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Read Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon - Chapter 37 online

Chapter 37: Separate paths

"Very well, bring the best horses, we have to get to the forest immediately" Chu Yuan orders the servants.

The trio is located on the outskirts of the city.

"I still cannot understand how they managed to convince their father to accompany me, you are the pillars of this fief, the children of the feudal Lord, people like you would be the last to go," Long Wushuang comments.

The children of the main family would be highly protected as they represent the next generation and continuity of the bloodline and last name.

"We must indeed stay, but among all those present, the two of us are the only ones who have some experience with these creatures. My younger sister knows how to extract the flower and I will be the vanguard, you dear lady will guide us through that cursed forest and rest assured that this act won´t be forgotten and we will reward you properly "Chu Xuan speaks with Long Wushuang politely.

"I only do it as compensation for all the hospitality I have received, I don't like to have some kind of debt with someone" Long Wushuang responds, but her tone had a discreet disgust.

"You are a very proud woman, if that pleases you, so be it." Chu Yuanba is somewhat annoyed.

"Big brother please calm down, now is not the time to conflict" Chu Yue approaches her brother "I will explain it to you on the way and Junior apprentice-sister Wushuang, please"

Seeing Chu Yue's pleading face, Long Wushuang says, "I regret my behavior of this peasant Young Master."

Chu Yuanba shakes his head "Don't worry, stress has consumed my judgment"

The trio rides the horses and they gallop off. Chu Yuanba on one horse and Chu Yue along with Long Wushuang on another. The group takes the fastest route, unlike the previous long route that Chu Yue took.

The group reaches the edge of the forest, they keep their distance.

"So this is the forest, it is hard to believe that such a quiet place harbors the most terrifying creatures" Chu Yuanba solemnly observes the forest.

Chu Yue also looks at the forest, although she is calm on the outside, inside she was very nervous.

Long Wushuang addresses both of them and speaks seriously "From now on, you will follow my orders, if you want to leave the forest alive, you will obey everything I tell you"

The duo nods and prepares their weapons. Chu Yuanba approaches and hands Long Wushuang a sword. "It is one of the best weapons in the arsenal, it doesn't matter if it breaks, but I ask you to help us with this mission. If we succeed, I will be eternally grateful to you "

Long Wushuang takes the weapon and examines it in a few movements. "Good weapon"

Long Wushuang turns her gaze ignoring the siblings' surprised look.

"She is very good with the sword, I apologize for not believing you" Chu Yuanba speaks to his sister in a low voice.

"I told you, now isn't the time to argue so let's be ready." Chu Yue talks to her brother and quickly approaches Long Wushuang. Chu Yuanba after a few seconds is also addressing them.

Long Wushuang takes a bit of dirt and gives it to Chu Yuanba.

"EHH? Why did you do this? " Chu Yuanba claims and cleans up.

"It is to cover your body odor, the creatures have a very good nose" Long Wushuang answers and she stains her clothes with dirt.

The siblings look at each other and begin to cover themselves with dirt.

It only took a few minutes to finish the camouflage.

Long Wushuang and the siblings are a few meters from the forest. "Ok, we must stick together and don't separate. I will go forward, the first young master will stay behind, and the third master in the middle. We shouldn't make any sound so we will speak with seals"

"If we do not separate we will live, and someone stays, is dead"

Long Wushuang and the group begin with the walk, their steps are controlled to minimize any sound and not to step on something that generates noise.

Slowly moving forward and stopping when they hear a noise.

The group was moving on, but when they saw some dark figures they stopped abruptly and hid behind a tree.

Moonlight reflects off the creature, a grotesque being with sharp claws and long, sharp fangs. It was shaped like a human being, but with the skin, it could be where we could see the muscles. Blood red eyes gleamed brightly.

Chu Yue tries to control her breathing, but her hands start to shake a little.

("That creature again") Chu Yuanba thinks.

The Ghoul watches from one side to the other sniffing the place and runs in a different direction.

Long Wushuang continues walking and the brothers follow behind.

The sound of the trees where their branches are moved by the wind, the sound of the night birds is the only thing that can be heard.

('This gloomy environment is beginning to unsettle me.') Chu Yuanba holds his hand firmly on the hilt of his sword.

After a few minutes of walking, they reach a moor free of trees, but where one can only see a depressing panorama.

Where once there were houses made of stone, wood, and straw; now they are just ruins overgrown with weeds and mucus.

"What is this place?" Chu Yue observes this place.

"It was my village where I grew up and lived my childhood, it was also my refuge when the sun's rays disappeared on the horizon, this is where those creatures appeared" Long Wushuang comments and continues to advance.

Chu Yue follows behind, but feels a bit of melancholy and regret as she steps on the ground.

"So that's where it all started." Chu Yuanba advances as he watches the ruins.

The trio reaches the center of the village where there was a kind of altar, an engraved stone covered by many beautiful flowers and plants.

