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53.06% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 22: Taking an ally by force

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Chapter 22: Taking an ally by force

While the eunuch Wei led them, Long Wushuang observed the main courtyard of the Manor Chu which were installed several tents for the attention of soldiers and militia.

("Even the courtyard of the main Manor Chu is occupied by the army, this looks bad to worse")

After a few seconds of walking they arrived at the main hall.

Maids waiting at the entrance to receive the group

Chu Yue turns to look towards Long Wushuang.

"Sister Wushuang, we will have to separate, but tomorrow we can meet to train, according"

Seeing Long Wushuang nod, she turns her gaze to one of the servants.

"You, guide her to one of the rooms of the guests and attend her in the best way, she is an esteemed guest, understood"

After listening to the order of her mistress, the maid bows deeply and also bows before Long Wushuang "Lady Long, over here please"

"Then we'll see each other tomorrow" Long Wushuang talks and separates from the group led by the maid.

She knew that the three of them would meet with Lord Feudal Chu and had nothing to do in that place, and it was also private conversations.

The master Yue Kai is the master of Chu Yue and therefore should be in that meeting, as for Wei Xin, although she was not very strong, she is still a martial artist and a close friend of Chu Yue.

But Long Wushuang wanted to hear that conversation.

("I need a spy")

Long Wushuang knows that she will be watched, I detect some uneasiness in the Wei eunuch and will surely send some kind of secret guard to observe her; Probably it will not be a careful surveillance, rather that its presence is maintained in the room.

("I think I know who could help me")

A small sly smile is drawn on his face hidden by the mask.

After a walk through corridors and rooms they came to a simple room, with a bed or some furniture like a table, bookshelf, chairs among others.

"Lady Long, this will be your room, I'm sorry if it's not to your liking, but due to the situation we do not have many better rooms"

"Do not worry about that, this room is fine" Long Wushuang waves her hand and goes to the window.

While closing the curtains, move her eyes from side to side to observe the landscape without moving her head a lot.

Her suspicions were confirmed, in a distant tree, she could distinguish a black figure observing the room.

("It was expected for someone like me, a stranger.) The hiding skills of that guard are good, if I were human I could not see it even if I were a martial artist")

Although her vampiric abilities are strong, she still needs a lot to reach her full potential. The guard is very good at camouflage, which Long Wushuang managed to detect is a tenuous martial force.

This type of martial force is to detect her presence inside the room, if she leaves she is more likely to inform her superiors and the vigilance over her will increase.

This kind of treatment that she received is understandable. Given the war that is still present, Long Wushuang may be suspected of being a spy or something similar.

Therefore, she needed someone to walk freely without generating any suspicion.

As she closes the curtains she turns his gaze to the maid.

"Please, could you bring me a bowl of food and a change of clothes? Thick clothes if possible "Long Wushuang makes her request graciously.

The maid leans over and leaves the room, but there was a certain disbelief in her eyes. Her request for thick clothes felt strange, but she did not worry much; In addition to the gentle voice that she heard, she felt that this person was a good person and kind character.

("You can not underestimate the charisma of a vampire")

Long Wushuang puts her sword on the side of the bookcase and her bag of money on top of it, she sits on a chair and she starts counting the money she has.

After a few minutes of waiting, the servant Lu Luo knocks on the door.

"You may come in"

"With your permission Lady Long" the maid enters with a bowl of food and a set of thick green clothes.

I leave the bowl of food on the table and show her the clothes she brought.

"Lady Long, this is the available clothes that I could find, I apologize if it's not to your liking"

"Do not worry about that" Long Wushuang shakes his head "Those clothes are fine for me" then he looks at the window and expresses himself in a somewhat melancholy voice "Due to the war, it is not right to ask for luxuries, besides? What is worth living with luxuries if you can not protect your life and enjoy it? Now is not the time to think about those useless things and just try to survive this war "

Long Wushuang takes some of his copper coins "These coins that once had a little value, are now very valuable when there is a shortage; but let's stop talking about these issues, tell me what is your name? "

"The name of this humble servant is Lu Luo, Lady Long"

"Thank you, ahh." Long Wushuang sits down heavily and supports her head with her hands.

("What's the matter with me? Why am I acting that way? Do I try to win their sympathy? I do not want a True Vampire, that takes a lot of time.")

("Has not my human side still disappeared? I have to resolve this quickly")

"Is something Lady Long happening to you?" Lu Luo tries to get closer, but Long Wushuang waves her hand.

"It's nothing, I'm just a little tired, put the clothes on the bed and help me change"

When Lu Luo turned to go to the bed to leave the clothes, Long Wushuang took off his mask and her left eye began to shine.

While Lu Luo began to fix the clothes a pair of arms grabbed her body, one hand holding her body above the abdomen and the other covering her mouth.

Lu Luo panicked and tried to get away, using her hands to remove the hand that covered her mouth to scream and ask for help, but no matter how hard she tried, the grip was too firm.

Lu Luo turned her gaze and what she observed made her eyes open fully. A pair of eyes never before seen together with a face that the simple word beauty would not be enough to describe it.

Divine and incomparable beauty.

Long Wushuang brings her face so close that her noses are pink

"Do not worry, you will only feel a momentary pain, but then you will begin to enjoy it"

Long Wushuang tilts her head to expose Lu Luo's neck..

A pair of fangs are exposed.

Lu Luo experiences the dark kiss *

Lu Luo feels like a pair of needles pierce her neck, she panics and starts to fight desperately, but it's just a useless effort.

Little by little, her body begins to warm up and pink clouds form on her face.

The hand that held her abdomen enters her clothes and begins to play with her small navel.

Lu Luo enters a state of ecstasy.

After touching your navel for a few seconds, go down little by little to enter a warm, humid and soft area.

Use your fingers to touch your pink bean, causing spasms and emitting viscous sounds.


Long Wushuang releases her mouth and erotic moans fill the room. She directs her hand to untie her clothes and one of her breasts is exposed.

Long Wushuang begins to touch them, hand them and squeeze them, playing with the erect pink tip.


Lu Luo's mene is in a trance, euphoria and pleasure fill her thoughts and the pain of a start was replaced by satisfaction and joy, although her hands still hold her arm.

Long Wushuang also begins to enjoy it, the taste of its blood is sweet, although it does not surpass Long Xiaorou, it is still a good taste after a long time of drinking the blood of animals and disgusting men.

Her hands continue to touch her, a finger enters a narrow place, warm and full of love nectar, where it begins to move up and down.

Lu Luo's moans begin to weaken, her grip loses strength, her arms and eyes lose brightness, but pleasure still lingers in her mind.

Long Wushuang feels Lu Luo's body begins to lose heat, but she continued to give she her so precious dark kiss.

Lu Luo's body suffers from strong contractions.


Lu Luo had had an orgasm, but she had lost a lot of blood and the loss increases.

Her body cools and begins to tremble, her skin becomes pale like a sheet of paper, her vision begins to darken, she almost does not breathe and she has no strength left.

Long Wushuang removes her fangs that are now stained with blood and drops Lu Luo's body, she falls like a puppet that has cut it's strings.

The flame of life went out for her.

* I will change the act of sucking or biting of a vampire by the term "dark kiss"

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Thank you very much for the wait, it is my first time that I write an erotic scene; although it is something simple, I hope it is to your liking

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