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97.95% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 44: Glow of an "ordinary"

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Chapter 44: Glow of an "ordinary"

"But look who we have here, the young bastard Jiang has returned to serve this young master."

The environment becomes silent, the surrounding people sneak away and observe the situation.

Jiang Feng stares at the arrogant young man, although his gaze remains calm, his breathing becomes somewhat agitated

"Oh, Young Master Wang Botao, excuse me for some kind of offense this has done to you." Jiang Feng stands up and clasps his hands.

"Tsk, you should be very grateful that this young master visits you. Why don't you offer me a seat?"

Jiang Feng retreats and stands behind his comrades, Wang Botao sits down and his bodyguards wait behind.

"And what brings you useless here, don't tell me that you have come to participate in the convocation of disciples? That would be hilarious for someone who is only level 1, rubbish, haha" Wang Botao laughs and his followers follow suit.

Qin Yao can't stand Wang Botao's egocentric attitude anymore "Enough, even though brother Jiang is a level one doesn't mean he's rubbish, the ones who really should judge are the martial masters"

Qin Yao unleashes the power of a Level 2 Mortal Martial.

"Uhmm, so little Yao has reached level two, so what? Do you think your miserable power can stop this Young Master? "Wang Botao unleashes the aura of a level 4 Mortal Martial.

"Or have you thought that bearing the Qin surname would save you from your insolence? Although you carry the surname Qin, you are only a daughter of the side branch, if you die right now, do you think the Qin family will seek revenge on you? "

Qin Yao frowns and takes three steps back, Jiang Feng and the others stand in front of her. "It is enough Young Master Wang Botao, if they are going to direct your annoyance at someone it is me, leave Young Miss Qin alone" Jiang Feng declares.

"And who do you think you are? Your Jiang family is nothing more than the close friends of the Qin family. Do you think that you are at the time when you enjoyed prestige? If you think like that, then you are nothing more than an idiot who clings to times past. "Wang Botao crossed his arms in front of him.

Long ago, the Jiang Family had great prestige similar to the two great families, but due to conflict with the Crimson Cloud Sect, it drastically reduced their potential. Because some female members were married to the Qin family, they were able to shelter it, but the surname was lost and they remained as servants or guards, the adult generations were advisers, but of lower rank.

Jiang Feng clenches his fists tightly trying to hold back his fury.

Qin Yao flatly states "You are right that my family belongs to the side branch, but unlike yours, the Qin family cares about the young generation, whether it is from the main or side branch, they take care of each other. Instead, your Wang family only cares about prestige and merits and I understand that only a select group have the family backing and as for the others, if they haven't made great contributions, they don't receive anything regardless of whether they are from the branch main or side"

"Besides, the Wang family is characterized by having a large harem and having many descendants, even if you are from the main branch, you are only the son of a concubine with nothing special"

The environment became much quieter and many others fell away from the group.

"Well, well, then I'll earn merits by killing a member of the younger generation of the Qin family." Wang Botao gives a cruel smile and the bodyguards draw their weapons.

Qin Yao's group gets up and they also draw their weapons.

Long Wushuang and Lu Luo just watch while holding their seats.

"My lord, this establishment is owned by your Family, it would be disastrous for them if this place is damaged and affects the income of the Wang Family." The owner of the place goes out to persuade Wang Botao to fight outside.

Wang Botao looks at the manager for a moment before exiting along with his guards "I'll be waiting for you outside or you can stay here like cowards" and walks away.

"So, what can we do now? If we confront them, perhaps one of us will become corpses "Po Yun expresses his opinion.

"Are you planning to stay here forever?" Da Feng is holding a heavy sword for me.

"Let's get out of here" Long Wushuang whispers and the two get up to leave.

"Ehh? Wait, don't go. "Jiang Feng sees them and tries to stop them without success.

"Stupid peasant women, what are you thinking?" Qin Yao comments.

"Master if we go out now those people are going to attack us" Lu Luo whispers and Long Wushuang responds "It's true, but it's also the best way to stand out, I feel the presence of very powerful people in this area and you only need a little boost to your Martial Enlightenment and mislead a new power, a very powerful element "

Lu Luo's cultivation had reached a bottleneck and Long Wushuang had felt that facing a very strong opponent again caused the necessary momentum to advance.

The duo leave the restaurant.

"Stop there, now that I remember you were also part of the group" Wang Botao went towards them and his group surrounded them.

Lu Luo says "We are only foreigners and we talk to young Jiang to get information, we don't have any kind of relationship, I hope Young Master Wang can understand don't let it pass"

"Seriously? Even so, this young master is going to conduct an investigation, you will come with me and if what you said is true, you will be free, bring it to me. "Wang Botao takes a solemn position, but lust is reflected in his eyes.

('Heh, I'll play with those cute bodies until I get bored and throw them at the guards')

Wang Botao was very frustrated and wanted to vent

"Damn, we must help them" Jiang Feng says.

