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77.55% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 34: The Arrival of the Firstborn

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Chapter 34: The Arrival of the Firstborn

"You, did you achieve Martial Enlightenment?

When Master Yue Kai uttered those words, Chu Yue and Wei Xin were completely stunned.

They both remembered how Long Wushuang tried hard to achieve Martial Enlightenment without any success, even she showed signs of extreme tiredness. Chu Yue and Wei Xin had to carry her on their shoulders due to the state she was in.

Anyone would think that Long Wushuang would still be in discomfort, even Chu Yue secretly "took" some medicinal herbs to treat such symptoms.

When Chu Yue saw her in good health, she believed that she only appeared to avoid concern; but when his master Yue Kai mentioned in amazement that Long Wushuang reached Martial Enlightenment, he could hardly believe it.

Achieving Martial Enlightenment was something that many ordinary people yearned for, but few could achieve.

Keep in mind that for each failed attempt, the next will become much more difficult to achieve Martial Enlightenment.

Long Wushuang tried many times without success. Master Yue Kai accepted the fact that Long Wushuang would not become a martial artist, he would simply give her self-defense training as payment for the aid received.

He never believed that the girl could really do it.

"Than!? Is what the teacher said true? Have you really succeeded?" Chu Yue raised her voice without caring if any stranger heard her.

Long Wushuang says, "I'm also really not sure how I did it, when I went into meditation at night, something happened to me, like a burst of energy and earthly Qi; because of that I fell unconscious. When I woke up, the servant Lu Luo was by my side and took care of me"

After being mentioned, Lu Luo replies "Indeed, when I was going to her room, I heard a loud thud, when I saw Lady Long lying on the floor and very agitated, I took her to bed and took care of her until she fell asleep"

"When she woke up, Lady Long was in good shape and I was wondering what had happened, I explained what I had seen, but I am very ignorant in those matters of martial arts"

Lu Luo had to continue the deception and make up a story when it was mentioned. She knew that suspicions of what happened last night should not be raised.

No one should know for now.

"But, this, how is it possible, master? Chu Yue asks Master Yue Kai for some concrete explanation.

Master Yue Kai heals his arms and takes time to think and solemnly respond. "There are many issues that are difficult to answer. The path of martial arts is a great mystery, even to the great masters and powerful lords of the great lands. There are many ways to gain Martial enlightenment, some easy, others difficult, and there are some that are enigmatic; It is not known exactly how to walk that path, but they exist and you can only go through them if you have good karma. Young Long had good karma on her side and attained Martial Enlightenment through one of those paths"

Hearing Master Yue Kai's clarification, Cu Yue comments, "I have read some references in some introductory books on Martial Enlightenment. Many parts are training and tips for achieving Martial Enlightenment. But even so there is very little information about its depth and a clear explanation of its origin, it only speaks of a 'new world' and 'different paths lead to the same place'"

Master Yue Kai continues "Young people today are only concerned with increasing their powers and acquiring more combat skill manuals. Very few are those who really want to discover the depth of everything. This is why most scholars only focus on writing combat techniques and Elemental skills. Very few write the depth of Martial Enlightenment, the paths of a martial artist, and other similar subjects"

They don't know that in those books one can understand and discover some mysteries of the world and how Earthly Qi really works, but they are not entirely to blame, we are in times full of conflicts and wars. Most want to be as strong as possible not to die"

Times of slaughter and murder, people die at the whims of the forts.

Master Yue Kai carefully observes Long Wushuang. "It is indeed a great surprise, but a pleasant surprise. Congratulations girl, you have entered a new world full of mysteries, of greatness and glory; but also full of death, pain and suffering"

"At the beginning I had thought to teach you some basic movements of self-defense because you did not achieve Martial Enlightenment, now that you did we can continue with your training"

"Your training will start tomorrow, now you must stay here and consolidate your cultivation. Chu Yue, Wei Xin we retired"

"Ehh, but isn't Second junior apprentice-sister Long going to have breakfast with us?" Wei Xin responds with confusion.

"No, she has to stay here and consolidate her Earthly Qi, since she has suddenly reached Martial Enlightenment, it is very likely that her Earthly Qi is unstable. Better that she be here calm and focused without any interruption" Master Yue Kai speaks seriously to both of them.

"The teacher is right" Long Wushuang says "I better stay here, Servant Luo can bring me my breakfast here"

Lu Luo nods in response.

Chu Yue gives up on the idea "Very well, then I will come for you later so you can meet my older brother"

Chu Yue had found out yesterday that her first older brother would be coming in a few hours.

