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48.97% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 20: Acting well, lying well

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Chapter 20: Acting well, lying well

The carriage continued its path, but the speed increased, unlike before, as it was a couple of hours before it began to fall.

Master Yue Kai begins with the conversation "You mentioned that your name is Long Wushuang, right?

Long Wushuang replies "That's right, that's my name, Is there a problem with that name?"

Master Yue Kai denies his hand "It is not that, what happens that that surname is used by powerful families or that they have a dragon lineage; besides Wushuang, incomparable. Your name is very dominant and preponderant "

Long Wushuang raises her voice a little too earnestly and stares at him. "My beloved grandmother gave me this name; my father died when I hunted and my mother died when I gave birth; only my grandmother raised me and gave me this name because I should have died at that moment, but I survived and I am still alive despite everything "

The exclamation is a mixture of lies and truths, but she had to show a strong and dominant attitude when referring to her name that the woman who was once her grandmother had given her.

Master Yue Kai listening to her angry voice tries to calm her down. "Excuse me if I have offended you, my intention was not to make fun of your name; that type name for women is usually used in families or sects of immeasurable power, you may have problems in the future "

Long Wushuang coldly snorts "Whoever dares to challenge me or speak ill of my name, I will kill him without mercy"

When Yue Kai felt that very unusual murderous intention in her, he couldn't help but feel chills.

("What a strong murderous intention, even the inner or central disciples could not be compared. What kind of events happened to this girl?")

The cold environment only lasted a couple of seconds, Chu Yue intervened. "Please Miss Long, calm down, my master did not intend to offend you, your name is very beautiful"

Long Wushuang calms down "It's okay, I've been alone for ten years and I've been in many dangerous situations, it's difficult for me to socialize with people"

This response is a very complex truth. She had lived in the forest for ten years in this life; In her past life she had lived in different parts, she even had to move three or four times each month. Always in desolate places. She did not have many friends, since interacting with new people was a great risk for a world-class fugitive, a simple indication of her whereabouts was worth millions of dollars, therefore, most of the time he was locked and alone.

In this life it was not so different than the previous one, only in the evenings it left a little, thanks to the company of her grandmother she did not feel so alone; but since the village was destroyed, she had to live in the forest by her own decision, she had to recover her skills for future confrontations.

Long Wushuang was used to living alone.

Chu Yue is extremely surprised by what she said "Have you lived in that forest for ten years?"

Not only her, Wei Xin and the teacher Yue Kai are amazed.

Long Wushuang nods.

"Now I understand, that information that you wrote in those papers and the decision to shoot the wounded soldier, you already knew from experience, right?"

"It's true" Long Wushuang confirms the doubts of Master Yue Kai. "These creatures are affected by sunlight and are very attracted to blood, can smell it from great distances and enter a frenzy where their strength increases. The only ways to kill them is by cutting off their heads or piercing their hearts, but they will continue to attack without caring about the damage they inflict, but that is not the most terrifying part. "

"What is the most terrifying part?" Chu Yue asks

"The most terrifying part is that if you are bitten by them, in a moment you will become one of them; I do not know if it works the same for everyone, but all the victims of those creatures were converted is one of them "Long Wushuang responds while lying on the seat

Chu Yue is mortified by the answer, being bitten by one of them would be his end. "Those creatures must be eliminated, if they leave the forest they can destroy nearby villages"

Long Wushuang says "I do not think so, those monsters have had many opportunities to leave the forest, but they stayed there, I think there is something or someone who keeps them there, but I never discovered that"

Master Yue Kai reflects "Uhmm, do not you really know anything else? Why were they living in the forest?

"My village was in that forest, in total there were five villages in the forest, we all lived quietly without any powerful danger; but ten years ago my village was destroyed by soldiers of the Golden-winged eagle army; My grandmother hid me in a hole, but I could see how the soldiers killed the villagers, then there were cries of agony and from the shadows those creatures appeared, they killed all the soldiers. Since then, every night these creatures roam the forests in search of prey, but if they escaped from the forest, I think not, since the soldiers or some adventurers talked about discovering the mystery of this place as well as the strange disappearances in this forest, but no one has spoken of an attack outside the forest. "Long Wushuang talks as he looks at the forest through a crack in the curtains.

