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34.69% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 13: Until we meet again

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Chapter 13: Until we meet again

"You, make 33 holes in the earth two meters high by one wide and two meters deep, then place a body in a single hole and cover it with dirt, quick"

Upon hearing the command, the Ghouls begin digging holes with their claws in random places.

("I have to specify the commands for the Ghouls, in an annoyance that they do not have will or a little intelligence")

For the Ghouls, an order to dig holes would keep them digging as they wished. For this reason, the exact measurements are necessary to execute such an order.

In total there were 34 villagers with Jiang Xiaorou and Jiang Wushuang, but 33 villagers were killed, one more due to the fetus that was taken out and died in front of his mother.

Such measures is a general one for everyone, since specifying would be a headache, at least I wanted to give everyone a dignified burial to eliminate any kind of karma and cut all links with this place.

("It's been 30 minutes since he finished drinking his blood and he still does not wake up")

Jiang Wushuang observes the body of Jiang Xiaorou lying on the ground without any alteration, but she kept waiting for her, had never doubted her ability, felt that the transformation of a True Vampire required time.

After 10 minutes all 33 were made, they quickly placed the bodies and buried them.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; Even though their bodies now rest and their souls are in Gehenna, their spirits are contaminated with anger and hatred; do not worry, soon those who gave you such a tragic destiny, I will show you the True Hell "Jiang Wushuang after saying those words emits a murderous intention so strong that she looked like a Dark Blood God, even the same Ghouls who have no emotions, tremble frantically.

The night becomes darker, reflecting a crimson eye wishing for fresh blood.

After five minutes, Jiang Xiaorou's body begins to tremble, but very slight unlike the Ghouls. Little by little a clear change in its being is noticed, but not of monstrosity, but of absolute beauty.

All the wounds healed quickly, at first sight you could see how the wounds closed without leaving marks; the blood simply disappeared on her skin, leaving only the stains on her clothes. The grayish skin, wrinkled and full of calluses and spots, fell off, as if the skin were changing, replacing it with a soft, shiny white skin.

Jiang Xiaorou stopped being an old woman wrinkled to be an absolute beauty that could cause the fall of entire kingdoms. A beautiful pale face, mature and composed, cherry-colored lips, delicate and tender. The shape of his face radiated a classical aura.

She had a fine and detailed body, tall and thin; such a slender body could even ignite the lustful passion of men. Her breasts were large, but not so disgustingly; a thin, supple waist was the sexiest and most attractive part of her body, straight and long legs.

All a beauty in its greatest splendor, a Goddess in a mortal world; although her eyes remained closed.

Jiang Wushuang was extremely struck by such beauty that gave off what was once his grandmother. According to some anecdotes that I hear from her, she said that in her youth she was a woman of average beauty, but hid it with mud and false wounds so as not to be harassed or abducted.

This was because since he did not cultivate or train, her Divine Body did not awaken her potential, that's why her beauty was not impressive. Now, due to the transformation, this activates the potential of your body, revealing the beauty it should have.

Her information was visualized in her mind

Medium True Vampire . Result of the conversion of a virgin woman who was willing for the transformation, unlocks all the innate abilities that she possesses with a significant increase of the abilities that she possesses, besides the senses, intelligence and other virtues that she possesses and can possess; under the sunlight your powers will be reduced by 25%.

If she transform others in this state, women change vampire adepts and men into ghouls

This type of transformation must be done at night.

("Medium True Vampire? What does this mean?")

Jiang Wushuang was dismayed by such a transformation, she believed that she should already be a True Vampire. The explanation appeared in her mind.

Only her body has been baptized under dark influence, her mind and spirit still retains remnants of his former self, which can influence her mind. For a complete transformation requires last step. Infernal Dark Christening Ritual.

The heart must be pierced by the master, the weapon used must be bathed in the blood of the Vampira Queen, since the Scarlet Dragon of the Void Lineage must be assimilated to awaken the true potential in the source of life. The soul along with the spirit will travel to the Infernum to train, meet and bathe with the true Dark influence to become a true daughter of darkness and know the truth of things. The soul and the spirit can be destroyed during the stay in the Infernum during the training, causing the definitive death. The length of stay depends on what Master indicates, but it must be at least 3 earth years and the maximum time is 300 years. (1 earth year is equivalent to 3 000 000 years in the Infernum). The longer the training, the stronger it will be. This increase does not influence his power, but rather his spirit. The time interval should always be a multiple of three.

The ritual must be performed before the first rays of light come out after the transformation.

("Wow, this last step to be a True Vampire is a challenge, the Infernum is a state of total darkness, where all kinds of evils are shown and experienced in the 9 levels, this type of training is to have an unbreakable will, and a spirit capable of supporting all kinds of situations without falling into despair ")

A True Vampire is the master of darkness, she lives in darkness, but she seeks his own light.

All things have darkness, this darkness is not about the dark attribute of martial masters or

cultivators. Everyone possesses good and evil, impurities, emotions and negative feelings. The True Vampires live surrounded by all that without being affected due to their search for the light, in order to keep their influence at bay and have a much better control than the Daemons.

While reflecting on it, Jiang Xiaorou's eyelids trembled and she slowly opened her phoenix eyes. Her long lashes were like the wings of a butterfly, crimson eyes shone like a star in the dark, and it also contained a kind of wisdom and elegance.

