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73.46% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 32: No one is free to commit evil (Part 3 - Awakening)

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Chapter 32: No one is free to commit evil (Part 3 - Awakening)

Everyone present, both bandits and villagers who stood in front of Lu Luo, observed their true appearance, especially those crimson red eyes as bright as two completely clean and perfect rubies.

Due to stress and deadly anxiety, Lu Luo couldn't control her mind by manifesting her true appearance.

In a normal situation, the clash of swords would have caused the destruction of both swords. But Lu Luo was a vampire, although the level of cultivation was equal to the opponent, the difference in strength is wide.

In addition, Lu Luo had concentrated all his strength in that attack and its opponent didn't take it seriously, generating that result.

The stench of blood was so strong that several surviving villagers were dizzy and the shattered corpse was the cause of some villagers fainting.

Even the most seasoned men, felt stomach upset for such a scene.

"Who the hell is she? Is she a martial artist?"

"If I were a martial artist, why would I attack so childishly?"

"Look at their eyes, aren't they the same as those monsters we've heard?"

"It's true, but those are deformed, and she is a beautiful woman"

"Perhaps she is the cause of what happened in that place" When the man assumed that Lu Luo may be the cause of the events in the forest, the man came up with an idea "Brethren kill her, we will get more benefits than assaulting villages"

"What? Kill her? Did you go crazy, old Yan?" The men around were also confused and out of each other. They have heard stories of how those monsters ruthlessly killed everyone who went to that forest, many soldiers and heroes went to eradicate them, but the few who returned absolute terror were imprinted on their body and mind.

("If she is the leader of those monsters, her power will be more than enough to annihilate us all")

"Don't worry, didn't you see how she attacked? It is very likely that she will only be faithful of its monsters and not of its own ability. As long as we stay together, we can with her"

"Brethren, meet immediately"

Bandits gather quickly forming a compact wall of muscles.

"Everyone, don't separate and use your daggers to attack her from afar; if that monstrosity is coming, attack with everything they have. It may be strong, but it isn't invincible"

The bandits in the back take out their daggers while those in the front lean their swords forward in a phalanx formation.

Long Wushuang watches everything from the top of a house.

("As before, they aren't mere bandits, they are probably deserters of old Chu's army")

Lu Luo stands guard with her sword raised, her eyes shine more intensely and reveals her long and sharp fangs.

"She is scared" Long Wushuang comments "When a vampire shows its fangs towards its enemies that way she is terrified and lacks confidence.

It was obvious that these symptoms of fear were already showing Lu Luo.

"Now, attack." Old Yan start throwing daggers quickly.

("How slow")

Lu Luo watched the daggers that were heading towards her slowly, as if time had slowed dramatically before her eyes. Lu Luo can distinguish the slowed down movement of the daggers and can even foresee in which direction they are heading.

Lu Luo dodges them by jumping to the side, then quickly attacks the bandits.

"Brothers are coming, get ready"

Lu Luo tries to lash out at the bandits, but that wall of swords makes her dance, which only generates a slight push towards the group.

Lu Luo goes back, but an angry voice that only she can hear says "What are you doing? Do you step back like a coward? Perhaps you forget that you are a vampire, you will only feel non-lethal pain; if you dare to go back again, it will be ME who hurts you and you will know what real pain is"

Lu Luo begins to shake, but quickly controls herself to decisively face the group.

"Brethren saw, that monster isn't very strong, together we can ..." but before the old Yan could finish he saw how Lu Luo was heading quickly against them.

"AHH !!" Lu Luo violently attacks the group causing them to separate and a few sending them to fly a couple of meters, the onslaught it's so compact that the one who received the impact died instantly due to the destruction of his organs in the chest, his body falls loudly to the ground.

Lu Luo wasn't harmless, three swords pierced her body, one in the arm, another in the leg and the last on the side of the abdomen.

("It hurts, but it's tolerable")

Lu Luo removes the swords from her body, the wounds drip a little blood, but the wounds heal quickly in the sight of all.

Lu Luo checks her already healed body ("So this is the regeneration of my body? Heals me almost instantly")

The bandits look at each other with their eyes wide open in shock.

The leader encourages the group saying "Calm brothers; if you can bleed, you can die, get well quickly"

Bandits quickly try to regroup.

("I must seize this opportunity now that they are separated") Lu Luo runs using impressive speed.


Lu Luo punches one of the bandits who was furthest with the sword, completely piercing the sword in his chest. Immediate death.

When drawing the sword, large amounts of blood flows like a waterfall. Several drops fall on Lu Luo's face. The stench of blood only increases her murderous desires more and more.

Lu Luo repeated the process of ramming forcefully, concentrating all her power on one of them to kill him with the onslaught and use her sword to kill one or two unfortunates who walked away.

After a time of fighting there are only six bandits left who no longer regroup, but surround an exhausted Lu Luo.

Lu Luo was very exhausted with one knee on the ground, due to the constant wild thrusts without any precaution he had received several stabs losing a lot of blood. Despite its rapid regeneration, it consumes a lot of energy and is also inexperienced attacks without preparation.

