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28.57% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 10: Feast of Blood Part 2

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Chapter 10: Feast of Blood Part 2

Jiang Wushuang observed how they dragged their grandmother by the hair without caring about their screams and the blood that spilled from their hair or from their mouth.

"You stay here and look for a hidden rat"


One of the soldiers orders the other as he moves away, outside you can hear the chaos and the massacre that was orchestrated.

("I hear cries of agony, of pain and of fighting, this village is doomed")

("It seems they make a small resistance out there, but it's useless, only Chief Tao is versed in combat, men are nothing but cannon fodder")

According to the grandmother, Chief Tao has served the feudal lord's army for 20 years, after being wounded in combat, retired with a group of refugees to this village. Due to his reputation as a soldier as his leadership, he became chief.

But it has been several years that I really fight against other soldiers, in addition to the age, although this at the Level of Viseras Trained, will not be able to defend itself as before.

Jiang Wushuang watched silently from a slot in the hole where the soldier was hiding furniture and boxes in search of someone.

("It's time to release the fangs, I would have liked it to be a woman, but I'll settle for that, I also want to find out the different transformations")

According to how she has been investigating, there is a different kind of transformation for a man and a woman, even if she is a virgin or not.

Using her Mist Shape ability, she comes out of hiding and hides in the dark.

The soldier pulls the bed and finds some planks wrongly placed, when he picks them up he finds a hole, he kneels and checks while holding his sword ready to attack.

Jiang Wushuang takes advantage of this distraction opportunity to pick up a knife and stealthily approaches the soldier.

The soldier when reviewing and discovering that there was nobody, get up while holding leaning.

("Now") ("Potency of Blood")

Blood power: Allows the user temporarily gains more strength at the cost of blood, its current duration is about 2 minutes.

Jiang Wushuang jumps and clings to the soldier, the next act bites his neck, with his left hand, she covers his mouth and with her right hand stabs him with the knife in his throat.

The frantic soldier moves from side to side, using his hands to free himself from the grip, but Jiang Wushuang clings tightly and uses the knife to move him from side to side to further enlarge the wound.

("As always, the blood of men doesn't taste good, although it is passable, it feels like drinking cheap wine")

While complaining about the taste, the following information appears in his mind.

Qiu Er Lao

Race: Human

Power level: Muscle Trained

Body: Low Quality Elemental Martial Body

Rarity: Common

("I'm not surprised, it's also obvious that he isn't a virgin")

If he or she is a virgin, it would be mentioned that she has a vital virginal Yang or Yin, if he or she doesn't possess it, it is omitted.

Suck! Suck!

Jiang Wushuang continued to suck the soldier's blood as he continued to stab to speed death.

The soldier's struggles became slower, until he fell to the floor of. His eyes were still open because of the terror and pain I endure.


Jiang Wushuang withdrew his fangs and got up, using his sleeves to wipe the blood from his mouth, the ability blood power is lost, which begins to feel signs of fatigue.

"Now, to see what will happen." Jiang Wushuang watches the body without life while regaining her strength.

After a few seconds, the inert body of the soldier begins to convulse.


The body of the soldier emits the typical sounds of a zombie, this one turns around showing his face to Jiang Wushuang which could observe the changes that happened to him.

His skin was pale and putrefied, his teeth changed to sharp fangs of an animal, although the characteristic fangs lengthened; his eyes turned blood red, his hands began to grow claws.

Jiang Wushuang continued observing the transformation of the soldier, maintaining his calm attitude due to the mental training she suffered in the Infernum.

("I've seen worse things")

When the soldier finished convulsing, he gets up, showing his ugly and deformed face to Jiang Wushuang.

Jiang Wushuang watches the transformed soldier, but suddenly the information appears in his mind.


Transformation of a non-virgin man, acquires a great strength and resistance, immortality and obey any kind of order from her master as well as being able to observe what the Ghoul sees; but it can not evolve, it can not be cured, it does not possess vampiric abilities and without intelligence.

If a Ghoul bites another living being, man or woman, virgin or non-virgin, he will become a Ghoul.

("So this is the result, with these characteristics it can easily be used as cannon fodder")

The Ghoul are only wild beasts for vampires, deformed beings because as they can not be cured, their wounds remain. As they do not have intelligence they can not differentiate or judge, they only obey orders. Even if it has more strength and endurance than its original, it can not evolve, this means that it can face stronger characters if the difference is not very big, if it is, even if it is immortal, it will not do anything to them, maybe as a temporary distraction.

("If I want stronger Ghouls, I will have to bite or have a Ghoul bite him, but the transformation only works if the victim sucks all the blood that is left")

While pondering how to use them, more information emerges in your mind.

The transformation of a Ghoul by another Ghoul has its restrictions:

* A Ghoul can transform a being into a level Training with only one bite, but it takes time, it can be bigger or smaller depending on the level difference. It cannot transform a Martial Artist or a Cultivator.

* A Ghoul Martial Artist can only transform another if his level or sublevel is higher and he has to suck all his blood.

* Only a True Vampire can transform a Cultivator and stronger beings into Ghouls.

("Wow, so I'll have to consider all this information for future encounters.")

("Now that there are only training levels here, I will not have to worry much")

Planning her next movements I hear footsteps approaching, Jiang Wushuang hides in the dark in the form of Mist and orders her Ghoul to throw himself to the ground in a dark place to hide his features.

The soldier when entering the house observes in great disorder that there is, but immediately detects the smell of blood. When he approaches, he is surprised with a pool of blood and a soldier lying on the ground with half of his body covered by darkness.

"What happened here? Hey, Lao, Are you okay? "

The soldier approaches, lowering his guard.


The Ghoul reacts and quickly bites the soldier's neck violently.


The soldier screams with all his strength, trying to remove the Ghoul, but it deepens his bite and digging his claws into his arms.


The soldier drowns in his own blood, large quantities of blood come out of his mouth, while the Ghoul continues his work of finishing his prey.

After a few seconds the Ghoul tears a piece of meat and eats it, the soldier is left inert, showing a large hole in his neck, showing tendons, the trachea and even the bone.

Jiang Wushuang observed the whole event, but showed no signs of surprise and felt no fear or disgust due to the savagery shown by the Ghoul to the soldier, only indifference.

("OK, wait a moment")

Later, the soldier's body convulses, showing the transformation to another Ghoul.

"Well, another one" Jiang Wushuang speaks neutrally. "Now I have to prepare"

Jiang Wushuang is dressed in new clothes and out of nowhere a mask appears.

"Now I will use one of the treasures I take out of the Vault of God"

The mask only had holes for the eyes, but the holes also covered his eyes, in addition, it covers the entire face and is color white.

Mask Revelation Denied: It allows those who carry it to hide from any kind of observation, whether by natural, power or divine means. Although it is resistant, it isn't indestructible, but it can be repaired at the will of the bearer.

("Although there was also a suit with similar characteristics, better the face, to hide my unique eyes, besides wearing thick clothes I can hide my curves when I grow up").

Putting on the mask and wearing new clothes, she is ready to act.

"All right, you two, go out and kill all the soldiers, don't leave anyone alive"

The two Ghouls come out of the hut.

("It's time for a Feast of Blood")

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Sorry for taking the time to upload the chapter, I was with the studies and work, but do not think I've abandoned it. I will never leave it until it's over. Thank you

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