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30.61% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 11: Feast of Blood Part 3

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Chapter 11: Feast of Blood Part 3

The captain observes those two soldiers or what appeared to be them; Surprise and fear invade your being, it is not a fear when you are in combat or if you discover a crime and even a fear of death. It is a unique fear, as if the being at the forefront is about its natural predator, its true enemy, the authentic hunter of living beings.

Even if the being in front of him were the King himself, he would only feel fear mixed with respect due to his majesty, presence and strength. To the strong, fear due to their level of power; but in front of these monsters, it is an innate terror, something born in the hearts of living beings.

True vampires, by nature, are the predators of all living things, those who live in the light. Although in this world and outside there are beings who live in darkness or whose nature is evil, vicious or destructive; They do not compare to a true vampire. The only ones that are similar are the Daemons, but still there are differences.

True vampire possesses an innate ability called Fosca Putrefaction of the Spirit, destroying the three essences of the Spirit: Will, Desires, Faith.

That of a Daemon will be discussed later.

Although for Ghouls and minor vampires this innate ability is of lesser intensity, for low-level or low-spirited Martial Artists and Trainees they would feel its effects.

The soldiers kept shaking, trying to find strength from who knows where, but still the desire to flee intensified.

The captain seeing that some were backing up, raised his voice in an attempt to calm them down. "All Still!, Calm Down! We are 16 while those beings are only two, we can with them. Let's finish with this and the reward is fortune, banquet and women "

By mentioning the rewards for this work, the soldiers are encouraged and raise their fighting spirit, but the damage was done.

"Why do they dress like us, what monsters are those? One of them asks.

"Wait a moment, is not that the rookie Lao and the other, Li Xin?" The second in command recognizes the Ghouls.

"It's true, I sent them to check that hut, what happened to them? The person who commands the two reaffirms the above.

By recognizing them, fear gradually takes over their spirits. Nobody knows what happened in the hut besides the screams issued recently. Everyone thinks that the hut is cursed.


The Ghouls growl and roar, advanced quickly, in a few seconds they jump like cheetahs and grab two soldiers that were some distance from the main group, the impact was so strong that they were sent backwards from the group distancing themselves 3 or 4 meters.

The soldiers used their swords to stab in the stomach, although they were traversed the Ghouls only issued a strong grunt, open their mouths showing their sharp fangs and rows of pointed teeth.


The Ghouls bite on the necks while using their claws to destroy the abdomen. Their metal armor is shattered like paper, pieces of metal mixed with flesh fly through the air to end up dirtying the earth already stained with blood.

Many soldiers pale and some fall from behind because of the bestial and bloody scene that was presented, only the strongest shake their heads and run towards the Ghouls, before they could attack, the Ghouls quickly retreat, tearing piece of meat where they were biting, hiding in the shadows and in the shattered houses.

The soldiers observe the bodies, the abdomen completely destroyed, you can even see the intestines coming out of the lack of flesh and their necks, with a huge hole where the blood did not stop coming out.

Some feel nauseous due to the brutality, even the captain himself could not help feeling stomach upsets despite the tortures and cruel methods I used in the past and now.


The captain gathers his soldiers to ride the horses and flee. This is the territory of the Feudal Lord Chu, it is not your problem or your duty to exterminate these monsters. May the troops of Feudal Lord Chu take charge and die for the beasts. They can report as casualties due to fighting with the villagers and forget about the issue with feasts and women.


But suddenly the neighing of the horses is heard, they quickly observe the situation. The horses are lying on the ground because they pulled all the legs. The horses whinnied in pain and began to defecate.

Seeing their escape route cut off, the soldiers gathered to watch all sides waiting for some kind of ambush.


When listening to some moans, the soldiers direct their glances towards the source. The two bodies begin to rise, the intestines protrude from their abdomens, deformed faces, sharp teeth and crimson red eyes.

Terror flooded the spirits of the soldiers, they discovered that if they are bitten by those creatures they will become those things. Without an escape, they began to tremble and pray.

