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Chapter 17: Counter-ambush

Bloody Nightmare Forest

Surrounded by trees and vegetation, the sound of birds and a tranquility that radiated around; anyone with this kind of environment would take a break to calm the mind, but a terror was hidden, camouflaged in this picturesque place.

A carriage of simple characteristics passed through this place, 8 soldiers escorted with their weapons drawn, all their senses were on maximum alert. No person who knew this place would dare to enter, even if it was daytime; if it were not for the people inside the carriage and their strength, they simply would not be working as escorts, even if they offered large sums of gold.

So that it would serve them in gold if they could not enjoy it if it was dead. And it was not a quick death, but a kind of death from his worst nightmares.

Inside the carriage were three people, one man and two women. The man was a mature person in his 40s and something, although his attitude was that of a kind and reasonable person, a very strong aura emanated from him, he wore gray robes and on his chest hung a copper emblem with the symbol of a cloud.

It was the master of the two women, Yue Kai.

In front of him was a woman of about 20 years old and possessing exceptional beauty, wearing a green dress that showed her slender figure and seductive curves, her hair is long and black, a beautiful face and white as snow, lips of cherry color and dark and penetrating eyes. Although she maintained a calm attitude, the anxiety was reflected in her eyes and the tremors almost hidden in her hands.

It's Chu Yue, the only daughter of the Feudal Lord Chu.

To the side of her was another girl of about 16 years old wearing a yellow dress, of a cheerful, childlike and somewhat scary character, although she was also a beauty, inferior to Chu Yue. Her name is Wei Xin.

"Big sister, why did you choose to travel through this forest? Did you forget the dangers here?" Wei Xin was frightened and kept looking through the curtains to make sure there was nothing strange.

"Ahhh" Chu Yue heaves a heavy sigh "Little Xin, I already told you many times, this route, although it is the most dangerous, it also gives us camouflage for my father's enemies, it helps us to hide our presences since there is nobody in these parts, it gives us a direct path to the Manor Chu "

Despite the explanation, Wei Xin pouts and speaks annoyingly "If it were not for the Master who is here, I would not have followed you to this crazy plan of yours"

Chu Yue rolled her eyes as she looked at the girl next to her "Who was the one who asked me to bring her with me every time, even grabbed my leg while pleading with tears?"

Wei Xin stuck out her tongue while laughing in a disguised way "But we are sisters, I could not leave you at an important moment, besides I did not leave the sect long ago and I was getting bored, besides with the Master here I think there will be a lot of danger"

Chu Yue sighed heavily and looked at the gray-robed man, bowed and said "Master, forgive this non-filial disciple for dragging me into my personal problems"

Yue Kai waves her hand "You do not need your apologies, it was also my own decision to accompany you. What is happening to you is also considered part of your training, in order to continue growing one must leave many things behind to build his own path, a bird must leave its nest and rise through the 9 heavens. But we should never forget those who have favored us and offer help if they need it to have good Karma. Girl remembers that, although I am traveling with you, I will not offer my support to your cause unless it is to protect you from a greater danger. If your family loses the war, I'll get you out of there even if I have to carry you on my shoulders. "The last sentence had left her kind side to show a solemn and determined attitude.

Chu Yue bows once more, but this time more pronounced and her hands trembled continuously "I know very well the decision I made, I apologize for everything that happened, although I want my family to win the war; if you can not, at least I want you to escape, I have an uncle in the capital of the Kingdom, he can give you shelter and hide them, give them a chance to live "

Wei Xin panicked and also leans in the same way.

Master Yue Kai sighs heavily, he knew very well the character of the girls, Chu Yue had a determined character and noble heart, he would never turn a blind eye if his loved ones were in danger; As for the Wei Xin sleeper, since Chu Yue rescued her on that occasion when she was harassed, they were always together, she was a very loyal person to those who helped her.

The caravan went on its way without any setback.

Wei Xin looked through the curtains, after a few seconds, closed the curtains "How weird, we have not seen those monsters or that mysterious entity, Master, What do you think it happens?"

Master Yue Kai reflects for a moment "According to the reports, those monsters only come out at night, now that we travel by day it is obvious that they will not appear; as for that mysterious entity, perhaps this one in another side or maybe it has detected us, but it does not attack us because of the difference of power "

"Much better if we do not have setbacks, we do not have time to lose" Chu Yue speaks in a slightly anxious way.

"But still, Big Sister, does not it give you some curiosity? Even in our sect they did not have much luck with those unknown beings "

After the question of Wei Xin, Chu Yue also had some curiosity, some years ago some disciples also ventured without much success, some returned with nothing and others disappeared, but what disappeared were the weakest. This forest has become a point of mission for the disciples of the outer courtyard.

While the three were chatting, the caravan stopped.

"Driver, why are you stopping?" Chu Yue asks

"My apologies, Young Master, but there is a wounded in the middle of the road, now some of the escorts are going to ascertain" The driver answers with some nervousness.

"A wounded? Big sister, do you think he's a survivor of those monsters? Wei Xin asks while restlessness dominates her.

"Let's go and see what happens." Master Yue Kai tells them both as he opens the carriage door.

Outside they observe a man lying covered with wounds, one of the escorts approaches the wounded

"Hey, are you okay?

