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61.22% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 26: Uncomfortable interruptions

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Chapter 26: Uncomfortable interruptions

Chu Manor. A few minutes from sunrise

Lu Luo walks through the corridors holding a tray of food, her steps are very hurried.

('I have to arrive soon')

While continuing to walk quickly, Lu Luo crosses paths with a mirror. Lu Luo stops her steps and stands in front of the mirror.

Before she didn't look at her reflection, since she was still scared and dismayed. She wanted to keep hoping to believe that it was just a dream.

When Lu Luo looked at her reflection, she was completely stunned.

Her skin was somewhat pale and her body emitted a kind of unusual beauty, although in the past she didn't consider herself an outstanding beauty, she had a beauty a little higher than usual.

Now her beauty emitted an elegance and nobility never seen before, her feminine attributes increased very lightly.

But what caught her attention most were her eyes and teeth.

Bright ruby eyes, beautiful crimson red and spellbinding, as if only to see them, anyone would feel an attraction that would affect her soul.

In their white teeth, their fangs, once small, are now long and sharp.

Lu Luo felt panic about her new appearance, afraid that someone would look at her new appearance.

('Gods, what is this, what did she do to me?')

Lu Luo leans with her hands in the mirror, her vision begins to cloud with tears.

"Sister Lu, what's wrong with you?" A voice comes from far away.

A maid approaches from the hallway. Lu Luo sees her scares and hides her face.

"Were you crying?" The maid asks.

"N-No, it's nothing, Sister Jianqi, just go "

"Really? Let me help you "Jianqi tries to approach.

"Just go away!" Lu Luo felt her approach pushing Jianqi to the ground.

Jianqi falls violently to the ground and a line of blood stains her face. Lu Luo seeing the blood awakens her desire to drink the blood, as happened last night, her eyes begin to shine.

"I-I'm sorry, so-sorry" Lu Luo resists the temptation to drink blood, grabs the tray and flees the place.

('This feeling I had felt before, if I had stayed longer maybe I couldn't control myself')


Long Wushuang continues with her rest.

('It's not long before sunrise, that servant should be arriving')


As she said it, Lu Luo knocked on the door.

"Come in." Long Wushuang says as she gets up while putting on the mask.

Lu Luo enters the room with a tray of food, as she was ordered last night, and observes Long Wushuang dressed in the thick clothes she gave her the night before and that somewhat gloomy mask.

Lu Luo leaves the tray on the table; her expression is apathetic and depressing.

Lu Luo tries to start talking, but Long Wushuang interrupts her.

"I know very well that you want to start and dispel your doubts, but as your Master you must obey. Now tell me what happened in that conversation"

Lu Luo nods and narrates everything that happened in that conversation without omitting any details.

"Oh, what a problem, and Do they want me to help in the war? That crushes them very dearly. "Long Wushuang sits cross-legged, a mischievous smile is drawn on her face covered by the mask.

"Good job; a deal is a deal, you fulfilled your part, I will comply with mine. First I will give my explanation, it will be a general explanation, I won't go into detail due to your current condition, but depending on your progress and if you are still alive, you will be given more precise answers on some topics "Long Wushuang speaks with dignity, use your finger to point to the floor "Sit down"

Lu Luo obediently sits on the ground; all her attention is focused on Long Wushuang.

"As you may have imagined, I am not human, I belong to an extinct race, a race that has existed since the beginning of time. It was a proud and dominant race, one that doesn't accept submission to other races, but has fallen into oblivion. I am the last of my kind, I have the most powerful lineage of all that exists "

Long Wushuang begins to invent a story.

"I will not go into more details regarding my origins, since you will not understand. I'm a vampire. A race that lives in darkness "

"And our primordial food is blood"

"Blood is the currency of life, the vital essence of every living being and therefore our food, the food of vampires and their peers"

"My race has the ability to transform any living being into one of my own, a vampire, but the transformation does not act in the same way for everyone, each transformation has its requirements, gender of species and chastity"

"You, Lu Luo, you are now an Adept Vampire"

"Vampire Adept?" Lu Luo asks

"Exactly, transform you in a forced way, without your consent; but you kept your virginity, as a result that kind of change resulted. "Long Wushuang feigns astonishment when he mentions that Lu Luo was still a virgin.

"Why are you surprised?" Lu Lou asks with some panic.

"I thought the servants were the sex toys of the masters of this manor; even if you didn't do it with one, perhaps with some guard or watchman. "Long Wushuang responds calmly.

"Who told you that stupid argument? It is nothing more than a lie. Maybe it's true in some cases, but not for me "Lu Luo answers very angry.

"Ha, it was just a joke" Long Wushuang answers "Anyway, to finish, Lu Luo, you're no longer a human and now you're a vampire, an adept vampire. Your changes are a significant increase in all your physical, mental, spiritual, and other abilities. The awakening of your Elemental Body and new abilities that vampires possess "

"As I said before, vampires drink blood, so you must also feed on blood, but you can also eat human food, although you won't get many nutrients"

"But most importantly, I am the Queen of vampires; So, if we are both alone, you will address me as Your Majesty, but if there is anyone else here you can call me Lady Long. For now, I must hide my existence "

"You got it, right? Servant Lu Luo" Long Wushuang asks, emanating a dominant and powerful aura of an absolute ruler.

Lu Luo could not help falling on her knees and his body trembled "This servant understood, Majesty"

"It's good that you understood, get up, now you can ask if you have any doubts" said Long Wushuang blankly

"Your Majesty, you said that now I must feed on blood, should I kill to feed myself? Lu Luo asks with a hint of fear.