Long Wushuang approaches the roughly carved stone, kneels and her head touches the ground showing her respects.

Chu Yue and Chu Yuanba bow their heads slightly, showing their respects. Chu Yue approaches a little and reads the inscription.

"A life goes away, a life is born. What does not die will last forever. "Chu Yue is somewhat confused by those words.

"Those words were always told by my grandmother, we were rotten people and people died from not having enough food. My grandmother used to say that when you die it is because your life is replaced so that a new one is born, a better life, and that cycle will last forever "Long Wushuang speaks using a melancholic tone.

But Long Wushuang knows the truth, Long Xiaorou's body rests in that place and the stone is the same one where she wrote the previous words before leaving, which are in the back.

('I await your rebirth')

"Is that the flower we are looking for?" Chu Yuanba points to the flower with a bewitching silver glow.

"Yes, that is it" Chu Yue nods and takes out a special pot for spiritual herbs in his bag.

('So that was it, if I had known earlier I would have kept it to myself.') Long Wushuang is internally frustrated.

Long Wushuang watches Chu Yue as he advances and begins her act.

"Wait" Long Wushuang stops Chu Yue's advance.

"What happens?" Chu Yuanba asks. Long Wushuang doesn't respond and looks from one side to the other. "We have to hide, something is coming, follow me"

Long Wushuang guides the brothers to the basement where she hid that night.

"Control your breathing and don't speak" Long Wushuang whispers to the brothers

The siblings don't understand what is happening, but still obey and remain silent.

A moment after the intrigue, a woman appears from the trees approaching the center of the ruined village, behind her two ghouls follow her.

The woman observes the ruins looking for some kind of prey.

The brothers watch her and when they look into her eyes they are greatly surprised.

Bewitching crimson red eyes, red eyes seeking only fresh blood.

The woman was truly a minor vampire that Long Wushuang had designated to settle in the forest and give her the power to control the Ghouls.

The woman only stays for a moment until screaming is heard in the distance, which causes the three to leave the place.

(Uhm, what was that? Are there still fools who want to be heroes, at night? ') Long Wushuang is surprised by the distant screams.

"Those things are gone?" Chu Yuanba watches outside, watching to see if it is actually an ambush.

Seeing that nothing happened after a while, the three come out of hiding.

"Who was she? Is she a human? " Chu Yue speaks with concern.

"I don't know the answer either," Long Wushuang replies, "But I know she is much more dangerous than those monsters and she seems to control them."

Chu Yuanba holds his weapon firmly "So if we somehow kill her, will these monsters perish with her or harm them in any way?"

Long Wushuang ironically replies, "You ask the wrong person, I only know the weak points. If you want to know, then kill her"

Chu Yuanba frowns heavily at that comment, but then ignores it.

"I am going to collect the flower, we must leave before they return" Chu Yue hurries towards the silver flower.

"Unfortunate villagers, I promise you that your deaths won't be in vain and that your souls can enjoy eternal rest" Chu Yue shows her respects in the grave and very carefully picks up the flower.

"And done, with this my father can be cured" Chu Yue smiles as she holds the flower in his hands.

When Chu Yue turns around, her face freezes and her skin turns pale.

The two seeing her expression, are surprised and when they turn their eyes they understand why.

The vampire returned, but this time with more ghouls behind her. In addition, he holds the body of a dying man by the neck.

"Those insignia, that man is a disciple of my sect" Chu Yue is stunned as she watches the man's insignia on his right shoulder.

Chu Yuanba draws his sword and flames begin to form.

"He is just a fool, not even a martial artist" Long Wushuang snorts.

"This isn't the time for pranks." Chu Yuanba is enraged.

The vampire grabs the man's head and tightens his hold. It is heard of cracking of the skull until this one couldn't support more and explodes spreading blood and gray matter everywhere.

"Humans, I can feel your blood flowing fast. Fresh and sweet blood. "The vampire's eyes shine brightly.

"Now we are in serious trouble." Long Wushuang prepares for battle. "If they were a few creatures, maybe we would have a chance, but now"

Although there are only a few Ghouls, the vampire is an unknown problem for the brothers.

"Still, being left to do nothing is much worse, we must somehow breakthrough" Chu Yuanba responds forcefully.

The vampire waves her hand and about 6 ghouls attack.

"EHH?" Long Wushuang is stunned "Why are you sending a few of your minions against us?

"What does this mean? Do you want to test us? Are you underestimating us? Very well, I will show you that we are not easy prey. "Chu Yuanba prepares for battle and with a single cut decapitates one of them.

"They are very fast" Chu Yue summoned 4 fire serpents, three were dodged and 1 hits a Ghoul covering it in flames, the other continues with his attacks, Chu Yue dodges his attacks.

Long Wushuang kills one of them, but the second manages to knock it to the ground.

"Hey, arghh" Chu Yuanba tries to react, but another Ghoul throws himself at him causing them both to roll on the ground and drop the sword.

