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89.79% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 40: Red Night (Part 3)

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Chapter 40: Red Night (Part 3)

The two fortresses have fallen, the walls are stained with blood and very few managed to escape.

"I have observed your fight and it has surprised me, your dominance with the spear gradually increases. It seems like it was the right choice for the spear to be your weapon. "Long Wushuang was watching Lu Luo's fight.

Prowess with the spear was polished in the fights, although it lacked coordination and new movements.

"I am not worthy of your praise Your Majesty, this humble servant still has a lot to learn" Lu Luo respectfully responds.

Long Wushuang approaches her and lifts her chin. "You know, those displays of humility and respect aren't even necessary yet; Although I am a queen, I don't have a kingdom and I haven't consolidated my power and sovereignty in these lands. So, if I compliment you, just thank me and if I have to punish you, face the consequences "when saying the last part of the sentence, she squeezed Lu Luo's neck for a few seconds, but the force was such that she finished coughing

"Two of the three objectives have already been met, now it is time to go to Zhao fief"

Long Wushuang wasted no time and quickly headed to his next destination.

Zhao Territory

Both women arrived in unknown lands, but they were not alone. Behind the women were 120 ghouls waiting.

The reason I don't use them in the above places was because of the weather. In the Chu territory, it didn't take long, the Chen territory took the longest due to the large number of troops. She had to divide the time for the three areas and use her intuition.

"We have to hurry, all three areas must be attacked at similar time intervals"

"Like the last time, I will go to the fortress and you will attack the nearby villages and assault the walls"

"Understood" Lu Luo bows and then retires.

Long Wushuang fast forward followed by the 120 ghouls.

Outskirts of the fortress.

Like previous fortresses, the structure was similar with only a few insignificant differences. But what worried him the most about Long Wushuang was a caravan leaving that fortress.

"In the middle carriage I feel powerful presences, especially one that seems to be the strongest"

Long Wushuang was still unaware of the level differences, but even with her powers, she had no confidence in defeating that caravan.

"Even if I outnumber them it would be almost impossible, I'd better wait for them to get away." Long Wushuang hid herself on a small hill.

The caravan was still parking at the entrance, many soldiers were present along with several people in robes belonging to a sect, a couple of older men were also present talking, near them were uniformed men highlighting that they are of high rank.

Although Long Wushuang can see them due to distance, she cannot distinguish particular characteristics and doesn't dare to use earthly Qi to improve her senses for fear of being detected.

She had to wait around 30 minutes for the caravan to start moving.

"Lu Luo seems to be over, shit I feel the presence of survivors." Long Wushuang walks away quickly.

'Lu Luo stay in your position and wait for my orders.' Long Wushuang begins to kill the survivors who were approaching the fortress.

Lu Luo upon hearing the order of her Master in her mind stops her advance along with a large contingent of Ghouls, but she is somewhat confused about such an order.

In the caravan

"... Then the second attack failed" Elder man speak

"I'm sorry for my ineptitude" The uniformed man leans

"It doesn't matter, you'd better cut off any relationship, let the army be the one to finish him off, it will only take two days for a final attack" Elder man speak

"And the Kingdom will intervene?" The uniformed man asks

"The King is more concerned due to the threat from the north, and also informed that this conflict will be resolved quickly and will not greatly affect"

"Now what we must do is win the support of a Martial Academy"

"That will be difficult, martial academies never intervene in deadly human conflicts, unless it is an attack by martial artists or some type of disaster that they cannot turn a blind eye to." The uniformed man frowns.

"Don't worry, there are always several ways to gain support; Although they are very selfish and will do anything to meet their goals, they are also people of very high ego and vanity, showing an illustrious image is important to them and they reward their benefactors pleasantly. As long as we provide them with rare items they will help us in a way that they are not seen, for them killing mortals will be collateral damage "

"What does that mean?" The uniformed man asks

"I have been informed of a rare flame in a mountain range to the west, although I do not know if this information is true, for a martial artist would not care more than to find out even if there were dangers"

"But if such information is false, perhaps they will retaliate."

"Don't worry, I already have plans for this and this is where the two brats must act"

"I think I understand, I should report this to my uncle." The uniformed man is somewhat excited.

"... Very soon I will meet my goals"

"Hey?" The young man next to the Elder man is uneasy.

"What's going on?"

"Detect hostile presence, but it was directed towards a mortal who was fleeing and died"

"In, I also felt it, just ignore it"

Outskirts of the fortress


A man falls dead from a stab wound to the heart. "Done, that was the last one, it is fortunate that there were few survivors, but it was also dangerous being close to the caravan. "Long Wushuang repressed his powers to avoid being detected as a strong person.

Long Wushuang returns to where she was originally.

