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59.18% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 25: Discussions, involved

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Chapter 25: Discussions, involved

"During the first few years, my Deer Horns Silver armyhas offered strong resistance to prevent any advance of the Golden-winged Eagle army; but because most of the silver deer army was composed of militia, it could not stop the trained and well-equipped army of Chen Aoyun by far; Battle after battle lost, the fiefdom has been losing ground. Thanks to the arrival of your two brothers, we managed to stop their progressive progress. But I do not know how much the silver deer army can resist".

"My feud has lost much of its farmland, we have also lost many men; because of this, I had to call the remaining peasants to enlist in the army. Although I have dispatched women to help plow what remains of the crops and replace the men who are now fighting, food production is much lower, we only have at most 4 months of rationed food. But even so not everyone can get food, famine spreads throughout the fief and there are many reports of looting to warehouses and assaults on carriages carrying food; luckily with the intervention of Chu Yuan, it has managed to maintain a relative public order"

"I have asked for help to the kingdom, but always the same answer" We are aware of the conflict and the detrimental to his fiefdom, now we are discussing to take the necessary measures, be patient and wait for an answer ", damn you"

"Li Qian, from the recently founded fief Li, is a good friend of mine, but his fiefdom is far away and they are only under construction for many posts and institutions, although from time to time he sends some supplies and men, although they are few, I feel very grateful thus"

"As for the Zhao fief, I did not trust Zhao Huan, but under the circumstances, I sent a messenger to ask for help, I will receive a response tomorrow"

"But if I'm still the same, at best the resistance of the army will last for 6 to 8 months in the best of cases" Chu Xuan falls dejectedly in his chair showing a depressing expression "Is it perhaps the end of my feud and my family legacy? I have disappointed my ancestors for being a useless Lord"

Chu Yue takes one of his hands and speaks "Father don't worry, don't you remember the stories of the grandfather? He said that our family has always had very difficult moments, both internal and external conflicts; but we have managed to overcome them and get ahead, I'm sure we'll get ahead and end this war"

Chu Xuan shows an apathetic smile "How I would like to have your optimism"

The eunuch Ye intervenes "Please Lord Feudal Chu, you must maintain a good mood, even if it is forced; he must maintain his high morale to set an example and influence the troops to continue fighting. If people see it that way, it will generate even more problems"

Chu Xuan responds apathetically "The morale among the troops is already very low, the only thing that can motivate them is a unique victory; not one to repel enemies but one to attack their strongholds, even better if it is in the very fiefdom of the damned Chen Aoyun"

Although in the war there have been attacks and counterattacks, the offensives generated by the silver deer army were not of great importance, the damages caused are in many cases for the outposts and not the main camps; although there were attempts to attack the camps, they received minor damage.

But in recent years they have only remained on the defensive without showing signs of an offensive even for outposts.

"I cannot afford to lose more men on offense, but I cannot find any way to carry out an offensive of that kind, if only there was a free way to attack them from the rear"

"If only find that way ..." before finishing his sentence, the feudal lord observes an unusual image on the map, his mind is filled with scenes that occurred not long ago.

The eunuch Wei, intrigued by the sudden silence of Chu Xuan, turns his gaze to the map, also observes what Chu Xuan observes with impetus, but when he looks at that image, he can hardly believe what Chu Xuan's ideas are supposed to be.

"Lord Feudal, you're not thinking about that route, right?

"Huh?" Chu Yue also directs her gaze to that marked place, before long she notices and directs a strange look at her father.

Chu Xuan smiles wryly "Excuse me, just foolishness"

But the eunuch Wei says "Maybe, but did the young master Chu not mention that this young woman lived in that forest? She could guide our troops, she should know the areas where those monsters are and avoid them, look for free paths in the mornings for ... "but before finishing Chu Yue interrupts her very angry.

"Uncle Wei, younger sister Wushuang has spent a lifetime of suffering in that forest for 10 long years, do you want to use it and send it back to that awful place? She has already fought enough; she deserves a time of rest"

"A time of rest?" Wei the eunuch responds "We are at war, we need to enhance the morale of the troops, we need victories and recover the initiative; Furthermore, she, being a citizen of the fiefdom, must answer the call of the feudal lord and the obligation to protect these lands. We need your knowledge about the forest terrain to execute attacks while avoiding unfortunate encounters "

"Young master, excuse me if I exalt a little, but you must understand that we are in times of need; she has suffered, but there are also many citizens who are suffering in the same way. Also, given that her village was destroyed by the enemy army, it is more certain that she is willing to offer her knowledge about this dangerous terrain in order to challenge nearby fortresses and camps. Her help will be very beneficial for everyone. Please young master, understand the situation; You saw how citizens suffer every hour out there and lose hope, if we achieve at least attacks, even if few, but accurate attacks on those fortifications, encourage the people to continue in the fight"

When listening to the arguments that eunuch Wei gives, Chu Yue's mind comes into conflict; On the one hand, eunuch Wei is right that some kind of initiative is needed to raise the morale of the people, but on the other, Chu Yue did not like the idea of using it as a guide to that forest of death. Perhaps on that expedition, she could die along with the soldiers who were sent by those creatures. In addition, she confided her well-being, Chu Yue will lose all confidence on Long Wushuang's part.

