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85.71% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 38: Red Night (Part 1)

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Chapter 38: Red Night (Part 1)

After a few hours still at night.

The lookouts were watching the front door when they saw riders.

"The young masters are back, ring the bell, open the doors."

The brothers manage to reach the Chu Mansion, these are greeted by Master Yue Kai, Wei Xin, as well as maidens and soldiers.

"Yue, Young Yuanba, what happened? Where's the girl? " Master Yue Kai asks about the appearance of the brothers.

They are both dirty, with blood stains and scratch marks in some places on the clothes.

Chu Yue is exhausted both physically and mentally, Chu Yuanba responds. "We have been attacked by these creatures, fortunately, we managed to escape with the spiritual herb to heal my father. Unfortunately, Lady Long used her body to attract as many creatures as she could to her so that we would have an escape route, I'm not sure of her situation. "

"Master Yue Kai, I will explain it to you in more detail after hearing my father."

Master Yue Kai nods "I agree"

"Big sister, take it easy" Wei Xin comforts Chu Yue as she accompanies her.

In a window which you can see the main entrance, Lu Luo picks up the spear along with some personal things and quickly leaves the mansion using her vampiric speed towards the forest.

Chu Yuanba, the Wei eunuch, as well as other people patiently wait outside the room awaiting news.

Chu Yue is sitting staring blankly and tear-filled red eyes as Wei Xin tries to cheer her up.

After two hours of waiting, Master Yue Kai leaves the room somewhat exhausted.

"How is my father?" Chu Yuanba asks.

"Uff, if it had taken longer, it is very likely that the feudal lord died; Fortunately it was a success and the venom was extracted. Now the feudal lord is exhausted, but he asks you and your sister to speak to him. "Master Yue Kai wipes the sweat from his forehead, but his face shows satisfaction.

Chu Yuanba and Chu Yue enter the room. They find their father pale and very tired.

"Brats, if I wasn't in this state I would hit you with a stick until you learn to obey me" Chu Xuan speaks very upset.

Chu Yuanba kneels clasping his hands together. "This son will accept any punishment, but leave my younger sister. The expedition was my idea and Lady Long's loss is also my fault"

"Big brother" Chu Yue approaches him trying to control the tears.

"Ahh" Chu Xuan sighs softly "Master Yue Kai told me what you said when you arrived. Now you will tell me without omitting anything "

"This son understands" Chu Yuanba lowers his head slightly and recounts what happened.

It only took a few minutes for Chu Yuanba to tell what had happened.

"It appears that those creatures were created by that woman" Chu Xuan comments.

"That is not very sure, there are too many unknowns regarding what is happening" Master Yue Kai intervenes.

The forest, as well as many areas around it, have been left uninhabited, making it difficult to collect information.

"It is true, it is a pity for the girl" Chu Xuan sighs.

"But as the young master said, that girl may have managed to escape. That girl has lived in that place for many years, she is likely hidden somewhere "Master Yue Kai speaks.

"Then we must search for her." Chu Yue intervenes somewhat altered. "The younger sister has helped us in many ways ..."

"I understand what you mean, younger sister" Chu Yuanba participates cutting Chu Yue's words "But not now, when the sun rises, I will go to the forest with a group of soldiers. Remember that she said that sunlight is lethal for these creatures "

"I agree with the young master" Master Yue Kai speaks "Now you must rest and regain strength. We will speak more clearly after a good rest"

All the people in that room come out, only Master Yue Kai and Chu Xuan remain.

"OK, you just need to rest, for now, you do have some peculiar children" Master Yue Kai gives a dry laugh.

"Those brats" Chu Xuan also laughs a little.

"Feudal Lord" A maid enters the room. "Forgive this maid for entering like that, but I must report an issue."

"What's going on?" Chu Xuan speaks something puzzled.

"When I was doing my rounds, I heard from some of my colleagues that Lu Luo's servant disappeared. One of the maids went to check her room and found that almost all her things were gone. Besides, Lady Long's room also disappeared her things. "The maid spoke very nervously.

They both locked eyes with dismay.

"This is very strange"

In the woods

Long Wushuang looks at the three silver seeds in her hand.

"With this, I will be able to test the second artifact I take from HIM"

The seeds transform into light spots and enter your body as a beam of light.

These come to a different world where there is only earth and a dark sky, but what is most characterized is the abundant spiritual Qi, extremely abundant and of the highest degree which any spiritual herbs, whether they are the most common to the most legendary and rare, they can grow faster and improve their properties much more.