"I detect martial artists at a level similar to mine and one with a high-level level, I think it is in the last stage. Lu Luo stay here and I will investigate, I will warn you with a fire in the sky so that you storm the fortress. You should know that people of a high level of power are residing in this place so don't suppress your vampiric abilities anymore "

Lu Luo shows her respects "Be careful"

Long Wushuang quickly walks away, but at about 100 meters away it uses mist form to avoid detection.

"It seems that martial artists are low-stage and few in number, but the ghouls I have are not martial artists"

The Ghouls that Long Wushuang possessed were not martial artists, due to this mishap, she must convert these martial artists.

"Time is running out I will convert a few to stir up chaos"

Long Wushuang heads to some distant tents and converts everyone who was there, although none of them was a martial artist.

"It doesn't matter, although I can't beat them in level, I will outnumber them." Long Wushuang decides to attack with everything he has.

Long Wushuang lashes out with the unsuspecting soldiers, the ghouls finish the job.

"Intruders infiltrated the fortress, kill them" The soldiers quickly react, also the martial artists participate in the fight.

Long Wushuang takes a bow and shoots a fiery arrow into the heavens. That fire arrow was the signal for Lu Luo to act.

On the outskirts, Lu Luo upon seeing a flame in the skies quickly sets off. Behind her, about two hundred Ghouls follow her in a blood frenzy.

"Enemies approaching, archers open fire"

"Quick soldiers, in formation"

"Aren't those things the rumored monsters that live in the woods? Why are they here? "

"No matter who or what the enemy is, we are warriors and we will fight against anyone who tries to besiege this fortress"

Unlike the strongholds of the Chen fief; where the soldiers initially showed resistance, but these were dispersed and very few managed to carry out combat formations, the soldiers of the Zhao fief are professional and well trained. They quickly entered formation, left the areas already taken so that the remaining forces could group and have a good defensive position resisting the Ghouls' attacks with better efficiency.

Despite the fierce resistance, little by little the army forces began to crumble, but the ghouls also began to fall due to wounds that damaged their limbs.

Let us remember that the Ghouls cannot regenerate, although they cannot die unless they destroy his heart, cutting off his limbs permanently incapacitates them.

Long Wushuang fights with some martial artists, their cultivations are around the first or third level of the Mortal Martial Realm

The fight against them had no comparison with the previous fights; These martial artists, although the level is low, their combat prowess is superior giving Long Wushuang a lot of pressure, besides, their weapons are invested with Qi Terrenal to improve them.

Long Wushuang eliminated 3 tier 1 martial artists and now faces two tier two.

The clashes of swords echo without stopping, the sparks illuminated the combat and the movements were so fast and solid that they generated strong gales everywhere.


Long Wushuang takes three steps back to stabilize and lunges at the attackers again.

"Who is that woman? How can you fight on a par with two martial artists after having fought with three? "

"Have you forgotten that she is with these monsters, she is certainly the leader"

The fight continues for a moment until both sides back off.

"Die" One of the martial artists launches into the attack collecting a large amount of Earthly Qi on the sword.

Seeing the attack, Long Wushuang tries to evade, but detects that the other attacks from the other side, trying to block the escape.

When both martial artists see that their attacks are about to reach her they get excited, but then dismay comes.

They watch as the Long Wushuang figure vanishes and the attacks pierce through just one red spectral figure.

"Behind you" The martial artist tries to warn his partner but sees that he is stabbed in the heart.

"Damn, die" The martial artist lashes out wildly, but Long Wushuang manages to stop him with some difficulty and deflects the attack by disorienting him.


"AGHH" The martial artist is kicked hard in the stomach and his arm is cut off seconds later. His neck is heavily bitten, losing his life in a few seconds.

Later, a Ghoul is born and joins the fray.

Long Wushuang feels great power accumulating inside him and it explodes generating a small shock wave.

Long Wushuang reached the second level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

The battle continues with even greater frenzy, chaos reigns everywhere and the stench of blood replaces any aroma.

"Your Majesty" Lu Luo runs quickly, but stops abruptly, her face reflecting absolute bewilderment.

A sword comes out violently from the stomach. Lu Luo's body is lifted without much effort.

"What?" Long Wushuang tries to go, but a very strong pressure coming from the man causes her shock.

"ARGGHH!" Lu Luo is violently thrown towards a stone wall destroying it.

('That attack was not aimed at the heart, but it will still not be able to rise for a while.') Long Wushuang prepares against this new opponent.

('A high ranking Mortal Martial Realm Martial artist, this is serious')

The athletic-looking man dressed in armor very different from regular soldiers stares at her.

"My name is Tang Li, who are you monster?" Tang Li points his bloodstained sword at Long Wushuang.

