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Chapter 42: Makeover

"Where did you get that bag from?"

Long Wushuang points to a large cloth bag that looks like the contents were so much that it would burst at any moment.

Lu Luo averts her gaze a bit. "Well, when your condition stabilized, I noticed that we didn't have many resources to undertake the journey, so, quickly return to the fortress to collect all the gold and other products that could be of use. I brought a woman to feed yourself and I did all that as quickly as I could "

Both Lu Luo and Long Wushuang didn't have much money, and when they stormed the fortresses, they both forgot to take valuables.

When Lu Luo realized this fact, she first hoped Long Wushuang's condition will improve, then she covered the cave with branches and rocks to prevent a wild animal or passerby from discovering it and quickly went to the fortress. Fortunately this was still under the control of the Ghouls and most of the fortress's wealth still exists, she took everything she could and even took a woman who was hiding in a wine barrel in the warehouse; Due to Lu Luo throwing things away, the woman's finding was a coincidence.

Long Wushuang watches the woman pull to the side still asleep, then she stares at her for a long time.

Lu Luo starts to sweat a little and get nervous "Are you angry? Forgive me for leaving her alone for a while "

Long Wushuang pats her cheek and says "Even vampires are not perfect beings, I was so focused on the slaughter that I forgot to pick something up, ahhhhhuhmmm" Long Wushuang sits up and hugs her knees snuggling tightly.

"Ehh, Your Majesty, are you alright?" Lu Luo doesn't know what to do due to her moving from side to side in a somewhat childish manner.

('I didn't know this side of her')

Long Wushuang abruptly raises her head "Even though I am wrong, it is still time for your punishment" and quickly knocks her to the ground.

Lu Luo is dismayed by that move; Long Wushuang takes off her mask and gives her the dark kiss. Naughty hands begin to touch her round butt and bulging breasts.

Lu Luo begins to pant constantly, her arms hug her neck and she begins to sensually contour and relax in ecstasy.

Long Wushuang leaves the neck and seals Lu Luo's lips and a pair of fragrant tongues twisted like snakes.

Lu Luo savored a delicious delicacy, although she knew that he tasted her blood she didn't care in the least.

Long Wushuang kept squeezing the bulging parts while Lu Luo limited herself to just hugging her. That intimate moment only lasted a few minutes as Long Wushuang realized that the woman was waking up.

"Wake up my little maid, the gift you brought me is waking up." Long Wushuang pats Lu Luo's red cheek and she stands up.

Lu Luo lifts her upper body, her face was red and it took her a while to regain her reason. When she realized the state of her clothes her face reddened even more, her top clothes are open showing her breasts with excited pink tips, the bottom part showing her white thighs and part of her buttocks.

Lu Luo quickly fixes himself up and looks at Long Wushuang along with the woman.

"Uhmm, your face has a simple beauty, it is good that it isn't damaged" Long Wushuang strokes the face of the completely terrified woman.

"Let's get this over with." Long Wushuang knocks the woman out. "Lu Luo bring me a small knife, if it is a better dagger"

Lu Luo searches the bag and takes out a sharp dagger, Long Wushuang tests the edge with a piece of cloth and takes almost no force to cut it.

"Nice edge" Long Wushuang comments "Lu Luo, pay attention to how to make a mask with human skin"

"Eh? Ok" Lu Luo just paid attention.

Long Wushuang begins by making a shallow cut without removing it, starting with the cheek, going down the lower part of the chin, then going up the next cheek and the forehead. Then she makes four more cuts, the two near the eyes, the third around the nose, and the last around the lips.

"Now very carefully you have to separate the skin from the muscle or bone, depending on the area; if it is very close, we use the knife to separate them. It is also necessary to avoid that the cuts are very deep so as not to cut any blood vessel"

Little by little the facial skin is removed, the woman's face can now be visualized with the muscles giving a frightening image.

"Ok, now Lu Luo bring water and clean the blood, do it carefully so as not to damage the skin and leave marks; now follow the scalp "

"Your Majesty, why are you doing all this?" Lu Luo asks while cleaning the skin.

"Because we are going to a martial academy and I need camouflage" Long Wushuang replies while continuing to remove the scalp.

"Don't you possess some ability to change your appearance, Your Majesty?" Lu Luo asks and Long Wushuang sighs "Unfortunately I don't have one and this peculiar appearance that I have for now will cause problems"

Long Wushuang's beauty was simply devastating, her completely beautiful face could captivate any living being, but without any power to protect herself, she would be the victim of harassment. Although her mature body is seductive, that can still be hidden with clothes, and the platinum hair would attract attention anyway.

"Besides, although the mask can help me when I have to talk to teachers, seniors or seniors, it cannot be avoided that I have to remove the mask"

Covering the face within a martial school is only used by someone who has a high office, high background, or with a high level of cultivation.

Although Long Wushuang can make up an excuse, it is better to be safe than sorry.

