thought of them puts him in a murdering mood.

As he arrived at the school his nose wrinkled,

"The stench of devil is disgusting" he muttered with venom Ddraig didn't have anything to say on the topic.

At the school gate he noticed two devils one he immediately identified as Sona Sitri who goes by the alibi of Souna Shitori. She is the head of the student council which she uses as a cover for her peerage, she is the heiress to the Sitri clan a serious women in other words a complete and utter hard ass. She is the sister of Serafall Levithan one of the four Maou's. He almost couldn't believe it, three years it had taken three years for him to get the plan ready and the moment he set foot into the academy there would be no turning back. The other devil was her [Queen] Tsubaki Shirna a competent fighter and her right hand. They both specialized in water magic.

Issei was almost impressed that information broker, information was right down to their eye color.

She gave him a cold look as he stepped into the school and he returned it before walking off. She continued watching him trying to discern any information.

"That boy, get me his file" She said while fixing her glasses

"Yes, Kaichou" her queen replied before they continued watching over the gate to catch any late students.

As he began walking towards the classroom everybody began murmuring and gossiping at the sight of him. Some recognized him immediately and began explaining about the incindent three years ago.

"That's him Issei Hyoudou! I heard his parents were killed by a murder and he was taken to an insane asylum!" One of the girls shouted

"I heard that he broke out of the asylum" one of the guys murmured

He wasn't actually taken to asylum but was offered to but he turned it down although it took a lot of persistence. He then went aboard and began his plan for vengeance against devils and the supernatural realm.

They all continued to gossip and murmur the act was giving him a headache and an urge to make them shut up but they weren't worth his effort. He then felt he was being watched he turned his head to see a redhead with blue-green eyes in a window looking at him with interest.

"Found you…" he said with a fraction of joy he hardened his gaze which made the redhead recoil and her heart pace.

"Rias are you alright?" a girl with black hair and violet eyes her [queen] Akeno asks

"Y-Yes I'm fine" she replies waving it off

"Who is that boy?" she asks

"From what I seen from his file. His parents were killed in a murder three years ago and he left Japan after that. I wonder why he has decided to come back." Akeno answers

"Although he does look rugged doesn't he?" she adds while licking her lips

"He does but Koneko can you watch him something about him interests me…" Rias says cryptically

"Yes, Bucho" the petite girl with hazel eyes known as Koneko answers before continuing to eat her snack. While Rias and Akeno returned to their chess game.

As Issei continued to his class the gossiping only intensified and Issei was losing his patience although Ddraig is managing to make him stay his hand. When he finally found his class he was greeted by another inconvenience, his two old friends Matsuda and Motohama.

"Issei!" They both shouted before latching onto him like a pair of leeches they then began babbling about how much they missed him and they were worried about him. They were even shedding not so very-manly tears.

"Could you two let go of me" he said calmly but coldly which made the boys immedialty recoil letting go of him.

"Wait, are you sure you're Issei? Issei never sounded like that" Matsuda said with suspicious expression

"Just leave me alone" he said before taking a seat and digging in for a long, long school day.

After school Issei immediately left before he could get bombarded by fan girls apparently some girls thought he could be molded into a gentleman or questions in general they were annoying and his patience was thin enough as it is.

As he left the school he immediately sensed a devil tailing him and identified her as a nekomata.

[What are you going to do?] Ddraig asks curiously

'Lose her I still need time' he answered

He immediately turned a corner masking his presence before bolting into a sharp dash. The nekomata presence could no longer be sensed. He found himself on a bridge and he then detected a fallen angel coming towards him. This nearly made Issei smile his plan was falling into place.

"Um…. Issei Hyoudou?" the girl asks shyly in that moment he lashed out wrapping one of his hands around the girls neck and began chocking her slightly. The fallen angel pathetically attempted to break loose but Issei wouldn't budge.

"Don't waste my time fallen angel…" Issei snarled

"The girl Asia Argento is she here?" he questions the fallen angel didn't respond trying to stay strong in the situation and protect her pride. Issei tightened his grip forcing her to croak before she frantically answered,

"Y-Yes S-she is"

Issei then showed off an evil grin before setting up a barrier followed by the harrowing screams of a fallen angel being ripped limb from limb.

After he had done the deed he dropped her lifeless and ripped body onto the ground. Issei coated in her blood while retaining his evil grin for a few more seconds.

"She was pathetic…" he muttered calmly before heading to the abandoned church

He arrived at the decrepit church to sense more fallen angels and stray exorcists. Issei's evil grin returned he was going to enjoy this.

As he walked in a stray exorcist with a maniac look, silver hair and red eyes he wielded a light sword along with a pistol.

"Hey what are you doing here human?" the man asks with confusion before Issei rushed him appearing as a blur to the man before his head was torn cleanly from his head. His body hitting the floor with a solid thud. Issei didn't waste any more time before heading into an underground hall.

In the hall was a gathering off stray exorcists and three fallen angels on a platform by them was his target Asia Argento.

"Who are you?" the male fallen angel asks

"Blood is the atonement for your sins…" Issei replied cryptically before a look of fear appeared on everyone's face.

In seconds the exorcists were cut down a torrent of blood painting the ground and walls. As he kept advancing the fallen angels threw scores of light spears pathetically attempting to fight him off. They soon were ripped limb from limb their screams echoing through the hall.

Issei was covered in red blood staining his clothes and skin the evil grin adding to the grotesque scene. Asia Argento was cowering in a corner praying for salvation, much to Issei's annoyance.

"God cannot save you…" he said firmly crushing her hopes

"Don't worry it will be quick" he said while retaining his evil grin

After a few minutes Asia's screams were echoing through the hall but to be heard by no one before her lifeless body joined the multitudes of bodies.

"Phase 1 is complete…" Issei informed while holding a green orb in his hands

Meanwhile in the occult research clubroom…

"What do you mean you lost him?" Rias asks Koneko curiously

"He just disappeared…." She answered Rias placed her hand on her forehead wondering how he was able to escape

"Buchou…. There is one thing about him I could tell…" Koneko said

"He reeked of blood" she added Rias and Akeno's eyes widened

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