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100% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Come back as a warrior or don't come back

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Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Come back as a warrior or don't come back

Villa three destinations, sunset.

Long Wushuang was resting in a comfortable room with some elegance. Like someone's room who has money but doesn't want to spend a lot.

The lodging is in the territories of the Qin family, Qin Yao offered it to rest

"Quite a shock huh, how good we have managed to find a place to increase our powers"

"Luo will learn to control the lightning element and I will increase my sword skills."

Long Wushuang is lying on the bed.

"I need to quickly improve my powers and increase my people to complete my objectives"

She gets up and looks out the window.

"As those novels I read in my spare time said, there is always a higher mountain, stronger people. It's very exciting"

She watches the panorama.

"I detect some presences watching me, there are always idiots who seek revenge"

She closes the window and stands in the middle of the room.

"Now is when the real adventure begins, just like those novels, it's so exciting"

"I still can't show my true form, I'm still very weak and I don't have enough servants; but soon they will know my power, I will build a kingdom so powerful that no race in this Earth nor the Hight Heaven will dare to despise us "

She clenches her fists tightly and her eyes shine with eagerness for defiance and struggle.

"For now I have to look for more candidates in my journey through the Martial Schools, I have to increase my followers"

As Long Wushuang was talking to herself, someone knocked on the door.

"Sister, it's me" and Lu Luo enters with some packages.

"Inform me" Long Wushuang picks up a couple of packages and puts them on the table.

"The group of the human Jiang are staying on the lower floor, dialogue with them a bit, most of the questions were from our homeland or if we had a relationship with a prominent family and I only gave short answers to end the dialogue, although Jiang Feng said that he would visit us later "

"Also, I detected some men who were following me and others who are under surveillance pointing at this place. It seems that this so-called Wang Botao is seeking revenge. "Lu Luo begins to order things as he speaks.

"Of course that idiot seeks revenge on us; the group from before has support and Wang Botao would not attack them carelessly, instead we two are, according to him, 'easy prey', I think "

Long Wushuang holds a low-quality Essential Stone. She gave 70% of all the funds to Lu Luo to buy them. In total there are 78 essential stones.

"Master, how do I come to that conclusion?" Lu Luo asks.

"Observing his expressions I could give me some guesses regarding his personality and, likely, he is only a spoiled and conceited child who intimidates others at the cost of the protection he possesses, but that does not matter"

"But shouldn't he worry about the old master?" Lu Luo asks.

"I think that teacher cares more about quality than quantity, he is waiting for you to show him that you can survive any kind of test and getting to the school alive is one of the" Long Wushuang answers seriously

"Did that old master expect that idiot to seek revenge?" Lu Luo tilts her head to the side.

"It is certain that he has had experience in this type of case, besides that it involves juveniles and he is not going to act directly since that would ruin his reputation. Although I helped you on that occasion, he wants you to show your determination and will to fight. Even if you had great talent, but you give up easily, you would just be rubbish"Long Wushuang picks up the spear that was recently repaired, it now has a new hilt.

"And to think that you picked up the pieces, have you become fond of the weapon?"

"Master, this weapon was given to me by you and for me, it is very valuable, if the day comes when this spear is destroyed, I would like it to be in a fight where I demonstrate my powers" Lu Luo receives it with great respect.

Long Wushuang raises his hand and strokes the cheek. She realizes that Lu Luo is becoming more beautiful and seductive.

('Maybe this is at night, uhmm, but it's just twilight')

Lu Luo rests her head on her hand and her eyes emit a peculiar glint.

The scene was tantalizing and two pairs of lips were approaching.

"Excuse me ladies, Miss Qin Yao, and I requested to have a conversation" A few sounds at the door destroy the romance.

Lu Luo gets angry and for an instant unleashes a killing intent.

Long Wushuang grabs her by the neck and gives her a quick kiss. "Later we will continue with the main course"

Lu Luo blushes a bit, but quickly calms down and opens the door. "The sisters are grateful for the visit of the young teachers, please come in"

"You don't have to show so much humility, we should be grateful for your hospitality" Jiang Feng greets respectfully and behind him, Qin Yao does the same with a somewhat strange attitude.

"One question Where is the rest of the group?" Long Wushuang asks.

"Ahh, they are in their rooms and I think they are somewhat embarrassed to come" Jiang Feng looks away somewhat embarrassed.

"Ehhmm…, I… I regret my previous behavior towards you and I hope you can forget it and start over." Qin Yao takes a step forward and bows slightly.