"It's time to avenge the death of our brethren, kill"

Lu Luo prepares to defend herself until a voice in her mind says

("I said you can't convert, but I didn't say you can't bite, consume blood to recover; besides you don't have to hold back, while I'm here, I can return you to normal")

Lu Luo had been suppressing her thirst for blood and her murderous instinct because something inside her, something ruthless and evil tried to control her and commit cruel acts, but due to her teacher's command, she continued forward.

"DIE!" A bandit pierces with his sword in Lu Luo's stomach.

"I did it" The bandit shows a happy expression until Lu Luo's hand touches his shoulder.

"Wha ... AHHHH !!!" The bandit screams loudly because Lu Luo bites his neck wildly.

"Damn bitch, die once" A bandit who was nearby tries to stab Lu Luo, but she stops her with one hand.

The swords that the bandits use are made of normal wrought iron, with nothing special for the use of ordinary people.

Lu Luo tightens the grip by cracking the sword into deep cracks until it breaks.


The sword is completely broken, Lu Luo releases the man with the neck shattering and still bleeding.

Lu Luo pulls the sword from her abdomen, her eyes shine with more intensity.

"Damn it, many of our brethren have died"

"You have to run away from here, it is better to continue living than to become a corpse"

"Quick, to the horses"

The 4 survivors turn and run towards the horses. Lu Luo tries to stop them, but the wounds and her inclination towards cruelty make her fall leaning with his hands and knees on the floor breathing hard.

One of them looks at Lu Luo tired "Hey, that monster is exhausted, don't you think we should finish it?"

The other three also turn their eyes, but one of them says "Forget it, let's just get out of here", but when he turns his eyes he can see a woman dressed in black with a mask, next to her is another woman with bloody clothes and with the Crouched look.

"Servant Lu Luo, you surprised me, I thought I would have to intervene when you were being stabbed several times by a greater number of opponents, but from the vagaries of fate you have survived. But you left 4 alive, you will have to overcome your limits and awaken your true self now"

"Now you two, kill those four" Long Wushuang orders swinging his hand indifferently, without any appreciation for life.

The Ghouls run like wild animals, biting the bandits' necks leaving large pools of blood.

Long Wushuang walks towards the center of the village watching the bleak panorama, then turns her gaze to the few terrified women and unable to move, the men and children were killed earlier.

Due to the blows, they couldn't move much; also that, due to terror and fear, they could not concentrate to move.

Using impressive speed, Long Wushuang grabs a woman and throws her toward Lu Luo.

"Kill her" Long Wushuang orders in a tyrannical voice.

"Why? You said we would not kill the innocent or abuse the weak" Lu Luo contentedly dismayed.

"It's true that I said that, but you forget a part. I DECIDE WHO IS INNOCENT AND WHO IS GUILTY, WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES. And here I don't see any innocent"

"If you want proof, check out that barn." Long Wushuang points to the barn that was previously going to be burned.

Lu Luo quickly approaches the barn and opens the doors, her eyes widen when he saw the scene.

Skinned human bodies hanging upside down like pigs. There were also two bodies on a large table with knives and saws, the bodies were missing pieces of meat and the lower limbs.

Even side were armor and swords with the symbol Deer Horns Silver

"What is this?" Lu Luo could hardly believe it.

Long Wushuang approaches her and speaks "Once you talk that when you are desperate, you can perform actions that one would never do normally, unique or unusual actions that can be great or macabre"

"Due to the lack of supplies, these villagers desperate for food had no choice but to commit cannibalism"

"So they killed and ate the scouts or some soldier"

"It is certain that they will use the excuse of bandits or ambushes to hide their guilt, in addition due to the war, the high commanders cannot worry about two or three missing soldiers"

"Perhaps in the beginning, the majority were against it, but when the hunger is very intense, one can eat even their waste"

Although the Ghouls also started human, this is not considered cannibalism, since they are not human.

"Now you understand why I said that in this place I don't see any innocent, although this act has some argument, it also means that they abandoned their humanity"

"Slave, bring her"

Yuye brings a woman and throws her at Lu Luo's feet.

"It is time to completely eliminate everything that was once human, kill and kill all that remain"

Lu Luo takes a sword and points its point near the woman's heart.

The woman begs desperately "Please no, we had no choice, they forced us to eat"

Long Wushuang gives an indifferent look "You made your decision, I made mine, DO IT"

Lu Luo fights with herself for a few seconds, a decisive expression is shown.


The sword pierces the heart cleanly causing the woman's immediate death.

Lu Luo pulls the sword from the woman's body and her gaze goes to the ground, her shoulders begin to shake.

"Hahaha hahaha"

Lu Luo begins to laugh, initially in a low tone and gradually the tone increases until it becomes a Machiavellian and crazy laugh.


Lu Luo takes the sword and attacks the surviving villagers executing a massacre.

Extremities, organs, heads fall everywhere, a unilateral massacre.

Lu Luo takes the last woman and bites her by sucking all her blood, when she finishes simply throws it away as if it were garbage.

Lu Luo hugs tightly and falls to her knees.


Scream with all her might. Its shadow visualizes a pair of wings, but disappears quickly.

"Those wings were not dragon, but you can say that Lu Luo of the past has ceased to exist" Long Wushuang speaks for herself.

"It's time to come back, I think I'll have one more soon if I have the chance"

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