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57.14% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 24: Foreign Conversations

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Chapter 24: Foreign Conversations

Following the orders of her mistress, Lu Luo walks through the corridors avoiding that view.

"I can feel the presence of people and their address in remote places; I can see clearly in the dark, even much more than in the day; I can also hear the conversations inside the rooms even though the walls are thick "

Lu Luo puts to the test these skills that she now possesses and every second she does not stop being surprised, the darkness doesn't affect his vision, she can even see better than in the day. She can feel the presence and auras of different creatures around her environment, from the little insects to the hidden guards and soldiers that pass outside her vision, although this doesn't allow her to know where they are.

In addition to the above characteristics, she feels a mysterious energy that fills her with power, a power strong enough to oppose high-caliber warriors and soldiers.

Her mind is filled with thoughts and emotions violent, but she quickly regains her rationality and quickly shakes her head in an act to vanish such things.

"Quiet, stay focused, I want to end this soon to know the truth and know who I am now"

After regaining peace of mind, Lu Luo continues her journey.

A few meters from reaching the private room of Lord Feudal Chu, Lu Luo stops her steps


"There are many guards everywhere"

Lu Luo leans against the wall, inhales and exhales deeply.

"Mist Form" Lu Luo's body disappears, transforming into air currents, although she still maintains some discomfort with this transformation, she manages to mock the guards and successfully infiltrates the room.

Lu Luo hides in a dark corner to watch and listen to the entire conversation.

Inside the room were Mr. Feudal Chu sitting at his desk, his appearance was very worried, stress and anxiety, due to this, his face began to form wrinkles, his hair was gray when he still did not meet 50 years old.

At his side was his daughter, Chu Yue giving him a massage on his shoulders to calm him down and reduce his stress, her expression showed very clearly her concern and guilt mixed with a fervent resolve to support her father.

In front of the father - daughter duo is in teacher Yue Kai seated while having some tea and in front of him is Wei Xin who kept looking from one side to another while serving tea to her teacher.

"I appreciate your concern that you show your father my daughter, but it was totally imprudent to come here in these chaotic times; You are just like your brothers, just as reckless and stubborn. " Feudal Lord Chu, Chu Xuan, sighs deeply and sinks his body much more into the chair. The enormous fatigue that was accumulating all this time was reflected in the act.

"I understand your father anger, but I just can not stay in the sect knowing that my father and all my family are in mortal danger" Chu Yue bites her lips trying to suppress her grief.

When Chu Yue arrived and met her father, she was harshly warned by him, for her reckless act of coming to the Chu manor in times of war.

"I thought you were more prudent than your two brothers, but to think that you were the most daring, what the hell were you thinking?"

"You know how much work it cost me to send you to the Martial Sky sect, you know how much I cost all the materials so you can develop yourself and you dare to come, pulling all my efforts."

"Not only that, you even involved your master with a fellow disciple in this crazy journey of yours, you"

His screams lasted for several minutes.

Chu Yue remained kneeling and her head touched the ground repressing the tears, like a girl being scolded by her father.

Master Yue Kai just looked to one side, as this was an issue between father - daughter.

Wei Xin was next to her to reassure her, in addition to asking the Feudal Lord to end the claims.

When it was all over, Chu Xuan sat in his chair very downcast, his head began to hurt and his complexion began to turn pale.

Chu Yue noticing this, ran to his side to calm him down. Wei eunuch also helped, little by little Chu Xuan began to recover.

"Estimated master, I am sorry to have been involved in my daughter's personal matters, I will find a way to give his some kind of repair and ..."

Master Yue Kai raises his hand to interrupt him. "It is not necessary, Lord Feudal, it was my decision to escort my disciple and to come here; you don't need to give me anything, I also know that you want me to convince the girl to return, but it is useless, you as your father knows your firm and stubborn character; in that case she was warned that if a mortal danger occurs or the cause is lost, I will take it back even if I have to carry it as a package. "

Chu Xuan nods "Thank you very much for your assistance and I also regret all this"

Chu Yue says "Father, where are my two brothers?"

"Chu Tian is on the border directing the defense and Chu Yuan is trying to maintain order in the city" Chu Xuan responds and continues "Those two brats also came when they found out about it two years ago; I also complain, but because they are very capable in directing the troops, for the moment they have managed to stop the enemy advance "Chu Xuan exhales a long sigh" At least it was not wasted in time that I dedicate myself in teaching them "

The room remained quiet and silent, Chu Xuan breaks the silence "Child, how did you manage to come to the mansion? Almost all paths are being controlled by Chen bastards. You told me that you had left your sect 8 days ago, that travel time is a little less than we used to go to the sect. So daughter responds to your old father What path have you taken? "

Chu Xuan turns his gaze to Chu Yue, observing that she showed uneasiness and nervousness.

Chu Xuan frowns and checks the map that was on his desk

"Father, this ..." Chu Yue wanted to stop him, but Chu Xuan waved his hand to shut up while he checked.

"The only way that gives you that time advantage is ..." when his finger touched a particular forest image he began to tremble. His complexion again began to be born and he felt an iron taste in his throat.


Chu Xuan hits his desk cracking the wood

"Frankly underestimate the level of your audacity, as a member of the Martial Sky sect, you should have learned the dangers that inhabit that forest and you really dared to take it walked, if you had taken the Royal path I would not be so angry Do you want this old man to die of anger? "

Chu Xuan pointed his finger at Chu Yue, wanting to beat him up, but suppressed those desires since she was able to get out of that damn forest.

