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71.42% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 31: No one is free to commit evil (Part 2)

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Chapter 31: No one is free to commit evil (Part 2)

Minor vampire

Result of a non-virgin woman, independent whether or not she was willing to transform. She unlocks her innate abilities that she possesses with a low increase in strength and abilities, in addition to the senses, intelligence and other virtues that she possesses and can possess. Under sunlight her abilities become void, and she cannot be in the sun for more than 3 hours. She will obey any order from her Master without hesitation. She can't convert if she bites someone. It cannot be camouflaged. She can continue training, but cannot reach the next Realm. The only way to increase your cultivation level is to absorb the essence of her Master's blood. Lethal blow to the heart.

"Wow, it's more or less what I expected, it is similar to the servants of an elder vampire described in the texts I read to entertain myself, only some characteristics of this cultivation world"

Long Wushuang watches her new creation

Yuye stands up completely, then walks towards Long Wushuang and bows completely, hitting her forehead hard on the ground.

"This slave pays homage and complete loyalty to the True Vampire Queen, what is your order for this miserable slave?" Her autonomous tone showed absolute respect for Long Wushuang as well as all her actions.

("Slave huh? Although I like absolute loyalty, it is a pity that it has many restrictions, I guess it is so that there is balance in my race")

While Long Wushuang looked at her new creation, she heard a humorous voice behind her.

"Ehh, Your Majesty, what are these things?"

Long Wushuang turns his gaze towards Lu Luo who was alarmed by the two ghouls who were in front of her.

"I call these things Ghouls, because you are an adept vampire, when you drain all the blood on someone, it will become a Ghoul, regardless of gender or status. Didn't your information appear in your mind? Just calm down and it will appear"

Lu Luo calms his mind and says "It's true, in my mind his description appeared. So because I am of this type, can I only have Ghouls?"

"If you kill through the dark kiss, yes. If you don't want to convert, you must destroy its heart"

Lu Luo watches her two new creations, considering the idea of killing them, but must receive Long Wushuang's approval. After looking closely at the monstrous creatures, she looks at Long Wushuang and says fearfully. "I've heard of monster attacks in the forest of the bloody nightmare, the survivors talked about flesh-eating monsters and red eyes shining in the dark. Those were Ghouls, right?"

"Yes" Long Wushuang answers without hesitation.

"Those Ghouls were converted by Your Majesty, aren't they?

"It's also true, but only men become Ghouls, not women." Long Wushuang frowns and says "You don't like these Ghouls; do you want to kill them?"

"That is my wish, I beg you to allow me Your Majesty" Lu Luo awaited her confirmation, she didn't want to have Ghouls, since the human part he still had rejected the idea of mixing with aberrant beings.

Long Wushuang had thought of letting them live to train Lu Luo in her domain of the Ghouls, but due to the weather she wasn't going to allow her with the training.

Before she can give her approval, Long Wushuang detects a peculiar aroma.

"Stink of blood, it's not from here it's over there, Lu Luo said there is a village in that direction, right?"

"If true. If the scent of blood can get here, that means a slaughter is happening." Lu Luo expresses himself with great concern.

"Slaughter huh, something interesting is happening in that village, come with me you two" Long Wushuang orders and begins to move.

"Your Majesty please wait, what do I do with these Ghouls?" Lu Luo asks.

"Bring them, I have an idea to use them. To control them, just mentally order them to follow you, okay. Keep your focus on them" After finishing her instructions, Long Wushuang quickly walks away along with Yuye.

"Hey, wait ..." Lu Luo tried to stop her, but Long Wushuang quickly walked away leaving her confused. Lu Luo observes the two Ghouls who are at her side, feeling discomfort obeys the command of his mistress, concentrates and begins to move slowly, seeing that the Ghouls follow her, she increases her speed to reach Long Wushuang

Long Wushuang arrives at a meadow where a few meters away was the village now being attacked by armed men, the villagers run randomly trying to save their lives.

Lu Luo arrives minutes later, observes everything that happens.

"Why attack this village? These villagers almost have what it takes to live" Lu Luo is upset that it is happening in the village.

