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9.96% Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons / Chapter 63: LXIII. The Purple Demon

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Chapter 63: LXIII. The Purple Demon

Hjalmar quickly charged towards him.

While he was still away, he began to load a fist, which was surrounded by a purple aura.

Growling, Hjalmar shot his punch to Dag: it looked like a meteorite.

Dag remained still for a few seconds before the impact. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Concentrating, he was able to slow down the time that was flowing around him.

As he watched Hjalmar throwing his fist right in front of him, he saw the hammer-axe flying in that direction.

Magni had thrown it.

Dag raised his arm and parried the meteor-fist with the palm of his hand, trying to trigger Adamant Mountain, his master's technique.

The fist hit Dag's hand.

The muscles in his arm swelled considerably, having to return the same power as the incoming blow in order to make the technique work.

Hjalmar's advance stopped and the aura around his fist slowly faded.

In the parry, Dag's feet, though stranded on the ground, had crawled backwards, leaving a groove in the floor.

For a few moments, Hjalmar stopped because of the paralysis caused by Dag's skill.

Time began to flow normally again: having managed to slow it down for a few seconds, Dag had time to position himself exactly along the path of the hammer-axe, which was still flying in mid-air.

As he held Hjalmar's arm, he grabbed the weapon raising his other arm.

Under the incredulous eyes of the purple demon, he severed his arm with a clear shot.

Hjalmar began to bleed profusely from his shoulder. His severed arm fell to the ground.

"Chay' SoH ngil?!" said the demon, looking into Dag's eyes.

Hjalmar's pupils, in addition to changing color, had also changed shape, thinning. They were similar to those of a reptile. The whites of his eyes turned to red, injected with blood.

Dag tried to focus on those words, of which he slowly began to recognize the sound.

Hjalmar immediately recovered from paralysis and a black arm, similar to Myr's, came out of his shoulder, with a giant blade instead of his hand.

The demon roared and began to attack Dag, who dodged every shot.

"You can be as powerful as you want, Hjalmar... but your shots are slow" he said.

Dag tried to counterattack, using the hammer-axe.

It was a very heavy weapon, but thanks to the physical strength achieved, he was able to handle it easily.

Hjalmar parried the blows with the blade coming out of his arm until he was hammered to the knee, which caused him to stagger.

Dag tried again to hit him, with the head of the axe, turning on himself.

Hjalmar dodged by completely bending his neck back and his bones creaked.

With a quick move, he grabbed Dag by an ankle.

Dag could not quickly free himself from the grip and Hjalmar lifted him off the ground.

The hammer-axe fell to the ground.

Hjalmar waved Dag into the air, slamming him on the floor on one side and the other and then throwing him toward the wall.

Dag impacted on it, breaking it.

Hjalmar's knee had already healed.

The demon picked up the hammer-axe from the ground and threw it violently at Dag, who was stuck in the hole he opened by slamming into the wall.

In a lightning wake, Magni dashed toward Dag and grabbed the weapon, blocking it.

"SoH, you'homI'rah ghargh!"

Hjalmar continued to speak an alien language as if his human nature had completely disappeared.

Magni dropped the weapon on the ground.

He pointed his arm at Hjalmar, with his hand open.

The demon looked at him angrily, ready to charge towards him.

Suddenly, Magni's hammer flew towards him, perforating Hjalmar's chest, which stretched his eyes and spat blood from his mouth, kneeling.

"I have no idea what's going on, but I don't like it at all," Magni said, beginning to walk toward Hjalmar after grabbing the hammer.

Dag was finally able to free himself from the wall when he noticed that the injury in Hjalmar's chest was already healing.

Magni continued to walk: his body began to become metallic again.

He began to twirl the hammer beside him.

"Magni! Be careful! His wound is healing fast!" yelled Dag toward his Master.

Magni's hammer began to emit a vortex of sparks.

When he was close enough to Hjalmar, the purple demon quickly raised his head towards him: his wound had closed.

With one shot, he tried to pierce him with his huge blade, but Magni dodged the hit by moving slightly to the side.

He released the hammer while it was spinning and violently struck Hjalmar under the chin.

The demon's head broke out of his neck, flying toward the ceiling.

Hjalmar's body lost its strength and fell to the ground, losing an enormous amount of magenta blood.

Magni turned to Dag, who breathed a sigh of relief.

His master had finally defeated Hjalmar.

After putting his hammer in his belt, Magni said: "from what do you want to start, Dag?"

Dag smiled.

He could have described his misadventures to Magni and could have finally shown him the emblem he had managed to obtain.

He picked the necklace out of his pocket and began to walk towards Magni.

"And what is that?" said Magni, looking at the necklace with the horseshoe pendant.

Dag looked at the pendant in his hands.

As he searched for the best way to explain what had happened to his master, blood splattered on his hand.

Dag immobilized himself, continuing to look at his hands.

He raised his head to Magni.

Hjalmar's giant blade pierced his chest.

Magni looked at the blade, then Dag.

His eyes began to stare at the void.

"Noooooooo!" yelled Dag, beginning to cry.

Behind Magni, who was still standing, Hjalmar's headless body rose to his feet.

The demonic body pulled the blade from Magni's chest, which fell to the ground.

Dag kept screaming.

Under his feet, the floor began to crumble.

His feet sank into the ground.

A dark aura enveloped him, swirling around him as if it were a hurricane of black smoke.

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