This independent world that only Long Wushuang can control is the second artifact that I take from the vault of God.

GAIA Pagoda

This device allows the wearer to save any type of spiritual herb, it also accelerates growth and improves its quality. But this artifact can only harbor spirit herbs and its fellow creatures, it cannot harbor animals, beasts, or other creatures that are not of plant origin.

Although there were similar or higher-potential artifacts, these were drawn through a game.

"Ok, now wait for the novice" Long Wushuang comments with irony.

A few minutes of waiting a woman appears holding a spear and a backpack on her back. Her blood-red eyes wishing for fresh blood.

"You have finally arrived. Since there is nothing to wait it is time, give me the map" Long Wushuang reaches out and Lu Luo hands her a large parchment where various areas are marked.

Long Wushuang spreads the scroll "Ok, Chu fief has only two camps near the forest. The Chen fief, three fortresses, and some camps. And the Zhao fief, a fortress and 4 villages"

"I have 150 ghouls at my disposal; sending everyone to one place would only cause trouble, so it would take time for me to coordinate an attack from all three sides at similar times. "Long Wushuang sits on a rock.

"Your majesty, excuse my meddling. Why are you doing this?" Lu Luo asks.

Long Wushuang calmly replies, "At first I thought of this idea for Chu Yue's return journey to the sect and somehow enter as well, but now what I want is to give geezer Chu Xuan a break. I suppose it can be called a help from me. Ahh, my human side sometimes comes out. "That sigh was overly long.

"EHH, Your Majesty?" Lu Luo is even more confused.

"Never mind. First things first, a good attack doesn't work well without information; so let's just take a look at the two camps of this fief "

Long Wushuang runs quickly and Lu Luo follows her from behind along with the lesser vampire. Both quickly reach one of the camps.

"The other one is a couple of kilometers away, ehh?" Long Wushuang stops when she sees a bearded man sitting near the campfire.

"It's him" Long Wushuang recognizes him. The man was the soldier who had beaten and mistreated Long Xiaorou when she was human.

"Ah perfect, Lu Luo go to the other camp and convert as many ghouls as you can"

Long Wushuang walks up to her and talks "Remember, for someone like you you can only convert ghouls, to speed up the process you can cut their necks to speed up death while biting. As for the ghouls, only one bite is enough. If you meet any Martial artist, just try to knock him unconscious, don't try to transform them, you are not yet a martial artist "Lu Luo is only at the level of Trained Bone.

"If you want your level to increase, then absorb the life force of opponents at a higher level than yours"

"Now go, I'll come to meet you when I'm done here"

Lu Luo leans in and walks away quickly.

"You just stay here and kill everyone who tries to escape, be it man or animal" Long

Wushuang orders the lesser vampire without looking at her.


Long Wushuang quickly approaches and hides behind a few more distant tents.

Long Wushuang finds a soldier standing guard, so she approaches from behind and bites him in the neck. To speed up the process, she uses her hand to rip the carotid artery with a good piece of meat. Large amounts of bloodstain the ground.

It only takes a few seconds when the man transforms into a Ghoul.


Long Wushuang makes a clean cut in the tent fabric and quickly enters with the Ghoul

Four soldiers are resting without noticing anything.

Long Wushuang hits the soldiers head hard to knock them unconscious. She orders the ghouls to bite them on the neck, although more than biting, they simply ripped off a large piece of meat where you could see the vertebrae and part of the trachea.

Those poor guys couldn't make a sound because they were choking on their blood.

A few seconds of waiting, 4 more ghouls wake up thirsty for blood.

"These are enough" Long Wushuang waves her hand and the 5 ghouls leave the store, a few seconds later you can hear screams of absolute terror and the sound of the meat being ripped out and devoured.


"Quick to the Horses" The garrison captain yells as he tries to repel the ghouls.

The massacre isn't yet over, soldiers run rampant or try to defend themselves while others are devoured.

A soldier quickly reaches a horse, but before he can ride a hand he pushes him hard knocking him to the ground.

"Get lost, bastard." The bearded man climbs onto the horse and before he can run away, a Ghoul rips off the horse's leg, knocking it over violently. The bearded man slaps his head momentarily stunned.

"Save me, God!"


"Retire, retireARRGHH!"

The screams are gradually silenced until only a sepulchral silence remains.

