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87.75% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 39: Red Night (Part 2)

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Chapter 39: Red Night (Part 2)

A couple of women come to a small hill where you can see a path that leads to a fortification where an Aquila embroidered on a flag waves with pride.

"This is one of the Chen fief fortifications." Long Wushuang observes the thick walls and a large gate, behind her Lu Luo waits in silence.

On the thick walls, some soldiers walk from one side to the other and others simply observe the landscape. A few soldiers guard the doors.

"I see that there are not many lookouts on the walls, I don't even feel a strong presence." Long Wushuang continues to look more closely.

Although she didn't awaken her divine sense which allows her to recognize the levels of the opponents, her vampiric sense allows her to feel how strong her aura is, but this doesn't allow her levels to be recognized and it is also not very precise.

"Perhaps martial artists are on the front lines" Lu Luo expresses her opinion.

After 16 years of hard training Long Wushuang is at the first level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Although it is at the first level, the difference between a martial artist and those who are not is very high.

"Uhmm, Servant Luo, do you know the character of the feudal lord Chen?" Long Wushuang asks.

Lu Luo places her fingers on her chin. "Uhmm, according to what you hear from some rumors or gossip, the current feudal lord Chen is arrogant, proud, and pedantic. Treat the weakest as garbage and abuse them. He was always very competitive with the feudal lord Chu "

"Only with him? What about the other feudal lords? " Long Wushuang continues with the questionnaire.

"There are 8 feudal lords currently. The attitude with the other lords is almost the same, but due to the remoteness of these fiefdoms, he only limits himself to complaints. Although with the feudal lord Zhao I have heard that it is something strange, at first he was hostile, but a few days before the war the relationship with him is friendly or formal, well that is what I heard from the oldest maids"

Long Wushuang delves into her thoughts and then says, "This conflict seems to be more complicated than it seems, but that is no longer our concern. Now we must take two fortifications as fast as possible "

"Lu Luo, go to the nearby camps and villages and convert as many as you can, I will infiltrate and do the same. When you're done, take half of the Ghouls and storm the other fort. Do not show any mercy and it will be me who decides who lives"

Lu Luo replies "But Your Majesty, if I meet a martial artist, should I avoid a confrontation?"

Long Wushuang says, "If you can avoid it, do it, but if it is inevitable, try to win as much time as you can. Now you can leave "

Before Lu Luo departs, Long Wushuang stops her. "Carry your spear."

Lu Luo is somewhat confused because in the previous attack she did not use her spear, Long Wushuang stares at her "This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with this weapon, it limits the use of your vampiric abilities"

"Convert two and the others fight them with your spear, the best way to practice is on the battlefield, remember the movements you have seen before try to recreate them"

"I know I couldn't give you some classes due to some setbacks, but I'll reward you later; also when this ends, I will see your results "

"Now go" Long Wushuang waves her hand and Lu Luo leans in slightly to leave quickly.

"Wait, come here." Long Wushuang stops her.

Lu Luo feels a bit of confusion, but quickly returns.

She is tightly hugged and a perfectly beautiful face is revealed along with a pair of white fangs.

"Jahh" Lu Luo sighs sensually as she now enjoys "offering" her blood to her mistress.

Long Wushuang stops giving the dark kiss and two women put their lips together.

Lu Luo opened his eyes wide, for a few seconds she didn't know how to react, in her mouth, she could feel the taste of blood mixing with the saliva of both.

Lu Luo tasted the best nectar in the world with absolute fervor.

Long Wushuang part her lips and look at her completely red face from the passion of her little vampire.

"This is a part of the reward, now you can leave" She shows a seductive smile for a few moments and then puts on her mask.

Lu Luo takes a few moments to regain his reason before leaving with the blush still on her face.

Long Wushuang activates her mist form and very quickly passes through a section of the wall that was unprotected.

Long Wushuang stands on top of a building looking for the barracks or a building where the soldiers are piled up.

"There it is." She observes a building with multiple windows and can feel many human lives.

"The most abundant presences are trained bone level, few trained visor level people and I feel two trained soul level people" Long Wushuang bows slightly.

"I must convert those two first to have very strong Ghouls." Long Wushuang uses her mist form and sneaks inside the establishment.

An almost visible red mist sneaks down hallways and corridors, until it reaches large bedrooms where the doors are parked by guards.

"The guards are trained at visor level, there are only 2 at each door." Long Wushuang leans against a wall and leans his head to see them.

"I must do it quickly" Long Wushuang prepares her move.

The two guards were standing and a few meters apart, but their gaze is somewhat tired and boring. One of them opened his eyes fully, two hands hold his head firmly and his vision turns to the wall behind him.

Long Wushuang returns his head to its original position and makes him sit gently so as not to generate noise.

The other guard was distracted due to exhaustion, but when I notice that something is wrong a hand holds his throat and the grip destroys the vertebrae.

Long Wushuang uses his mist form to go through the closed door. Inside she sees a man sleeping.

"Ughh, how I hate men's blood." Long Wushuang gives a silent sigh.


A very strong blow knocks him unconscious and Long Wushuang bites him hard on the neck and uses a dagger to cut the artery.

"Hey, why are you sleeping?, Get up useless!" A very annoying voice resonates outside. "Don't listen to me?"

"Damn" Long Wushuang was so focused on finishing off the subject that she forgot to check if anyone was approaching.

"Ehh? But what… "The man kneels to verify the condition of the dead soldier until arms catch him by the head and twist him.

"What's going on here? Why interrupt my sleep? " A portly man with his upper body naked came out of one of the rooms, that man was the other trained soul level that Long Wushuang had felt.