She felt somewhat confused, but upon seeing Jiang Wushuang, a smile was drawn on her beautiful face, she immediately stood up and approached quickly, a few inches bowed before her.

"This servant Jiang Xiaorou pays homage by swearing obedience and my eternal loyalty, My Queen"

Jiang Wushuang nods and says "Get up, now that you have been reborn as one of my people you will have to abandon your old surname. My original surname is Long, but I will keep the name you have given me. I am Long Wushuang, I carry the lineage of the most powerful of the dragons, we are dark creatures, we live in darkness, but we ourselves seek the light to maintain a balance in our being, our race is the most proud and strong and my objective is that our vampiric race emerges as a unique and unstoppable race, which everyone fears just by listening to the word vampire. I will start a new era"

"Now to complete your transformation I will explain the situati ..."

"I know." Before she could continue, Jiang Xiaorou interrupted her.

"During my dream, in my mind I heard a voice that explained what I am and what is missing to complete my rebirth. You do not need to explain anything, I'm ready for the ritual "

Long Wushuang was stunned by such information received, to which she immediately asks "What kind of voice did you hear?"

"I do not know, it sounded like a voice from an ancient elder; although his tone was low, he could feel an authority of a powerful being, but he was reliable, as if he were part of me. "

After hearing the answer, Long Wushuang began to remember that when he died, he also heard that kind of voice.

("Maybe all those who transform also hear it, I'll have to check it later")

Jiang Xiaorou expresses "Excuse me for expressing my wish, but I would like it to be in my previous home, for when I'm reborn, to be able to leave all my previous self"

Long Wushuang waves her hand "You do not need so much formality, I also had that idea. Come, let's finish with all this "

They both went to the hut that was once their home. Jiang Xiaorou arranged the bed thrown to then lie on it. Long Wushuang drew a dagger from one of the soldiers. Before cutting her hand to bathe her in blood. Jiang Xiaorou stops her speaks. "My Queen, before cutting you I want you to allow me this selfish request that I have"

Long Wushuang said "OK" but she still had the doubt.

After accepting it, Jiang Xiaorou kissed Long Wushuang. Long Wushuang was surprised, but quickly responded to the kiss, it started soft, but it became deep and seductive.

After separating a transparent line appears between your lips.

"I never thought you liked girls." Long Wushuang says it in a joking tone.

"The truth is that, in this state, I do not feel any kind of shame or break some kind of moral code" Jiang Xiaorou expresses herself seductively

"It's true" Long Wushuang says haughtily and domineering "We are Vampires, why do we have to be ruled by the morals or ethics of others? We will make our own rules. That we care about the opinion of others, even if the heavens themselves and the Gods hate us, that we care; we simply ignore them or kill them, that's as simple as that. We will take what we want. I will create my own women's harem if I wish. Who says that men are the only ones? You can also if you want, but I hope you choose wisely, not everyone can have this destiny.

("Humph, I'll do what I please, I do not care about the opinion of those who read this")

The preferences of the Vampire Queen influence the minds of their subordinates.

Jiang Xiaorou lies in bed. Long Wushuang cuts her hand, her blood spills on the dagger. Jiang Xiaorou becomes excited and her breathing is stirred by the sweet blood of her Queen, but she struggles to stay calm.

"Nos rectores tenebrarum, contra quam portae inferorum receperint haec animam meam. Immundum munda IX levels in sordes, qui offert, comedet ex tenebris lux tua, et invenietis. Aperi oculos tuos et nosse vero omnis justitiæ, moralibus, ethicis, Sunt illusoria esset visio. Daemones timebit morte animae vindicare volens formidine noctem redit ad filiam. XXX annis ad vos."

Those words in Latin is a song to begin your journey to the Infernum, although it is not a necessary requirement, if you survive you will not be able to be reborn unless the Master who performed the ritual performs another ritual where she offers her blood essence to invoke it. It only generates a single drop of blood essence every 3 years.

After finishing it says "Until we meet again survive, Long Xiaorou"

"Do not worry, in 30 years I will serve you eternally and kill those who dare to challenge us" Long Xiaorou pronounces firmly to such promise, must survive this last challenge.

The dagger falls, penetrating the heart.

Long Xiaorou trembles, but does not emit any sound, after a few seconds her skin dries, her whole body loses the liquids remaining like a dry corpse, only a bright red dot shines in the center of her chest.

Long Wushuang lifts her body and puts in the hole where she was hiding, she herself stuffs it with earth to hide it.

When leaving the Ghouls bow before her.

"Bring a rock about two meters high and put it in the center of the village"

The rock is laid and Long Wushuang scrapes it with the dagger to write some words

"May this be the beginning of a new race"

When finished, pick up a sword and prepare to leave the village heading to the forest, the Ghouls follow.

("It's time to train, soon everyone will know my power")

The moon shines in the sky, but red eyes lurk in the shadows in search of fresh blood.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

He had the text in Latin translated, but by an error was erased, indicates that her soul traveled to the 9 levels to train and know the truth of things, mixed with the dark but seek her own light. The ethics, moral among other things is an illusion and that the demons and death fear her. Thanks for reading, until the next chapter

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