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65.3% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 28: Hope is the last thing lost

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Chapter 28: Hope is the last thing lost

"Eunuch Wei, have you found out anything about the girl?"

Chu Xuan was in the main dining room waiting for the guests.

"According to the information given by the young master Chu, I was able to conduct an investigation; but the results weren't the most desired"

"Why?" Chu Xuan asks.

"According to the young master Chu, that girl came from Ymylol village, one of the 5 border villages that occupied the Resplendent forest, the old name of the forest; but it was destroyed by the Golden-winged Eagle soldiers and also on that date the apparitions of those monsters occurred"

"Because there was no good jurisdiction and control of the ruler of that region, these villages have been deeply neglected; the only reports that were received were only from the taxes and the same messages of 'all in order'"

"After the events that happened in that forest, the governor resigned from his post and took refuge in the fief, several nearby villages also mobilized. That place was abandoned for approximately 10 years"

Chu Xuan throws a sigh while he reclines in his chair "I think it will be difficult for the girl to give us her support, born or not in that village, she will be very resentful due to abandonment"

Eunuch Wei says "Resentful or not, she remains a citizen of this fief, her duty is to obey his orders Lord Feudal"

Chu Xuan sighs again and directs his gaze to Master Yue Kai "Master Yue Kai, I would like to hear your opinion about the girl"

Master Yue Kai wanted to refuse at first, but seeing that pleading look he could only accept the request impotently "In my opinion based on what I have seen, that girl has the greatest sense of survival and character that any of us"

"Even if I hide her body, I can detect her skeletal age and it is true that she is a 16-year-old girl. A girl at her age living is that place of death, alone and to survive is a very impressive fact. In addition, she hasn't awakened her Martial Illumination; she has depended on her survival with the strength of a weak girl at the beginning and by herself came to Trained Soul. That is admirable, very admirable"

"She formed her body and mind facing face to face with the same death every day, a horrible death indeed. I face it for 10 years; if her story is true, she is comparable to any veteran in character. Although she needs to refine her combat skills, I must say that her way of fighting is very good"

"She is a very good seed to be a powerful martial artist, with the right training and a master worthy of her"

"As for my opinion regarding that idea yesterday, I think she should grow and increase her level of power. If she dies, it will be a great loss for this fief"

Chu Xuan crosses his hands and places his chin on top of them, reflecting on the words spoken by Master Yue Kai.

Eunuch Wei approaches Chu Xuan to discreetly speak to him "Lord Feudal, although Master Yue Kai may be right, but the current situation does not allow ..."

Before he could finish, a maid enters the dining room with a tray of food.

"Greetings, Lord Feudal, dear Master, Mr. Wei; this humble servant comes to place this food of M-Lady Long"

Lu Luo corrects quickly to avoid suspicion.

Eunuch Wei turns his attention to the maid and immediately recognizes that she had been entrusted with attending Long Wushuang on the orders of Chu Yue.

"Maid, where is the girl, the Young Master didn't go to look for her?"

Lu Luo responds "Mr. Wei, you are correct. Young Master Chu went to look for her, but she wanted to eat in her room so as not to cause discomfort, Lady Long told the young teacher Chu that she is only a peasant and is unworthy of eating her food with the great Feudal Lord; therefore, the young teacher Chu ordered me to bring her food to the dining room while talking to her"

"Uhm, at least the girl knows her place" The eunuch Wei comments.

Lu Luo felt inside her heart an anger that grew after the comment of Eunuch Wei, but quickly managed to calm down.

(What was that? I felt a hatred for Mr. Wei when he finished speaking. Is it an effect of my transformation when they offend Her Majesty in any way?')

Chu Xuan raises his hand to silence the eunuch Wei and says "Tell the two to come immediately"

Lu Luo leans down and leaves the dining room.

"If that girl does not want to take her food with us, it is likely that she will not feel calm next to you, Lord Feudal Chu Xuan; besides, that girl won't be intimidated in front of you" Master Yue Kai comments.

"Why do you say that? Chu Xuan being somewhat confused, ask.