The bearded man observes the scene, the earth covered in blood and pieces of meat, some Ghouls continued to devour the bodies.

Several of them surrounded him. The bearded man picks up a sword on the ground and waves it from one side to the other pointlessly.

"Getaway, ge ... ge ... getaway"

The Ghouls simply look at him, but then retreat to make way for two women. One wearing a mask and the other behind her kept her head bowed.

Long Wushuang grabs him by the neck and lifts him without any problem.

"Die" The bearded man uses the sword to cut it by the neck.

The bearded man shows a small smile when he sees that the sword was a few centimeters from the target, but then he sees that the sword stops abruptly.

Long Wushuang stops the sword with her hand.

"Useless effort" She tightens the grip and destroys it, multiple fragments flying everywhere.

The sword was of poor quality, plus the bearded man was only a Trained Bone, it didn't pose a challenge to a martial artist.

"Ahh, it's been a long time since I saw you the first time, when you hit an old woman who gave you the tributes in a basket 16 years ago"

"Perhaps you have forgotten it, perhaps you have forgotten the abuse you have done to the weak"

"Well, the strong always abuse the weak is the absolute rule"

"But, there is also revenge, when the abused becomes strong he will always cry out for revenge"

"So I will make you suffer for having harmed my people"

Long Wushuang throws it like trash at a large group of Ghouls.

"Don't leave even the bones"

Sounds of meat being ripped out and crushed bones could only be heard.

Long Wushuang looks at the panorama and says "Very well, you stay here and kill anyone who tries to enter these lands, defend this place until the end"

The lesser vampire leans over and Long Wushuang leaves for the other camp.

Upon arrival, the battle is still ongoing, the soldiers continue fighting and others trying to flee on foot since the horses were on the ground neighing in pain due to missing one or two legs.

"Intelligent movement in incapacitating the horses so that the soldiers do not flee" Long Wushuang lightly nods her head.

Long Wushuang targets the fleeing and knocks them to the ground. The ghouls who were after them begins their work.

"Well done Lu Luo, I see that you have done most of the work, it is a pity that you cannot leave a lesser vampire in this place. I guess I will leave these ghouls without a leader. "

Hearing this, Lu Luo says, "Reporting to Your Majesty, amid the chaos, I found a woman who was hiding in the main store; I thought maybe it would be useful so I kept her alive "

Long Wushuang opens her eyes for such information, she reaches out and lifts Lu Luo's chin. "I like people who can think for themselves instead of being useless zombies waiting for orders without doing anything. If you are wrong or have something to say, just say it. What I hate the most are the lies"

Lu Luo cannot take her eyes off Long Wushuang's sharp gaze, although she wore her mask, those eyes could see even the soul.

"I ... I understand" Lu Luo responds with a muffled voice and her slightly red face.

"Leave one alive." Long Wushuang releases her and heads toward the store. She finds a woman huddled in a corner dressed quickly.

"Is it a prostitute or a peasant from around here, who cares?" Long Wushuang whispers and approaches her.

She lifts her abruptly and begins the transformation without wasting time.

Lu Luo watches the situation and starts counting how many Ghouls, then picks one of the survivors and grabs him by the neck. "If you want to live just keep your mouth shut and don't think about escaping" Lu Luo throws her to the ground. "Kill the rest" Lu Luo orders and simply has to wait for her master to finish what she was doing inside the tent.

After a few minutes of waiting, Long Wushuang leaves the tent together with the woman.

"Congratulations Your Majesty for awakening another in the dark" Lu Luo leans in with folded hands.

"There is no accomplishment whatsoever in this," Long Wushuang responds blandly and speaks seriously to the new lesser vampire.

Long Wushuang approaches Lu Luo "I already gave you orders, now we must move"

"Master, the survivor" Lu Luo reminds her of the man lying on the ground.

"Ah" Long Wushuang remembers and approaches the soldier, she grabs him by the neck and says "You have seen what happened, the same happened in the camp on the other side. If you still want to live then send a message to your superiors 'These lands belong to us, if you want to recover them, then come here or you can stay in your fortress like a coward; although it would be better if you came, since my people want a lot of fresh blood'"

Long Wushuang throws it away "Now get out before I change my mind"

The soldier gets up with difficulty and quickly begins his flight.

Seeing the soldier disappear into the darkness of the night, Long Wushuang heads towards Lu Luo.

"Now to our next destination"

Long Wushuang and Lu Luo leave the place and their figures disappear into the dark night.

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