"But Your Majesty, wouldn't it be better to kill her first?" Lu Luo asks and Long Wushuang answers, "If I kill it before I would have to speed up the whole process, it is better when the product is fresh."

"Now the tricky part is changing my eyes, I will have to remove the outer membrane"

"Your Majesty is already clean" Lu Luo hands over the skin and Long Wushuang keeps it in Gaia Pagoda to preserve it. "Ok, Luo hold the head firmly, it must not move; if you see her move, hit her "

Long Wushuang cuts the eyelid "Ok, carefully you have to remove the sclera that could be called the skin of the eye, I don't need everything, just a part. I must also remove the cornea and the iris, so that those two come out intact I must cut through the ciliary body "

"Amazing Your Majesty, where did you learn this from?" Lu Luo is fascinated by the mastery of cuts in a place where the membranes are very thin

"I still have many surprises for you my little servant"

In her previous life, Long Wushuang was cloistered in a hospital working as a doctor's assistant who cared for her when she was a teenager, but this was two faces. With people, he was respected and admired, but when he was inside his laboratory he was crazy.

He dissected homeless people and people sentenced to death for his experiments, because he had a friendship with the person who supplied him with bodies and that person was a friend of his parents, she could take refuge as his student. That doctor taught her everything about the human body and although he was very strict in his teaching and hardly slept, she could live without fear of being found for 8 years.

That man was one of the few that she respected, I have even given her a method of escape and a place to take refuge when there were suspicions. Although the doctor somehow managed to evade questioning, he was forced to work as a prison doctor to keep him under surveillance.

("I never thought such a meticulous dissection method would do me any good, you bloody fool.") Long Wushuang gives a dry laugh as she continues to work on the other eye.

"It is done, now with a drop of my blood I will avoid decomposition and with my earthly Qi I will be able to fuse it with my skin, this will generate a second skin avoiding any type of suspicion"

"Lu Luo give me a mirror and if you're hungry you can feed on it, but don't forget to kill it"

Lu Luo passes her a mirror and observes the woman who, before was a beautiful servant, is now an abomination.

As Lu Luo decides to feed, she sees her mistress putting the membranes on her eyes first, continuing with the fur, and finally putting on the makeshift wig.

Long Wushuang does all of this in less than 10 minutes.

Lu Luo looks at her mistress with a new face, the outstanding beauty that previously had a somewhat striking simple beauty. The eyes are now brown, the most common color in the world, the platinum scalp that was previously covered by a black one.

"Wow, Your Majesty, you are someone else." Lu Luo gives a little applause for that completely new appearance.

Long Wushuang approaches quickly, she embraces her touching her buttocks, and with her other hand her chin.

"Am I someone else now?" Long Wushuang shows a seductive smile as her red lips lightly pink to Lu Luo's lips.

"Only in external appearance" Lu Luo responds with some nervousness, open changed externally, but inside it remains the same.

"Even if I manage to form this new look, this skin is not mine. If I receive damage to my face, I will not be able to heal it and the deception will be discovered "

Long Wushuang walks away towards the big bag, inside there were large quantities of gold, food, two swords, a variety of items that can be used. What most caught her attention is an old-looking book, but very well cared for.

"Roaring Tiger Fists Technique" Long Wushuang reads the cover and gives a quick read of the introduction

"It looks like it's a set of punching and kicking techniques. Martial Arts Skill 1 sat low-level; I don't know the classification system for this class of manuals, but this manual likely is the simplest and most common "

"Even so I'm going to learn it, it's better to have something than to have nothing"

Long Wushuang keeps a large part of the gold in Gaia Pagoda and the rest of the things are shared between her and Lu Luo.

"Ok, it's time to go so let's get out of Zhao territory first."

The duo leaves the cave leaving behind a body with a disfigured face and a knife through the heart.

The duo begins a long walk.

"Your Majesty, I wish to comment on something"


"During the attacks on the fortresses and villages there were so many deaths, but I didn't feel any remorse or compassion for the deaths and murders that I committed, I only felt a little pity and more debauchery and a sense of ecstasy"

"As I said before, we are demons, dark beings who enjoy death and slaughter. Also, first you started your massacre in villages and then towards the fortresses, this is in order to get your mind used. Since, if I had sent you to the most populated centers first, perhaps your sanity would be greatly affected "

Lu Luo looks at his hands that were previously stained with blood.

"There will be more massacres in the future, right?

"There will be, my servant. And they will be greater, so much so that perhaps the number of victims will be counted by tens of thousands and even millions "

"But to see that, we must continue living, fight to live"

"And what is your next goal, Your Majesty?"

"It is time to join a martial school, we must increase our powers as quickly as possible"

The duo continued their journey, disappearing over the horizon.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Greetings to all of you, thank you very much for continuing to read my novel, please don't forget to subscribe and comment. I will continue this time with entering a martial school

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