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9.65% Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons / Chapter 61: LXI. The Black Sphere

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Chapter 61: LXI. The Black Sphere

The same dark purple aura that surrounded his fist, completely enveloped him, creating a spherical protective barrier around him.

The undead threw themselves over him, but when he closed his arms, the dark barrier exploded and along with it, numerous enemies.

But it wasn't enough, the undead kept coming.

After he killed a pair of them with his bare hands, before his eyes, an entire row of undead Renegades was devoured by a yellow vortex of lightning bolts.

Magni had managed to get close to help Dag.

"I'll clear your way! I'll take care of these beings! Focus on him!" said Magni, continuing to kill enemies one by one.

At these words, without objecting, Dag began to run towards Hjalmar.

He tried to punch him again, but the King dodged and Dag's fist destroyed more than half of the wall behind him.

"Uahahaha! It's amazing! My Lords were right!" said Hjalmar, with a mad laugh.

Dag continued to throw powerful punches at him.

Hjalmar managed to dodge two more when the third one hit him right in the stomach.

He spat blood from his mouth and dropped the hammer-axe to the ground.

" you do... that?" said Hjalmar, touching his stomach.

Dag looked him in the eye, while Magni protected him from the undeads, which were slowly being exterminated.

"I just do it" Dag said, ready to finish his opponent.

His power had outgrown that of the Renegades King. He would have been curious to know what color his Niva's aura was.

He clenched his fists in front of him, concentrating.

The dark aura around him slowly began to condense: the gas particles changed their aggregation state, condensing and turning into a black liquid, similar to petroleum.

Dag tried to control his powers.

The undead stopped attacking Magni and Dag. They too were astonished to see the floating liquid that enveloped Dag.

"You made the huge mistake of underestimating me. With my kidnapping, you made fun of me and my clan, dishonoring it. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to cut you into a lot of little pieces" Dag said, as he continued to channel some kind of spell, carrying his arms forward and pointing them at Hjalmar.

"My Lords won't let you....I'm the only King of the Renegades..." answered Hjalmar, still sore from the wound.

"Tell me why" Dag said.

"Why....what?" asked Hjalmar.

"Why did the Xis ask you to catch me? What do they want from me?" continued Dag.

"Because of your blood. They want to study it. But to allow them to do that, my job was to keep you alive."

"What's the point? The Xis know everything, don't they? What do they make of me" Dag said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This goes beyond my comprehension. I just do what my Gods tell me to do. Look at me, look how powerful they have made me!" exclaimed Hjalmar, flexing his arms up and showing off his muscles.

His veins began to swell and become purple: his wounds and bruises disappeared from his body.

It was the power of self-generation. It was a peculiar feature of the Xis.

Dag took his hands back, overlapping them on top of each other. The black liquid between his palms began to contract, decreasing its volume and taking on a spherical shape.

Magni kept looking at Dag and Hjalmar, not really understanding what they were talking about.

After quickly stretching out his arms toward the King, Dag released the fluid ball, which moved at great speed to Hjalmar.

The diameter of the sphere was no larger than a few tens of centimeters.

However, the air around it was visibly sucked into it.

It was as if that little sphere of black liquid had a very powerful force of intrinsic gravity.

Hjalmar held his hands forward, trying to block Dag's attack.

His eyes shone with an intense purple light, as did his hands: by joining his arms, he managed to deflect the trajectory of the sphere, moving the air around it, without touching it.

The dark sphere fell on an undead that was located near the King.

When it struck him in the center of his chest, the undead began to contract: within seconds, all his bones broke and the tissues that made up his skin and his organs tore, concentrating towards the center of his chest.

The blood did not snap away, the particles remained in the air around the undead, also converging towards the center of the sphere.

Emitting a noise of torn flesh, the undead's body was completely sucked out of the sphere, which soon faded into thin air, disappearing into a grayish smoke.

"Ah!" he moaned.

Dag touched his throat.

His trachea moved without his command as if he had just swallowed a foreign object.

He felt something slipping into his stomach.

Soon after, his muscles increased slightly in volume, swelling suddenly.


Dag didn't immediately realize what had just happened.

He got up, looking at his hands.

He felt his power increasing, again.

Hjalmar picked up his weapon from the ground.

"You are such an incredible being. Where does that immense source of power come from? What is that liquid that you managed to condense?!"

Hjalmar began to question Dag, anxious to know the answers.

Dag focused on the feelings he felt within him.

After the sphere he shot to Hjalmar had been deflected, swallowing the undead, his body had strengthened.

It was as if he had devoured the enemy's body and digested it, amplifying his dark powers.

Dag looked up at Hjalmar.

One of his eyes was deep purple.

He dashed in that direction.

Hjalmar moved sideways, trying to counter-attack Dag, but failed and was punched violently in the shoulder, which shattered.

The articulation of the scapula came out of its position, cracking the surrounding bones.

Dag turned on himself and hit Hjalmar again with a sidekick right on his ribs.

They too broke up.

Hjalmar fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

It was magenta blood.

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