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44.89% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 18: Observe, plan, act and blood

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Chapter 18: Observe, plan, act and blood

Long Wushuang rested in a cave deep in the forest.

Since the events in Ymylol village, Long Wushuang has been living in the forest for 10 years.

At first I devised a plan to protect the village where her first true vampire Long Xiaorou went into a lethargic state while her soul was training in the Infernum; In such a vulnerable state, even a simple child with a piece of spiked wood could kill her.

Due to such a situation, Long Wushuang could not allow any kind of mishap for Long Xiaorou. Not only was it her first attempt to transform a true vampire, but it was also the woman who took care of her as a baby when she was human, therefore, she would kill anyone who dares to approach her resting place.

With the Ghouls, she sent them to kill any living thing, be it humans or wild beasts, but she never took them out of the forest, she did not want their numbers to expand, nor did she want to generate more problems; with the disappearances, already in case it would attract the attention of more people.

Her plan was simple, to turn the forest into a place of death, a cursed forest full of horrors, a forest bathed in blood.

Infuse fear into the hearts of living beings so that this forest is completely isolated, whether it be from the troops of any feudo or from the same Kingdom.

The forest is not the only one existing in this region nor does it have much strategic value for an army, nor does it produce many rare herbs for alchemists or doctors, so nobody cares what happens to this place.

Although they may come curious or some with an adventurous sense or some kind of heroic spirit to cleanse the evil and contribute to humanity, for her it was something very normal and would use them as sharpening stones to improve their combat techniques.

Before being reborn, her life was that of a fugitive, trying to survive from her enemies that was all of humanity. She fought with all those who wanted to capture or kill her, be it soldiers or secret agents, she was always alert 24 hours a day and fought every day while hiding to stay safe and survive.

Many who came to the forest were trained soldiers or explorers of a fief, they were good punching bags to practice and improve their vampiric techniques during the day; also control and good handling of the Ghouls at night.

There were even martial disciples or in the process of being a Martial Artist. In later years, they received news of strange events in this forest. They came to explore or improve their techniques with these monsters.

They were the best sharpening stones you could have. There were even some who were elementary teachers, so Long Wushuang managed to witness some elementary skills and Qi management that they used, combat styles, etc. Because of these situations, this was good training in their abilities,

planning in their attacks and counterattacks; better ways of defenses and withdrawal among others.

In addition, she also wanted to discover if after the conversion, they maintained their skills.

Unfortunately that never happened, they became normal Ghouls with the difference of an increase in resistance of the element that they were training before. For example, if you had Fire Domain of 5%, after becoming Ghouls you would have Fire Resistance of 5%. Of course, its power is greater, an example if it is a Realm Martial Mortal level 3, its power is comparable to a Realm Martial Mortal level 4.

This means that a Ghoul will always be stronger with his peers, but against top-level Martial Artists he can only give him a fight, but he can not beat it quickly, but this rule is only valid for the first 3 Realm.

Seeing many restrictions for the Ghouls, Long Wushuang began to get upset and consider not using them except in situations of danger or manual labor, but due to her lack of power, she only had to endure these situations. Maybe over time, change your way of thinking and discover more efficient ways to use the Ghouls.

Thanks to the training, pills left after killing the disciples and sucking the blood of stronger people, Long Wushuang managed to reach the peak of Trained Soul, she only lacked Martial Enlightenment

Long Wushuang leaves the cave and begins to explore the forest, the Ghouls were hidden from different areas, to provide greater vision to areas where their sight could not reach and they warned of any intruder; It still lacked a long way to awaken a divine sense.

In addition, this type of vampiric ability only worked in a range of 10 km, and only works with Ghouls. If one went away, it entered in state of rest and only it was defended if it underwent an attack, but its teacher could not detect it if this one was attacked or even if it died.

While Long Wushuang continued to move through the forest, the Ghouls also moved, in the shadows avoiding the sun.


After a few seconds, Long Wushuang felt a slight tremor in the earth followed by loud noises and shouts, using the Ghouls she could detect that a battle was being fought in that place; she immediately went to that place.

When he reached the site, Long Wushuang hid in the treetops and watched the fight that was being fought.

Notice that some people dressed in black attacked a group of people, it was two young women, an old man and 8 soldiers, there was also a carriage in the middle.

("I know the badge of a man, it's from that Martial Sky Sect, those women also wear those badges, but it's a different material, those who kill had badges made of wood." The girls have those badges, but the man wears a bronze badge Will someone be of superior rank? ")

("Also, why do you travel through this place, despite the bad reputation this forest has? I detect that the man dressed in gray robes is the strongest of that group, even with my Ghouls I will not be able to hurt him, and seeing that they travel by day, it is obvious that they wanted to leave the forest before nightfall, but now it seems that they were ambushed by those men dressed in black, it is clear that both parties traveled through the outside of the forest to avoid being seen ")

Long Wushuang continued to watch the fight, formulating theories and deductions, the main question that ran through her mind is as follows.

("Should I help you?" Listening to the declaration of the man dressed in black made earlier, they want one Chu Yue, surname Chu? Maybe it's some relative of Lord Feudal Chu. It seems they want to kidnap her to have some advantage in the war having it as a hostage ")

Long Wushuang was in a debate about whether or not to help, it's not his problem; but I think thinking about it, I come to a conclusion.

("I think it's time to leave the forest, but if I go out without help, I'll have a lot of problems and I can not use my Ghouls because it would attract a lot of attention, I'll help them have an ally and maybe have a pass to enter the sect, there are many benefits if I give you help ")

Long Wushuang stealthily approached using Blood Mist, the Ghouls hid in the bushes and in the shadows of the trees, due to their characteristic of undead, these were very difficult to detect, even much more when the objectives are distracted.

Long Wushuang hides behind a tree, observing the fight that is in a stalemate; but with the passage of time the men dressed in black get the advantage due to the amount they have, besides that they were martial artists, but the one in between, emitted a much stronger power and a more spooky murderous aura.

("It seems that the difference of power in the man dressed in gray and the man dressed in black is not much, but as the man dressed in gray has to protect the girls, it puts him in an unfavorable situation")

The other side loses around 4 soldiers, the stench of blood permeates the earth.

The man dressed in gray robes raises his mallet and concentrates a lot of Qi in the mallet.

"Earth Skill, Tectonic Ripples"


After hitting the deck to the ground, a large wave of power followed by strong tremors manages to send almost all attackers through the air except one that jumped high to avoid shock waves. Two of them moved far away from the main group, falling in opposite directions on the bushes.

Long Wushuang also had to hold on tight not to be thrown too, although the attack was not directed at her and was somewhat remote, the shockwave was affecting her.

("UGH, what a strong attack, I expected no less from a Martial Artist of such caliber")

After achieving balance, Long Wushuang continues to observe the results.

("Perfect, I see two who left the main group, OK it's time to act")

Long Wushuang divides the strongest Ghouls in two to devour the two men who separated in opposite directions.

"It's time for a show bathed in blood"

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

I apologize if I delay, but rest assured that I will not abandon this novel

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