"Who are you? My men… Guards! " The big man screams, but a hand hits his mouth, the strength of the grip was such that she broke his jaw and destroyed some teeth.

But the scream alarmed the guards on patrol in the vicinity.

Some soldiers arrived at the scene "Kill her" and attack with their swords, however, a door is violently knocked down and a Ghoul charges towards the soldiers. As the soldiers battle the Ghoul, Long Wushuang wastes no time and quickly converts the other.

The Ghoul due to being at the trained soul level quickly kills the soldiers, although he suffered some injuries.

But the screams alarmed everyone around them even more.

"Tsk, stealth is over, kill, kill all humans," Long Wushuang orders fiercely.

The soldiers ran through the corridors, but were ambushed by Ghouls, in a short time the building became a slaughterhouse covered in blood and meat.

"Go, my slaves, kill them all" Long Wushuang's voice was cold and indifferent, as if killing humans was the same as killing simple insects.

The Ghouls come out like bloodthirsty beasts.

"What are these creatures?"

"Quick, draw your weapons, defend the base"

"Those creatures are not those described in the rumors of that forest, why are they in this fortress?"

"And that matters, quickly kill them"

The battle had begun, the Ghouls were held for a few moments until they managed to break the formation of the soldiers and began the feast.

Long Wushuang also fights with the soldiers, but she simply knocks them unconscious for the Ghouls to convert without resistance.

Her movements were, both sword and melee, fluid and coordinated. Furthermore, she had restricted her powers to train and regain her abilities from the past and be able to compare with the techniques of the soldiers.

She discovered that the sword techniques they used were no different than hers, but their movements were abrupt and somewhat slow.

The fortress turned into chaos, the soldiers continue to fight; but when one threw down the sword and began to run for his life, many others followed suit.

Long Wushuang didn't order the persecution, as she wanted informants. Even so, those who were not quick to flee would only become food for the Ghouls. She manages to catch a maid who was hiding in a corner, she did a blood reading and seeing that the woman was not a virgin turned her into a lesser vampire.

"And done, now I have to go to the other fortress"

More than half of the fort has been taken, those who remain try to save themselves as best they can by generating anarchy all over the place.

Some ghouls were also destroyed, but Long Wushuang did not care as the number that remained was considerable.

A stench of blood that was so strong to nauseate and confuse the mind, it also causes a ghouls frenzy.

Long Wushuang leaves the place and heads towards her other target.

A few minutes before Long Wushuang's arrival, the fortress was in a big mess. Lu Luo led a large contingent of Ghouls from the villages and camps, as only people with low combat training lived in those places, it didn't take long. When she arrived at the fortress, the attack began, although the cost to cross the walls was a few ghouls, when they arrived, a massacre began.

The Ghouls attacked from various locations, which caused the soldiers to disperse and were unable to group, but the fortress had a considerable number of men and there were also three trained soul level men achieving strong resistance.

Upon learning that these three began to annihilate the Ghouls, Lu Luo had no choice but to go against these three, but she knows that with her trained visor level she cannot face all three at the same time, therefore, she decides to face two, although this will push her to her limits is the best way to hone her skills and start training with the spear.

Lu Luo stands in front of the three men who turn out to be the captains and several soldiers, behind her the ghouls waited.

"She is very beautiful" Some soldiers are hypnotized by Lu Luo's beauty.

"Don't be fooled, it's just a monster disguised as a woman" The captain in front says.

Lu Luo holds the spear pointing the point forward, her red eyes glowing brightly.

"What exactly are you?" The captain on the right couldn't help but ask.

Lu Luo responds without any emotion "Weak humans, just submit to the Queen's authority like offshoots of darkness"

Lu Luo attacks the captains without wasting time, the Ghouls continue to focus on the soldiers and the captain on the left.

Swinging her spear, Lu Luo executed attacks remembering the movements she had seen in the soldiers' training when she was at Chu Mansion. But, the theory is very different from practice, her movements were somewhat rough and in a short time, she went from offensive to defensive, even so, the skill with the spear increased little by little.


Lu Luo repels the attacks by deflecting them, but an arrow hits the shoulder. Seeing Lu Luo stagger, the captain hits her hard with the sword.


Lu Luo takes three steps back to steady you, but is quickly attacked by the other captain.

"Uhm, despite being strong you have no skills with the spear, quick brother, kill it"

Lu Luo endures the attack with the spear, but the other attacks from behind.

"AHHGG" Lu Luo is knocked down with a large cut on her back.

"Heh, now die" Lu Luo couldn't help but be stabbed.


A red flash is only seen, ahead flies through the air, large amounts of blood fall as a source.

"Your Majesty"

Long Wushuang enters the scene and quickly attacks the other captain.

"AGGhh" A sword pierces the heart of man. The ghouls finish taking down the last captain.

Long Wushuang doesn't mind killing these strong people, the large number of soldiers in the fort makes up for it.

In one hour the fortress was taken.

"Your Majesty, here I have another woman for you" Lu Luo drags a terrified woman and struggling to free herself.

Long Wushuang looks at her askance and says "It's yours, you need to feed"

"Ehh, but ...?" Lu Luo is confused and Long Wushuang stops her. "I don't need to take all the blood, eat enough, and give it to me to convert it. Do it quickly since you need to take another feud "

Lu Luo doesn't move for a few seconds and lifts the woman to feed. After a moment he releases her. Long Wushuang takes the already pale and very weakened woman to finish the job.

"Okay, we're done with the Chen fief, now follow the Zhao fief. We must be cautious"

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

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