Long Wushuang shakes her head "No, this event is great news from your family, an outsider like me has no place in such a gathering"

"No, you do have a place here" Chu Yue flatly replies "You have saved us from a horrible death. You…" Chu Yue was interrupted by Long Wushuang

"No First senior apprentice-sister" Long Wushuang shakes her head "I'd better take a walk around the city to get to know him better, I've been at your home a long time, I would like to ask permission of this selfish request" Long Wushuang bows her head slightly but her tone was very forceful.

Master Yue Kai intervenes "She is right; this is a family reunion. You better stay here and be distracted when your training is over"

Chu Yue seeing that she couldn't refute gives a long sigh "I understand, then I will assign you a few guards to protect you when ..."

Long Wushuang interrupts her "I don't need guards, even if they are hidden, I don't like the idea of being watched. Also, I have lived for 10 years defending myself against much stronger and worse enemies, human eaters and owners of the night. Can simple thieves be compared to what they inhabit in the forest?"

Chu Yue cannot object to what Long Wushuang said. Is it that some ruffians are equal to such abominations that they barely managed to escape?

Long Wushuang continues "Servant Luo will accompany me and be my guide. I think that will be enough for you not to worry much"

Lu Luo bows her head deeply "I am ordered to serve Lady Long, I will accompany her and I will obey all her requests"

"Then it's decided" Master Yue Kai intervenes "We have to go, the girl must stay here and we have to do our business"

"In agreement. Long Wushuang take care and servant Luo, breakfast is ready, you can bring it"

"As ordered" Lu Luo leaves the room on Chu Yue's orders.

"Well, Second Junior Sister Apprentice Long take care of yourself; When the meeting is over, Xin and I will come here to chat" Chu Yue leaves with Wei Xin.

"Ok girl have this" Master Yue Kai pulls out a scroll in his robes. "This scroll contains information to stabilize on earthly Qi and form the Quasi Dantian. I will come to see your progress later; you can keep the parchment; you don't need to return it to me" Master Yue Kai expresses himself kindly.

Long Wushuang bows slightly as she receives the scroll "This humble peasant doesn't deserve such a valuable item from the Master"

Master Yue Kai fixes his calm gaze "I am your teacher, if I give you this it is because you deserve it. You don't need to show your humility, if what you want is an outlay due to your pride, then stabilize your cultivation satisfactorily. It is understood?

"I understand" Long Wushuang bows her head slightly.

"Very well" Seeing her acceptance, Master Yue Kai leaves the room.

After a few minutes of waiting Lu Luo enters the room with a tray of food.

"Leave it there"

Lu Luo left it on a table as Long Wushuang ordered.

Long Wushuang looks at the parchment in her hands.

"Truly old Yue Kai has interesting things. This parchment has very detailed data on the refining of the Terrestrial Qi, how to use it for the formation of the Quasi Dantian and its stabilization"

"It is a pity that this parchment is not useful to me, but that is only for me, not for my fellow men"

Lu Luo is stunned "Your Majesty, you mean ..."

"When you reach my current level, I will give you this scroll for your training." Long Wushuang said those words lightly without showing importance to the scroll.

"Your Majesty, can I really reach such a level?" Lu Luo asks puzzled.

She is just a simple servant, although she is currently a vampire, reaching such a level I never imagined.

"If you had remained as a human you would never make it, but now that you are one of mine you will make it. Also, you're by my side, I don't want weak people who have to save their butts every now and then. So do not get the idea that I will come to save you if something happens to you, I will just find someone else for your replacement. You've understood?" Long Wushuang's voice is cold and emotionless.

"I understand perfectly, Your Majesty" Lu Luo responds with respect and nervousness.

Long Wushuang heads to the table with the food and quickly devours it.

"Okay, now it's time to go." Long Wushuang gets up and heads for the door.

"Ehh, Your Majesty, will you not stabilize your cultivation as advised by the master? And is he going to walk out the door?" Lu Luo tries to control his voice that almost screams.

"My cultivation has been stable since that night and for your second question, do you see me as a thief? Of course I'm going to walk out the door" Long Wushuang is very annoyed by the last question.

Long Wushuang walked the halls together with Lu Luo.

('An ancient Chinese style, but with a very light mix of the west') Long Wushuang contemplates the decorations of the mansion.

"Lu Luo, guide me to one of the least frequented exits by people and then take me to a trusted armory." Long Wushuang issues her requests without looking at her.

"Then I will take you to the service door used by the maids and guards. As for your second request, I do not have much knowledge about which armory is very good, but I have heard the guards of a very good establishment, although their merchandise is very expensive" Lu Luo seriously reports.

"It doesn't matter, guide me to that place"

Long Wushuang had collected a lot of money while living in the forest, soldiers, adventurers, civilians, thieves, who have been killed by the Ghouls had taken away valuable belongings.

