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67.34% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 29: Without talent? Let's show the true talent of a dragon

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Chapter 29: Without talent? Let's show the true talent of a dragon

Exterior courtyard of the Chu manor.

In a huge training ground for the army, were Long Wushuang, Chu Yue, Wei Xin and Master Yue Kai.

"Very well, as I promised, I will help you in your training these days that I will be in the Chu mansion"

The promise that Master Yue Kai was referring to is her training to refine her combat movements.

In her past life, Long Wushuang was training as a child in the vast majority of martial arts and white arms management, reaching an impressive mastery, while firearms management learned them very little because she lived in anonymity.

"It is a pity that it hasn't brought a stone of elementary distinction to know the quality of your elementary body"

The Stone of Elementary Distinction serves to know what is the elemental affinity of the subject and its quality, this stone shines in a distinctive color of each element and its brightness depends on the quality of the elementary body.

"Well it doesn't matter, you are currently halfway to entering the first Realm of a Martial Artist, the Mortal Martial Realm"

"Although it is the first Realm for every martial artist, for experts of higher levels what is more known as a novice or transition level; for them they judge the nascent martial kingdom as the beginning"

"But let's leave that topic, I'll explain later." Master Yue Kai stands at the head of Long Wushuang and begins to speak seriously.

"In order to enter the Mortal Martial Realm, you must first understand the so-called Martial Illumination"

Martial Illumination is a state of openness and cleanliness. The opening as it is where you can gather the Earthly Qi and form your Dantian; although it will be an imperfect form.

And cleaning because with the circulation of the Earth Qi throughout the body, it will gradually eliminate the impurities that the body carries internally.

"To reach Martial Illumination, I will give you some advice, sit down" Master Yue Kai sits on the floor in the lotus position.

Long Wushuang sits the same way.

"I can only give you some tips to guide you, Martial Illumination must be achieved under your own effort"

"First you must gasp your 5 senses to avoid any distraction and enter into communion with heaven and earth"

"Forget all worries, feelings or emotions"

"You should feel the strands of energy flow around you, those strands are earthly Qi" "Although this place is Earthly Qi is scarce, it is enough to enter the Mortal Martial Realm"

"Your job is to absorb these strands until they form a nebula inside you, the amount that you must absorb depends on the talent and the quality of the body, the higher, the more quantity you must absorb; when it is formed, you will feel a mysterious awakening "

"So awakening is the activation of your Elemental Body, when you achieve awakening some phenomena will be shown around your body and in the area; an example if your body is of fire element, some flames will be generated in your clothes and on the ground; if it is a water element, a puddle will form; if it is land, the rocks will rise from the ground; air, air currents; and, finally, lightning, sparks and electric shocks will come out; although in the latter case it is rare to see"

"When you manage to stabilize the nebula or protodantian, you will have managed to enter the Elemental Martial Realm"

"I will stay to observe you and correct you if you fail, but be careful, as you fail it will be harder for you to overcome the bottleneck"

Long Wushuang listens carefully to the words of Master Yue Kai. Chu Yue intervenes "You don't have to worry about any distraction, I have ordered that nobody can enter this place; I'm sure you can reach the Mortal Martial Realm"

Long Wushuang nods "I'm sorry to be a nuisance to you"

Chu Yue shakes his head "It isn't a nuisance, my teacher and I promised to help you and it is time to comply, it is also the payment of the help you have given us in that" situation"

When she said that word, Chu Yue could not help but tremble; I still remembered that event causing her discomfort and fear.

The master Yue Kai speaks "Well, here I have finished advising you, you can start when you are ready"

Master Yue Kai goes back along with Chu Yue and Wei Xin.

("Alright, here we go")

Long Wushuang took three deep breaths to relax body and mind. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state.

Master Yue Kai stands up silently and heads towards the two girls.

"It would be better for you to retire, you two have work to do, I will stay to watch it for a moment"

Chu Yue doubts for a moment, but nods and leaves, Wei Xin follows behind.

"Big sister, do you think the little sister will achieve Martial Illumination?" Wei Xin asks innocently.

Chu Yue responds seriously "I hope that I succeed, in these difficult times, one must be strong in order to survive; if she doesn't make it, I don't know what will happen"

Chu Yue wished with all her heart that she will be able to reach that level since, if she succeeds, she can stay in the Chu mansion a little longer; If she doesn't succeed, her stay will be much more problematic.

The figures of the two girls disappear from sight.

Long Wushuang closes her five senses, separating herself from the outside world to enter into deep meditation.

White strands float around her.

("So this energy is the Earthly Qi, the absorption of these threads is different according to the quality of the body for humans; but I am not human")

("I wonder how much I must absorb to reach that Kingdom?")

Long Wushuang began to absorb the threads of Earthly Qi, but at the time of absorption it stopped abruptly.

The threads of Earthly Qi around it were absorbed very quickly, like a vacuum at full power. Not only did Earth Qi absorb, any type of energy was absorbed, even the vitality of the area. The earth eroded and the grass around it withered; Luckily you can hide with your skirt.

"What's up?" Master Yue Kai asks.

"Nothing, I only panicked when I felt a strange energy entering my body" Long Wushuang responds and immediately meditates again.

Master Yue Kai is missed, but immediately ignores her ("It isn't uncommon to see that kind of reaction")

Long Wushuang pretends to be meditating while analyzing the situation.

