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91.83% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 41: Dealing with the consequences

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Chapter 41: Dealing with the consequences

Chu Manor, two hours after the Ghoul invasion.

"Is what you said true?" Chu Xuan speaks apathetically.

"Based on what those soldiers have said and the terror on their faces that has been seen before, it seems that it is true" Chu Yuanba speaks, his face is somber.

Chu Yuanba had been informed of the two camps near the forest destroyed by the Ghouls and he quickly had to inform his Father.

"Did your sister hear about this?" Chu Xuan asks and Chu Yue replies, "No, it is better to inform her of this as it could upset her and commit reckless acts"

"Father, before I informed you that I was heading to the forest at dawn, but now I must go immediately together with a squad of our best men. We have to finish them to avoid fighting on two fronts "

"This is unusual, I don't know what we should ..." Chu Xuan trembles as he speaks as the door opens and two messengers enter, behind them is Master Yue Kai leaning against the wall.

"Reporting the situation in the Chen Fiefdom"

"Reporting the situation in the Zhao Fiefdom"

"Both at the same time" Both Chu Xuan and Chu Yuanba are somewhat confused.

"What happened in both places?"

The messenger Chen speaks "Informing the Feudal Lord, the explorers have discovered 2 fortifications of the Chen fief invaded by the creatures of the forest and the surrounding camps were also taken"

"WHAT?!" The father-son duo and teacher Yue Kai are amazed. "What's going on? Also in the Chen Fiefdom?"

The second messenger speaks "Informed of the Feudal lord, also in the Fiefdom Zhao has suffered the invasion of the creatures, 1 fortification and the nearby villages have fallen"

The entire room is in stony silence. Chu Xuan tries to control his nerves and process the information.

"Bring a map" Chu Yuanba orders and a map is put on the table. "It is obvious that all the populated places near that forest were attacked, it seems that this woman is showing her fangs" He perfectly remembers that woman and her yearning for blood.

"But I think this is an opportunity to regain control of the area and of the war itself," Chu Yuanba comments, and Chu Xuan replies somewhat altered, "What are you trying to say?"

Chu Yuanba responds without stopping. "What I am saying is that since the Fiefdom Chen was invaded, it is very likely that they are now sending soldiers to destroy the monsters or will do so in a short time. It is the perfect time to reconquer, and also the Fiefdom Zhao was attacked therefore they won't be able to do anything. This is a race against time, if we manage to destroy the monsters; It won't only be about eradicating them, this achievement will increase the morale of our people as they see that the Fiefdom Chu no longer needs to fear these beings. And finally it is the reconquest, we have to watch the front and if a reduction in troops is detected we must attack with everything "

Chu Xuan thinks carefully and after several minutes speaks, "You may be right about this, but it will be complicated and dangerous"

"Don't worry Father" Chu Yuanba's confidence relaxes the environment "I know the weaknesses of these creatures and they are not very resistant"

"I will also help the young first master in this attack" Master Yue Kai intervenes "Due to this invasion, I must also take advantage of it to return to the sect along with my disciples. This help is to pay the debt that I have with you and with the girl who is a pity that she sacrificed herself, it was a very good seed "

"I owe that girl's life and thanks to her we know how to face those creatures, Chu Yuanba I give you permission to go to that place, I must inform your brother to help you" Then he looks at Master Yue Kai "Many Thank you for the grace given to this family, Master Yue Kai. I will prepare a carriage first thing in the morning. The doors of the Chu Manor will always be open to you"

Fiefdom Chen

"What the hell is going on? We were just short of taking control of the entire fiefdom of that despicable Chu Xuan and now two fortifications have been invaded by those creatures of the forest. "The feudal lord, Chen Aoyun very hysterically throws a jug at his captains who informed him of the situation.

"We also didn't expect this attack, most of the army and the strongest soldiers are in the front leaving only rookies guarding the fortifications. Furthermore, the worst part is that just today a large number of recruits had arrived and almost all of them were stationed in those fortifications or the surrounding camps.

"Now the news of the invasion has circulated among the troops and many of them now want to return to defend their homes near those fortresses and others have lost the courage to fight, this according to reports" The other captain speaks and then says " According to the spies, the Chu fief and the Zhao fief also suffered invasions "

"I don't care what happens to those two, I can't let him lose control of the war. Organize an attack force and recover those fortifications, we must do it as quickly as possible. Very soon I will have control of all that fertile land that from the beginning should have belonged to the Chen family, I will capture that bastard Chu Xuan and his inept sons alive, I will torture them slowly in front of him and his daughter will be my sex slave JAJAJA"

Fiefdom Zhao

"Is this information true?" The Feudal Lord, Zhao Huan, speaks to the eunuch Ye, and next to him is General Li dressed in full armor.

