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38.77% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 15: Interludes of War, Famine, Death and Destruction

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Chapter 15: Interludes of War, Famine, Death and Destruction

It had been a long time since the Celestial Moon region had a war.

Feudal Lord Chu has sent claims of cowardly attacks directed at the border villagers.

"If you want to attack, send your forces against our soldiers, not civilians like a coward"

Those words were said in by messenger birds. But his answers were

"You are no more than an inept ruler; launching false actions against your fiefdom. Even if it were true, what will you do? My troops want to kill Soldiers Deer, you're just a fool who worries about simple worms "

The tension between both sides continued to increase day by day. Until the first attack was unleashed by the Army with Golden-winged eagle emblem. Symbol of the Feudo Chen.

The reason, 2 months after the attack of the 5 villages, one of the outposts was attacked by troops with the emblem of the Deer Horns Silver on their shields. All the forces were annihilated and only a few of the attacking troops were killed.

The Feudal Lord Chen was furious when he received the news, immediately mobilized all his forces to attack the Feudo Chu. When Feudal Lord Chu received the news of the mobilization of troops of the Chen Army, he gave the order to reinforce his borders while mobilizing his army to give the meeting.

The war was declared.

The first line of battle was on the Red River.

The Red River was the only border that naturally separated both territories, on the north is the Feudo Zhao and south an ocean.

The Red River has four bridges of which three are heavily protected by both sides, the remaining bridge is no more than a simple makeshift bridge, built by villagers in the middle of the forest. Both forces do not use it much, as it is dangerous by wild animals and even one or another spiritual beast; In addition, the bridge is difficult to cross and is far from the main cities. Although sometimes it is used for espionage or surprise attacks.

Whoever controls the river crossings will have the greatest advantage in the war.

Both parties did not have sufficient resources to sustain a long-term battle. The Feudo Chen did not have much farmland due to its arid land and the Feudo Chu, although it was rich in land to cultivate, it did not have powerful weapons and most of its citizens were peasants.

Great battles took place on the three bridges for a long 7 years full of blood and death.

At first, the forces of the Army Deer Horns Silver of the Feudo Chu were able to stand firm, rejecting any advance of the army of the Feudo Chen.

But with the passage of time, fewer and fewer reinforcements arrived, their equipment was destroyed and the attacks were increasingly intense.

When the Deer Horns Silver forces began to flank, they decided to destroy the bridges to stop the Golden-winged eagle forces in their tracks.

There were many attempts, but the enemy army somehow found out about their plans and mobilized their special forces to kill all those who carried explosives and increase the vigilance.

After several attempts they could only destroy a bridge. And in a frantic attack, the Deer Horns Silver forces were defeated, the survivors fled to avoid more casualties.

The battle of the three bridges concluded with an army victory Golden-winged Eagle of Feudo Chen. The black days had come for the Feudo Chu.

After the battle, a year of temporary peace happened for both forces. Although skirmishes occurred, great battles did not happen. The total control of the river this in the hands of the Feudo Chen forces and began to control following territories avoiding large towns and strong fortifications.

But the most affected were the villagers, peasants and civilians from the conquered areas. Many were converted into slaves who worked hard on crops, many died of fatigue. The women were kidnapped and raped, looting continued throughout the area. Any kind of hostile action or reprisals, were punished in different ways, but all of them were as cruel as possible.

Large migrations occurred in all areas near the conquered areas to avoid such torments, but this has generated extreme overpopulation in the towns and the capital.

The rationality of the food every time is smaller by the amount of hungry mouths that arrived. Many farmland was abandoned, which generated less food income in the large towns.

The famine increased for the Feudo Chu.

The last two years were attacks on the few fortifications that the Feudo Chu had. Some resisted others fell.

"If this continues, in a short time my Feudo will be annexed by the Chen family"

That was the thought of the Feudal Lord Chu, sitting in his office with a downcast look as he tried to organize some kind of resistance to generate some hope in his dejected troops.

Bit by bit, the destruction of the Feudo Chu was about to end.

But something mysterious was happening for both sides in the forest where that attack happened in those 5 villages where the beginning of hostilities originated.

Although the bridge is somewhat remote, both the Silver Horn Deer forces and the Golden-winged Eagle forces tried to use them to carry out surprise attacks or collect information, but no matter what type of troops they commanded, neither of them returned.

There were many suspicions, whether wild animals, bandits or enemy troops that ambushed, no part could confirm what happens there. The only thing they agreed on was that most of the attacks happened at night.

It turns out that a group of both sides entered their respective sides of the forest during the day and when the sun began to fall they met the perpetrators of the attack, very few survivors managed to leave with a sack to inform their superiors, they were all extremely terrified, told of stories of monsters devouring soldiers, no matter where you attacked with weapons, did not seem to stop them, but above all were those blood red eyes that lurked in the dark.

As if those eyes devoured souls.

His superiors thought they were crazy, but when they showed a skull as proof everyone was shocked.

The skull looked like a human's, only his teeth were razor-sharp and four fangs long and pointed.

They were informed that attacking the heart was the only method to kill them, but both sides decided not to use that forest as it saw access because it would take more than twelve hours to cross it on foot and horses can not be used to cross the bridge. You can not even surround it since a part is in the jurisdiction of the Feudo Zhao.

Only scouts were sent to watch only by day, but that was also ruled out.

According to the survivors who thought that those monsters only attacked at night, they were also attacked by a mysterious entity during the day.

According to his descriptions, the person was dressed in black, his clothes were thick and he wore a mask that covered all his face and a veil that covered his hair. His whole body was covered without being able to know his characteristics or his sex.

Because of this, the forest was called the Forest of the Bloody Nightmare, because of the horrors it hides and stalks in that place.

Since then both sides stopped sending their troops and the forest remained in deep calm. Although there are still some adventurers, skeptics or voyeurs who go to the forest, but they never return.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Excuse me if I'm late, enjoy the episode. Thank you

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