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Chapter 35: Meeting

The bells are ringing and the noise is getting bigger and bigger.

An army marched steadily, but their faces showed weariness and grief.

These men have fought in defense of the Feudo Chu, although they have managed to resist the onslaught of the enemy. Many of their brethren have died and several of them were wounded.

But even so, the soldiers kept their steady march and tried to hide their emotions so as not to generate discouragement among the population.

Furthermore, these soldiers now have the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones, the yearning raised their spirits a little.

At the head of the army, a few horses which captains, advisers and important people mounted them, but the most prominent is the man who led all, the man who led the way.

Dressed in armor that showed dents and cuts, but the figure of the deer realistically carved on the breastplate was still intact.

His figure was not stout, rather athletic in style. A handsome young man, capable of conquering many women with only his physique and his face, but no more outstanding than him is the decisive and tenacious look. He does not show affliction or discomfort due to the situation that the fief is going through, on the contrary, he is determined to defend his tender and home until the end.

The company advances to the gates of the Chu Mansion.

At the gates, the Feudal lord, Chu Xuan, along with the eunuch Wei and high command along with his servants greeted them with great eagerness and fervor.

After a few seconds the main group arrives at the gates of the Chu Mansion.

"My child, it is a pleasure to see you again" Chu Xuan smiles wholeheartedly, even his eyes show a bit of moisture.

The young warrior, Chu Yuanba, gets off his horse and walks with quick steps towards Chu Xuan, giving him a hug.

"Father, your son returned home"

Chu Xuan cheerfully greets him and hugs him tightly.

"Brat, it's good to look healthy"

After a few seconds of hugging, Chu Yuanba says "I'm glad to be back, but I have information you have to know"

Chu Xuan seriously says "Come with me to the study, your men can rest, I will send people who can attend them"

Chu Xuan along with Chu Yuanba and various high command heads to the Chu Mansion.

In the study.

"Child, what is happening on the battlefront?" Chu Xuan asks seriously, causing the others to shut up and listen without losing anything.

Chu Yuanba clears his throat and continues, "Despite being killed by several good men, we have managed to maintain our positions. But the casualties I have had are too many, leaving our fortifications somewhat vulnerable"

"Although I have lost a large number of soldiers, the losses of the enemy are also considerable; Even so, I have been on guard for several days waiting for a second wave or some type of movement by the enemy, but, according to the reports of my scouts, there was no type of second attack training, only training and supply of troops"

"The bad news is that supplies are running low and weapons are worn out, my men are just picking up weapons that can still be used. According to my advisers, we can only last for a few days if we don't get a substantial replenishment"

"I have left about 3,000 men before leaving, but I must report that my stay will be for a couple of days, I will return to my position first thing in the morning. I hope that when I return, I can return with provisions that are so lacking"

Chu Yuanba continues explaining everything I have lived without omitting any detail, explaining with vigor the situation to receive any advice or suggestion.

Chu Xuan sits down and says, "At least, you have managed to maintain your position, I wonder if your brother has also succeeded?"

The eunuch Wei responds "According to the reports received by the messengers, the second young master reports that there have not been many movements by the enemy, only skirmishes"

Chu Yuanba continues "The place where my younger brother protects is also the safe passage"

There are two ways for the enemy to reach the capital of the Feudo.

The shortest path is protected by Chu Yuanba with his great army, a path with many sacrifices for the enemy.

The other path is from the second brother, but it was the longest and covered with dense grasslands, good places for ambushes.

Actually, there is a third path, but for both sides they would never use it. That forest is a mortal danger.

Father and son kept chatting until the door opens and a young lady quickly enters.

"First big brother, it is good to see you again" Chu Yue hugs Chu Yuanba without losing the smile on his face.

"Little Yue, I am also glad to see you again" Chu Yuanba watches her carefully "Every day your beauty increases, I wonder how many suitors have already fallen before your charm"

Chu Yue punches Chu Yuanba in the chest with a reddened and angry face says "First big brother, joke around with that again and I will ignore you"

Chu Yuanba laughs lightly, then realizes something "Wait, what are you doing here sister? As I understand it, you should be in the Heaven Martial sect"

"Uhmm ... First big Brother ... this ..." Chu Yue takes three steps back, his eyes rolling from side to side and he began to stutter.

