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46.93% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 19: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

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Chapter 19: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

"What are those things?"

Chu Yue looks with horror at those creatures that came out in the bushes, a very peculiar fear began to be born in her heart, little by little that fear began to take over her mind, her face reflected to be in panic.

But she was not the only one, Wei Xin did not stop shaking even began a drop snot; Master Yue Kai, although trying to stay calm, breathed very deep and fast.

The Master Puppeteer was restless, in his life he had gone through many life and death confrontations, he has seen and performed a lot of cruelty which has hardened his heart, but now that he is in charge of the Ghouls, in his heart he has begun to feel the called fear.

"Those, those, those are not the monsters of the stories ?, Look at their eyes !!"

After the cries of Wei Xin, everyone could distinguish those eyes, crimson red like blood and with the characteristics that were described of the survivors, those beings were about the monsters that lived in the forests.


Other cries echo in another direction followed by the eerie sounds of eating meat and crushing bones.

"Damn it, didn't they say those creatures come out at night? What the fuck is going on? "

The Master Puppeteer is extremely angry and surprised by the turn of events so great that it just happened. The anger comes from believing that he was deceived by the information he received from the Ghouls and the surprise comes from the puppets.

When a human or any living being becomes a puppet, it loses all kinds of emotions and feelings, only a machine that will obey any order. If he is attacked, he will not express any sign of pain, although it will affect his movements, he won´t show pain or moans.

But when the Ghouls began to devour them, they shouted in indescribable agony, the pain they suffered was a pain that no living being could endure, a pain that broke any kind of mental conditioning or the firm will of a more powerful warrior.

("What kind of pain are my puppets feeling to scream like that? Even if they were devoured by beasts they would not scream or show pain. Are those monsters able to destroy my enchantment through their attacks?")

While the shock was still imprinted on their faces, Master Yue Kai wakes up and quickly screams

"Wake up at once and get together, do not separate"

Immediately the remaining soldiers meet with Master Yue Kai.

Chu Yue also reacted and had to drag Wei Xin who couldn't stop shaking and crying.

The Master Puppeteer also gathered his puppets doing a circular formation, they were on full alert guarding all the sites.

The Ghouls, when they finish devouring their respective prey, hide in the bushes and trees, leaving the two bodies torn to pieces.

The atmosphere becomes extremely dark; of a confrontation of two sides now in a confrontation of three sides, but the third one is about an unpredictable, mysterious and abominable opponent.

Both parties had a tacit and rare agreement of temporary truce; although they still maintained a surveillance against the other side, it was much smaller than the surveillance against the Ghouls.

The grunts and sudden movements of the bushes were enough for both sides to look everywhere in a state of maximum alert.

Long Wushuang realized that the two entered a stalemate, she had to make a move, but because it was still daylight, the attacks of the Ghouls would be very limited.

Both sides are under the sunlight, but the men dressed in black are close to the bushes and shadows of the trees.

("I must separate those men from black, that man in gray must use that skill again")

Long Wushuang takes a piece of paper from her clothes and begins to write a few words, then wrinkles it into a small ball.

"I hope my aim is the same and not embarrass myself"

Master Puppeteer loses patience and screams "Enough, don't think that these damn creatures scare me" and points his dagger at Chu Yue "And your bitch, you will come with me even if I must destroy your legs"

When he finishes speaking he begins to move, but several sudden movements originated behind him distract him. The Ghouls begin to reveal themselves trying to harass and attack them, the puppets that were devoured begin their transformation.


Long Wushuang throws the paper made a little ball to the man dressed in gray.

Master Chu Yue remains alert for any type of eventuality when a small object falls on his face, with his hand he takes the object before falling to the ground; when reviewing it, he discovers that it is a paper made small ball, when he opens it he finds some written words.

["Use the same skill you used to separate your enemies and send them to the bushes, those monsters will do the work, stay under the light and you and your people will be safe"]

Master Yue Kai directs his gaze to where the paper was thrown and in the distance he saw a black figure with a mask who hid and looked at everything behind a tree. That figure moves her head up and down to give confidence in those words.

