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55.1% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 23: Another transformation

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Chapter 23: Another transformation

Long Wushuang is sitting next to the bookshelf, dressed in her new clothes that were brought to her and she finished eating the food from the bowl; waited for Lu Luo to wake up.

("It's been three or four minutes since the dark kiss, the ghouls wake up instantly and Half -True Vampire in half an hour")

"I just hope it does not take too long to not get lost in the conversation"

Long Wushuang continues to whisper to herself, putting her hands on her head.

"What happened to me at that moment? I am no longer human, but it seems that there are some traces of ethics and human moral in me "

"My soul has been trained in the Infernum, I have seen and bathed in darkness and absolute evil. Morals, ethics and values ​​should be irrelevant to me "

Long Wushuang places his hand on his head very downcast, after a few seconds of ordering his thoughts came to a conclusion.

"I suppose it's to contain me, if I'm out there converting anyone, I'll just be seen as a parasite. JEJE, WHY DO YOU TAKE ME, A LEECH? I do not need to drink blood often, just a few drinks every 2 to 3 months "

For a vampire, drinking blood is his primary food, but it is not necessary to drink often.

There is a difference of need and desire.

A vampire can survive without drinking blood, but the desire for blood to increase can affect her judgment and control of her murderous instincts.

Although thirst differs depending on the kinds of vampires.

Once during training in the Long Wushuang forest, she wondered how long it can last without drinking blood and the same test for the ghouls.

Long Wushuang stopped drinking for more than two years, trying to keep her thirst at bay, gradually increasing and clouding her mental judgment a little. When she started drinking, she drank the blood of two adult horses and 3 human. But not drinking blood, this did not influence their combat skills and other types, the natural energy helps her regain her strength, only when there was bloodshed she felt a pleasure in killing and a bestial force tried to take over her mind.

For the Ghouls if it affected them a lot, they would go into a bloody frenzy, although it increased their strength, hindered their movements, made them more vulnerable and tired more quickly. They can only endure thirst for 2 to 3 months before showing these symptoms. If her master is present, if she orders them not to drink, they will not move even if a big jug of blood is in front of them, since they do not possess emotions, hunger or thirst; Only raw instinct that is possible to control it maintaining a stronger concentration.

"Well, while I wait I will see the information of this Lu Luo"

The information appears in your mind

Lu Luo

Race: Human

Power level: Mortal without training

Vital Virginal Yin

Body: Elemental Martial Body of Lightning

Elemental affinity: Basic

Rarity: Uncommon *

Lightning: 0%

"Lightning? She has a body with the lightning element"

Long Wushuang is surprised by such a discovery.

The elemental bodies of the Lightning are rare among the masters of elemental domains, the most common being earth and wind because it is always present among living beings.

Fire and water are considered elements of intermediate rarity, depending on the type of affinity possessed by the subjects, because these elements are not always present in nature for a direct manipulation or point of reference, in addition to generate fire or water with earthly energy requires of a lot of training.

As for the element Lightning is considered the element of greatest rarity among the elementary masters of any place, the lightning element is considered the strongest element of the five elements and the most difficult to control.

There are few places where lightning strikes and the martial techniques of this element are very rare.

There are few who possess this type of elementary body, therefore the demand for techniques of this element is very rare as well as being very expensive.

Those who possess this type of elementary body, even if their affinity is basic level, is coveted but can also be rejected. Coveted for those who possess the means to train them and be able to exploit their skills; rejected for those who do not possess the means, even if their elementary body is considered rare. What good is that weirdness if you can not use your skills?

"Wow, I never imagined that a simple maid possesses this type of elementary body, I thought about using it and throwing it when it does not serve me, but I will have to reconsider my opinion for it, let time decide the destiny of it."

While continuing with her thoughts, Lu Luo's body begins to tremble and she gets up with difficulty.


Lu Luo showed symptoms of dizziness and was constantly wobbling, her voice was very scraped because her throat was dry and that's why she asked for water.

"W...ater, wate...r"

With some wrinkles; She looks like a woman entering old age and with a lot of weakness. And of course the characteristic red eyes.

Long Wushuang analyzes the result and the information appears in her mind

Vampire Adept

Result of a virgin woman who was not willing or was transformed without any warning. Unlocks her innate abilities she possess with a low increase in strength and abilities, in addition to the senses, intelligence and other virtues she possess and may possess. Under the sunlight her skills will be reduced by half. She can only convert Ghouls, regardless of their gender and status. Her mental state will be altered, but she can not disobey the orders of her mistress.

For the transformation of true vampire half is required to be at the service of her minimum mistress for 30 years. After all this time, the adept vampire must go through a test of loyalty, if she manages to pass it must drink a drop of blood essence of her mistress, if not, will have a next opportunity in another 30 years, after that time still she doesn't show absolute loyalty, her soul will be destroyed.

