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Chapter 33: Advance Revealed

A quiet and peaceful night surrounded the city, the citizens slept peacefully without knowing the massacre that occurred on the outskirts of the city.

In the Chu Manor, Chu Yue slept peacefully without having the slightest idea that a presence was observed from the side.

"Not today, but soon, little girl, soon"

After finishing speaking, the presence disappears in the dark night. Chu Yue never noticed that presence, even being a martial artist. Long Wushuang didn't act because she felt the presence of Masteer Yue Kai; if she acted, even if she managed to escape, it would generate problems which would cause an increase in security.

Long Wushuang arrives at her room along with Lu Luo.

"What a tiring day" Long Wushuang lazily sits on the bed.

"Do you want me to bring something Your Majesty?" Lu Luo approaches and bows slightly.

After the awakening of Lu Luo, her behavior has changed completely, from the fearful and somewhat rebellious, to being disciplined and showing a firm attitude. Although that doesn't mean she has passed the proof, she still lacks a lot of training.

To strip any trace of humanity from an adept vampire, the fastest way is to kill a baby, but at that time there wasn't one and if there was one; Long Wushuang could hesitate to give that order.

Killing a newborn is one of the 3 most ruthless murders that a living being can commit.

It is a way of life that represents purity and innocence in its entirety, killing a being of that nature will corrupt much of the soul with dark Qi, turning the subject into a ruthless being and despising life.

But by committing such murder it can return to the vampire adept completely insane and wild due to the Dark Qi that such act conveys.

The other method is to kill a number of innocent people, the number is not fixed, but the adept vampire must continue killing until the change occurs.

And the last method is the battles, the more battles and especially where one has to overcome its limits can also occur the awakening.

Lu Luo finally stripped off every human side. Her heart, mind and soul are in tune with darkness, cruelty and killing; but maintaining her will, rationality and conscience without falling into the abyss of bestiality and hooliganism.

"No, not for now. It is only a few hours before dawn and I would like to rest a little "Long Wushuang stretches her body, although she wears thick clothes, her perfect and seductive curves are vaguely noted.

Lu Luo, seeing those curves blushes and directs her gaze to the other side so as not to be detected.

Long Wushuang notices her movements without Lu Luo noticing and shows a small smile hidden under her mask.

"Your Majesty, your servant would like to ask you why I let that woman go to the forest of the bloody nightmare together with the Ghouls?" Lu Luo asks to change course in addition to clarifying some doubts.

Yuye, the vampire minor, was sent by Long Wushuang to the forest of the bloody nightmare with the Ghouls. Lu Luo thought that Yuye would stay by Long Wushuang, but she was sent to that place.

Not only that, Long Wushuang also gave Yuye a drop of her blood essence, giving her the ability to control the Ghouls.

The essence of blood is very precious to any martial artist and even a cultivator, losing a drop of the essence of blood was comparable to losing part of its potential and talent and recovering it took a long time. Therefore, no one was willing to offer a drop of blood essence unless it was absolutely necessary or if the gains were much greater than the losses.

Long Wushuang possessed a unique bloodline that allowed her to form a drop of blood essence every year, in addition she can absorb the essence of blood from a subject, if this one possessed it; but even with the advantages, it was difficult for Long Wushuang to form a drop of blood essence.

Lu Luo didn't understand the reason for such an act, she didn't dare to ask before, but now she armed herself with courage and asked the question.

Long Wushuang wasn't bothered by the question and answered naturally and simply "I gave her my blood essence because I need a scapegoat, I need someone who can, somehow replace me. At first I had the idea that it was you, but I need someone here too to get information. You will understand later, explain it now will be somewhat complicated, so I prefer that the acts speak for themselves"

"Now let's stop so many words, Servant come and give me a massage"

Lu Luo is stunned for a moment, but quickly recovers and approaches

"With your permission, Your Majesty"

Lu Luo approaches Long Wushuang and when she was only a few inches away from her, a hand grabbed her arm and threw her to the bed.

"Ahh, Your Majesty?" Lu Luo's mind goes blank, her whole body is pressed by Long Wushuang's strong grip.

Long Wushuang removes his mask, revealing his perfect and magnificent face, that face which one would think was sculpted by the gods themselves, especially those eyes that no other living being possesses.

"I really thought I didn't realize that you were looking at my body lustfully, that changing the subject was going to be forgotten" Long Wushuang stares into her eyes.