"Don't worry about that, it is normal to distrust strangers and avoid conflicts. Furthermore, we sisters know our strengths and our limitations. "Lu Luo waves her hand without showing any rancor.

"Even so, I owe you compensation for my lack of manners and I would like to give you this." In her hand appears two jade emblems with the word Qin on them. "With these emblems you can have a 10% discount in all our stores in my family, this is the most I can offer you according to the status I have"

Qin Yao is the daughter of a concubine and because of that the support she receives and the influence she can exert is limited, although of course, this may change depending on the merits and the advancement of her cultivation.

Lu Luo and Long Wushuang look at each other, the emblems can serve for the future. ("She probably wants to have some connection to the Union of the Elements School, but Luo hasn't joined yet, uhmm, she's really daring.")

"We gratefully accept this invaluable gift from young master Qin" Lu Luo respectfully receives it.

"Is it true that you are from the Chu Fiefdom?" Qin Yao asks. Earlier, Jiang Feng had recounted the conversation he had with Lu Luo, although the answers he had were short.

Lu Luo happy "I said yes, we lived in a town near the forest and when the war broke out we both took refuge in the Capital for a while"

Long Wushuang continues, "An old soldier sheltered us and trained us, at first as a whim and then very seriously. After that, he told us that we had a talent to grow and we would make the decision to leave to mature or stay and it is obvious what decision we made "

As it was in the past, Long Wushuang gives false anecdotes.

"Near a forest? I understand that such a forest is now called the forest of the bloody nightmare. Is it that forest? " Jiang Feng asks.

"It seems that he knows creatures that have recently been the subject of conversation," Lu Luo says.

"I have heard some rumors and I even believe that the rookies of the Martial Sky Sect were that place, but very few returned and told stories of humanoid creatures, claws and the most referring are the red eyes like blood" Jiang Feng comments seriously.

"It's true, it was also a topic of conversation in my family, but the elders thought they were only about wild beasts. Do you know anything about such beings?" Qin Yao joins the conversation.

"We also have little information, when we were in the Chu Fiefdom we heard macabre tales of those creatures, but they were so surreal that they were very difficult to believe" Lu Luo says and Long Wushuang continues "They were said to be creatures never seen before; but because Feudo Chen's forces were continuing with the attacks, that topic was truncated, furthermore such attacks were only inside the forest"

"Is that so? I just wanted to clear up some doubts, sorry if my curiosity has made you remember unfortunate events. "Jiang Feng gives an embarrassed smile.

"You don't have to apologize, all of that is in the past and we just focus more on the present and the future. Changing the subject, do you have another matter to discuss, Young Master Jiang? " Lu Luo asks

"Earlier I told you that it is not necessary so many formalities for me, the main reason for my visit is to give you some advice due to the events that happened before and first I recommend that we go together to the martial academies, Qin Yao and I will go to High Sword Pavilion therefore we can protect younger sister Li and sister Lu we can protect her part of the way; This is because it is very likely that Wang Botao wants to retaliate against the two of you, especially Sister Lu. "

Lu Luo practically humiliated Wang Botao in front of a lot of people, and that theme continues to be the main theme throughout the village. Wang Botao couldn't silence people, so he wants to vent all his frustration and hatred towards both of them.

"Your concern is understood, but it will not harm my older sister if we help her" Long Wushuang asks with concern. Lu Luo received an invitation and one of the tests certainly is to arrive there alone most of the way.

"We will only accompany her for a little while and she can take the path through the forest to avoid unnecessary confrontations; Furthermore, Sister Lu can be accompanied, as long as it is other people who also want to enter the Union of Elements School "Jiang Feng says.

"Even so, I think it is better to discuss it first thing tomorrow morning, my little sister and I want to rest" Lu Luo tries to persuade to end the conversation.

"You are right, you have used a lot of earthly Qi and it is better that you replenish your strength, here are 4 Essential Stone to help you a little in your recovery" Jiang Feng leaves the stones on the table to avoid any return.

"Rest easy, this lodge is within the Qin territories and Wang Botao will not be able to do anything hostile" Qin Yao says and leaves together with Jiang Feng.

"Is Wang Botao really unable to carry out some kind of hostile action against us?" Lu Luo asks.

"He won't do it directly, but once out of this protection he will take action against us" Long Wushuang says and collects 20 essential stones "Have these and use them wisely"

Lu Luo receives it carefully and puts them in his bag.

"Soon our paths are going to separate, but first ..." she quickly embraces her and throws her directly onto the bed.