Inside the hut, Jiang Wushuang watched from her window, controlling the movements of the Ghouls with her mind, although she can give orders directly, she knows that they would obey literally. The previous order was to test them and since they were about to attack head on, she stopped their movements using the Control Ghouls ability.

("Fortunately, I stopped them, if they had continued straight ahead, they would have been dismembered")

The Ghouls can not regenerate, therefore, if they lose arms and legs, they would lose mobility when fighting and would have to discard them, but losing them now was not the best option.

Jiang Wushuang is leveled to Trained Skin, thanks to the blood and the Yang essence of the two individuals, if he absorbs stronger blood, she will be able to make her way in the Muscle Trained.

Divine Body of the Lord of the Dragons. Scarlet Dragon of Emptiness. It is of Yin Origin, therefore, by absorbing Yang energy, it will dissolve into nothingness; but if it is Yin, it will keep it intact.

Consequently, if he sucks a man's blood, he will also absorb the entire Yang essence leaving only an empty shell without a mind, that is why they become Ghouls, regardless of whether he is a virgin or not. If it is a woman, it will only absorb the blood, leaving the essence intact.

Jiang Wushuang considered all the information to plan the attacks on the soldiers. First attack the weakest, then in a moment of distraction kill the horses to leave them without an escape route, and finally, attack and retreat to reduce their forces and bite them in vital points to increase their strength.

Jiang Wushuang stayed where she was, due to his lack of experience controlling them and maintaining his concentration, observing the carnage that was orchestrated outside.

The soldiers were falling one by one, the Ghouls attacking all at once to one, biting everywhere, tearing pieces of meat and then withdrawing from the counterattack.

Some of the soldiers began to flee, but that facilitated the work of the Ghouls.

The captain, along with two of his best men, defended themselves as best they could, one of them cutting off his arm and one on his leg. The captain managed to decapitate a Ghoul, but his body kept moving, so he used his sword to stab the heart.

Passing the heart the Ghoul disintegrates, its flesh becomes ashes leaving only its skeleton.

By observing this, he was able to detect the weak point of the monsters.

"They stab at the heart that is their weak point"

The captain shouts the warning, but it was too late, many of his men are dead or in the process of transformation.




The rain continued to fall, washing the earth with the blood spilled from the soldiers who are still on the ground, of the 18 soldiers there is only 1 standing and 9 Ghouls, with great effort they only killed 3 of them, the 4 corpses convulsed by the transformation.

The captain is the last to stand, because he is a Soul Trained, he can still defend himself from attacks, but fatigue increases more and more.

The Ghouls attack, but no longer with bites or claws, but with blows to knock the captain off.


The captain falls, the Ghouls surround him, the terror has already consumed his being. The crimson eyes stare at him; when he sees them he trembles, as if he saw the same hell.

("It was supposed to be a farmers' village, how could this happen ?, this is a nightmare, it must be, wake me up now")

The captain tries to deny reality, but wakes up when he hears a few steps in the distance.

When he looks in the direction of the steps, he saw a girl dressed in thick winter clothes, wearing a mask with only eye holes that totally covered her face and her silvery hair that fell like a waterfall and shone with the light of the Moon.

The captain was incredulous of such a situation, the girl kept walking towards him, she thought that the monsters would attack her, but they made way for her and they knelt before his presence.

"Who are you?"

The captain asks in shock at the situation presented. But the moment the girl withdraws the mask her mind goes blank. Those unique eyes, one in blue with a green triangle and the other in crimson red with a black reptile. Seeing the left eye crimson red like monsters, an answer came.

"! You command these monsters, right? Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?"

Jiang Wushuang answers insipidly

"Who I am is not important to someone dead. I live here, in the village that you destroyed. And the last question, what do I want? I want to make you suffer in life and in death. Devour it slowly, do not leave the bones. "

The Ghouls on hearing the command of their Queen, rush on the Captain


The Ghouls tore the flesh away, bit by bit, piece by piece, separating the flesh from the bones.

The rain continued to fall accompanied by the cries of the unfortunate, the flesh being chewed and the bones creaking.

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