"Cursed Spawn" Chu Yuanba uses his arm to avoid being bitten and with the other, he accumulates earthly Qi to generate flames.

"Eat this" Chu Yuanba strikes the Ghoul with a fist of fire destroying the head.

"Younger sister" Chu Yuanba stands up and picks up his sword to help Chu Yue.

"Don't worry about me, help Junior apprentice-sister Long" Chu Yue pierces the heart with the sword, the Ghoul turns to ashes.

Chu Yuanba turns around and sees the Ghoul holding Long Wushuang trying to bite her, he quickly decapitates him.

"You're good? Did they bite you? " Chu Yuanba asks, but Long Wushuang uses her sword and launches a lunge near Chu Yuanba. He is shocked until he hears the sound of flesh and blood being pierced through.

Chu Yuanba turns around and sees a Ghoul a few inches near him.

('I saw that I only send 6 creatures, is that perhaps I send an extra one as a surprise attack')

"Despicable Creature" Chu Yuanba points his sword towards the vampire, Chu Yue runs towards the two of them and the trio are reunited again.

The vampire shows an evil smile "I see that you are very good warriors, you are better than those inept toys that only lasted a few seconds. I think with you I will have more fun taking out your delicious blood little by little "

Chu Yue frowns strongly and Chu Yuanba becomes furious. "Then I am sorry that you are going to be disappointed, spawn"

"We must leave immediately, I can hear various sounds of footsteps everywhere" Long Wushuang informs the brothers of the situation.

"What!?" Chu Yue is shocked and her skin turns pale.

"Then let's get out of here, use all our earthly Qi to move as fast as possible, maybe that way it won't reach us" Chu Yuanba responds while on guard.

"Too late, we are surrounded, I feel the presence of several of them hiding everywhere" Long Wushuang reports.

"So what? Do not pretend to say that we will stay and do not resign "Chu Yuanba responds with fury.

Long Wushuang sighs deeply "First young teacher Chu Yuanba, this humble citizen asks for a grace, whatever happens, go to the third young teacher and don't stop"

"What?" Chu Yuanba is dismayed at such a request.

"What are you trying to do Junior apprentice-sister Long?" Chu Yue was very anxious.

Long Wushuang stretches her right arm and with a movement of her sword a cut is made in the wrist; the cut isn't deep, but it is enough for the bleeding to be moderate.

Drops of blood fall to the ground in a tiny puddle.

The red eyes of the Ghouls and the vampire shine with maximum ferocity.

"Do you want blood? Come for me. "Long Wushuang sprints into the forest.

The ghouls, in a frenzy, chase her frantically.

Both are stunned, but Chu Yuanba reacts and takes his sister to escape.

"Wait, we can't leave her" Chu Yue tries unsuccessfully to let go.

Chu Yuanba responds without stopping. "She is using her life to drive those creatures away so that we have an escape route. If we stay, your actions will only be in vain; Besides, she has lived in this forest for a long time, so she has a better chance of surviving in this damn place. "

"But even so" Chu Yue continues to try to break free.

"Stupid humans, do you think you can escape this Master of Darkness?" The vampire chases them with great speed.

Chu Yuanba, with his hand, forms a large mass of fire "Fire Art: Flaming Seal Palm"

A great mass of fire extends with great speed towards the vampire.

The vampire reacts by dodging, but her right arm is injured and singed.

"Damn humans, don't think this aggression went unpunished. The vampire writhes in fury and pain.

Although the transformation offers several benefits, her original being was a simple villager without any strength. She was very lucky to dodge it.

The siblings manage to get out of the forest.

"Quick to the Horses" Chu Yuanba untangles the horses.

"But, the younger sister ..." Chu Yue finds herself in a difficult dilemma of escaping or searching for her.

Chu Yuanba approaches her and grasps her shoulders tightly.

"I told you before, she may be able to save herself, she lived in this damn forest for many years and I think she wouldn't do that action without having an escape route. Furthermore, thanks to that courageous act, we were able to complete this task. Now we must go since it is the desire of that courageous woman "

After hearing her brother's words, Chu Yue tries to hold back her tears and climbs onto her horse.

Both siblings ride away from the forest.

In the woods.

Long Wushuang, after feeling that both are moving away, stops. The wound was regenerated a while ago.

A Ghoul approaches her. A sword makes a cut. A head flies through the air and what falls is a black skull.

The other ghouls sense the danger and duck their faces to the ground.

Long Wushuang returns to the village towards the altar, stoops down, and removes the earth. Three seeds of a white color are found.

"So these are the seeds of the moon fern flower. If I had known before, it would have helped me a lot "

A while ago, she discovered this peculiar flower that only blooms on the full moon and wilts at sunrise, leaving 1 to 3 seeds.

Long Wushuang picks them up and senses the vampire's presence, she bows deeply.

"What are your orders, Your Majesty?"

Long Wushuang gazes at the dark sky, with the light-filled providing a dim light.

"It's time"

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