("Wow, a new type of vampire, although this guy is going to cause me problems to train him. True Vampire, I wonder what its characteristics would be")

Lu Luo observes her panics and falls on her ass

Long Wushuang continues to watch and says apathetically, "You must be hungry" then removes the glove to reveal a white hand, tender and delicate; She uses her nail to cut her wrist. Drops of blood fall into the bowl filling little by little.

When Lu Luo observes the blood, she feels her mouth dry, panting quickly, she feels an itch in her fangs and her eyes shine with intensity. She crawls, possessed by drinking the blood.


Long Wushuang issues an order with a dominant attitude, from a Queen to her vassal.

Lu Luo stops in her tracks shaking all over her body, but her eyes move from one side to the other, on the one hand, she looks at Long Wushuang and on the other she changes her vision to the drops of blood that fall into the bowl.

"Who ... are you?"

Lu Luo asks with fear written all over her face. Long Wushuang ignores the question, she raises her wrist and and the cut heals quickly, then she takes the bowl half full of blood and shows it to Lu Luo.

Seeing the red liquid, Lu Luo begins to shake and breathe quickly, her eyes begin to shine again with intensity, the thirst clouds her judgment, but the order issued 'not move' prevents her from making any sudden movement.

Long Wushuang continued to examine her movements and actions, detecting some flaws in her attitude.

("Her loyalty does not come from her heart, it's just fear, nervousness, now I understand that long period of time, it will take you some time to get used to its rebirth")

Long Wushuang leaves the bowl on the floor "You can drink it"

Lu Luo upon hearing the order quickly approaches to pick it up, when she sees the bright red liquid reflecting her face, Lu Luo hesitates for a moment, but the thirst clears all her doubts.

I use her tongue to give it a try, after feeling the blood a feeling of ecstasy ran all over her body, she opened her mouth to take large amounts of blood preventing it from leaking, when she finished she began to lick the whole bowl until it was clean .

She dropped the bowl and started crying. After drinking the blood begins to rejuvenate, returning its youthful beauty; Although it was not a surprising beauty, it is beautiful and charming. Now being a vampire her beauty increased slightly.

"What happe...ned to me? Some...body he...lp me"

"Shut up, I don't have time to listen to your laments" Long Wushuang showed a cold look and her cold voice scared Lu Luo; she continued "Now you have been reborn as my servant, you belong to a new race that I am creating; but now, I don't have time to explain in detail, I have a mission for you. First use your Mist Form skill "

"Skill Fog Form? What's that? "Lu Luo wanted to start replicating, but seeing a murderous look from Long Wushuang she fell silent.

Long Wushuang gets up and begins to speak in a tone without emotion "As I said before I don't have time to hear your tantrums, this time I'll let it go, but if it happens again" Long Wushuang emits a cold intention to kill in a light way to prevent her from collapsing, but she is strong enough to subdue even the bravest warrior.

Lu Luo closes her lips tightly and avoiding looking directly at her.

Long Wushuang gets a little closer to her "For now, clear your mind of question and doubt, now watch" Then her body becomes an almost transparent mist.

Lu Luo is surprised by such skill.

"You get it, this is one of the skills you have, I showed you the example now it's your turn"

Lu Luo began to concentrate, after a few seconds her legs began to disappear; When she see this skill in her own body, she panics.

"Easy, stay focused, again"

Lu Luo took 5 attempts to capture the ability and transform her body.

Long Wushuang keeps her gaze indifferent, but in her mind she pleases that she succeeded. "Well, now this is the mission that I will give you, if you succeed, I will answer all your questions, if you fail" Long Wushuang showed a sinister smile "you will die"

Lu Luo seeing that smile her face turned blue, that phrase 'you will die' was not about giving her a quick death, it is more likely that she tortured her in the most cruel way possible.

Lu Luo bends down cupping her fists

"What are your orders, mistress?" Lu Luo addresses her with respect, but her voice had a small touch of conflict.

Long Wushuang ignores that nor does she correct the way to address her as 'mistress' instead of 'Queen' "This is what I want you to do, go as far as possible in your human form to where the meeting of the Señor Feudal Chu and his daughter, as far as you get, use your fog form and sneak into the meeting, I want you to listen to everything that is talked about there, do not miss any details about all the conversations that Señor Feudal Chu has until he falls asleep; when you finish, go to your room to rest and meet me first thing in the morning, use the excuse to bring me breakfast. "

"Complete your mission and I will answer all the questions you have, understand?"

Lu Luo nods her head "I understand"

"Well, you can retire"

"With your permission" After watching Lu Luo leave Long Wushuang goes to the window, checking if the guard is still hidden.

"It's still there, it does not matter, ahhhh" Long Wushuang goes to bed "Today was a long day, it's been a while since I lay down in a comfortable bed" then closes her eyes to sleep.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

I'm going to publish a chapter of help about the types of vampires, I will not put them all to not generate so much spoilers, since about the powers of a Half-True Vampire, I have changed them from chapter 13

Thank you

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