An aura of melancholy is perceived in the place.

Chu Yue asks in a slightly downcast voice "Could not you get help in the city or towns?"

A dry laugh sounds and directs a look of contempt covered by a mask to Chu Yue.

"Help? I'll explain the situation back then "Long Wushuang clears her throat and begins" That time the village was suffering a huge drizzle, there were ideas or thoughts of moving to the villages, but the nearest town was two days away on foot and there was no guarantee that they would welcome you with open arms; We lived with almost the minimum amount of food and we used the few cloths and skins to shelter us, but we couldn't leave since it got soaked and it takes a long time to dry"

"When the soldiers killed my grandmother and the villagers, well the soldiers died too; I stayed alone, I rested in the hole and when it dawned, I myself buried the corpses of the villagers, I buried my grandmother in the cabin where we lived; the whole place was destroyed. I had no one at that time, so I decided to live in this place, I felt that I had nothing and it was not worth looking for help, when I heard the problems that the Lord Feudal still had on the part of the soldiers who were exploring the forest , the idea of ​​seeking help became mere nonsense."

Chu Yue takes his hand "I apologize for what happened to you, I know it is impossible to return to life your loved ones and recover, but as I said before, I will help you in the best I can"

Long Wushuang shakes her head "Forget it, that's it and it's over, for now what I want is to meet a goal that I have"

Master Yue Kai crosses his arms and speaks with a serious look "Revenge, perhaps? Kill those who killed your people? "

"Those who carried the weapons were killed in the most cruel way possible, but the mind behind everything still does not, although I am not strong enough; As the last survivor, I've sworn to kill all those who had something to do with the murder of my people. "

The declamation of Long Wushuang contains truths and lies, it is true that he wants to kill the conspirators, but it is not revenge for the murder of the villagers, rather for having disturbed her of the good life she had even if they had scarce materials, she was happy.

Such performance is only to gain sympathy from the three to have some support.

Master Yue Kai uses his martial strength to know the level of Long Wushuang.

Long Wushuang feels a current of energy trying to enter his body, he discovers that Master Yue Kai tries to see his level of cultivation.

This kind of innate ability that all martial artists and their superiors possess, can detect the level of one, but this ability works perfectly if their opponent is of inferior level or of equal Kingdom, if it is of superior level it will only be a superficial reading but not exact.

For Long Wushuang, it only needs a drop of blood to fully know the level of power the abilities and other information that the person in question possesses.

"How old are you if I can know? Master Yue Kai asks.


"You have come to Trained Soul, you only lack the Martial Enlightenment to penetrate the Mortal Martial Realm. It would be considered your talent a little low than normal, but due to your lived circumstances, I consider it very good "

Anyone who lived such events would not have enough time to train, unless they had some kind of support.

"What do you think of this, I will help you to achieve Martial Enlightenment, I will definitely enter the Deadly Martial Kingdom during the time we are in Mansion Chu as payment for helping us. You must know that when entering that Kingdom you will open the doors to a new world, I will give you more detailed specifications upon arrival, but I will only help you, whether or not you achieve Martial Enlightenment depends on your talent. Okay? "

"Then, Long Wushuang will be in your care Master Yue Kai" Long Wushuang bows respectfully.

"It does not take much politeness, you could say I'll be your temporary master" Master Yue Kai waves his hand, but shows an interesting look on Long Wushuang, he had detected something unusual about her.

Chu Yue seemed somewhat animated "Now I can call you younger sister Wushuang, I will also help you if you have any questions"

Long Wushuang smiles wryly under the mask "Just temporary, okay?"

Wei Xin applauds "Now I also have a younger sister, younger sister Wushuang. Why are you still wearing the mask?

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

It's difficult to get a job, that consumes my time a lot, but I will not stop publishing even if I am late. Thank you

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