Lu Luo tries to look away, but they are nothing more than futile attempts, those unique and bewitching eyes catch her and hypnotize her, her body as her soul is at the mercy of Long Wushuang.

"A simple servant dares to look at me lustfully, you deserve punishment." Long Wushuang's hands begin to descend towards the soft and slightly large mounds, in a blink of an eye Lu Luo's upper clothes disappear showing a pair of white hills with their pink and tender tips were exposed.

('Her breasts are more beautiful than before and her skin is softer, it will be that waking up also physically affects and increases beauty')

The vampire awakening of an adept vampire slightly increases all abilities and improves the physique, increasing its attributes to a lesser degree.

Long Wushuang plays with the slightly hard and firm tips, sometimes squeezing it, moving from one side to the other or stretching it.

Lu Luo opens her mouth to groan, but one hand blocks it.

"If you dare to make some kind of sound, I will make you suffer even worse than those villagers." Long Wushuang looks her straight in the eye.

"Do you think I do this to satisfy you? If you thought like that you are nothing but a naive. I will play with your body until I get tired "

Long Wushuang continues to play with the two snowy peaks, changing them periodically. A naughty hand slides down to touch a private place

"Wow, this area is very wet, perverted servant" Long Wushuang begins to touch a damp and delicate valley. Her fingers began to touch a small, somewhat hard and round bump.

Lu Luo when touched in that part suffers from spasms, her whole body trembles uncontrollably. She tries to open her mouth to moan, but her mouth doesn't open, as if it were sealed in some way.

"I told you it is a punishment, you are forbidden to moan and reach climax, my dear servant"

Long Wushuang continues to slap constantly, sometimes gently and sometimes sharply.

Lu Luo's contractions and convulsions become stronger and more violent. Her ruby ​​eyes glow brightly.

"Hehe, let's see how much you can take before you go crazy"

Long Wushuang opens her mouth revealing its sharp white fangs like jade. Seeing Lu Luo getting overwhelmed, she says "In this city there are thousands of human beings, I told you that you can feed on them, as long as you don't kill and don't attract attention"

After finishing speaking, Long Wushuang processes with the famous dark kiss.

The moonlight illuminates a window where two figures can be blurred blurry, one above the other.


In his study room, Chu Xuan read some reports while rubbing his eyes with dark spots.

"My lord with your permission" The eunuch Wei enters the study carrying a tray of food and leaves it on the table.

"I'm not hungry" Chu Xuan waves his hand and continues checking.

"My lord, I understand your concern, but you must take care of your health, if you fall ill it will cause a great impact on the morale of the army" The eunuch Wei pleads with his head bowed.

Besides that the feudal lord Chu Xuan slept very little, he didn't feed himself well, if he continues that way, his body will not be able to support him anymore.

The feudal lord Chu sighs deeply, understanding the words of the eunuch Wei goes to the table and eats some bites.

"My lord, I see him very worried. What's up, some recent enemy movement?"

At Eunuch Wei's question, Chu Xuan rubs his face with his hand to dry his sweat. He picks up a cup of tea and drinks it quickly trying to calm down.

"No enemy movement was reported, only more reports of skirmishes. If it were that, I wouldn't worry, but when I read this report from one of my scouts I panicked. "

Chu Xuan delivers a paper to Eunuch Wei, when Eunuch Wei begins to read it.

"... exploring the borders we found a destroyed village, all the villagers have been killed, but surprisingly there were also the bodies of several men who after identifying them turned out to be the deserters who were being sought"

"Important notice: Body of disemboweled and completely mutilated women were found. The states of these bodies have a certain coincidence with the descriptions of the survivors of the forest of the eternal nightmare. Although such discovery doesn't confirm anything, some suspicion cannot be avoided, but due to the remoteness of the place, the most likely one is wild animals"

Eunuch Wei tries to keep calm with great difficulty.

"My lord, they may be wild animals as the report indicates. I doubt that they are those beings. The distance from that forest to the village is quite a lot and there are also outposts along the way. I don't think such wild beasts have the intelligence to make that trip without being discovered in some way"

Chu Xuan takes a deep breath and says "I want to believe that, but we don't know anything about those creatures, they appeared out of nowhere killing everyone who enters that forest. Now a village was destroyed and its appearance is suspected. Now I don't know what to believe in"

"My lord please keep your composure" The eunuch Wei intervenes "Remember that it is only a suspicion and not a fact. For now, let's think it was destroyed by bandits, but some wild animals attacked them because of the scandal they were making"

"Now the most important thing is to organize the troops and there is also the matter of the First Young Master Chu Yuanba is returning to the Chu Manor"

Chu Xuan's gaze softens, remembering that his first son returns home.