As Lu Luo said, the easement entrance had little flow of people, one or two people used that entrance and in addition there were only two guards at the entrance.

Walking through the streets, Long Wushuang observes the surroundings. Although there were a lot of people going by, the mood in the environment was depressing. The inhabitants were somewhat silent or spoke in low voices.

Sometimes people would glance at them askance, especially at Long Wushuang, their clothing completely covered and carrying a sword was curious, but people only looked at it for a few seconds before continuing their business.

Warrior women were few, but not rare.

Stores were open, but they sell few products.

And at every corner, the poor who beg for food from people who simply ignored them.

After a walk, the duo came to a store, this store could not be considered prominent, but it wasn't ordinary either, it remained normal. With its sign with the distinctive image of the anvil and hammer.

"Your Majesty, is your wish to buy a weapon or repair your sword?" Lu Luo asks.

"Both things, of all the weapons I had, this one is very good for now. And I'll also buy you a spear" Long Wushuang calmly answers.

"A spear for me?" Lu Luo is surprised.

"Yes, after looking closely at your movements I have found that you prefer to string, your attacks were always directed upwards always using the point of the sword. You try to keep a distance away, getting out of range that a sword can offer you and sometimes you get too far away. Your counterattacks didn't seem like a cut, rather a sweep"

"I will buy you a spear and we will practice at night. I'll see if my judgment was correct"

The duo enters the armory. Swords, spears, war hammers, shields among other weapons were hung on the walls; Quiver of javelins, arrows or arrows were inside barrels along with their respective bows and crossbows.

('Despite the current difficult situation, this armory has many products') Long Wushuang has some doubts and asks Lu Luo.

"Servant Luo, why does this armory still have a lot of merchandise and was not a victim of looting?"

Lu Luo responds: "The owner of this armory has many connections, especially with the Chu manor, since here many weapons were forged for the soldiers, but the most special thing is that here very new and very good quality weapons were forged, almost comparable as the arms of the Kingdom. But due to the war, many of his blacksmiths had to leave their posts to go to the military forces. Still, Chu Mansion protects him from the shadows"

Long Wushuang panics a bit "Does that mean someone can report my arrival?"

Lu Luo responds, "You don't have to worry if someone reports our arrival, even though they are protected, those people don't meddle in business or report people who come and go. Being protected by the Chu Mansion directly, until now there has been no problem whatsoever"

Long Wushuang arrives at the counter and meets an older man of coarse appearance and thick build, his hair already showing some gray hair.

Wow, it's been a while since my armory honors receiving women. Don't worry, here there is no discrimination, as long as you have money. Tell me "What do you want?" Although his appearance is of a rough man, his attitude is of a polite and kind person.

Long Wushuang replies "I have come to your armory for two things: the first is that I want you to repair this sword" and then unsheathed her sword and handed it to the man.

The blacksmith watches the sword very carefully and without losing every detail. "Uhmm, this sword has had a lot of action, from what I see you have used it in many fights. There is a lot of wear on the edge and dents, but nothing of the utmost importance. It will take around two days to repair everything. Do you agree, young warrior?"

"There is no problem," Long Wushuang answers.

"Do you cover your face with a mask? You must have suffered some blows or cuts that damaged your face and you hide it, right?" The smith asks in a mocking tone.

"Something like that," Long Wushuang replies, feigning sadness.

"You didn't need to answer, however, there is something that piqued my curiosity. This sword if I'm not mistaken is the swords that are received by the novice of the High Sword Pavilion. Although in the hilt where the emblem is almost erased, the sword and lightning can still be noticed a bit. That makes me wonder why do you have it? Since I don't see you wearing the flag uniform" The blacksmith fixes his gaze on Long Wushuang, as if wanting to see some nervousness.

But Long Wushuang calmly replies, "You should know that there have been many novices from many martial schools who have gone to the bloody nightmare forest to gain some fame, but many have died there. My village was destroyed I went to that forest to get food, because it was daylight and that weapon was a few meters outside the forest, I was able to get out of that place alive and take that sword to protect myself. Also" Long Wushuang brings his gaze closer to the blacksmith "Don't you think his question is excessive? As you said, it is the sword of a newbie who ventured abroad, if that sect has to worry about all the newbies going outside, it will be a waste of resources. The world is a cruel place where the strong eat the weak, if a novice dies outside it is simply that he is a fool for leaving being weak. Martial schools care more about so-called "martial geniuses" than people with common talent. The strong live and keep their belongings, the weak die and are looted. That is the logic that moves the world and will remain so for many, many years"

The blacksmith frowns strongly, but he cannot refute his words. "In truth the young people of today are growing very fast, excuse me if I have offended you. The repair will cost 4 silver coins. And what is your second order?