"True my Lord, the fortress was besieged by the creatures of the forest and several camps near it also suffered the same fate. Also, the fiefdom Chen and the fiefdom Chu were attacked; the first one has suffered the worst part and the Chu fiefdom only lost about two camps because they had evacuated many residents of that area "El eunuch Ye reports.

"It seems that Chu Xuan was very cautious, but because of this fear will be spreading among the inhabitants" Zhao Huan speaks and General Li steps forward "I have prepared the troops to end the threat, we only await your approval my Lord"

"I cannot allow this disaster to spread and jeopardize my plans, General Li has my permission" Zhao Huan declares and General Li punches himself in the chest "I will not return until I finish with all those dark beings"

"That attack was just when the guests left, I don't know if it was a coincidence or if someone is controlling the situation"

Fiefdom Chu, in a remote area.

"Quick prepare my horse and an armed sheet" An athletic-looking young man quickly leaves a tent.

"Second Young Master, it is too dangerous" An assistant tries to advise him

"Shut up, I won't allow my stupid big brother to take all the credit, damn why did this happen, you despicable monsters"

The three fiefdoms face this new and dangerous opponent. Each according to their strategies.

Outskirts of the forest.

Chu Yuanba and Master Yue Kai together with a large group of soldiers fought against the Ghouls stationed in a camp; They had already killed the other Ghouls along with the lesser vampire from the adjoining camp. Although the duo tried to capture the lesser vampire, due to constant fighting they had no choice but to kill her.

Now the group was wiping out the last of the Ghouls in a tactic of ranged attacks to immobilize and finish them off, black skeletons and ashes covering what was once a green wasteland.

The lesser vampire was immobilized thanks to Master Yue Kai and her control over the earth.

"What the hell are you?" Chu Yuanba asks with his sword pointed at the heart.

The lesser vampire stares into his eyes. "If you want answers just look for where it originated, human. Your threats are futile for this slave, only finish your work since the commission of this slave is accomplished"

Lesser vampires have no will of their own, but can reason and perform actions as long as they don't conflict with the Master's orders, Long Wushuang gave them freedom of dialogue, provided they do not reveal direct information from her.

"What was your mission?" Master Yue Kai is somewhat puzzled.

The lesser vampire just closes her eyes and stretches her neck awaiting execution.

Chu Yuanba gazes at Master Yue Kai awaiting advice, seeing that he only sighs, he encrusts the sword in his heart.

"ETERNAL GLORY FOR THE QUEEN" The lesser vampire says these words as solemnly as possible as her body turns to ashes.

"Those words were also said by that woman from the other camp" Chu Yuanba speaks in a low voice and Master Yue Kai replies "The queen, will you mean the woman who is in the forest?"

"I don't know, but now we will find out," Chu Yuanba says and directs her gaze towards a cloud of dust that rises not far away. A group of riders heads towards their position.

"Guyu, how fast have you arrived?" Chu Yuanba approaches the group.

Chu Guyu gets off the horse "Big brother, I got the message and I have arrived as quickly as possible." He looks around. "It seems like I'm late to the party." Chu Guyu picks up a blackish skull, the fangs still intact.

"So these are the creatures, these fangs are to be feared" Chu Guyu lets go of the skull. "At first glance, they aren't to be feared"

"You have no idea how abominable these dark monsters are, because of these we have lost many men because of these and now 6 good soldiers died. But now I will end this. "Chu Xuan regroups his forces.

"Big Brother, I'm going with you" Chu Guyu also approaches, but Chu Xuan stops him "No Guyu, remember that we are now fighting on two fronts and that old fox Chen can attack us, you better go to the border and take command of the troops, I will come back after finishing them "Chu Xuan approaches so that his words would only be heard by him" This trip is very dangerous and maybe I will die, and if that happens, only you remain to preserve the last name, I ask you stay"

Chu Guyu meditates for a few seconds "I understand, be careful big brother"

Chu Yuanba along with the group walks away. Chu Guyu turns around and when he walks he touches a black skull.


The skull is destroyed by afoot. ('Don't underestimate me brother')

"Collect the equipment and let's go from this place"


The group advances in the thicket of the forest, from time to time one or another Ghoul attacks the group, but is quickly eliminated.