Master Yue Kai began to doubt what was written on the paper, but he quickly began to collect the earthly Qi to execute his ability. ("I do not have time to doubt")

"Chu Yue, prepare your skill Dance Flaming Serpent , I'll tell you where and when you'll execute it." Master Yue Kai speaks in a low voice as he finishes preparing his attack.

Chu Yue is surprised by such request by her master, but she had great confidence in him and begins to collect Qi to execute the skill.

"Earth Skill: Tectonic ripples"

Rumble! Rumble!

The earth trembles when its mallet hits the ground, about 4 puppets are sent to fly towards the bushes.

Long Wushuang orders his Ghouls to attack the puppets that fell.

Screams of agony and sounds of flesh being torn sound again in the area.

Seeing that now that the Master Puppeteer has lost 6 of his puppets, he gets a little excited.

"Now Chu Yue, throw him to the right of the group, hit the ground"

When listening in command, Chu Yue executes her ability, 6 flaming snakes of 1 meter each surround her body, as if they were dancing around her.

"Fire Skill: Dance Flaming Serpents"

The 6 flaming serpents are sent where her Teacher indicated her.


The snakes hit the ground generating cracks and flaming trails, about 2 puppets are sent back by the blast wave.

The Ghouls do not waste time and pounce on them to finish the job.

The Master Puppeteer almost vomited blood because of the anger and the indignation that was happening, he has already lost half of the puppets he brought and could not now control the situation.

A Ghoul pounces on him, but manages to grab him and stab him in the neck.

"Damn beast, die at once"

The Ghoul continues with his attack in spite of being stabbed, the Master Puppeteer catches him and throws him violently to the ground illuminated by the sun, the Ghoul begins to burn shouting and moving from side to side as if trying to put out the fire. After a few seconds there is only one black skeleton left.

Everyone is surprised by this, but they discover their weakness and the reason that because they did not leave their hiding places, these creatures affected them in a lethal way the sun, they are also attracted by the blood.

So quickly try to get closer to the middle, but little by little it begins to get dark.

When looking up they see that many clouds begin to block sunlight.

Master Puppeteer sees the situation going from bad to worse, they are very close to the Ghouls and can no longer afford to lose more puppets.

So he takes out his daggers and throws them against the group, the puppets follow the example and also throw their daggers.

"Earth Skill: Copper Wall"

Seeing the daggers come quickly towards them, Master Yue Kai executes his skill. A wall of two meters wide and long made of copper and remains of stones blocks the daggers, but a dagger manages to hit one leg of one of the soldiers.

Whoosh !! Whoosh !! Whoosh !!

Master Puppeteer feels a little pleased with the result. Immediately he jumps and escapes from the place followed by his puppets.

"Die being devoured by those monsters"

Because the Ghouls are attracted to the blood, and that their remaining puppets are not badly hurt they can escape, but to make sure they wanted to at least hurt one of them so that the Ghouls would not chase them.

Long Wushuang saw them leave, could send the Ghouls to chase them, but the difference in speed is great and the clouds that block the sun will soon be gone.

She could also order not to attack the group that remained, but that would generate suspicion on the part of the man dressed in gray and she wanted to avoid problems.

So she divided her forces, a group will pretend to chase them while a few will stay to fight.

"Very well, time to act"

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

"Master, those things are still here" "Little Xin, calm down"

With an urgent voice Chu Yue prepared her sword while trying to reassure Wei Xin that did not stop shaking and crying.

"You two behind me, you try to heal that wound" Master Yue Kai issues orders to both women and the remaining soldiers. The wound received by one of them had penetrated the artery of the thigh and the blood gushed out.

Master Yue Kai realized that blood was what attracted these creatures.


Master Yue Kai hits one of them with his mallet, sending him to fly, when he falls he rises after a few seconds to continue attacking.

"Take this, Double Earth-Fire: Igneous Rocks"

Chu Yue expels rocks wrapped in fire against the Ghouls, although sun beaten hard and some are engulfed in flames, still moving forward.

"Master, our attacks are useless, what do we do? Chu Yue speaks pleadingly.

Master Yue Kai raises his gun and says "For the moment we have to hold until the sun comes up, just like that ... Huh?" Before he finished speaking he saw a black figure appear quickly with a sword.