"My second order is to buy a spear, that spear," Long Wushuang answers, pointing a spear with his finger.

The blacksmith turns his gaze towards the 2.7-meter lance with two points, one of the points was longer and sharper while at the other end finished in a hemisphere shape as a counterweight.

The somewhat shocked blacksmith asked, "It doesn't seem like an exaggeration, although that spear was made of high quality materials, it is heavy. Besides, you already have a sword, do you also want to learn the lance way, if so then…"

"It is not for me, it is for her" Long Wushuang interrupts the blacksmith and points to Lu Luo.

The blacksmith observes Lu Luo "Her build is thin; I don't think she can handle a spear of that magnitude. If you want, I recommend a short spear"

('If she were human, he would be right, but now Lu Luo is a vampire')

"No, I'm going to buy that spear" Long Wushuang raises her voice, demonstrating that she will not change her order.

The blacksmith simply sighs "Okay, that spear is one of my best weapons I have in this store, therefore it is very expensive. 8 gold coins"

Each gold coin equals 10 gold coins, in total Long Wushuang would spend 84 silver coins. In the small bag that Long Wushuang carries the money he has a total of 126 silver coins.

('In truth, in order to grow both oneself and his subordinates, one owes a great heritage. And that I still have a long way to go')

"It would be nice if you could charge me 8 gold coins in total." Long Wushuang speaks somewhat pleadingly.

"Okay, since you sparked my interest and my intuition indicates that you are special among my clients who have come to my store, I will charge you that amount. Do you want me to help you carry the spear?" The blacksmith asks.

"Not necessary" Long Wushuang picks up the spear and loads it without much effort.

The blacksmith is surprised "Wow, you really are a very strong warrior, you have had many fights, haven't you?"

"Many, to keep my life and dignity intact, I have had to train very hard." Long Wushuang hands her the money and leaves.

"Now I am sure that spear will be in good hands, I hope it can accompany you for a long time before its useful life comes to an end" The blacksmith collects the money and the sword.

"That girl is a mystery, but it is better not to get involved in the affairs of others" The blacksmith goes to his forge to begin the repair.

The duo moves away from the smithy.

"Your Majesty, do you think you can handle that spear?" Lu Luo asks with concern.

The spear was very long and he had seen the soldiers train with such weapons, proving that their handling was not easy at all.

"As I told you before, I'm going to train you. If my judgment was wrong, we simply exchanged a similar weapon" Long Wushuang answers in a bland tone.

As the duo walked, Lu Luo realized something

"Your Majesty, since some people are following us"

"I realized, it was expected, we are carrying a very expensive big spear, it is obvious that they think I have a lot of money in my pockets, Lu Luo guide me to a lonely alley, I think that time to do good to society"

Lu Luo guides Long Wushuang to a seldom-traveled alley.

Long Wushuang turns around and confronts four thieves armed with daggers.

"Lu Luo I don't want blood"

"Eh" Lu Luo doesn't understand what Long Wushuang said, but she didn't have time to ask as Long Wushuang moves quickly and delivers a strong blow with her palm to the center of the chest of one of the thieves, completely destroying the sternum.

The thief falls lifeless and Long Wushuang strikes another thief in the throat destroying the Adam's apple; the man falls to his knees trying to breathe without success and dies.

Long Wushuang locks the third thief by immobilizing him.

All this lasted a few seconds.

"Servant Luo, it will be better if the last one doesn't escape and keep him the same way I am doing"

Lu Luo quickly picks up the last thief who was escaping, although his grip was somewhat awkward.

"To kill someone without generating almost any bleeding is by hitting its hard in the center of the chest where the heart is located, another way is by giving him a fatal blow to the throat and there is also breaking its neck"

"Look closely how I do it and do the same with that one" After finishing explaining, Long Wushuang makes her move.


A sound resounds when the poor guy's neck breaks.

Lu Luo copies the movement, but because her hand was grasping the jaw, she breaks the neck, but also breaks the teeth causing two of them to come out of the mouth.

"Put more pressure on the head, not the jaw. Well, you will learn. It's time to go"

"Your Majesty, didn't even give them time to act or dialogue, I just kill them all immediately"

Dialogue? It is only a waste of time, if I have the power to kill all those who dare to hurt me, I will do it without hesitation"

('Besides, I can't think of anything to say')

Long Wushuang picks up the spear, but hears trumpets in the distance.

"That sound, the first son of the Feudal Lord has returned," Lu Luo reports.

Long Wushuang only limited to observing the Chu Manor from afar.

A small smile showing the tip of her fang is drawn on her face, hidden under her mask.


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