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100% blood dragon emperor (DxD fanfic) / Chapter 2: chapter 2

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Chapter 2: chapter 2

Issei had arrived home he now had two sliver rings with blue-green gems on his finger. He still had a maniac smile he couldn't believe it he actually got his hands on twilight healing.

[Partner… Did you really have to kill her? You could have used that technique.] Ddraig asks with caution

"She should be thanking me, I ended her life before she would have suffer more then she already did." Issei replied coldly Ddraig did not reply

After taking a quick shower and disposing of the blood soaked clothes Issei descended into the basement. He then finished out two massive crates and hefted them onto his work bench. The seal was labeled Gau-8 avenger. Inside were the Gau-8 avenger six barreled Gatling cannon.

"I can't believe I actually got these" Issei said with a maniac glee

[More like you stole them…] Ddraig muttered

[Also partner isn't something that is mounted on planes a bit excessive for our targets.] Ddraig asks with a bit of disbelif

"This baby fires 4,200 rounds per a minute of the 30 mm caliber and is designed for anti-tank use. It is mounted on a A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack aircraft" Issei said reciting the specifications he almost sounded giddy with excitement

"Plus Ddraig my plan requires firepower" Issei said as he promptly ripped off the box covers and began assembling the massive guns while listening to Now You're Gone by Basshunter on repeat. Not many songs appealed to him this was one of the few.

When Issei made the massive guns he summoned his boosted gear and willed it to take the two guns. Issei began inspecting the gun on his gauntlet with a look of accomplishment.

"I'm surprised it worked…" Issei said off handily before beginning to prepare the ammunition it requires. He made some of them into light bullets for anti-devil purposes, Darkness bullets for angels (they don't say what angels weakness are so I'm going to assume dark magic) and dragon shot bullets for general purpose. Issei spent the whole night enhancing the bullets before heading to school early in the morning to continue the next phase of his plan.

As Issei came into the school grounds the rumors began but Issei was looking for someone in particular and that was when he spotted her Tsubaki Shirna the vice-president of the student council also the possessor of mirror Alice and she was with Genshirou Saji another member of the student council.

[Partner that boy has one of Vitra's sacred gears in him. It's the absorption line I believe but since I told you at least use that ability and don't kill him] Ddraig pleaded

'Fine, I will its only fair…' Issei said with a roll of the eyes

He walked up to one of the more delinquent looking people in Kuoh academy he was the typical type messy hair, unbuttoned shirt which meant to Issei pathetic.

"What do you want?" He states off handily while trying to look intimidating. Issei just smirked psychotically before punching him so hard in the face that he broke the persons jaw and sent him reeling into a wall. He's definitely going to the hospital he thought sadistically. Everybody's jaw hit the floor at the sudden attack but Tsubaki and Saji immediately jumped into action.

"Issei Hyoudou, you're in big trouble you're coming with us" Tsubaki ordered authoritatively with a cold glare much to everyone's shock Issei followed without a complaint.

"Why would you do that?" Saji asks Issei shock edged in his tone

"I just wanted to fight…" Issei answered calmly the sentence sent a chill up Saji's spine before they continued marching him to the student council room.

Issei entered the lavishly furnished room and was ordered to sit down in a chair.

"Saji watch him while I get Sona" Tsubaki commanded

"Can't let you do that…." Issei said cryptically with his evil grin emblazoned on his face and the eyes of a killer. He grabbed Tsubaki before she could react; his hand was rammed deep through her chest. A scream never being heard.

Blood began emerging from the wound as Tsubaki took her last breaths and Issei pulled out a blue orb and his hand coated in her blood before unceremoniously dropping her body on the floor. Saji just stood there frozen in disbelief.

Issei then rammed his arm into Saji but not physically injuring him his hand then latched onto his sacred gear,

"FAKE GEAR" Issei said as he pulled out the sacred gear in the form of a purple orb. Saji's eyes then became lifeless and his body became limp but his heart still continued to beat.

Issei now gazed at the two orbs in his hand one mirror Alice the other Absorption line. He then placed them to his chest and Issei now felt more powerful his evil grin grows.

"Phase two ends and the clock begin's…." Issei says cryptically before teleporting home leaving Saji and Tsubaki on the floor.

Issei once again descended into his basement and sat at the work bench. He then opened a drawer and pulled out a picture. It was of a woman with curly blonde hair and emerald green eyes and a voluptuous body.