Long Wushuang regains her composure, takes a defensive stance, and mentions a word apathetically.


"Uhm?" Tang Li doesn't understand that word, he had never heard or read it. "Despicable creature, I will end your miserable existence"

The sword shines much more brightly as a lamp, it arrives in a second towards Long Wushuang. She manages to cross swords, but is sent to fly a few meters.

"He is very strong." Long Wushaung lands on his feet, but her sword takes some damage. ('Even when I covered it with earthly Qi, it's still insufficient')

Four consecutive attacks on Long Wushuang, but she dodges them, though that makes it difficult for her to counter-attack.

"Is it that you only know how to dodge? Don't think this is all my power. "Tang Li makes an attack and immediately executes a kick with great force. Long Wushuang quickly turns into mist, but since it was coated in Earthly Qi, the blast wave deals with superficial damage to it.

"So you have mysterious abilities, but that won't save you." Tang Li continues his offensive and Long Wushuang backs off several meters.

"I thought that with my abilities and having reached a new level, I could be on par with someone from a higher rank or higher realm, but it seems that is not the case"

Long Wushuang speaks to herself. She had read many wuxia stories and she believed that she could also do the same.

"No, I have a way to end this, but the cost will be very high. For now, I don't want to use it unless I have no other choice. "

Long Wushuang lashes out with all his might, her speed generating some astonishment towards Tang Li. Tang Li also executes an attack on her.


Both swords split. Long Wushuang kicks into the torso, but her calf is grabbed and he violently knocks her to the ground.

Long Wushuang bears the pain and this time he punches hard and then another and another. Tang Li blocks them, although his arms feel somewhat numb. "I'll show you how to make a fist. Tiger's Roar Fist"


Long Wushuang takes the hit and is thrown several meters. She spits blood and her mask begins to drip blood. This is the first time that she is seriously injured and in a sorry state.

"I have no choice, I will have to use my ace up my sleeve." Long Wushuang stands up with much difficulty and her hands are placed in a position to unsheathe a sword. She concentrates all her power in her hands.

On a collapsed wall, the debris is moved and Lu Luo comes out, although she is badly hurt she blights Long Wushuang by wounding and bleeding. "Your Majesty" She crawls with a lot of quagmire.

"Uhm, you don't have a sword, why are you in that position? It doesn't matter it's time to end this. "Tang Li concentrates all his power into his fists, an image of tiger heads forming.

Long Wushuang is still in that position, her hands continue concentrating Earthly Qi "De reigning chao et tenebris, Theologiae Dogmaticae et omne quod existit. Devoratrix creaturae "*, these words are whispered quietly and when saying it the Earthly Qi takes the vague form of a sword.

"Double Roar of the Tiger" Tang Li rushes with all his power, generating powerful bursts.

Long Wushuang spits blood and her complexion turns pale, but he is ready to fight back. "Destroy. Dominate. Devour. Chaotic Attractor "

A power shock generates a large blast wave and a large cloud of dust covers the area. When they are cleared, both people have their backs completely still.

"Your Majesty, huh?" Lu Luo stops when he sees Tang Li fall, his body was divided in half horizontally, but surprisingly both parts don't spill blood, the body is completely dry from any fluid.

Lu Luo watches Long Wushuang holding up a sword. This sword had a long, thin and curved blade, the color was a combination of silver and black with a very beautiful dark glow.

Long Wushuang falls abruptly, the mysterious sword disappears.

Lu Luo runs quickly and lifts her up to lean her against a wall. She takes off the mask, Long Wushuang's complexion is completely pale and blood drips from her lips. "Your Majesty quickly drink my blood"

"No, we have to finish the job, get a woman. My weakness isn't cured by just drinking blood. Go quickly, "declares Long Wushuang.

Long Wushuang received one of the blows causing great damage and exhausting almost all her Earthly Qi and that, although it can be restored by just drinking blood, it is a very slow method and it must also be transformed.

Lu Luo wastes no time and quickly walks away ignoring the pain. In a few minutes, she brings a woman dragging and by the neck.

"Eat fast, if you want to take care of me you must be cured and with a clear mind, then give it to me to convert it."

"But Your Majesty, if you lose a drop of blood essence, won't your condition worsen??"

"Don't worry, I had already prepared a drop before," Long Wushuang declares.

Seeing that her mistress no longer wanted to waste time, Lu Luo obeyed. That moment only takes a few minutes.

"Now let's get out of here" Long Wushuang no longer resists and passes out. Lu Luo charges her and quickly walks away leaving nothing more than chaos and destruction.

* (Of the chaos and the reigning darkness, dogma of all that exists. Devourer of creation).

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Enjoy the chapter, in a few days I will give a statement

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