When he lowers his weapon and brings his hand to the man, he reacts quickly and stabs the soldier's neck with a knife.


Soldiers come on high alert for such an event, but from the bushes and trees come several figures dressed in black and wearing bamboo hats to cover their faces surrounding them.

"Ambush!" One of the escorts shouts, but the situation is not favorable, the escorts are separated from each other and the enemy surpasses them with double the numbers.

"Quick rejoin, girls stay behind me" Master Yue Kai prepares for the fight by putting himself in front of the girls; He could detect that the strength levels of these men are in the Mortal Martial Realm, some of low level and others of higher level.

In total 16 men dressed in black rodeo the caravan.

"Who are you? Identify yourself "Chu Yue screams with anger at this cowardly attack.

The men dressed in black do not emit any sound and draw their daggers, they advance quickly to end the escort.

The escort was only at the level of Trained Soul, one step away from being Martial Artists, but that difference of one level is very large in terms of power.



Two could not regroup which were easy targets of the men dressed in black, they were quickly stabbed in vital points.

The smell of blood was permeating the area.

The remaining soldiers used their swords to keep them away, joining their attacks to keep any attacker at bay.


A loud blow from Master Yue Kai resounds, two men dressed in black shoot out crashing hard against the trees.

Chu Yue drew hER sword and was in full combat against one of them, the same situation happened to Wei Xin, but her weapon was a saber.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Clash of swords and daggers sounded incessantly

"JAAAA!" Chu Yue launches a strong attack with her sword, cutting diagonally the bamboo hat, revealing the man's face.

"AH!" Chu Yue is surprised by the man's face. The man's face was pale and there was no color in his eyes.

"Who are they? Are they terrifying monsters? "Wei Xin asks, anxiety and fear reflecting on her face.

"No, they are not." Master Yue Kai replies "That kind of face is clearly being manipulated, your mind is being controlled by someone"

"Hahaha, you are right, old Yue, JAJAJAJA!" A sinister laugh resounds in laughter throughout the area.

The men dressed in black stop their attacks and in the middle of them another man dressed in black and a bamboo hat appears, but the aura that he emitted was of an evil and a cold intention to kill.

Chu Yue has begun to panic, the enemy emitted great power and his murderous intent was too heavy for her, Wei Xin fell on her backside as tears ran down her face.

Master Yue Kai took out his weapon, a two-handed mallet while releasing his power from the True Martial Realm. "I should have known that you were behind these attacks and the spying of my disciple, is not it true, Master Puppeteer?" Master Yue Kai speaks with anger and very dominant. He had strong suspicions that the man he had seen before was a puppet, now with the arrival of the Master Puppeteer confirms his suspicions

"Hehe" The Master Puppeteer laughs coldly "The truth is I was not the only one watching the young Yue; the spies you discovered were just amateurs, do not compare my puppets; but it is a pity that you never know the truth Haha. Look, for you to see that I still have some mercy, give me the young Yue and I will grant them a quick death Hahaha "A maniacal laugh from the Master puppeteer incites panic and fear of the soldiers and the two women.

"Enough of such stupidity, if you want to fight, fight" Master Yue Kai snorts. A flow of power arises from his hands directed to his mallet, it begins to shine and vibrate.

"Earth Skill. Tectonic Ripples "After reciting his skill, Master Yue Kai picks up his mallet and hits it violently to the ground. Great undulations are generated horizontally against the puppets and the Master Puppeteer.

Due to the impact, all the puppets are sent to fly several meters in different directions some of them collide with the trees or fall into the bushes, even some young trees begin to collapse. The Master puppeteer jumps several meters avoiding the undulations of earth.

Master Yue Kai is not happy with the result, his original plan was to disperse everyone much further, to buy time and escape with his disciples in the woods to hide, he also had the idea of ​​killing some puppets while hiding to reduce the forces of the Puppeteer Master; thus leaving him with no option but to back down, but it did not work out as expected.

Master Yue Kai looks at his disciples, his face showed regret and frustration at not being able to protect them.

Chu Yue looks at his Master's face, his eyes blur and tears of bitterness fall to his cheeks.

("Because of me, both my teacher and little Xin are going to die, please gods, help us")

Master Puppeteer falls on the ground deforming, looks at the group and snorts "I do not know what you were trying to do, but that ability consumes a lot of Earthly Qi, it's time to put an end to this"

The Master Puppeteer approaches, like a beast about to attack its prey.


Terrible screams resound in some distant bushes, followed by grunts and horrible sounds, the sounds of the flesh being torn apart and the bones crunching. Large amounts of blood wet the soil and surrounding leaves.

Everyone looks at that place. The Master puppeteer was the most concerned since it was one of his weakest puppets that after the impact of the skill, was sent to fly away separating a lot from the rest.

After a few seconds something appears in those bushes, everyone is surprised and their eyes enlarge. Real fear begins to be born in their hearts.

Deformed creatures with large claws, sharp teeth like blades where they can see parts of pieces of human flesh hanging from their mouths, but the most outstanding are those crimson eyes, blood-colored eyes.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Greetings, I have corrected many orthographic errors in the first chapters, my apologies for showing such errors in my novel, but thanks to your comments for warning such errors, keep commenting if you find any error to keep improving. Thank you

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