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12.02% Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons / Chapter 76: LXXVI. The Leech

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Chapter 76: LXXVI. The Leech

"Tell your Warchiefs, this is what happens to those who try to take on the Hammers Of Thor!" he shouted.

Charging on his knees, he made a high jump towards Wolnir, who was still on the ground, blinded.

The dark lightning bolts entered the hammer, whose head emitted a dark purple aura, before striking Wolnir's body.

As soon as the hammer hit the target, all the energy accumulated inside it was released, causing an explosion that blinded all those who were witnessing the clash, and was followed by the roar of thunder.

When the light began to soften, everyone looked toward Dag and Wolnir.

As soon as they could see, the enemy soldiers opened their eyes wide, terrified.

In front of Dag, Wolnir's body had disappeared: all that remained after the blow was a furrow, in which the ground was completely burned and full of blood.


"Where is he… wh…?

Enemy soldiers continued to talk to each other.

At one point, blood began to rain over their heads.

Immediately after the blood, pieces of entrails, organs, and fragments of charred clothing fell.

The enemies began to scream in panic.

After several seconds of red rain, Wolnir's head fell a few feet away from Dag.

His face was hardly recognizable, completely disfigured and burned.

"Aaaagh! Master!"

"Run! Retreat!"

The few men of the Fangs Of Jormungadr Clan escaped without ever turning back.

"I will find you and I will kill you all, to the last! You will pay the blood with blood!" shouted Dag towards them.

A great weariness assaulted him.

He turned to Dargeon and his companions, seeking approval.

They were all speechless. They looked at Dag as if they were looking at a monster, their eyes were quiet for the threat overcome, but worried at the same time.

Dag touched the wound on his shoulder and felt a very strong pain.

The hammer fell from his strengthless hand.

The image of his companions became increasingly blurry.

The breath began to become heavy and deep, until he lost consciousness and fell to the ground, collapsed.


"Master Egill!"


"Master Egill! He's waking up!"

Dag slowly opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling of the room.

He was in one of the Temple's dorm rooms, he recognized the dark wood of his ceilings, made from the black pine trees on the other side of Mount Torden.

"… what… where... "

He tried to speak, but he still felt dazed.

He moved his hand slowly towards his injured shoulder.

As soon as he touched it, he felt a strong pain, which made him grit his teeth.

"If they had left you there, you would have died for sure"

Dag turned to the door.

Egill had just come in. He was carrying a wooden bucket and a glass bulb filled with a copper-colored liquid.

"What happened to... me?" asked Dag, as he tried to move unsuccessfully.

"Dargeon decided to save you. He told me what you did. He told me that you saved the Temple Of Orn and for that reason, you deserved to stay alive" Egill said, resting the bucket next to Dag's bed.

Then he lifted the cloth placed on his shoulder. Dag felt again a strong burning.

He turned to the wound, to assess the damage.

Three large black leeches were attached to his flesh.

Egill detached them one at a time, with a decisive gesture of his hand.

"Aaagh! What the fuck!" said Dag, holding a scream.

"Shut up, little girl. Master Wolnir was one of the greatest warriors of the Fangs Of Jormungandr. In addition to owning the art of the World Serpent's fire, he was also a great chemist. The dagger that stuck in your shoulder was drenched in a powerful poison, which in a few hours would make the rounds of your body, paralyzing first your muscles, then your organs, leading to a slow and painful death. You have to thank our creeping little friends" Egill exclaimed, grabbing more leeches from the bucket to replace those who were sucking the poison from Dag's shoulder.

Dag tried to keep his mouth shut, the pain was very strong.

"Master Egill... you're alive! I was afraid you couldn't protect the library on your own!" said Dag, who was slowly regaining his senses.

"I managed to isolate the entire library with a runic barrier. The enemies didn't know how to break the spell, and in the end, when they were close enough, the barrier exploded under my control, killing them all instantly" said Egill, who after resting the new leeches on Dag's shoulder, began to smear the ointment.

"Unbelievable. He knows how to use runes, too. His powers must be similar to those of Myr" Dag thought, looking at his master.

"And what about Master Dargeon? Is he okay? I remember he was hurt on the leg" Dag continued. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yes, he's fine. I was able to heal him in a few seconds" said the long white-bearded Master.

"What happened to Magni, Dag? I want the truth. Remember that your life is in my hands right now" Egill continued, pressing lightly on Dag's wound as he waved in pain.

"Augh! Master... Master Magni died to save me. It all started when the Renegades caught me and took me off the farm, locking me in Castle Of Mork..." began Dag.

After about half an hour, he had told the whole story to Egill, who listened intently to every detail.

Dargeon told me of your dark power. He told me that before you gave the decisive blow to Wolnir, you managed to fuse your power with Magni's. Is that the truth?" asked Egill, astonished by Dag's story.

"I... I'm not sure about it. I'm trying to control it. My dominance over my powers grows day by day, with constant training. Magni already knew... he was the only one who trusted me, spurring me to unleash my true potential. He lost his life to save me, and I will never forget him. His hammer is the only thing I have left of him. I will protect it to the death" Dag said.

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