"No" Long Wushuang replies "I said you should feed on blood, but I didn't say you should kill. You just have to drink enough, leave the prey alive; I will teach you to control your impulses. Another question? "

"Majesty, when I hurt a maid, I felt a desire to drink his blood and destroy it, is that also one of my impulses?" Lu Luo asks about what happened before without lying or hiding anything from Long Wushuang.

"It's correct, vampires are beings that go on the path of darkness; the desires to destroy and corrupt, ravage and deprave; they are the most primitive instigations of vampires because both vampires and Daemons have very similar characteristics; but unlike them who simply destroy everything in their path, we have the ability to control them, the ability to stop or mitigate such impulses"

"There is also a difference between desire and need, the desire to drink blood will always be present regardless of the type of vampire, this is controlled depending on the strength of will and willpower must be trained to the limit. As for the need, there is a warning call that the same body tells us, just like when a human growl the stomach when it's hungry, for vampires that warning is the itch in the fangs. When you feel that your fangs are itching, that's when you should feed yourself "

Long Wushuang continues to answer Lu Luo's doubts about her new form, use of main skills, her weakness in sunlight.

"While you are in the sunlight you will see your skills reduced"

"When a living being becomes a vampire, there is no going back, abandon everything you've loved when you were human, family, friends; You will have to overcome the pain that afflicts your heart. Servant Lu Luo, I will give you a term this week to put an end to any human issue you still have. Although for the moment, you have to work as a maid in Chu Manor, when it's time to leave, I hope you can leave without any sadness or sorrow. I don't want whining people among my subordinates "

Lu Luo's face falls from sorrow and sadness, now she is no longer human but belongs to a race still unknown to her.

Everything was so fast for Lu Luo, Long Wushuang knew about that, that's why she gave her some time to sort out her thoughts and accept what she is currently.

Unlike the True Half Vampires that are willing to give up everything to follow it. The lower ranges are somewhat problematic with regard to their emotions and mental state, but that doesn't mean they can disobey their master.

"Well, I think that's all" "Wait a moment" Long Wushuang gets up, but Lu Luo interrupts her.

"Majesty, excuse the interruption, but I have one last doubt"

Long Wushuang feels discomfort at first, but seeing that nervousness in particular in Lu Luo and those red clouds that form on her cheeks generate certain assumptions.

"Go ahead" Long Wushuang has some confirmation of what she's going to ask

"Th-This, I would like to know w-why you did those thi-things to me" Lu Luo asks nervously and ducks his head.

"Those things?" Long Wushuang feigns ignorance.

When you touched me while you bit me, why did you do that? Lu Luo bends over head almost touching her breasts. When Lu Luo was bitten, Long Wushuang began to touch her, touch her breasts and her hidden garden between her legs; Even she can feel those hands when she began to remember her, that mysterious ecstasy that wrapped every part of her body giving her an unforgettable pleasure.

The dark kiss of the vampires releases a potent aphrodisiac offering its victims more pleasure than even an orgasm. But this particularity is only possessed by the True Vampires and the Half Vampire, in addition this particularity can be controlled, the victim can feel excitement or not depending on the decision of the Vampire.

"Haha" Long Wushuang laughs "What's with it? Do you like that? "Long Wushuang takes off her mask, rebelling her unique features as she slowly approaches Lu Luo.

"Did you get excited?"

Lu Luo contemplated that unique face for the second time, perfect features, the living image of a celestial goddess. Those eyes that will never forget, now burned with lust; Lu Luo started to recoil from nervousness, she felt that those eyes could observe her totally naked even if she was wearing clothes.


Long Wushuang smiled mischievously and quickly reached Lu Luo and put her against the wall. Their faces were very close to each other

"You must feel that this Queen shows you a little affection, although your beauty isn't of the outstanding degree, it can be considered an appetizer" Long Wushuang speaks seductively and used her thin finger to lift her chin.

"I-I must" Lu Luo tries to deny it, but when seeing those eyes so close she falls into a kind of hypnotism leaving her in a trance.

Long Wushuang slides to get behind her, a hand begins to caress her neck, slowly moving down to her soft, round bundle separated by a thin layer of cloth. The other hand began to feel her thighs until she entered a wet area.

Long Wushuang's ability to please a woman and know her weaknesses are the result of many years of experience.

In her previous world, Long Wushuang always moved from one place to another, during her stay in such establishments, she received visits from some friends, both men and women, and with them she spent the time having fun mutually to relieve stress and pressure.

But the number of men with whom she had relations can be counted on one hand; instead with women, even if all the fingers of the body were used, it would not be enough.

Also, when she did it with a man it was because she was weak and vulnerable at the time; and always ended with betrayal and blackmail.

Therefore, Long Wushuang had a total distrust of men.

Long Wushuang continued with her caresses, her breasts were exposed and she started playing with them. Her other hand in the damp and soft flowers garden.

Ahh Uhmm!

Lu Luo felt that she entered a world of lasciviousness, debauchery and joy making her lose her mind.

Her fight was useless and she couldn't help letting out moans. Her eyes began to shine brightly.

Long Wushuang used her fang to make small wounds in the neck forming a line of blood, her tongue began to lick the blood.

For a vampire, pleasure comes with the desire to drink blood.

"That is, if you behave like a good girl, you will earn good compensation." Long Wushuang whispers to her ears. The voice of now gave an unequaled delight for any listener.

When Lu Luo exposes her neck Long Wushuang prepares her fangs to give her the dark kiss, but stops abruptly because she hears footsteps approaching the room.

"Tsk, how I hate interruptions"

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

Sorry for the delay, I just finished my exams.

Notice that the following chapters may be published with more delay, one to two months per chapter, because I am at the last mile of the university and I have to do my thesis.

I will not leave it in hiatus, but I give this notice to let you know.

Thank you very much for your understanding

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