"Like those thieves, food is scarce. The places where there is food is the big city and the remaining fortifications, those places are very well guarded and to attack in such places to steal is suicide. That is why they prefer to commit their misdeeds in these defenseless villages; even if they don't find much food, it will be enough to live for a few days "Long Wushuang replies apathetically.

"Did you forget it? In this world, the law of the jungle rules; even for something insignificant you can die if you are not strong"

Lu Luo continues to observe the chaos, but for some reason he feels no pity or sorrow for the miserable villagers.

"Very well, I think we will take advantage of the situation that is happening" Long Wushuang throws a sword that he took from the men he had killed towards Lu Luo.

Lu Luo takes the sword without understanding why.

"Your Majesty, won't he be thinking ...?" Lu Luo dismayed asks.

"Exactly, go to the village and slay all the bandits" Long Wushuang says pointing her finger towards the village.

Lu Luo panics "Your Majesty! I am just a servant, I have no idea how to fight, much less handle a sword"

Lu Luo is her previous human life was a simple servant without any combat skills, although she has seen how soldiers train, it doesn't mean that he knows the basics to fight.

Now that she is a vampire and her strength is greatly increased and her cultivation is trained muscle, her experience in combat remains nil; the conversion only in a change of race with their respective characteristics, whether or not they have experience in combat depends on the person.

Long Wushuang looks her straight in the eye "You're an adept vampire, your strength surpasses any human who is in that village; the attacks you receive will not kill you, but you will feel pain".

"Little by little you will get used to it while you have more opportunities to fight, your violent feelings and emotions will wake up when danger is present. The more violence there is in the environment, the more your killer instincts will become strong".

"This is a test for you and I also want to see you in action, I want to see your reactions, if you control the situation and I also want to see how you control yourself, if you despair or go crazy"

"Now enough of doubts and go, I want to see how you fight to know what level you are and how I should train you for future battles"

The reason she sends Lu Luo and not her new acquisition Yuye, is that Yuye as a minor vampire will obey any order regardless of whether she has dominion in the contests. Because this class doesn't have free will, unlike the Ghouls, they can execute the order using their previous experiences as humans and maintain human attitudes.

While Lu Luo, being an adept vampire, can maintain her free will to some extent, but cannot disobey her Master when it comes to a direct order.

("I hope a true vampire doesn't cause problems")

Seeing that there was no negotiation opportunity, Lu Luo prepares both mentally and physically.

"You can go forward or sneak attack, you are not allowed to transform or use your Ghouls. Slay all the scoundrels and let the villagers alive, did you understand" Long Wushuang speaks without showing expressions.

"Understood, Your Majesty" Lu Luo holds the sword and runs to the village.

Long Wushuang watches as her image fades more and more. After a few seconds of waiting he speaks "Slave, watch the surroundings and kill anyone who tries to reach the forest" after finishing talking without even hearing Yuye's assent, Long Wushuang heads to the village.

Long Wushuang jumps to observe everything from the roof of one of the furthest houses. Observe the killing that takes place in the village, bodies of shattered men, pointless fights in various areas and women and children trying to flee without success. Most of them were forced to meet in the middle of the village.

Seeing the general view, Long Wushuang began to make a trip to the past, remembering the same panorama that he had lived when she was a child and its village was devastated by soldiers and all the villagers were brutally murdered.

Even remembering the past and that horrible experience, Long Wushuang doesn't feel any kind of sadness or grief. All she feels is the desire to meet Long Xiaorou, her first True Vampire.

("It's been 10 years since I sent it to the Infernum, only 20 more years left and the first thing I will do is make she mine")

Long Wushuang looks for Lu Luo and locates her behind a house, according to her actions and her prudence, it is clear that she tries to kill the bandits who are busy and with the guard down. Now Lu Luo is moving slowly towards an extra bandit who is dragging a woman towards one of the huts. The reason need not be explained.

Lu Luo slowly approaches the bandit who dragged a woman. The man starts to tear off her clothes of the woman violently showing more and more skin.

"Please, no…!" The woman tries to resist, but receives a strong punch in the head leaving her stunned.