"Sooner or later, he will know, son come with me to chat for a while" Chu Xuan guides Chu Yuanba to a corner of the room and began to tell him what happened.

After a few minutes, Chu Yuanba approaches Chu Yue totally upset, tries to pronounce words, but remains silent and sits down touching his forehead and frowning heavily.

"Is the audacity of women that terrifying or is it that you are the exception?"

Chu Yuanba lazily throws himself on the chair and says, "I have heard of these creatures before, no, the truth of the matter is, I ... have killed one of those before"

The whole atmosphere is silent, even if a needle falls you would clearly hear it.

"Yuanba, what you said is true" Chu Xuan approaches with trembling hands.

Chu Yuanba is armed with courage and says "I'm sorry father, for not having informed you before, but there have been many enemy incursions and I consider that matter unnecessary to report"

Chu Xuan takes him by the arms tightly "Now you will tell me everything that happened, did you understand?"

Chu Yuanba takes a breath and recounts what happened.

When I heard the rumors of the forest, Chu Yuanba organized a group to explore it and receive information about what was happening in that place.

When the expedition returned the next day at sunset, only two soldiers returned on their horses and one of them had a bite wound on his arm.

When Chu Yuanba ordered to call doctors to treat the wounded soldier, he began to convulse and gradually began to transform into a grotesque and brutal monster.

The monster began attacking him ruthlessly, but due to his years of hard training and long time on the battlefield, he managed to cope.

After an arduous fight, Chu Yuanba stabbed the monster in the heart and it began to burn until only black bones remained.

Chu Yue, upon hearing the story, said, "It's true, when I also attack those creatures in the heart or decapitate them, they die that way."

"Sunlight is also lethal"

Chu Yuanba stares at her "So those are its weak points"

Chu Yue answers "Exactly, but who taught me all that is my savior"

"¿Savior?" Chu Yuanba frowns slightly "Now that I remember, father mentioned a young woman before"

"Yes, she is Long Wushuang, the person who saved us and led us through the forest" Chu Yue also mentions shocking information "Furthermore, she recently achieved Martial enlightenment"

"WHAT?" Everyone who does not know about this is surprised, especially Chu Xuan "What you said, is it true?"

"Yes father" Chu Yue nods jokingly "When my master and first junior apprentice-sister Xin went to visit her, my master confirmed her advance. We were surprised at first, but as we all know, the path of martial arts is a mystery to everyone and has a lot to do with good Karma"

The martial path is a stretch of many enigmas. No one knows what will happen and nothing is assured.

"Where is the girl? Someone look for her and come" Chu Xuan orders a maid.

"Yeah, I also want to thank you for helping my stubborn little sister" Chu Yuanba also expresses himself, his expression shows interest in the woman.

Master Yue Kai begins to speak "The girl is now in reclusion on my orders to consolidate her earthly Qi and even if her reclusion is over, she said that she would later go out to see the city together with a maid. She said that her presence at this type of meeting was unnecessary because she was a foreigner and would make her uncomfortable"

"How can she think like that?" Chu Yuanba is puzzled "She is a guest of my younger sister, she ..."

"Yuanba, silence" Chu Xuan extends her hand "The girl has a valid argument for not being here; When she comes back, someone says to come see me, I want to talk to her. "

The meeting continued with their talks until a soldier enters the room.

"Reporting to Feudal Lord, a messenger from Feudo Zhao has come to deliver a letter to Feudal Lord"

The atmosphere becomes serious and confused.

"Father, have you asked the Feudo Zhao for help?" Chu Yuanba asks very carefully.

"En" Chu Xuan nods with much distress.

"Father, that old man is very cunning as a fox, I don't want to imagine what kind of clauses he has imposed to give you any kind of support" Chu Yuanba tries to control his voice. "Besides, what about the Kingdom? Will the King not intervene?"

