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40.81% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 16: Prelude to an ambush

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Chapter 16: Prelude to an ambush

Shui Shi Castle, Noon

As every day, Feudal Lord Zhao continues to work, sealing and signing papers for the continuity of his fiefdom, but instead of feeling tired today he is in a good mood.

The two sides continue in their fierce war, the Feudal Lord Chen has taken control of 30% of the territories of the Feudal Lord Chu, the free territories mounted some kind of resistance, but can not stop by far the advance of the Golden-winged eagle army.

("Those two fools who continue in their stupid war, are nothing but chess pieces that dance in my hand")

A smile is drawn on his face, everything he had planned was giving results.

("I'll let them fight for a while longer, even though I wanted both parts to wear out, if old Chen Aoyun wins, he will still be, he's just a stupid old man, arrogant and easy to manipulate.")

The ambition of conquest of the Feudal Lord Chen is well known by all the noble class of the region, his impulsive and striking behavior has brought a bad reputation, but all simply turn a blind eye to their actions.

While the Feudal Lord continued with his works, a strong blizzard leaves his window which several leaves fly in different directions, a sensation of danger arises in that moment.

A man dressed in black robes and a bamboo hat covering his face makes his appearance, a sinister aura emanates from him.

The Feudal Lord Zhao regains his senses and calms his mind, gets up and waves with his hands cupped while maintaining a forced smile.

"Ahh, Master Puppeteer, it's a pleasure to see you again, I see that you have improved your stealth movements, I could not detect it"

"Hmpf" The Master Puppeteer snorts coldly "Put aside your stupid praise, you think"

Feudal Lord Zhao could only endure his insults, although both Martial Artists he was only a Martial Nascent level 6, while the Master Puppeteer was in the True Martial Realm, although he did not know what level he was on, against a True Martial, he had no chance of victory.

Although on the outside he was calm, inside he burned with fury and hatred.

("When I increase my powers, I will make you suffer damned")

Master Puppeteer leans his body against a wall and continues

"My puppets informed me that the young Chu is going to the Mansion Chu, now is when I'm going to claim my application"

"Ehh?" Feudal Lord Zhao is surprised and his mind goes blank for a few seconds. "How is that possible? How does she manage to surpass my vigilance? "

"It seems that her master discovered that her disciple was watched, so they managed to sneak away from your spies to get out of the sect, taking little-traveled places avoiding surveillance points of your useless spies." The Master Puppeteer responds with indifference.

The Feudal Lord Zhao sighs with regret as he sits in his chair. "It seems that underestimates the young Chu and her master, I will be responsible for properly disciplining those useless, fortunately could not avoid your vigilance Master Puppeteer, do you know where they are now? The Feudal Lord Zhao asks.

"They are heading to Mansion Chu through the Forest of Bloody Nightmare" Those last words were uttered in a very serious tone

When I hear such a name, Mr. Zhao could not help but feel a cold sensation from behind.

The Forest of the Bloody Nightmare is considered a place cursed by many a short time ago, few survive and if they do their lives would not be the same as before. Some time ago I also sent spies and troops to that forest, but mysteriously disappeared; Only 3 or 4 managed to return.

Terror was marked on their faces, telling stories of monsters devouring human flesh, red lights stalking in the dark; besides a mysterious entity that attacked anyone who entered the depth of the forest in the morning.

At the beginning, the Feudal Lord Zhao did not believe in those stories, but after the continual disappearances and the same stories of the survivors, he gave the order not to enter that forest at night and only to watch the external part only in the mornings, when the sun is at the top.

"Why go through that forest? Does he want to die? Wait..."

"It seems that you got it" The Puppet Master interrupts and continues "Yes, we all know that these beings only appear at night and that entity only attacks when someone enters the depths of the forest, the young Chu goes in a carriage in the outside of the forest in a hurry, with the speed at which she goes, may leave before sunset, your soldiers do not have the guts to enter the forest so that area is very little monitored "

Mr. Feudal Zhao displays a map showing that forest.

The Bloody Nightmare Forest is located in the middle of the three territories, but its distribution is unequal, 30% is in Zhao territory, 10 in Chen territory and 60% in Chu territory.

When the Master Puppeteer sees the map unfold, he moves closer and extends his finger, marking the route and the place where the young Chu Yue is.

"Here they are, they have passed your borders and now they are in Chu territory, they avoid entering the forest, but they also keep distance from being discovered, although there is almost no one in that place, very good movement on her part, but it is also a good place for my ambush "The Puppetmaster expresses himself arrogantly.

Feudal Lord Zhao understands very well the place where they are and it is a good place for an ambush. "Do you need help to take care of the kidnapping and keep that mysterious entity at bay?"

"There is no need to send me to useless" The Master Puppeteer categorically denies his help. "My puppets are enough to take care of them, they go with a small escort and with her master. Although he is also a True Martial, he will not be able to defeat me, I will keep him busy and kill him while my puppets take care of the other hindrances, the young Chu is in the Nascent Martial Realm level 4, easy prey; as for that mysterious entity Ja, I think it will do a good to all getting rid of that annoyance"

The Master Puppeteer shows an arrogant attitude, as if his vitoria were a fact. He continues

"You do not send anything, if only they detect me you will not be affected, I will bring you later" Finished his words, with surprising speed leaves the room where he entered.

The Feudal Lord Zhao lazily reclines in his chair and throws long sighs while tapping his fingers on his desk.

"Well, that's already settled, I guess I'll have to wait for her to bring it. I feel a little sorry for the young Chu Yue, but if you want to blame someone, blame your mother for choosing that poor bastard "

The Feudal Lord Zhao closes his eyes to rest a moment, but an ephemeral sensation of danger lurks, a sensation he felt a long time ago. He wakes up to look around

"This feeling was felt a long time ago, I think it was when the eunuch Ye told me about that squadron case; I think that stress is affecting me a bit. "

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

It seems that I publish a chapter per week, sorry for that but I'm busy with university and work. Also corregi regarding the Realms of power, the table of Realms of power will be shown later. Thank you

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