"Uncle Wei, I understand what you say, but younger sister Wushuang is also a disciple of my master, so you must request permission from my teacher for younger sister Wushuang to participate."

"It's true, master has accepted the younger sister Long as her disciple, you cannot make that decision without consulting him"

Wei Xin also supports and affirms what Chu Yue said. The eunuch Wei begins to sweat cold.

('If that woman is really a disciple of the distinguished master, am I not sending her to her death? I am simply ignoring his existence')

After noticing the nervousness of the Wei eunuch, the master Yue Kai answered

"The Wushuang girl is only a temporary disciple, passenger, I will only teach her for a few days as payment for helping us in the forest. In addition, I must classify her talent because, according to my assumptions, her talent is not bad; but my opinion can change depending on its performance "

"Master ..." Chu Yue tries to reply, but his teacher gives him a look to silence her

Chu Xuan intervenes "OK, we will continue this conversation tomorrow; I'll still talk to that girl; Eunuch Wei, tell those two brats to come back. He also directs our distinguished guests to their respective rooms"

"We have a lot to do and we have little time"

Wei eunuch bows and orders a pair of servants to guide Master Yue Kai and Wei Xin to their rooms.

"Father ..." Chu Yue tries to talk to her father, but Chu Xuan raises his hand to silence her "Now my daughter, you must be tired, go to your room, we'll talk tomorrow"

"I ... understand" Chu Yue bows before her father and leaves the room, her expression showing a reluctance and inability from the previous conversation. After walking a few steps, Chu Yue turns her gaze.

"Father, you should also rest, even if it's just a little bit." Finished her words, Chu Yue leaves the room.

Eunuch Wei speaks "The young master is right; my lord, you must rest"

Chu Xuan nods heavily "Okay, I'll go to my room, wake me up early" After finishing his words, he leaves the room.

Being alone, the eunuch Wei launches a kind of grunts using his throat.

A silhouette of a person in black comes out of the shadows

"You call me, sir"

"What's wrong with the woman?"

"According to the report of another, there has not been any kind of movement"

The eunuch Wei crosses the arms ('Maybe my suspicions are wrong') "Continue with your duties"

The man dressed in black retires disappearing from sight.

The eunuch Wei picks up the papers from the table and withdraws.

When the room is completely empty, Lu Luo appears. "I think I'm done; I'll go back to my room quickly." Using an impressive speed, she disappears.


Feudo Chen

The Feudal Lord Chen, throws a rate to the ground with force.

"Damn it, how can you not capture a brat?"

"I'm sorry, my Lord, but Miss Chu Yue used a different path to evade the soldiers and spies, according to those explored she is now in Chu Manor"

"They are all useless, capture those inept and whip them, if they survive, work to clean the horses"

"Yes, my Lord"

"Servant, are my 'gifts' in the room?"

"Yes, my Lord, 3 for you"

Releasing a lascivious and disgusting smile the feudal Lord Chen speaks "Excellent, I will have fun for a moment, how would I like to have that little bitch too? But it does not matter, soon the whole fief will belong to me and I'll enjoy that whore until I get tired "


Feudo Zhao

The Feudal Lord Zhao and the master puppeteer discuss

"So, couldn't you capture her?"

"You told me those monsters only come out at night. Did you lie to me?"

"It was not like that, according to the reports, all the attacks and their appearances were at night; I do not understand why they also appeared on the day "

"Whether or not the point is true is that now that that bitch is in Chu Manor, it will be harder for me to capture her; In addition, I have lost more than half of my puppets in that ambush, I will need time to recover my strength "

"But ..." The feudal lord Zhao is interrupted by the master puppeteer.

"Do not worry, I will not break the deal, I'll capture her before she goes back to her sect"

At the end of his words, he disappears from sight.

The feudal Lord Zhao sits on his couch, showing a worried face

"What is happening exactly? It was supposed to be a perfect plan; how could this happen? "

"I will have to reevaluate that forest and its inhabitants, but that does not matter anymore, the matter is over, that forest will no longer be used and nobody will use it on either side"

"I have to accelerate my plans to capture it before the feudal lord Chen begins his invasion and ends the war"

The feudal Lord Zhao gets up and walks towards the window. Observe the landscape of your quiet city in the dark.



"My lord, your servant requests permission to enter"

Upon hearing the call of eunuch Ye, Lord Feudal Zhao speaks "You can enter"

The eunuch Ye enters and bows

"What happens?

"We received a messenger from Lord Feudal Chu, here is a letter with his royal seal"

Lord Feudal Zhao receives the message, reading it begins to laugh.

"Haha, I knew that old Chu was going to ask me for help, I think it was time to use my next plan"

The Feudal Lord Zhao goes to his desk and takes a letter from one of the drawers.

"These are my demands, eunuch Ye, go to the mansion Chu give this face personally to old Chu"

The eunuch Ye receives the letter, upon reading it he is surprised.

"My Lord, this ..."

"You just need to give it to him, do not wait for an immediate response, after finishing delivering it, come back immediately"

The eunuch Ye does not understand the situation, but leans and withdraws.

Lord Feudal Zhao continues to look out the window

"I feel some pity for young Chu, but it's his fault for messing with the wrong woman"

Lord Feudal Zhao feels cold from behind.

"What is this discomfort?

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Excuse this late chapter, I had many setbacks. Enjoy

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