"You're right, let's leave these matters for a break and prepare for your arrival. When my daughter wakes up, let her know about the news"

"This eunuch understands" The eunuch Wei bows and retires.

Chu Xuan lies back in the seat ('I hope they are only suspicions').

In a remote room, Long Wushuang wakes up, her eyes open and she lifts half of her body from the bed.

Looking around she realizes that Lu Luo isn't present but a faint, unusual aroma still persists in the environment.

('I guess I might exaggerate, what's the matter')

Long Wushuang continued 'punishing 'her little Lu Luo until there was only a short time left for dawn.

For a vampire, sleep isn't necessary, since it doesn't recover energy in that state, although it relaxes the mind a bit.

"Well, a new day begins" When Long Wushuang began to get up she hears a sound of knocking at the door.

"Your… Your Majesty, the servant Lu Luo asks to enter"

Long Wushuang gets up and the first thing she does is stretch.

"Come in"

Lu Luo enters and seeing that Long Wushuang is stretching her body, she turns her gaze down to avoid that 'punishment'.

Long Wushuang observes her action and her lips draw a sneaky smile.

"It seems you enjoyed the taste of blood"

Previously, Lu Luo's appearance was of an old woman wrinkled due to the great loss of blood, now her image returned to its original form.

"How many were?" Long Wushuang asks in an indifferent tone while fixing.

"There were 4 people, 1 man and three women" Lu Luo answers with total sincerity.

"Virgins?" Long Wushuang asks.

"Only 1"

"One? Couldn't you control yourself? "Long Wushuang looks at her somewhat surprised.

"Drinking non-virgin blood doesn't significantly alter me, but when it was virgin blood it was very difficult for me to contain myself, fortunately I managed to control myself and the human is still alive"

"Uhm" Long Wushuang reflects for a moment "It's understandable, you only have a few days reborn as a vampire, contain the impulses requires a lot of mental control due to the darkness we have inside. I am impressed that you could control the impulse of the thirst for blood of a virgin human"

"If you had killed her, you must destroy her heart, understand?"

"I understand perfectly, Your Majesty" Lu Luo bows respectfully.

"Now, you must ..." Long Wushuang stops her words because he felt a presence heading to her room.

"Three people are heading here. Two of those people is Chu Yue and her friend Wei Xin, the other powerful presence is nothing but Yue Kai. Why are the three headed here?

Normally only Chu Yue was the only one who was going to Long Wushuang's room.

Lu Luo answers quickly. "Most likely they are worried about you because of yesterday's training"

Long Wushuang pretended not to be able to advance level to do it in secret, in absolute solitude.

Chu Yue worried more because perhaps Long Wushuang may have had some type of injury.

"How annoying, no matter, Lu Luo normally"

Lu Luo returns to her human form while Long Wushuang quickly puts on her mask and a veil covering her silver hair.

"Second Junior apprentice-sister Long sister, may I come in?" Chu Yue knocks on the door while speaking softly.

"Senior apprentice-sister Chu, this is your home, how would I be able to deny you entry?" Lu Luo opens the door and receives the guests with all due respect.

Chu Yue quickly approaches Long Wushuang "Although it is true that this is my home, this is your room. How can I enter your private rooms without permission?"

Wei Xin seeing Chu Yue very fond of Long Wushuang, grumbles "Do you now have a new friend? Have you already forgotten me?

Hearing that childish complaint, Chu Yue turns around and says. "What nonsense do you say? Both are my apprentice sisters, and Second Junior apprentice-sister Long saved our lives. "

Seeing Chu Yue upset, Wei Xin sticks out her tongue and quickly says "It was just a joke, a joke, you don't have to get angry"

Chu Yue rubs her head to calm down.

"One moment" Master Yue Kai says sternly and approaches Long Wushuang

("Here we go")

Master Yue Kai stares at her. His eyes widen and his mouth begins to shake, making speech difficult.

"You, did you achieve Martial Illumination?

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