That figure is dressed in thick and rustic robes, wearing a mask with two holes for his eyes, in addition to a veil that covered his hair, his whole body was covered without being able to distinguish its characteristics, even if he could not know if that person is man or woman.

Long Wushuang stabs the chest of one of the Ghouls, it turns to ashes leaving his skeleton.

"Who are you?"

Master Yue Kai asks Long Wushuang, but she answers with a thick and indifferent voice, trying to camouflage her voice.

"We will present ourselves later now let's finish them, stab the heart or cut off their heads, it's the only way to kill them."

After finishing his words, Long Wushuang launches an attack with her sword cutting the head of another Ghoul, giving the same result as in the previous one.

Noting how their attacks were effective, the others raise their weapons and begin to attack in the same manner as Long Wushuang.


Master Yue Kai strikes with his mallet against the head of one of the Ghouls, tearing him apart.


Chu Yue stabs in the heart of another Ghoul turning it into ashes.

The soldiers also kill two more with their spears.

After the battle is over, about 8 Ghouls are destroyed.

Before you can relax for the victory you can hear grunts in the distance and these grunts become stronger.

"The blood is attracting a larger number" Long Wushuang says and observes the wounded soldier "I apologize in advance for the decision I made" Immediately she goes to the wounded soldier, picks him up and throws him into the bushes where the grunts

The soldier crawls trying to escape, but multiple clawed hands take him from his legs and drag him into the depths of the forest.

Screams of agony are heard in the distance.

"Why did you do that?" Chu Yue screams indignantly as he raises his sword.

Long Wushuang looks at him and says without emotion of guilt "I had to do it because the wound attracted those creatures and even if they healed him, his whole body stank of blood so that the danger was still valid. Even if the sun rises, those creatures could still follow them and when the sun is again covered, they would suffer an even greater attack "

After finishing her words, the clouds recede and the sun begins to shine.

Chu Yue manages to understand that logic, but even guilt affected her.

Master Yue Kai lowers his weapon and intervenes trying to calm the situation "In spite of everything, thank you very much for your help and your advice against those monsters. Now can you tell me your name?"

"Long Wushuang" Long Wushuang stops pretending the voice, revealing the soft and distant voice of a woman.

"You are a woman? Chu Yue and Wei Xin ask at the same time, since they can not believe that their savior is a woman. Even Master Yue Kai and the soldiers are surprised.

"Excuse me girls if I am not your golden knight coming to the rescue of the princesses" Long Wushuang jokes with the girls.

Wei Xin turns red with embarrassment and Chu Yue simply gives a forced smile and looks to the other side trying to hide the pink clouds on her cheeks.

Master Yue Kai scratches his head and says "Excuse me if we offended you, but it's a bit surprising"

"No problem"

Chu Yue comes over and says "I'd like to talk more with you Miss Long, why do not you come with us? So we can chat and pay better for their help "her voice was a mixture of elegance and supplication.

Long Wushuang had waited for this moment, but she says "I appreciate your invitation, but I do not want to abuse your generosity, besides I am a stranger to you"

Chu Yue denies with her head and continues "No way, I insist that you come with us, at first glance I know that you are a person of trust, I regret if I have offended you in any way; but if you still insist on leaving, at least I want to be able to reward you for your help, I ask you to please "

"I also hope you can come with us, you saved our lives, at least we want to reward you for the benefit shown." Master Yue Kai speaks kindly.

"Yes, yes, come with us, please," Wei Xin pleads with her hands together, as if praying.

Long Wushuang knows that the real reason is that she knows the Ghouls very well and they want more protection, but she wanted this. She simply sighs "If I refuse, I'll just stay as bad or arrogant; Ok, I will go with you; but let's hurry, it's close to nightfall "

Master Yue Kai nods and orders "She is right, prepare the carriage, we must leave the forest immediately"

The soldiers quickly prepare the carriage, Chu Yue takes Long Wushuang inside the carriage, Master Yue Kai and Wei Xin also enter and the carriage begins to leave.

Long Wushuang in her mind says ("From today begins my conquest in this world").

When the carriage disappears from the scene, a spectral figure with two wings on its back emerges from nothing,

"I only hope that, in spite of everything, you can fulfill the Lord's request"

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