"While talking with the girl during the trip, I noticed something. Her way of speaking and her attitude is very relaxed, although she always showed respect and seriousness; don't notice any sign of anxiety or fear of a young man who speaks with a stronger senior or a high rank"

"I think that the moment she talks to you; she won't feel very fearful or intimidated in front of you."

While they pondered, in Long Wushuang's room.

"My apologies for the interruption, young master Chu, Lady Long; but the Feudal Lord requests the presence of both in the main dining room"

Lu Luo's voice was heard outside the room.

"The time to talk is over, it's time to meet Lord Feudal Chu" Long Wushuang speaks seriously.

Chu Yue holds her hand and says "Don't worry, I will try to convince my father to avoid making a wrong decision"

Both women leave the room for the dining room.

Lu Luo follows behind, but hears a whisper.

'I feel restless in your spirit; you better get away; meet me at midnight. And remember, try to avoid exposing yourself to the sun.

Although an Adept Vampire cannot die when exposed to the sun, it can generate burns and discomfort which would raise suspicion.

Lu Luo accompanies the duo to the entrance of the dining room "With your permission", she says goodbye and goes to do their work.

('It's time, now I will meet that Lord Feudal') Long Wushuang thought to herself without any respect for the Lord Feudal Chu.

When Long Wushuang enters the dining room she observes 4 people sitting at the table, 3 men and one woman.

There was Master Yue Kai and Wei Xin sitting on the right and Lord Feudal Chu sitting in the front.

Long Wushuang observes Lord Feudal Chu. A man of age between 40 and 50 with a dignified and authoritative bearing. Although Lord Feudal Chu emits a dominant aura, Long Wushuang was able to detect some thought and lassitude.

Chu Xuan also watches Long Wushuang all dressed in thick clothes that hides her body and her figure, a hood that covers she hair and a mask with only two eye holes.

('Her whole body is covered by those thick clothes and her face by the mask. Why does she dress like this?')

Master Yue Kai watches the two bewildered by Long Wushuang's clothes and sighs internally.

"This humble villager pays her respect to the great Lord Feudal" Long Wushuang greets deferentially and kneels on one knee.

Chu Xuan nods for the greeting and you think to yourself that Long Wushuang maintains a great respect for him and that the conversation will be on track; Eunuch Wei thinks similarly. But what the two don't realize and the master Yue Kai if the knee of Long Wushuang doesn't touch the ground, is a few centimeters away and thick clothing helps to hide this act.

Master Yue Kai frowns and thinks ('why does the girl do that? Any kind of act of rebellion?')

While Master Yue Kai deliberates in his mind, Chu Xuan says "Get up, I welcome you to this abode, and I thank you for saving my daughter from these forest phenomena at the cost of your life. I would like to give you some kind of reward, but by war almost all resources are being used"

"This humble villager except for the young teacher Chu Yue of her own free will without knowing her identity, her gratitude is not necessary towards this simple peasant woman" Long Wushuang responds respectfully.

"You don't need so much modesty; by the way, if it's not rude to ask why those clothes and the mask?" Chu Xuan ask.

('Here we go') Long Wushuang is not surprised at Chu Xuan's question, so she answers

"In my village there was a custom of dressing women in this way to avoid being kidnapped by bandits or bad men"

"Uhmm, I don't remember there being a village with that custom" Chu Xuan asks with a frown.

Calmly, Long Wushuang responds "There are many things unknown to Lord Feudal, I'm not surprised that many villages have had that destiny"

The eunuch Wei gives a loud shout "Outrageous, who are you? How dare you, a simple peasant, speak like this in front of your Lord? Guards!"

"Stop" Chu Yue stops Eunuch Wei and tries to speak, but Long Wushuang responds quickly and without hesitation "My village suffered from the ill-treatment of its tax collectors, we suffered in silence without any resistance, we lived with the little we could have to eat, but Villagers have never ingrained any kind of idea of rebellion or something similar. No one came to help when my village was destroyed by soldiers and then by monsters"

Chu Xuan says in a low voice "Do you have any kind of resentment with this Lord Feudal?"