"No, brother Jiang, those women we don't know and we do not have the strength to help" Qin Yao stops him, and not only her, but her other companions also agree

"Young ladies, you better not do something stupid and we might treat you kindly, otherwise hehe, don't blame us for breaking some bones"

Two guards approach Long Wushuang and Lu Luo until they stop abruptly.

A spear pierces the torso and a head dances through the air.

Everyone went completely silent due to such an incredible and ruthless act.

Jiang Feng and the group widened their eyes and mouths, they thought they would be redirected or give less resistance, they never thought that they would witness such an unbridled act.

Wang Botao is surprised and in a few seconds he shouts angrily "Kill them, kill them now"

"Lu Luo take care of that conceited one and I take care of the guards" Long Wushuang whispers and they both prepare to fight.

"Are those girls really going to fight?" A viewer comments.

"There are always proud girls who prefer to die than be humiliated" Another responds

"This has gotten out of hand, those two fools will die." Qin Yao frowns heavily as she watches carefully.

Long Wushuang prepares to face the group of 5 men, she represses her cultivation to avoid further scandals and Lu Luo confronts Wang Botao expelling the aura of Soul Trained.

"Stupid, do you think your pathetic power can defeat this young master? You dream "Wang Botao puts an arm behind his back showing a look of contempt" Against you, I only need one arm "

Lu Luo lashes out with the spear quickly.

"Heh" Wang Botao counterattacks with a strong punch generating a loud explosion and Lu Luo is sent flying a few meters.

"It seems that you are not a simple girl, you have numbed my hand, consider it an achievement" Wang Botao lashes out, dealing a strong blow.

Lu Luo dodges it, but the shock wave causes sewers. The blow leaves a large crater

While Long Wushuang continues to fight the guards.

"AGGHH" Another guard falls after being stabbed, Long Wushuang demonstrates mastery dodging, defending and counterattacking.

"Who is that woman? How can you fight a big group?

"It seems as if his sword were another extension of the arm"

"The other woman isn't far behind either, despite her low level she can resist a lot"

('Something inside me wants to explode, I feel some kind of energy that wants to come out') Lu Luo breathes quickly trying to regain energy and control himself.

"Damn you useless, why should I pay them if they can't against a simple woman?" Wang Botao hysterically complained when he saw his guards dying.

"Lu Luo let it out, don't control it, just let it flow." Long Wushuang walks over to help her up.

"Damn bitches, before I said to kill them, but change your mind, I will torture you first and then my men will follow" Wang Botao approaches and the guards surround them.

Long Wushuang lunges swiftly.

"Get lost" Wang Botao counters with two punches where one is dodged, but the other hits violently in the stomach. Long Wushuang is sent flying and falls hard to the ground, her mouth is drawn threads of blood.

Although Long Wushuang was able to dodge those blows, she decided to take the last blow to increase Lu Luo's desire to overcome.

Lu Luo, upon seeing that attack, remembers when her mistress was violently beaten by Tang Li, she felt how fury took hold of her, she wanted nothing more than to tear him apart; but because she was very injured, she was unable to complete Martial Enlightenment.

"AGHHH!" Lu Luo launches her attack with all her might.

Wang Botao blocks the attack, but this time he feels strong pressure and takes 3 steps back.

"Bitch, die." Large amounts of Qi accumulate in his fist and he launches a great counterattack.

Lu Luo defends herself with the spear, the impact sends it flying and the spear breaks in the process. She collapses violently to the ground, trickles of blood pouring out of her mouth.

"Now you will die" Wang Botao approaches, but for a few seconds he stops and his eyes widen.

The people around her are totally stunned.

Electrical discharges began to come out of Lu Luo's body, in principle they were weak and faint, but little by little the discharges became stronger giving the birth of lightning that covers the body and is strongly detached to the ground.

"This cannot be, it is impossible" Wang Botao backs up a bit.

"What's going on? What kind of power is this?

"This is the elemental awakening, when a person achieves Martial Enlightenment, if one is born with a natural element, this is released; I never thought that she would have the lightning element as a natural element "

Jiang Feng's group can't believe what they see, the woman they previously looked down on now displays her power.

"Lightning Element? It's the first time I've seen it, it's surprising. "Jiang Feng and the group gaze at Lu Luo and those flashy purple lightning bolts.

Qin Yao covers her mouth trying to process what she is seeing.

In a tall building, in some covered windows that obstruct the vision from the outside, but these did not prevent seeing outside, some seniors observe the fight.

"Interesting, that girl possesses an Elemental Martial Body of Lightning" A bearded old man says.

"The color is purple, it has a basic affinity, but even so those lightning bolts are very strong, a very good seed" Another old man with a mustache comments.

"What? Do you intend to take it from me? I warn you unfortunate, she will belong to my school "

"Hehe, it seems like you're still resentful of that dual-attribute girl"

"Tsk, those old men not only settled for one with triple attribute, now they have one with double attribute, those lucky bastards" The bearded old man sighs.