[Seraph Gabriel… Partner don't tell me…] Ddraig said in disbelief

"Yes, we are going to kidnap Seraph Gabriel" Issei said with his maniac grin growing

Meanwhile in heaven…

"Michael are you still busy?" Gabriel asks politely while sticking her head through the door

"Ah, Gabriel I can spare a few minutes" Michael replied with a smile before Gabriel entered the room

"I was wondering about this Blood Dragon Emperor shouldn't we help stop him?" Gabriel asks with concern

"I wish I could, his atrocities are horrible but I simply can't spare the men. We are still barely running the heavens and also we wouldn't know where to look. He has yet to be identified" Michael said sadly

"But when I can I will send help someone like him needs to be stopped" Michael then promised her with a honest smile

"Thank you brother" she said with a smile before leaving him to his work

As Gabriel walked to her she began wondering about one boy she was watching over him three years ago. He had a pure heart and loved not only his family but also another girl he loved her purely and devotedly.

But his life was brought to ruin by a stray devil it killed his parents and the girl he loved. After that he was filled with malice and sadness, she wanted from the depths of her heart to comfort the boy but she couldn't she was an angel. It was against the rules but for three years she had been wondering what happened to him he suddenly disappeared after the incident. No matter how hard she looked she could not find him. This made her feel useless but she always hoped one day she would meet him again.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as she arrived at her home where there were two guards posted outside her door as per her brothers orders. He was always so over protective they greeted her before she returned the greeting.

She entered her well-furnished home and headed to the shower wanting to take a shower after a stressful day. But as she was walking to the shower she suddenly detected a presence but she was promptly knocked out unconscious.

After some time Michael had come to visit his sister. He entered her home,

"Gabriel?" he asks curiously but no response his eyes widened when emblazoned on a wall in blood was the saying "Blood will be the atonement for your sins"

"Oh no…" Michael said in disbelief before bursting out of her home and heading to Seraph Uriel and Raphael.

"Michael what's wrong?" Seraph Rapheal asks with concern

"Gabriel… she has been taken by the Blood Dragon Emperor" Michael said with shock and urgency in that moment the heavens were on a manhunt.

"Yo wakey wakey Gabriel" a voice said when Gabriel opened her eyes she discovered herself to be shackled to a chair in a dark room where her white clothes seemed like a beacon. The shackles appeared weak but not matter how much she struggled she could not break free. Gabriel then got a look at her captor she couldn't believe it. It was him,

"Issei Hyoudou?" she said in disbelief

"How did you know that?" Issei asks genuinely shocked

"It's because I was watching over you when you were younger. I saw what happened and I wanted…" Gabriel tried to explain

"Some watching over you did…" Issei interjected with venom while ignoring her shamed expression

"Are you the Blood Dragon Emperor?" She asks wanting to know the truth

"That is me but I don't plan on killing you. You have a more important role…" Issei said flatly

"Anyway Gabriel I have a question" Issei said continuing on

"Is god dead?" Issei asks but Gabriel was shocked what would make him think that she thought but didn't reply.

"*Sigh* I expect answers immediately but oh well I don't mind using methods." Issei said with an evil grin

"You angels value your purity don't you?" Issei says while leaning into Gabriel's ears as he places his hand on her shoulder the touch made Gabriel flinch

"It's really hard to find pretty women these days so I hope you don't mind me doing a little of touching…" he continues as his hand trails down to her breasts before giving it a grope which made Gabriel blush while she attempted to back away from him.

"You don't want to become fallen do you? I could make it happen…" Issei says sadistically as his hand trailed down her belly clearly going towards her womanhood.

As Issei inched closer and closer he began to see Gabriel's resolve to break it was the worst thing for a angel to fall and Issei had a few sexual ways to make it happen.

"Y-Yes…" She said barely audible Issei immediately retracted his hand and began steeping towards the exit of the room.

"The Issei I knew wouldn't do stuff like this…" Gabriel said truthfully

"Well… he is dead" Issei snapped

"Anyway sit tight I have stuff to attend to" Issei commanded before exiting

"Phase three complete" he said to himself

"Now shall we give the maou sisters a visit" Issei said with maniac laughter as he began teleporting to school.

Rias and Sona along with their respective peerages were gathered around Tsubaki and Saji's body. A tense and forlorn atmosphere could be felt, Sona felt angry.

"What could have done this Sona?" Rias asks with shock

"I-I don't know… but when I do I will kill it" Sona admits with anger as she gazed at her queen's lifeless body

"What should we do?" Kiba asks he has a grim expression on his face

"No healing magic works on Saji and Tsubaki…" Kiba attempts to say

"This is really pathetic…" A chilling voice said they turned to the door way to see Issei with a murderous grin and killing intent sending a chill up everyone's spine.

"Did you do this Issei?" Kiba snaps

"Of course I did… I am the one and only Blood Dragon Emperor…" Issei says his murderous grin growing

"Impossible…" Rias said in disbelief

"I will destroy you…" Sona snapped


"Blood will be the atonement for your sins…" Issei says with his murderous grin under his helmet as everybody readied for combat.

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