"Before I said that we will continue our little romance and since we will not see each other for a long time ..." Long Wushuang breaks the front of the dress revealing a pair of bulging breasts and pink and tender tips "... let me enjoy them for a long time, you will never forget this night"

Suppressed groans and a peculiar aroma pervades the room.

In a wealthy building.

"So, any news on those two?" Wang Botao asks holding a glass and hugging a scantily clad woman.

"They are still in the inn of the young Qin Yao, only the older woman went out to do some shopping and so far they have not left there" A man in black says.

"Keep watching over them, once they are away from the protection of the Qin family, they want them to be brought to me in my presence."

"As ordered" The man in black leaves.

"Hehe, I'll teach those two whores that no one can make fun of this Young Master"

The sunsets on the horizon and the moon shows its presence.

Long Wushuang watches the night "Its past midnight, it's time" she turns and looks at Lu Luo ordering her clothes, her cheeks still show blush, slightly swollen lips, and her neck with two small holes that disappear.

After a few minutes.

"Your Majesty, I am ready" Lu Luo is dressed in light clothes with a bag on her back and carrying her spear in hand.

Long Wushuang approaches her "Those idiots will likely try to annoy you, I suppose they will be good blood packs for you"

"Keep a low profile in the cult, but it doesn't mean you have to endure humiliation; if you are going to fight, show your true strength, only then will they be able to recognize your value as a cultivator and earn respect "

"If you are going to kill, do it without witnesses or in a fight to the death"

"Do not get distracted, do not get attached, do not show mercy to enemies"

"Now concerning the thirst for blood, choose women with good talent and with somewhat extreme personalities, such as those who live alone or shy"

"But I'm a minor vampire, I don't have the ability to turn them into my own kind" Lu Luo exclaims.

"It is true about that, but you forget that the' dark kiss 'also transmits a unique dark energy of our race, when it invades a victim, this little by little will begin to show dependence and change of attitude. In simple words, the more 'dark kisses you give your victims, the more they will become fond of you to the point of believing everything you say. They are called Dependents; but this only affects women, I'll pass the information to you "

This information was discovered by Long Wushuang in the afternoon.

Dependent: Woman who received the 'dark kiss' for only momentary nutritional purposes without reaching conversion, an undetectable dark energy corrupts the soul and mind causing the victim to become fond of and show devotion towards the vampire, this can be increased with the continuous 'dark kiss' reaching the point of total dependence and devotion; the delay time of corruption depends on willpower, loyalty and morality. Corruption can be accelerated if the victim drinks vampiric essence. Only available to Adept Vampires and the High Vampire Ranks.

This type of method is long-term since it affects women very differently.

"Your Majesty, there is some kind of inconvenience or something that I should worry about the dependents" Lu Luo asks.

"Well I think it is behavior, they can be altered due to the contradictions that are generated in the mind such as beliefs; it all depends on how good your manipulation is to change the mentality "

Remember that vampires are good with words to sympathize with others

"So how many dependents can I have?" and Long Wushuang replies "All that depends on your control; it's like forming a harem, it depends on your stamina and attention. For you I think that 2 or 3 people will be enough "

Long Wushuang removes his skin mask revealing his true heavenly appearance and speaks in a very solemn tone "Remember that our existence, for now, must be anonymous, do not use your vampiric powers unless absolutely necessary and without witnesses. Your dependents should only know the truth about you when you are in complete control. Train, become strong and come back to me as a warrior or never come back"

Lu Luo kneels down and says "By your will, ETERNAL GLORY TO THE QUEEN"

"You can go" Lu Luo gets up, bows, and leaves the room.

Long Wushuang watches from the window his figure that disappears with time.


A man in black knocks on the door

"What happens? How dare you wake up this young master? " Wang Botao opens the door in annoyance.

"My apologies young master, the older woman has left the inn and is now near one of the exits of the village.

Wang Botao is surprised "At this hour? Well, it seems that she is just a naive and stupid peasant. When she leaves the village, capture her. "Wang Botao waves his hand and the man in black leaves.

The wind strongly shakes the trees.

Clouds cover the moon.

Darkness covers the land.

Clash of Arms. Thunders echo

Screams for help.

The sound of tears and crushed bones.

The scent of blood drives the most primitive desires.

Lu Luo is holding one of the men by the neck. She has wounds all over, but none in the heart. Crimson red eyes shine brightly. The mouth opens revealing a pair of long, pointed fangs.

The night grows darker.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Greetings to all, thank you very much for following this story. Now our girls have to part ways leaving Long Wushuang alone, but not for long. Besides, Dependents have been added

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