("What happened? Maybe it's because of what I am now, but I don't want to get attention")

("But even so, I want to reach the Mortal Martial Realm, I need more power for my future plans")

("Uhmm, I could fake weak talent or slow talent like the characters in those old novels I read, it was something like Low Kingdom, but a great combat experience and great ability to store Qi in your Dantian; I think it was something like that")

("There was also the fact that those characters had something unique that gave them an advantage, how funny it is also one of them")

("Ok, I will pretend that it is very difficult for me to break the bottleneck for now and at night I will move away from here so as not to be seen while I reach the Kingdom; I will invent an excuse later")

And so it was, for a few hours Long Wushuang "tried" to break the bottleneck without success. The Earthly Qi that entered her body was abruptly expelled, this process was repeated as an endless cycle.

"Enough" Master Yue Kai interrupts her due to the already visible fatigue.

"No, I can still; just a little more, I know I will make it" Long Wushuang gasped for air and struggled not to fall.

"I admire your tenacity, child, but your body cannot take it anymore, this can generate serious consequences if you keep trying, I also told you that the more you fail, the harder it will become"

"That's all for today, go rest, you can try when you've recovered, I'll call the girls to help you"

While Master Yue Kai left with his hands on his back, he thought ("She has tried many times without success; it seems that she will only be a normal woman, it's a shame, a shame")

After a few moments that Master Yue Kai retired, Chu Yue and Wei Xin run to Long Wushuang to help her.

"Little sister Long are you alright? Let older sister Chu and I help you" Wei Xin takes one of the arms and helps her up.

"I'm fine, I can move alone" Long Wushuang tries to get up, but staggers from side to side.

Chu Yue holds her tightly and replies "It isn't necessary to make yourself strong, you have done an excellent job, don't worry about what happened you can try once you have recovered, okay?"

Although Chu Yue pronounces those encouraging words, he thinks internally ("If he tries again, it will be almost impossible for him to be able to break the bottleneck. Could it be that junior apprentice-sister Long can never be a Martial artist?")

If a person cannot reach Martial Illumination, can only live as an ordinary person, living together with other mortals without being able to open its eyes to a new world. In addition, it will be very difficult for her to continue living in the feudal mansion; Those without talent aren't valued.

"Big sister Chu, then ..." Wei Xin wanted to say something, but when she saw Chu Yue's serious face, she immediately closed her mouth. Both girls remained silent.

("Perfect") Long Wushuang shows a smile hidden behind her mask.


Chu Xuan is sitting at his desk listening to his counselor's reports.

"It seems that the girl could not reach Martial Illumination, it is a shame"

"Feudal Lord ..."

"Talk to Master Yue Kai and he told me that he will give you one last chance tomorrow, if she doesn't succeed, then he will only give you a few self-defense tips for a couple of days and stop teaching her. At that time, I will give that girl some coins so she can survive for a few months until she can find shelter"

"Tell the hidden guards to stop watching her, it's not a danger to us"

The eunuch Wei nods.

In a room

Long Wushuang watches the yard to verify that no one is watching her.

"No one. Servant Luo, you can enter"

Lu Luo enters the room "What are your orders, Majesty?" Lu Luo put aside her complaints since it was something pointless.

"There will be change of plans, tell me which are the farthest forests but that can be reached quickly and have a town or village nearby"

Lu Luo thinks for a moment and responds "As I understand it, a place that meets your expectations is the Nouterre village, although there is little population near that village there is a small forest"

"Well, let's go, Mist form" Long Wushuang transforms into fog and quickly moves away from the mansion, Lu Luo follows her from behind. After finishing the Mist form, the two vampires' cross alleys and dark roads, climbing walls and jumping across the roofs.

After leaving the city, the duo heads at a surprising speed towards their destination.

Nouterre Village, Forest

Long Wushuang and Lu Luo go deeper to reach an approximate center where the Earthly Qi is older.

"Here it is good, after entering the Mortal Martial Realm we will go to the town since there are some things we must do. For now, stay away a little, if something strange happens around me, just stay away unless you really want to die"

Lu Luo becomes aware of some kind of danger and walks away. Long Wushuang breathes deeply, feels in the lotus position and begins with the gathering of Earthly Qi.

Strands of Earth Qi are quickly absorbed as before.

("I need more")

Inside its body, instead of a nebula, a great maelstrom forms, devouring all the Earthly Qi that even entered the vital energy of living beings.

The surrounding life forms withered when a kind of shadow arises from Long Wushuang's body, the shadow was growing more and more, but its form was not human, it was of a Dragon.

"What is that? What kind of being is Your Majesty?" Lu Luo gets scared because of what was happening and goes back and forth more and more because of the aura of death that emanates in the area.

Although the capacity of the Earthly Qi in which he could support Long Wushuang's body increased very slowly, there was still an upper limit. However, despite having the same volume, these earthly Qi energies and similar energies were much purer and more powerful than ordinary Earth Qi!

The shadow of the dragon was not something static, it had life and it was very realistic. When the shadow opened the eyes they had identical patterns to Long Wushuang's eyes, but much more detailed and deep.

("Almost, there is little left")

Long Wushuang continues to collect the Earthly Qi without knowing what happens abroad. A large area of what was once a green area full of life is now a barren and dry land.

"AHHH" Long Wushuang let out a shout with all his might, expelling a loud gust.

The shout was accompanied with a roar of a dragon, as if the creature had been locked up for a long time and finally gained its freedom.

Long Wushuang falls on a starry night.

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