After a few minutes, the group reaches the ruins of the village.

"So this is the girl's village, it is a place full of heaviness" Master Yue Kai comments

"But that place is very well cared for and full of life" This one points to the altar covered in flowers.

"She said that her grandmother is buried in that place and it is also where the moon fern flower was." Chu Yuanba says and Master Yue Kai continues to observe

"It seems that the girl cared a lot, it shows that she loved her grandmother"

"It seems that you have returned to be one of us, mortal. And I love that you brought more prey. "A somewhat seductive voice echoes in the forest.

"We meet again, monster." Chu Xuan draws his sword in a fighting stance. Master Yue Kai and the others behind him also do the same and remain vigilant.

"That creature's strength is very similar to the previous two, what does this mean?" Master Yue Kai frowns.

"We will find out after capturing it" Chu Yuanba declares "Today we will purge this forest of your despicable presence and we will avenge the souls that have fallen by your demon hands"

The fight only lasted a few moments due to the difference in strength and numbers, previously the younger vampire had many Ghouls, but now she is alone.

"Now you will tell me who the hell you are" Chu Yuanba speaks in a high and strong tone.

"You want an explanation and this slave will tell you on the orders of Her Magnificence, but I will only give you certain information and I also believe that only you and the old man should listen to it, your servants are not allowed to listen" The lesser vampire answers.

Chu Yuanba drives the soldiers away and orders them to protect the perimeter.

"Magnificence? It seems that you aren't the Queen. Who you are?" Master Yue Kai asks.

"Before I was a mere human like my sisters who died by your hands, Her Magnificence has named us a lesser vampire because I didn't have my purity. And the creatures that followed me are called Ghouls, men who received the grace of Her Magnificence, but just because they were men they became those disgusting beings "Her response was fluid.

"Ghouls, lesser vampire?" I never heard anything like this, are you making that up woman? " Master Yue Kai is angry.

"Why would I lie? I have not received orders to deceive you, your vision is like a frog at the bottom of a well, ignorant of the perpetual gift that Her Magnificence gives "The vampire declares.

Chu Xuan points the sword at her heart "You know that you will die here or rather I will free you from that monstrous body, but before answering me two more questions Where is the one you call" Her Magnificence "and where is the girl who was next to me that time, the one wearing the mask?"

The vampire responds "Her Magnificence left these lands a long time ago, exploring the world and looking for great talents to give them perpetuity in time and to be part of the most powerful lineage that has ever existed"

"As for that girl, she has always been very elusive as a rat, she managed to escape and I do not know her whereabouts"

"Now the duty of this slave has been fulfilled, soon a new race will emerge through the blood of all those who dare to challenge her"

Chu Yuanba performs his movement, the sword pierces easily through the heart.

"ETERNAL GLORY FOR THE QUEEN" Those last words echo throughout the forest.

"For now it's over" Chu Yuanba comments, the fatigue can already be noticed.

"The souls of the villagers can rest in peace, but it seems that a great event will occur in the future," Master Yue Kai comments.

"Let's forget about that, my sister will be calmer knowing that her friend is still alive. Let's go back to rest and this place will be free of any human contact. Let time erase the darkness that once inhabited "

The group moves away, on the altar the flowers move smoothly generating a very relaxing and harmonious sound.

Two days have passed since the recovery of the invaded areas began. The Feudo Chu began with the reconquest of the occupied areas, although it was a slow process.

The Zhao fief managed to retake the fortress because they had martial artists and a good strategy, but even so, the losses were considerable.

The Feudo Chen managed to recover a fortress, generating hundreds of deaths, and fighting continues in the second. Because of this, the front troops began to back down due to an offensive by the Chu fief.

The flags of war still fly in the wind.

In a distant cave in the invaded fortress of the Zhao domain, a woman in ragged clothes and wearing a mask rests on a blanket.

At her side another woman with simple and somewhat dirty clothes keeps vigil.

"Uhgg" Long Wushuang gets up with some difficulty.

"Your Majesty" Lu Luo holds her very carefully. "Carefully, Your Majesty, how are you now?"

"Just a little dizzy, but I'm fine." Long Wushuang remains seated, regaining energy.

"How long have I slept?"

"2 days, It is noon Your Majesty" Lu Luo answers.

Long Wushuang shakes his head from side to side to fully wake up "I thank you for your care"

Lu Luo bows her head "It is my duty as your servant to take care of her Your Majesty"

Long Wushuang observes a large cloth bag leaning against the rocks "Where did you get that bag?"

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