Disrespecting a Feudal Lord is punishable by imprisonment or even death in the worst case.

Long Wushuang responds "Grudge is generated when someone offends us or attacks us, but you, Lord Feudal, did nothing, therefore I do not hate you, Lord Feudal; but I also have no obligation with this Fief"

"If I feel uncomfortable, Lord Feudal, then I will retire. Young teacher Chu Yue, I'm sorry for what happened, it is better that I retire to avoid more problems" said this Long Wushuang turns to leave

"Wait" Chu Yue holds Long Wushuang's wrist to stop her and directs her gaze to Chu Xuan. "Father, please understand that she has been alone for 10 years in that horrible place and maintains a certain dissent for us for not helping her. Also for their clothes, I have seen many people have extravagant tastes in the way they dress"

"Second junior apprentice-sister Long, please don't meet my father for what happened to you; I know that with words they will not be able to repair the damages caused to their person to return the life to your loved ones, but I ask you to stay so that we can somehow amend your misfortune"

Long Wushuang was simply acting to be closer to Chu Yue and win her favor.

Chu Xuan sighs deeply "If it were in the past, you, little girl, would be in prison for insolence; but now, I have left many villages unattended throughout this war, many people have lost close relatives and suffer day after day"

"You aren't the only one who has lost loved ones, although apologizing may not help at all, at least I apologize if I offended you in any way, I will not say anything about your way of dressing"

"I wish you would accept my hospitality and grant me a conversation with you"

A Feudal Lord apologizing to a citizen is an unprecedented event.

An Emperor, king, or anyone who holds prestigious or high-ranking positions that apologizes to a simple citizen, was naturally unthinkable if it was someone of high status.

After a few seconds Long Wushuang respectfully replies "As the Lord Feudal shows sincerity, this humble servant will obey"

"In addition, Lord Feudal, it isn't necessary to show so much modesty, in spite of everything, you must exhibit authority and power.

An impeccable act of pure humility, without any sign of vanity.

"Ha, eloquent words, although your little girl cannot understand how difficult to hold this position; but enough of this conversation, let's all take a seat"

Long Wushuang sits to the right of Chu Yue, but keeping distance with others.

"Please, enjoy these foods"

Chu Xuan gave a sidelong glance towards Long Wushuang, and he wasn't the only one, everyone also gave her a look, since, for her to eat she would have to take off her mask.

But everyone was surprised that a hole had appeared in the mask where the mouth is.

The hole is small, but the size is enough to bring food to the mouth in small pieces, also its head is tilted down making it impossible to see what is behind the hole.

Wei Xin was the first to ask something puzzled "Junior sister Long, how did you make that hole appear in your mask?"

Long Wushuang replies "On the left side of my mask, there is a small button that allows you to lower a section to eat"

Everyone tries to remember and remember that when they were sitting, Long Wushuang touched her mask on that side.

In reality, the mask of denied reality can be modified according to the wishes of the wearer.

"Wasn't it better if you took it off?" Wei Xin asks with some discomfort.

"I used to wear the mask since I was a child and I want to keep that custom of my village" Long Wushuang replies with some regret in her tone.

All the members at the table ate their food in silence.

Chu Xuan looks at Long Wushuang and says "Girl, there is something I want to talk to you about"

"Is it about whether I can guide your soldiers through the forest?"

"How do you ...? Chu Xuan is disturbed by the mention of Long Wushuang and turns his gaze to Chu Yue "Daughter, did you tell her what happened last night?"

Chu Yue responds quickly "Just that part, don't comment anything else"

Long Wushuang intervenes "It's true, and my answer, Lord Feudal, is a no. The reasons are because of the bad weather and irregularities in the forest floor"

Long Wushuang explains similarly to how I explain to Chu Yue.

Chu Xuan leans exaggeratedly in his chair. "Isn't there something I can do?"

Long Wushuang replies "I'm sorry if I just destroyed your hopes, but it's the reality"

Seeing how her father becomes depressed, Chu Yue quickly approaches her father and says "Father, don't be discouraged, we will find a way to solve all this and put an end to all this"

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