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Chapter 15: XV. The Confession

With the other arm, he pointed to Asa, then he opened his hand.

A row of blades appeared in the air and he threw it to her, clenching his fist.

Asa continued to walk in Alf's direction. The blades clashed on an invisible barrier that surrounded her body. She was still crying and her face was wrathful.

She bent on her knees: a pair of blue wings appeared on her back.

She made a leap forward, pushed by her wings.

In the air, close to the ground, she turned on herself and swung the sword, that shot a radiant, cutting, light semicircle in front of her.

Alf tried to parry with one arm only but was struck by that powerful hit, that sharply cut him in half, and after him, an entire row of trees behind him.

Asa lost her senses and fell to the ground.

Dag and Eirik looked at each other.

Eirik ran to his father, Dag to Asa.

The light disappeared, she seemed fainted.

Together, they lifted her up and carried her inside the house, leaving her on the bed.

"Wha…what happened?" asked Eirik

"My father is dead, who was that man?!"

He was crying without control.

"And who the fuck was that man? He said he was looking for some…weapon or something…what the fuck was he talking about?!" continued Eirik.

Dag was staring at Asa, on the bed.

Eirik grabbed Dag by his shirt with both hands and yelled:

"tell me! Is it your fault? I swear to the Gods that I will kill you, Dag!"

Dag freed himself from the grip and answered: "It's not my fault, I know nothing about all this, I swear to you. Now we shall move Stein to a safe place…"

"I don't believe you, earthling! You are involved in this story, I'm sure of it! When my mother will wake up, she will tell me the truth" said Eirik.

Then, without a word, he ran outside the main door, to his father.

Dag followed him.

They lifted Stein and brought him on the couch, that was right behind a tree, not far from there.

Eirik said:

"I know where to bury him, but I'll go alone. You must look after my mother. If you just dare to lay a hair of…"

"I will not. She is my mother too. As Stein was my father. I'll take care of her" interrupted Dag.

Eirik got on the couch and moved towards the woods. Dag couldn't believe what happened a few minutes earlier.

Asa still had her powers. She was strong.

She cut in half that man, the body was still leaning on that tree.

He walked back in the bedroom, she was resting.

He sat on her side, on the bed.

"D…Dag…" said Asa with a whisper of a voice

"Yes! I'm here, I'm here"

Dag caressed her hair.

"There is something you should know now" she continued.

"Rest now, get well. Then, we will talk"

Some hours elapsed when Eirik came back.

Finally, Asa woke up.

"Mother, is this little shit involved in all this?" asked Eirik referring to Dag

"he is your brother, watch your mouth, Eirik. He found out they were in danger, and also tried to protect our home. He killed a man to save me" answered Asa.

Eirik looked at Dag. Dag looked him back.

They understood each other without talking, in cold silence.

"There is something you should know. The time has come" she continued.

Asa told them about Brann and people from evil Clans that killed him, about the 6th Emblem.

She told Eirik the truth about Gridd's real father, then showed them the locked room.

She explained everything, telling them that perhaps, the man that came to their house was sent by somebody that knew Brann and his axe's power.

"They know about the weapon, but they don't know that only a true Hammer Of Thor Warrior can unlock its power. See, here…"

She pointed at the metal deer's head, between the blades. Two red tiny crystals were embedded instead of its eyes Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"these shards contain all its power. I can't unlock it, only Brann could. His axe and his armor are the only things I've left from him"

Eirik was furious

"I don't care about him! He was not my father! My father is buried in the woods now, because of him and his stupid weapon! How could you lie to me all this time…"

He heavily walked outside the house, slamming the door.

"I will revenge his death" Dag broke the silence

"I will kill every single member of that Clan, I swear it to the Gods. And to my life"

Dag didn't mention Gridd's confession and didn't tell Asa that he also knew that Brann came from Earth. Asa started to cry again.

They hugged each other.

The day after, the air seemed filled by sorrow, but everything got back to normal.

Eirik continued to work alone, without his father, with more dedication than ever.

Dag got back to the Arena. Walking down the road, he met Freydis.

"Hey, I was waiting for you yesterday…is everything fine?" she asked

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm okay. I'm sorry about yesterday. Here I am now! Let's go!" answered Dag.

They arrived at the Arena and started training.

Days went by.

After almost a month, Gridd got back to her family and figured what happened.

She comforted Asa. Eirik didn't address a word to her.

She and Asa were at home when Dag returned to his house.


Dag was so happy to see her again

"I missed you, Gridd!"

she smiled, then hugged her brother.

"Asa told me what happened here. She told me about Stein and about Alf" said Gridd.

"So? What do you think?" he asked.

"I'm not surprised. I thought that somebody would claim my father's weapon, but I didn't know about its power" she answered.

Asa didn't talk.

Perhaps, she was thinking about Stein or Brann. Her eyes seemed empty.


Gridd changed her tone, trying to dispel darkening gloom

"tomorrow you'll turn 18, Dag! Do you what that means?" concluded.

"Yes, I will choose my Clan" said Dag.

"Well said! Are you happy?" asked Gridd

"I'm fine."

"Okay so… whereas I've been gone for months, what have you learned at the Arena? Show me!"

Gridd went out of the house, inviting him to follow her.

They walked in front of the house, right where Asa killed Alf, next to the cut trees, and started to train.

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