There are several paths to go to the Martial Sky Sect, one is by the Royal path of the kingdom, but that takes a long time, around 20 to 22 days; another is a path that was built 13 years ago and the one that Chu Xuan used to take his daughter to the sect, which takes about 12 days to arrive and the last road is through the forest of the eternal nightmare. Although before the events occurred ten years ago, that road was an option and the fastest, but to call it the way is to say flattery; It was very steep, making it very difficult and problematic for a caravan and possessed many dangers of wild beasts and bandits by its dense forests. Only a few small groups on horseback can choose to take such a path, but after the events occurred ten years ago to this day, no one takes that path.

Chu Xuan had received reports of strange disappearances of explorers in the forests; after hearing about the attacks of the Golden-winged Eagle army towards the villages that lived in the forest, he sent detachments to find out what happened and to watch over him for possible enemy movements. But only four returned, all with completely pale faces and extremely frightened, telling stories of monsters devouring their companions and horrible red eyes that lurk in the dark.

Chu Xuan at first believed that they were nonsense, but every time they sent a group to that forest, only one or two came back alive telling the same thing. His spies also informed him that the Golden-winged Eagle army also sent soldiers into the forest with the same result. Since then his officers did not send anyone to that forest and they only watched him from afar, but it was forbidden to enter.

When their sons returned, they were warned of the forest, they also had their doubts, but when they observed the horror of the survivors of the groups they sent, they also issued the same orders.

"I do not know what to do with you, Master Yue Kai, any advice?" Chu Xuan leans back in his chair asking for help from Master Yue Kai, but only receives a denial from him.

"According to the time you arrived at Chu Mansion, you entered the forest in the morning, right?"

"Yes, it was early in the morning" Chu Yue answers with total frankness.

"It will take around 8 to 10 hours to cross it, according to reports, those creatures come out at night, but because we are a few days away from winter, the day is not very long; but seeing you safe and sound you didn't have any danger. "

Chu Yue felt conflicted to continue deceiving his father, so she took courage to tell the truth

"No father, during the trip, we were attacked not by those creatures but by a group dressed in black."

"Were you attacked by a group dressed in black?" Chu Xuan abruptly gets up from his chair.

"It is true" the master Yue Kai intervenes "We were intercepted by the puppets of the master Puppeteer" the master Yue Kai tells of the confrontation that took place and its purpose.

Chu Xuan gets very serious. He also heard from the infamous puppeteer master "Did he want to kidnap my daughter?"

"That's right, most likely he wanted to turn the girl into one of his puppets." Teacher Yue Kai answers.

Chu Xuan directs a furious look at his daughter, Chu Yue could only duck her head.

"How did you get out of that situation?" Chu Xuan asks the master Yue Kai, to which he releases an uneasy smile. "It will be impossible to believe, but those monsters helped us. It was impossible to believe, but those monsters helped us"

"EHH" Chu Xuan remains motionless and stunned. "Excuse me, what did you just say?"

"I explain to you" Master Yue Kai relates the following events that occurred. Chu Xuan is impressed by such a story.

"Because we were under the sun, nothing happened to us, although after it was hidden by the clouds, its attacks began, but thanks to our benefactress we managed to survive"

"Benefactress?" Chu Xuan asks.

"Long Wushuang, the girl with the mask that accompanied us up here, your servant Wei saw her"

Chu Xuan observes the eunuch Wei, he replies "Indeed, I saw a girl with a mask and rustic clothes and thick, the young master Chu Yue ordered a maid to take her to one of the guest rooms"

"It's true, she helped us by saying the weak point of those things, if it were not for her ..." Chu Yue begins to have discomfort when remembering those events and the Ghouls.

Chu Xuan meditates for a moment "I can not believe that someone was still there. Do you know where she comes from? Why was she in that forest?

Chu Yue responds "She said she is a survivor of one of the villages that were destroyed 10 years ago, because she didn't have the means to be able to leave the forest and seek refuge in another town, she stayed living in that place trying to survive for 10 years "

"10 years, it's impossible, will not she be lying?" Chu Xuan exclaims.

"I also thought that, but almost everyone who entered that place has died, those who managed to leave have suffered mental traumas. Her combat prowess and knowledge of the weak points of those monsters; that is something that is obtained when fighting with those in many occasions. It is complicated with respect if she is a spy class or if she tells the truth "Master Yue Kai responds.

"Maybe you're right, in any case, eunuch Wei, have you sent a hidden guard to watch her, right?

"Do not worry, there is one parked" Eunuco Wei responds.

"Uncle Wei, how can you ..." Chu Yue exclaims, but is interrupted by Chu Xuan.

"Bring it here, I want to hear your report"

Eunuco Wei takes out a small whistle and plays it, an inaudible sound comes out of the whistle. A man in black with a scarf covering the lower half of his face appears.

"Lord Feudal, what are your orders"

"Tell me your report about that girl"

"Responding to Lord Feudal, that woman stayed in her room and did not leave at all, the maid Lu Luo stayed for approximately 10 to 15 minutes with her and then retired, now she is sleeping" The hidden guard responds frankly.

"Uhmm, it looks like she isn't up to something, does anyone know where that Lu Luo maid is?" Chu Xuan asks.

"It's already very dark, I suppose you'll be in the servants' quarters. Do you want me to bring it?" Wei the eunuch answers.

Lu Luo shudders for a few moments, now she is hidden in a dark corner, if they go looking for her she will be in trouble.

Chu Xuan shakes his hand "No, better bring that girl tomorrow, I want to talk to her, for now let her sleep" Chu Xuan directs his gaze to the hidden guard "Continue your vigilance"

The hidden guard nods and quickly retires.

"Father, let's forget about this matter and tell me the current situation, I want to help you in everything I can" Chu Yue speaks very seriously.

"Very well, since you are here I will tell you" Chu Xuan responds and sits on the chair, places his hands on the map.

Lu Luo, knowing that they will not call her, breathes a sigh of relief and continues to hear the conversation.

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