"Bitch, you're just a bastard slut thanks that this daddy shows you a little affection, if you serve me ben maybe I'll let you live"

While the man was distracted touching the woman's body with one hand and with the other pulling down his pants, Lu Luo lifts her sword, pointing the tip towards the man's back.


The sword completely pierced the man which caused him to suffer spasms and falls to the side. A large pool of blood forms on the ground.

The woman is frightening and quickly crawls towards a corner of the house, when she observes that the person who killed the man is a woman, regains a little calm.

"Stay there, don't go out and don't make noise" Lu Luo speaks so that only the woman can listen and takes the sword that was stuck in the man; when he withdraws it, large amounts of blood leave the inert body staining Lu Luo's clothes and face.

If it were human, it would have been disgusted and terrified by all the blood that stained its body, but now a feeling of euphoria is being revived inside which is reflected by the eyes that are slowly changing color. When feeling this change, Lu Luo represses those emotions and her eyes return to her human color.

("I have to calm down, luckily I have fed recently")

Lu Luo looks cautiously out the door to see if there is a bandit nearby. When observing, she realizes that everyone gathered in the center of the village.

"Hurry damn bastards"

"Everyone deserves to die"

"Now I understand why they didn't go to the big cities, without mercy brothers"

Lu Luo listens to the comments of the bandits and they don't understand that hatred that they manifest.

("What's going on?") ("Is it just about revenge?")

Long Wushuang also hears the protests of men and feels a peculiar aroma somewhere. Observing from all sides trying to find the source of the aroma, she discovers that it is from the barn that it is somewhat far from the village.

"Slave, go to that barn and let me know everything there, don't skip anything" Long Wushuang orders without even looking at her.

"This slave obeys" Yuye bows with much respect and quickly goes to the barn.

After watching her leave, Long Wushuang is still watching and mutters "I think I know what is in that barn, but I need to confirm it. Shit, they're going to burn the barn"

Long Wushuang realizes that four men were preparing to throw torches into the barn.

"Lu Luo, the game of attacks from the shadows ended, kill all those men, do not let them destroy the barn" Long Wushuang orders through the use of the master-servant mental connection.

Upon receiving the direct order from her Master, Lu Luo had no choice but to leave his hiding place and show himself in front of everyone.

The bandits are stunned to see a woman coming out in front of everyone holding a sword stained with fresh blood that was still dripping.

Lu Luo was nervous since this is her first life and death fight, but the vampire blood flowing through her body began to boil; wretched and macabre desires began to corrode her mind.

"Lass, I admire your courage to show you in front of everyone, but there is no prize for being brave, brothers bring her here!"

Lu Luo is quickly surrounded by six men.

"Lass, if you are intelligent, drop the weapon and come with us without resistance, if not ..." The man does not finish speaking because Lu Luo begins her attack, raises her sword as high as possible to make a horizontal cut.

Her attack is full of openings, like a first-time rookie trying to make a move with the sword.

"You're just an idiot whore." The man raises his sword to stop that attack.

Truly the man can simply evade it, but decides to stop him to humiliate Lu Luo who is carrying out a child attack.

The men around begin to laugh at the stupidity that Lu Luo says about that "type" of attack.

"I will let you know the reality of the fucking things" The man is fully prepared, raises his sword and collides with Lu Luo's sword.


The man shows a confident smile, imagining the scene of the woman's sword flying through the air and the woman falling crushingly against the ground; but when he returns to reality he observes something impossible.

His sword begins to cut itself, in half until it split cleanly in half. The attack still continues to cut his face, chest, abdomen and crotch.

Although the attack doesn't divide it in half, it is enough to open it completely. The man stands still and little by little a line is shown, half of his body is crossed, when he opens all his organs spread to the ground showing a scene as bizarre as possible.

All present are completely overwhelmed by such a visceral event.

The stench of blood becomes more intense, the mind gets corrupted and red eyes glow in the dark.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

I have finished completing the first part of the thesis, thank you very much for your patience and for continuing to follow this novel. As I am on vacation, I will continue publishing chapters until the end of March where I will leave it on pause.

The most detailed explanation of minor vampire will be in the review "types of vampire"

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