"Even though you have another element…. Uhmm, purple lightning, affinity is basic range, are you going to help her now? "

"First I want to see their performance and then I will intervene; Although it is basic range, those rays generate a lot of pressure and are causing a lot of damage unlike other users that I have seen "

"You're right, that girl is something unusual"

"Not only her, the other is not left behind either, she is in the Mortal Martial Realm level 2 being very young and she is also hiding her cultivation and her skill with the sword is very interesting"

"You're right, it seems that two good seeds have arrived"

Meanwhile, Long Wushuang witnesses the Martial Enlightenment ("Although it can attract a lot of attention and perhaps shows more than it should show, it is necessary to have some support")

Lu Luo lets out a powerful scream and the lightning strikes harder, generating a great cloud of smoke.

Long Wushuang managed to observe his shadow, it lengthened and a pair of wings were visualized, but instantly they disappeared.

Unlike Long Wushuang where the shadow took the form of a Dragon, only Lu Luo's wings came out, the human form remained.

('Those wings, luckily the smoke blocked visibility and those wings disappeared instantly, even so, I didn't think my lineage would get stronger and stronger as their cultivation increased.')

Lu Luo also realizes that the disguise disappeared, she felt the long fangs and also pain or rather some burning.

She is a minor vampire her powers are reduced to half under the sun and if she activates some kind of vampiric power or manifests physical changes she will feel burning in her body.

The smoke clears and Lu Luo, upon regaining her human form, doesn't waste time and attacks quickly, electric shocks surround the spear.

Wang Botao no longer shows that carefree attitude, he prepares for defense by accumulating Earthly Qi quickly.

"Scum, what if you have a body of lightning? You still have a long way to go to overcome me. "Wang Botao repels the attack, although it leaves him with damage to his arm.

Although Lu Luo is under the influence of the sun, this doesn't reduce the side effects of lightning attacks such as muscle bruises.

Wang Botao throws a double blow while Lu Luo fights back with electric shocks. She is thrown to the ground and Long Wushuang quickly rejoins her after having finished off two more guards. Both are very exhausted.

"Now they will die" Large amounts of Qi accumulate in his fists and he attacks generating strong blizzards.

A strong impact resounds. A large cloud of smoke rises. Wang Botao is thrown several meters. The guards who are still alive rush to help him.

"Who was the bastard who attacked this Young Master, show yourself?" Wang Botao clearly realized that he was interrupted by someone with a higher level.

"The bastard is me punk" An old man with a gray beard dressed in simple robes and at his waist holds an emblem with the figure of a highly detailed lightning bolt, the emblem was surrounded by tiny lightning bolts, but one could witness overwhelming power. The beam was on a background of 5 colors: Red, blue, jade green, purple and brown.

"An Elder from the Union of the Elements School" The spectators recoil in shock.

Members of the Union of the Elements School are reserved, even more so for Elders.

Wang Botao turns as pale as a sheet of paper and kneels quickly "This Junior regrets having offended the Respected Elder and I hope he can forgive my mistake"

The Elder ignores him and looks carefully at the two injured and tired girls.

"Very good seeds, but I'm only interested in the bearer of the spear."

Long Wushuang and Lu Luo pay their respects. "These Juniors don't deserve such praise from the Honorable Elder, we are still weak and ignorant"

"With training you can improve" He then throws a small piece of jade. Lu Luo catches him confused.

"This will help you have a chance, but do not trust yourself, the tests are very hard for them to accept you" The Elder turns to leave.

"Wait a second Respected Elder, this junior suggests that you think it over, these women are unknown and perhaps they may have vile motives" Wang Botao tries to generate doubts in the Elder's mind, even if a little is enough for him.

The two girls are completely unknown, although showing great talent does not show that they are trustworthy.

The Elder looks at him and says seriously "A simple brat dares to question my decisions or you think that by having the surname Wang you have the ability to refute me"

"This junior doesn't dare" Wang Botao bows deeply.

"You have 3 breaths to get out"

Wang Botao wastes no time and leaves together with the guards who were left alive.

The Elder is about to leave, but before he stops "I forgot something, for the woman with a sword, I recommend that you go to the High Sword Pavilion to improve your skills" That said, he leaves.

"These weak young women are deeply grateful for the help offered and the advice given by the Honorable Elder." Long Wushuang cupped her hands not caring if the Elder heard her.

Another seated person also leaves.

People around start to murmur about the events that happened

The group couldn't believe what they just saw either.

The two girls get up and begin to leave.

"Ehh, wait a minute." Jiang Feng walks over quickly.

"What does young Jiang want?" Long Wushuang asks.

"Ahh, eh, well, you are injured and exhausted and I can provide a room for you to recover." Jiang Feng speaks with some difficulty.

Long Wushuang thinks about it for a moment and nods "Then we will abuse young Jiang's hospitality and I hope he can accept my deep thanks."

"It's no trouble, I'll guide you" Jiang Feng accompanies them. The group reacts and begins to follow them.

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