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Chapter 7: Master puppeteer

"I want old Chu's daughter to be one of my wives." When those words echoed in the room, the two could not help breathing out cold air.

The daughter of the Feudal Lord Chu, Chu Yue, is the only daughter of Lord Chu, Chu Xuan. It is known that his affection for her is much greater than his other two children, also showed great talent; In his test of recognizing elementary body is high-grade fire and earth domain.

Most of the young people born in Crescent Moon territory only had talent as normal warriors, one or the other with greater talents. This is due to the little natural energy that circulates in the region; but there are rare cases where the child is born with a body elementary domain; these if born in rich families are raised as precious jewels, since a body elementary domain is very precious; Although a normal warrior can own an elemental domain through elemental embryos, its prices are abysmal, more effective is to build 6 to 7 castles than to buy one of low quality.

Having an elementary domain, even an inferior class is considered rare, having a dual domain is even rarer. Due to such talents at the age of 8, Chu Yue was accepted into a sect to strengthen herself, but also to protect her, away from the dangers of war.

"It's been a year since she was admitted to the Martial Sky Sect, what a lucky girl." The eunuch Ye could not help giving praise. "But surely she will stay there for a long time and I can even achieve great heights. Excuse me for my offense, but such a request is foolish and even risky "The eunuch Ye, in a panic for such a continuous request. "First, it is impossible for Lord Chu to accept, you could offend him, and if such news reaches the ears of young teacher Chu, he may ask his teacher for help to protect her or help his father. Could you reconsider such an order?"

The eunuch Ye sweated deeply, his whole body trembled; General Li saw such actions of the eunuch Ye ("It is understandable to be nervous, although I am also a martial apprentice, I dare not offend such places and be arrogant, if such characters act, they would destroy the kingdom in a few seconds")

Not for nothing the martial masters are respected and admired, with only act of presence even kings would bow, able to modify and manipulate nature itself with moving hands.

"Please, calm down and let me explain." After a moment of silence to calm the minds, Lord Zhao continues "I know very well the risks of such an order that I will perform, but I have two aces of support, the first one is about my children, my daughter Zhao Fei Fei and my son. Zhao Wei are also in the same sect, they convinced their teachers so that at a time when some kind of movement or interference from a teacher they will intervene ". Lord Zhao spoke with absolute confidence.

Martial artists would not intervene in deadly matters, unless it involved with a member, but only for protection nothing else, although there are cases of participation or abuse, they are only of low rank, mediocre skills or vagabonds.

Both sons also possess elementary domain body, Zhao Fei Fei is water domain and Zhao Wei is wind domain.

"You said that the young teacher is going to marry the prime minister, is it really going to happen?" General Li was very reluctant with this idea, since she was his disciple and deep down he considered her a daughter. That he married an old minister seemed unpleasant to him.

"It's true, but that wedding will take place after the conquest, I've already talked to my daughter and she agreed; they will only get married, they will not consummate it, accidents always happen "The last sentence I mention with a sarcastic tone, but General Li could detect that it was not a joke.

"Lord you mean ..." before it was over, Lord Zhao interrupts him. "We will talk about that issue when the time comes, for now I have faith in my children who will do everything possible to keep the sect away from the conflict, in addition, although young Chu has a special gift, to develop it is going to be very difficult, I have understood she is not the only one with double attribute in the sect, according to my informants said that there is one with triple attribute, and is a very arrogant person, also my children are his followers, I think they will do all kinds of situations so that she has everything type of "incidents" in the sect. "

The law of the jungle prevails in all places, it does not matter if you have a great talent, if you are not strong, your destiny is to be trampled or to be a corpse. Rare talents are valuable if they are trained and survive day to day, if not they are just garbage, so cruel is the world.

"I understand what you mean sir, but even if you manage to destroy young Chu's reputation, this will not get her to marry her; I recently mentioned that he has two aces of support, what is the other? "General Li asks.

"If another" ace "is the next one, you can pass master". After the call of Lord Zhao, the figure of a man appears from the dark area of ​​the room.

He was covered in black robes and his face was covered by a bamboo hat, behind him there was a middle-aged person, but he had no expressions, his skin was pale, he could even pass like a corpse with those characteristics. But what surprised me most was the aura emanating from the man dressed in black, a very strong murderous aura.

General Li felt his hands tremble, although he is a military veteran who has been in many battles and has seen many massacres, in front of this man, he felt that he was a child and that his experience in battle did not compare to this man.

"Gentlemen let me introduce you to the master puppeteer, he will help us with young Chu and protect us if necessary." Lord Zhao presents the man dressed in black.

"Hmph" The master puppeteer snorts coldly "I'm only going to protect you only, I do not care about the lives of others."

The eunuch Ye was speechless for such a character, so General Li had to intervene "Master puppeteer? I have heard about you and your techniques through rumors, but my Lord, how can I convince him to help him? "

General Li did not know him deeply, but what he could hear was that he was a very strong martial expert, his strength was based on the manipulation and control of people to fight for him, it is said that he has a technique that can control a person totally so that this one becomes his puppet, that only obeys his orders. Now that he has seen him in person and also the young man who must be his puppet, he can confirm such rumors.

"When I can communicate with the master puppeteer, I mention the special body that young Chu Yue has, I promised to capture her for him; Of course you must first leave the sect and take care of your master, but find a solution to this. Given the noble and straight personality of the young Chu Yue in addition to a great love she has for her father, when she hears the news of war against her family, they immediately come to help, but this news should be given later, since the teacher puppeteer will be the person who will manipulate her, but she wants it with a level. What level was it, excuse me? "

"Nascent Martial Realm in intermediate stage, as I see I think that in about 10 years it will reach that stage, its body is very rare so I want it" The master puppeteer mentions, although in the sect there is one with triple attribute, knows the background of This, the case of others or have powerful families or never leave the sect, that is why it was proposed to have it when it was mentioned.

Lord Zhao continues "Exactly, therefore arrived at that time, my children and the son of Lord Chen will mention such matter to him at that time which will cause the young woman to leave the sect to help her father, that will be the moment of capture and master puppeteer will do the rest of the manipulation or control, well when it is under his control, the marriage will be an easy matter, of course the young one will be for the master puppeteer. "

They both understood the plan, when it reaches such a level and listens to the news of war, it will come quickly to help your family because of its kind and just personality. The master puppeteer will own it while traveling so that he can easily control the Chu family.

"Will you take care of her master?" General Li asks.

The master puppeteer responds "Yes, with the help of my puppets, we can easily handle the situation, and it is very likely that it does not have a lot of powerful escort".

Seeing that everything was already planned, they began to make preparations to execute it

Seeing that everything was ready, Lord Zhao speaks "Very well, now to begin we must send some troops to attack tomorrow in the night 5 border villages which are, desoladis, poorso, Ymylol, Nanmin and Imigranti. Do not leave anyone alive."

Listening to the orders all leave the room, seeing that they all left, Lord Zhao walks towards the window watching the furious rain that does not cease to stop.

"This climate will help to erase the traces, first I will take control of the region, then the kingdom itself will follow, it is time for a new real family to emerge."

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