Chu Xuan helplessly replies "No, the King will not intervene" Chu Xuan sits down and says "Bring the messenger"

A middle-aged man enters the room "Greetings Lord Feudal Chu, in the name of my master Lord Feudal Zhao has entrusted this humble servant to deliver his answer"

Chu Yuanba receives the letter and delivers it to Chu Xuan. Chu Xuan opens the letter and reads it.

His hands crinkle the paper tightly and he breaks it into several parts. "The word shameless is not enough to describe that subject." Chu Xuan is completely angry.

"Father, what is it? What were the conditions of that fox?" Chu Yuanba raises his voice.

Chu Xuan takes her time to control her breathing and calm down a bit "Zhao Huan will agree to my request if in return I ... give my daughter to be her concubine" The last part was spoken through clenched teeth.

"WHAT?" Chu Yuanba rises furiously. "He dares to wish my younger sister, if we weren't at war, right now I would go to his castle and kill him, cutting him piece by piece"

"Calm down Yuanba" Chu Xuan directs his gaze towards the messenger "Tell your master that I, the feudal Lord Chu Xuan, firmly reject his condition; It may seem that my fief is lost, but I am not going to allow any of my children to live in shame"

"I will convey my words exactly to my master, with his permission this humble messenger leaves" The messenger bows and leaves the place.

"It seems that we are alone in this." Chu Xuan sits down and smiles wryly.

"Father, don't worry" Chu Yuanba approaches "We will find a way to defend our house and our people.

"Yes father" Chu Yue continues "We don't need those despicable people, our ancestors built our home with blood and it is our duty to defend it"

"Foolish children, ahh foolish children" Chu Xuan shakes her head, but deep down he is shake. ('The only way is to get more men, or for some kind of disaster to occur to the enemy to distract')

"Yuanba, do you know when your brother Xiao will come home?" Who Chu Xuan was referring to was his second son who defended the other battlefront, Yun Xiao.

"He told me that he will come no later than two days"

As the meeting continues, in the city, Long Wushuang continues her walk.

"I have a doubt, Servant Luo. Where is Chu Yue's mother? And is she the mother of the first child or is another woman?"

Lu Luo responds, "Lord Chu had two wives, the first wife died from giving birth to the second child, and the second wife died of illness when Miss Chu Yue was just a baby. The second wife was very loved by the Lord and when she died, the Lord fell silent in deep sadness and since then he hasn't taken a third wife and has been focusing on his fiefdom and his children"

"But many have considered that his government doesn't exceed that of his father or grandfather"

Long Wushuang ponders and leans against a wall. She speaks quietly where only she and Lu Luo can hear.

"Now, you and I are invincible if we only face ordinary people or initiates, but against martial artists, I have not the slightest idea"

"Perhaps I will be able to face higher level people, as long as their Realm is the same. As for you, when you reach Martial Enlightenment, perhaps you can fight opponents above two levels at best"

"The only way is to quickly train and increase our powers. But doing it in a self-taught way won't help"

"If I will succeed in joining a sect or Martial school, it will help me tremendously. And with the knowledge I acquires, I would train you to awaken your hidden powers."

"Now that I have the old man's attention, I will take the opportunity so that he can take me to his sect and increase my power there. Get everything I can to meet my goals and convert those I see who are useful"

"But her 'dear disciple' is very loyal to the family, while the situation continues, she will invent excuses to stay longer, even when she has nothing to do there is. Stupid girl"

"But Your Majesty, the war is in favor of Feudo Chen. The only thing Lord Chu is achieving is prolonging the war trying to drain the enemy's resources, although that strategy didn't have relevant results" Lu Luo intervenes.

"As I see it, the best way to stop or at least a temporary ceasefire is for some type of misfortune to occur for the opponent"

"And I have the answer for such misfortune to occur." Long Wushuang smiles sinisterly and her eyes sparkle with bloodlust.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Enjoy the chapter and take care reading friends.


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